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Soi Lek: “Guan Eng is a fire starter”

Chua Soi Lek chaired a party presidential council meeting at Wisma MCA yesterday and spoke to reporters after that.

The MCA website posted this 737-word report (screenshot below) written by a party staff.

Among the things that Dr Chua remarked on:

  • “… every issue is politicised by the Opposition, including the ‘Allah’ issue.”
  • “It all started because Lim Guan Eng wanted to score points again.”
  • “I have said that Guan Eng is a fire starter. He wants multiracial Malaysians to fight, and he hopes that is a tense situation and environment, he will win.”
  • “It becomes too clear that the entire “Allah” terminology issue proves that DAP manipulates “Allah” for their political interest.”
  • “Guan Eng [talks about sensitive issues] – non stop.”

Nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing in The Star

None of what Dr Chua said above was published in The Star report titled ‘Chua: Decide on levy before CNY‘.


Compared with the MCA in-house coverage of 737 words, The Star touched on Dr Chua’s views on the ‘Allah’ subject matter in all of 33 words.

The Star quoted him as saying hoping, “Malaysians would respect all religions and practice mutual respect.” (screenshot above)

The MCA website reported the party president as saying, “I hope all Malaysians will respect the religion of everybody be it Islam or Christianity.”

The Star reporter and the MCA media personnel covered the same event but both produced vastly different write-ups.

Christmas greeting featured a full month as the top home page banner in MCA website … how martial indeed

MCA claims it’s ready to do battle for election

The party has “ramped up its election machinery” (hahahahaha)

According to its president, MCA is in “its final lap of preparations”.

“We must secure core support from our members as they make up between 800,000 and one million of 3.5 million Chinese voters,” Dr Chua said.

(Hahahahaha, with 800,000 members, MCA secured 840,489 votes in the last GE, meaning in all of the nine Malay-majority Parliamentary seats the party received 40,489 votes combined from Malay and Indian voters while its remaining 800,000 votes won during the 2008 election were cast by its own – possibly up to one million – party members.)

He noted that “morale was high, with members being more united and confident”.

Among Dr Chua’s other observations:

  • MCA members were not aggressive in countering the opposition
  • they should not be conservative in their publicity approaches (and must not be shy to ask The Star to give them some publicity lah)
  • “We should know how to counter DAP’s attacks and go on the offensive,” Dr Chua added.

(source: MCA wesbite)

Nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing in The Star

Dr Chua practises what he preaches, that is, he went on the offensive against Guan Eng in his statements which I’ve reproduced above.

The million-ringgit question is why none of what Dr Chua said about Guan Eng wanting to score points on Christmas, Guan Eng as a fire starter who wants to benefit from racial and religious tensions, DAP raising a sensitive issue for the sake of votes, none of it, was reported in The Star.

Malaysiakini reported, “MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek has blamed DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng for being the ‘flint’ in the ‘Allah’ issue, saying that he has created disputes in Malaysia’s multiracial and multi-religious society.”

NST reported that Dr Chua accused Lim of being a ‘batu api’ (instigator) who wanted the people to fight among themselves so that he can win support for himself and DAP.

Even the Malay papers Utusan and Sinar Harian reported. All the other media were willing to report Dr Chua’s criticism of Guan Eng but nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing in The Star.

Regular commenter Calvin Sankaran says:
“I would compare The Star with a girl who is high maintenance who spends her rich boyfriend’s money freely and having a good time doing it while at the same time sleeping with her BF’s sworn enemy and making jokes about her BF.”

The Star
being a Sarong Party Girl is one thing but crusading for Jerusubang and pushing along the collision course between the pro and anti Allah-bible camps is another.

MCA claims it has “ramped up its election machinery” (hahahahaha).

I repeat, such a kelakar fella lah, that Dr Chua (recommended reading) and this most recent Star slap in the face is another one for me to add to my Chua Soi Lek funny jokes collection.

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15 thoughts on “Soi Lek: “Guan Eng is a fire starter”

  1. MCA pun sudah bimbang kesan undi Melayu terhadap mereka apabila sentimen perkauman dan agama Islam dipermainkan.. Jgn pandang Melayu sebelah mata. Selama ini calon MCA menang kerana bertanding di kawasan Melayu.

  2. One thing the DAP did not say is that after being founded by the great Lee Kuan Yew, they were very happy to be in the Opposition for 44 years and that their better halves are in Singapore.

  3. Excellent article om Guan Eng in NST today.

    Just to show how pathetic the Penangites are that they could allow a man like him to lead a great state like Penang, to quote a friend who is from Penang.

    Org Melaka tahu perangai dia and dah buang pun dia, orang Penang bila lagi? Jangan sampai nasi dah jadi bubur, baru nak regret. By then, it will be too late…

    Once a pathetic man is given power, he will hold on to power at all cost.

    1. Makes it all the more dumbfounding that not only does The Star refuse to publish anything critical about Guan Eng and his evangelistas, even when the criticism comes from the president himself of the party that owns the newspaper, it is still blacked out.

      There must be something more to this than meets the eye. What’s really going on behind the scenes?

      1. i have few of the Star editors as my fb friends – they’re quick to share any Haris or Tony’s articles. Safe to say, their affiliation with DAP cannot be denied.

  4. When people are comfortable with the status of their economy and healthcare, the only way to ignite hatred flame within them is through religious sentiment.

  5. who should read this? @drchuaSL. twitted to him. Lim Boo Eng busy trying to pecah-belah perpaduan kaum, the star zip mulut. aiyah #likethisosogot

    1. The Star zip mulut coz some of their starry-eyed journos who have been shooting for the moon and wish to god that Dapster would bring more luck come this CNE! I wish them a happy new year and god bless!

  6. Apakah ada sesuatu dalam diri ‘Khalifah’ MCA dan ada sesuatu yang dilihat melanggari tradisi budaya dan falsampah the Star hingga membuatkan the Star berasa bahawa beliau perlu di”gam”?

    Apakah ada sesuatu pada personaliti, perawakan dan imej MCA yang membuatkan perlu bagi the Star – iaitu pihak yang memiliki hak ekslusif memaparkan cerita dan drama – menafikan MCA dari memegang watak hero, pembantu hero dan waima watak gangster sekalipun?

    Dan kalau apa jua ketetapan perlu ada pengecualian, justeru pengecualian the Star untuk MCA dan anak buahnya ialah memberi laluan untuk watak MCA hanya sekali bagi setiap bulan mengambang dan itupun hanya untuk watak “pak pacak” saja?

    Hermm,,,cameo pun jadilah Bro..janji boleh boleh pegang watak dan apa watak pun tak apalah asalkan dapat lepaskan gian kan?

    1. Just read. Thanks for the link.

      I haven’t read TT as yet but will do so. Did he actually write “Pious people should also seek divine intervention…” Golly. The Jerusubangites are everywhere!

  7. Punggol East Singapore rejected the PAP by a winning margin of 55%. Rise all Malaysians and vote BN as led by the UMNO and 14 component parties against PAP Singapore’s DAP. We do not want 3rd class stuff here even Singapore does not want PAP ! We do the reforms and normalizations ourselves. We do not need foreigners’ exhortations and money. We are Malaysians. We do it ourselves.

  8. Please go home DAP ! Please do not have slogans, speeches, writings etc to put into the Malays and the Bumiputras to suspect or maybe hate us innocent Malaysian Chinese who only want peace, stability and prosperity to earn a decent living. Your DAP rantings make matters difficult for us Malaysian Chinese ! Please go home to Singapore !

    Please go home DAP to Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore whom 99% of the poor population has found wanting and has feet of clay from his failed policies even with his starred Double First in Law from Cambridge and probably a Third Class in the Bar Finals London and his one-man 55 year rule over the destiny of Singapore ! We need your absence to progress in normalcy and reforms by the BN as led by the UMNO and 14 component parties.

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