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Black celebrities and their blonde wives (photos)

How is today’s story connected with Easter and DAP? Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find out.

The blonder, the better

Golf legend Tiger Woods with ex-wife Elin Nordegren and girlfriend Lindsey Vonn

Basketball icon Michael Jordan with wife Yvette Prieto

Justice of American Supreme Court Clarence Thomas and his wife Virginia

Musician-composer-record producer Quincy Jones, winner of 27 Grammy awards and late wife Peggy Lipton (died 2019)

James Earl Jones, actor, famous narrator and the voice of Darth Vader. Wife Cecelia Hart

Harold Perineau, star of hit TV show Lost and wife Brittany

Successful black men have disproportionately white wives.

DAP has a disproportionate number of Christian leaders, especially of the Born Again stripe.

Today – Easter Monday – is a holiday in some Christian countries. If you look at the social media of the DAP leadership, you will see that Christian festivals are a much bigger thing with them than Wesak.

This is despite that more ordinary Malaysian Chinese are Buddhists or eclectic adherents of folk spiritual beliefs.

The DAP Christians have introduced holier-than- thou posturing and virtue signalling into Malaysian politics.


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11 thoughts on “Black celebrities and their blonde wives (photos)

  1. The DAP today with its acclaimed legend of ‘born again’ christians’ is an experiment in World terms not only in politics but in anthropology as well. Can the DAP call itself ‘MULTIRACIAL’ with its support only from the Chinese in a multi-racial country ? And this Chinese support have always been dependent on current affairs affecting them in a country in which they are a minority. Nowhere in the World have the Chinese banded themselves together to fight for POLITICAL POWER, not even China. So how the tail is going to wag the elephant, may I ask ? With the clannish Chinese, clans is a big thing in their minds. It is alleged these ‘born again christians’ are from the Lao clan. Even our badminton players. Why these esoteric activities are peculiar to this clan is a mystery to me ? As I have mentioned before, the ingenuity of the Chinese mind caused a crooked tycoon to exploit a quirk in legislation on the places of worship being INCOME TAX FREE by the Federal Government. He led the Way in 1975 which may be the date in which these Made in Malaysia ‘born again christians’ were founded. I have no qualms about any religion, race, or colour because Humankind is all the same under the skin. But if the norm of human behaviour is breached by any party to create mischief or radicalism, then it becomes serious as to upset our normal environment governed by laws and general elections especially in Malaysia now in Peace, Harmony, Goodwill. The huge amounts of INCOME TAX FREE money collected from the flock has led these ‘born again christians’ into Malaysian politics which is governed by our revered Constitution safeguarded by our Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans with the support of the majority. In other words, certain words in the Constitution are sacrosanct. As I have explained before, this Constitution was crafted by the British based on the experiences from their experiences with the aborted Malayan Union, Palestine, and India. in consultation with the peoples of Malaya. Hence the views of the majority prevailed. History is the finest arbiter of the Truth. It is best the ‘born again christians’ focused on good works of a NON-POLITICAL kind and do not make a fool of themselves in the eyes of the majority. This is a given. It is best if the Chairman of the DAP is NOT a ‘born again christian’ to show the World that the ‘born again christians’ are like anyone else if not better. Just one or two simple steps will turn the DAP into Malaysia’ Premier Multiracial Political Party with no baggage. We must remember Malaysia in the 21st Century is NOT Hawaii in the 19th Century when the Hawaiians were only covered below their navels by grass skirts and the missionaries could do whatever they liked. As Deng Xiao Peng said what does it matter whether a cat is black or white as long as it catches the mice. OR in modern terms, it is the Money, Money, Money which brought the black and white together or vice-versa but NEVER IN POLITICS where the quest for POWER is of a different kind ! Just look at Russia today on its treatment of Ukraine ! POWER TALKS !

    1. but dap was not in power for the last 65 years, even the two years ph govt is actually a mahathir govt, do malaysia getting better along the years? dap can do a mca but how this make a diff? so what is the point to criticise one that is not in power if power is one that talk?

      deng xiaoping is a genius that know how to twist words to dodge the radical left, therefore we heard black cat white cat, getting rich is glorious, socialism with chinese characteristic etc, but he at least can acknowledged that socialism mode dont work and determine enough to change course, what about us, continue criticise a powerless dap?

      1. The once almighty and powerful UMNO tiger became a kitten which meows in 2018. Who knows whether UMNO will be a tiger again ? Or a serpent with 7 heads ? As for the DAP, it is so accustomed to be powerless since 1966, that it forgot a political party is always formed to capture POWER ! IT IS THIS MIND SET WHICH BUGS DAP TODAY ! Hence, the DAP ;lost its STRATEGIES TO WIN POWER AND DESCENDED DOWN TO THE TROUBLE-MAKING PROSELYTIZING TACTICS OF THE ‘born again christians’ THOUGHTLESSLY ! Even when the DAP was in apparent POWER, it performed just enough to fulfill its promises to others like the CPTPP, the rock etc and reverted to its old ways of tactical operations without a view to the future. Like this, the DAP was caught by surprise by its more astute rivals whose eye were always on the ball. Not only that, the DAP then festooned themselves with Chinese slogans in places which were meant to upset others who already had a WRONG impression of the DAP and to show their naked POWER.. It was asking for trouble from their rivals who doubled their efforts to throw the DAP naked out to the streets of Putrajaya. Instead of consolidating POWER, the DAP weakened itself by their words, actions and antics. IT WAS POURING OIL INTO FIRE ! The DAP at the height of their POWER forgot to embrace the revered Constitution more than others. Now they pay for their insouciance in spades ! If the DAP is not careful, it might be labelled the CHRISTIANS ACTION PARTY and shrivel down to zero in this land ruled by the majority CONSTITUTIONALLY !

    1. Only living celebs with ‘blonde’ wives featured. Kanye West, for example, has a white wife but she is brunette.

      Among deceased black celebs with white wives — Sidney Poitier, Richard Pryor & other lesser knowns.

      1. One thing for sure these beauties are not only blonde but have abnormal sized breasts much admired by Western men. But the Asians are more sensible with the realization that beauty is only skin deep. Hence, we do not focus on gigantic breasts !

          1. So you like them BIG like the now extinct Ipoh pomelos ( Thanks to the State eviction policy )

      2. okay, but mj is truly the symbol of white wannabe, though i have to commend he was the greatest performers of my generation, still feel moved whenever listen to ben and one day in your life.

  2. I beg your pardon HA. It is not the blonde hair but the gigantic size of their boobs which attract them, black or white !

    1. Psychologists have researched that the reason why men, Western men, fall for big boobs, is its the image of their mothers was imprinted in them when they were breast fed as babes. Also, it is often recorded that a dying American soldier called out his mother during his last breathe. Hence, there is always a logical reason for the peculiar behaviour of Humankind unlike those Made in Malaysia born again christians who are in orbit !

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