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2013: The year BN died

Continues from ‘Tweet pengarang The Star kata ia terbaik bagi MCA kalau BN hilang kuasa’.

Umno will remain the strongest party. DAP will be No.2 in terms of seats.

MCA will be wiped out leaving a rump BN. This outcome will set us to collide especially if the Christians maintain their current agitation on  ‘Allah’.

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Suddenly and out of the blue, The Star ran back-to-back articles deploring the political chasm between supporters of the two coalitions.

On Monday (Jan 7), the paper’s weekly columnist Philip Golingai wrote:

“Politics in Malaysia is getting to be very black and white. Some Malaysians see the party they support as the absolute angel and the party they oppose as the ultimate devil.

“Diehards worship their party leaders as if they were a tokong […] And the diehards have a holier-than-thou attitude as if their party and leaders can do no wrong.”


Jerusubang gospel truth

On Jan 6, The Star group editor Wong Chun Wai penned his usual Sunday column titled ‘Troubling diatribes‘ — 749 words making the correct noises.

I’ve excerpted a few of his observations in bullet point below; Datuk Seri Wong wrote the following:

  • “It’s incredible how gullible some Malaysians can be.” [An observation with which I concur wholeheartedly — Helen]
  • TwitMeterDec2012“They [the Bangsar Malaysians] like bad news, especially if there are elements to put down the government. And they also like to instantly share it with their like-minded friends on Facebook or Twitter. The more agitated they become, the angrier they turn against the government …”
  • [Helen: Do tell us which newspaper it is that promotes their Twitter idols, eh?]
  • “Anyone who disagrees with their views are called names, cursed and rubbished.”
  • “And they do this even as they extol the virtues of the freedom of expression and respect for individual views in the same breath.” [What Chun Wai requires 2 dozen words to express, I can say in two: “The hypocrites!”. — Helen]
  • “Exiled blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin was hero-worshipped and everything he wrote was deemed the gospel truth until he started questioning some opposition leaders. Overnight, he lost his legions of fans who not only turned against him but also called him all kinds of names,” Chun Wai added.

Do read Raja Petra in the screenshot below.

Hate and vilify the sinner 2013-01-08 00-42-14

Chun Wai further wrote:

  • “A glance at the comments posted on the various news portals would show the level of shouting, not debate, that is taking place. They seem to have become the gathering point of like-minded people with the same political bias, prejudices and viciousness too.” [Don’t forget their incessant fitnah as well.]
  • “Their idea of objectivity is one that reflects their world view while the opposing views are to be dismissed. Everything seems to be either white or black. There’s no middle ground or readiness for reasoning.”

I’ve no quarrel with the above “black and white” dichotomy painted by both Chun Wai and Philip Golingai.

It is, however, the sentence below – where the Datuk Seri refers to Dr Chua Soi Lek’s tiff with pro-Umno bloggers – that is of interest to this blog.

  • “Some of these [pro-establishment] supporters narrowly champion the interest of one component party [Umno], forgetting that the other component member parties are equally important. That’s how divided the country has become,” wrote Chun Wai.

And here is where our views diverge.


Commentary on Chun Wai’s column

The Star top boss is trying to impress upon his paper’s readers that “the other [BN] component member parties are equally important” in the scheme of things.

Nope, they’re not. They vary in the degree of popularity and mass support. Chun Wai is fooling nobody to claim that all are equally important.

The truth of the matter is that the satellite parties – MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP and the rest of the peninsula components – are no longer major cogs in the BN wheel although Taib Mahmud’s PBB remains in gear.

Umno’s machinery – yup, those bloggers – have been working hard on the ground. The MCA, on the other hand, have been making themselves about as relevant as a dinosaur herd post-Ice Age by their misplaced dependence on The Star alone.

MCA’s expected and most inevitable demise must – in part at least – be laid at their paper’s door.

30 Dec 2012 photo of Hannah Yeoh

Star slant towards Jerusubang

When Star journalist Philip Golingai talks about the Tokongs and their infallibility (maksum) in the eyes of their flock, he mustn’t conveniently ignore the fact that his own paper has been largely responsible for putting these DAP 2.0 evangelistas on a pedestal.

It is The Star that has vigorously promoted the said idolatry.

hannahyeohU know elections very near ... 2013-01-08 14-01-12

It is The Star that stamped its seal of approval on the Malaysian First product pitch. “Malaysian First” as conceptualized (i.e. making ‘Race’ out to be a pariah word) by its Firster adherents is an anathema to the BN communal formula.

It is the tacit backing from the paper’s massive machinery of thousands of editorial staff nationwide commanding a 5.63 million national audience that led the Dapsters to become cocky and arrogant thinking they’re God’s gift.

Just like how their DAP 2.0 evangelist leaders got cocky and arrogant thinking they’ve clinched Malay grassroots support via the PAS vehicle and given free access to enter mosques.

And now Chun Wai wants to wring his hands at the behaviour of the Red Guards who are terrorizing cyberspace.

May I remind him that for five straight years since the political tsunami of March 2008, his paper has done precious little to highlight nor counter the cybertrooper rampage which is vicious to dissenters and non-conformists. Even the MCA’s own Beliawanis treasurer lamented “@hannahyeoh = DAP SuperCyber Bully” (see screenshot below) to no avail.

So – and this is important – whose side did The Star take? I hope the MCA middle-ranking politicians will reflect honestly on the query.

At the end of the day, it had been the BN’s own Chinese people, especially Wanita MCA (think Tan Cheng Liang) and Beliawanis (Jessie Ooi), who have been at the receiving end of the Dapster viciousness and The Star vacuousness.


Five years MCA stuck in a rut … why?!

When Chun Wai chooses presently to say that “there’s no middle ground or readiness for reasoning” … well, the ability to reason (politically) has to be nurtured. Has The Star done that, i.e. foster a politically discerning readership the last five years?

If it had, MCA would not be in the doldrums that it is in today. On the contrary, MCA might even have managed a clawback from the mauling it received in 308. But the opportunity is missed and gone.

Obviously The Star didn’t try to raise the level of public political discourse since Chun Wai is now lamenting, “It’s incredible how gullible some Malaysians can be”.

And MCA has suffered most from this general lack of political discernment. It is the MCA that those incredibly gullible Malaysians think the very worst of. Among all the BN parties, it is MCA that is bearing the brunt of the public insults while The Star shrugs and turns its gaze to Jerusubang.

At this blog, we’ve been monitoring some of the stories that The Star has either missed or deliberately buried.

The paper employs 27 reporters on its Metro Desk mostly on the Subang Jaya beat. We’ve seen the quality of their output, haven’t we?

Star reporter interviewing Hannah Yeoh every other day
Star reporter interviewing Hannah Yeoh every other day

Too little too late

For all The Star‘s own “political bias” and “prejudices” that went into the paper’s fawning coverage of evangelistas, its owners the MCA will soon be paying the price. You can bet on it.

One can’t simply undo overnight the five years’ steady flow of evangelista indoctrination. Not especially when the proffered antidote takes the form of Star headline such as ‘Muhyiddin: DAP a racist party‘.

The last stretch of 15 weeks before polling day – whatever The Star starts doing now – will be unable to mitigate much for the bad faith and scorn poured on the BN all this while by the English-reading urbanites (and the Chinese-reading electors).

Chua Soi Lek thought that his mainstream media machinery with its 5.63 million audience would be able to put the Hate genie back into the bottle once the GE campaign period kicks off.

So much so that he was confident enough to scold and to slight the pro-Umno bloggers whose help he feels his party does not need. He seems to have overlooked how many MCA seats are located in Malay majority areas.

Clash of the titans

All the nauseous pandering by The Star may have gained the media conglomerate healthy profits but certainly not garnered MCA any Christian votes. Its media empire adopting this course of action has conversely cost MCA a hefty loss of support among Malay voters.

Some Umno quarters are already projecting a worst case scenario, which is that the MCA will be totally washed away — suffering an electoral performance worse than its 1969 fall. This time the party may not be able to recover as after all, the current president had even implied that his immediate predecessor might jump ship (like Jimmy Chua Jui Meng amply demonstrated).

Hence the rest of the BN will surely be planning their upcoming electoral campaigns keeping at the back of their mind the possibility of a Star sabotage.

BN minus MCA is not spirit of Alliance

Another task is re-mapping the anticipated post-GE landscape sans the BN Chinese component. How can MCA tenably represent the Chinese community if it obtains a mandate from only 10 percent of the Chinese electorate?

Thus the general election battle must necessarily be between Umno and DAP because MCA is decidedly dead in the water.

An autopsy will reveal a thousand tiny little Scissors cuts in the MCA back.


Please don’t bother shooting the messenger, ya. Riddling with bullet holes the news bearer won’t change the bad tidings one bit.




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21 thoughts on “2013: The year BN died

  1. What pessimistic title. but then again, i concur, 2013 will see a more divisive Malaysia after the elections.

  2. RPK reminds me of you, miss Helen.

    Like RPK’s who’s anti UMNO/BN you are anti DAP though not necessarily supporting BN.
    Like RPK’s legions of fans they seems to forget that RPK is a malay Muslim, while you have commenters who seem to forget that you are Chinese (even when the blog has your name and picture on it).

    There’s a hateful comment on Outsyed’s blog calling you a Cina murtad, whatever that means.

    I’ve been wondering what’s your stake in all this too.

    1. I’ve addressed this assumption before. The label anti-DAP is how the smear campaigners work — like if you were to criticize PAS leaders, you might be conveniently labelled anti-Islam.

      There are a good number of DAP leaders and 99.9% of them either have never been mentioned in my blog or if they are mentioned at all, it is in a neutral tone. e.g. Tan Seng Giaw, Tan Kok Wai, Chong Eng, Teng Chang Khim, Boo Cheng Hau, Fong Kui Lun, etc.

      Even Teresa Kok and Tony Pua are off my radar.

      The ones who are writ large are Papa Dapster, Mama Dapster, the Perak cousins (but then again, Ngeh-and-Nga are big news everywhere in blogosphere), Papa’s henchmen-polsecs, Anthony Loke and who else … (?)

      So you see, it’s the Dapster propaganda that I’m supposedly anti-their party when my voting pattern in the elections have thus far been entirely for the Rocket (except the coming GE13 lah).

      And pls think about this: In the 1-and-1/2 years that this blog has been operating, never once have I called on readers to vote BN. Quite unlike the ABU-ers who scream and shout and vilify anyone who is not aligned to their voting choice or the countless of sloganeering comments in the portals incessantly telling everyone else how they must vote.

      As I’ve mentioned before, if my mother was alive (she passed away 1.5 years ago) her vote would definitely go to DAP. Of course I would not have picked a fight with her nor tried to dissuade her. I wouldn’t have said a single word as it’s her choice. So if I don’t interfere with the rest of my own family, why would I want to interfere with how strangers want to vote?

      The opposition supporters are not only aggressive, unreasonable and slandering everywhere, they mengkafir too.

      As to the Cina murtad accusation,

      (i) any regular reader can tell you that from Day One, not only I’ve been consistent in my support for vernacular school but there’s not a single bad word written about Chinese schools or Chinese education in my blog,

      (ii) I’ve stated that my home language is Chinese (meaning my late parents had elected to speak Chinese in the house), I’ve written some Chinese (hanzi) in this blog

      (iii) and I’m against the implementation of hudud which would eventually – through the imposition of the Islamic state climate – curtail some of the Chinese-y things we do such as eating pork.

      And I’ve made all the above clear to my readers here even tho’ a sizeable number are Malay. I’m upfront about my views. I don’t bermuka-muka and say different things to different audiences.

      Whereas the Dapster support PPSMI (which the DongJiaoZong was initially against), the Dapsters are okay with hudud meaning that it’s fine with them if a Malay’s hand is chopped off, and now the Dapster icons are endorsing tutup aurat in their foray to win Malay votes.

      And like you’ve pointed out, they make hateful and outrageously false comments about me elsewhere. Not just me, but anyone can fall victim to the Red Guards. Just this week alone, we’ve heard from Calvin, Aidil Yunus and Forrestcat about how their online identities have been abused/mis-accused and also saw how Ellese has been confronted by their lynch mob.

      So you see, given their thuggish behaviour, isn’t it obvious why I have to work hard on my blog to make it a platform that is heard?

      ‘They’ control the rest of the alternative media where they terrorize anyone who differs in worldview (this opinion is corroborated by Chun Wai and Philip in their Sunday/Monday articles about the cyber partisanship).

      1. Well, that certainly illuminates a few things. It’s just my opinion, but people have been taking Malaysia’s multi racial existence too lightly.

        We have a country with different races, and the…indigenous? pribumi? race doesn’t do well compared with the second most populous race, it’s basically a potentially dangerous combination.

        I just don’t want something like Yugoslavia or Rwanda or whatever happening here. Plus I don’t think Malaysians realize how our neighbors could turn on us anytime.

        I view the Pakatan as a growing and insidious menace that could bring everything crashing down. It’s hard for me to gauge the support they could win next election since it seems they have a large online presence and they could have a gathering of masses when they want, plus it’s just my feeling that the current ruling alliance is either too laid back or has been infiltrated by the opposite camp.

        Well, if Lim Guan Eng rubs you the wrong way, condolences because IMO he will reign DAP long just like his father.

        1. As for the Tokong of the island state reigning long, it depends on whether he pitches the rest of the country into civil unrest. There have been so many police reports against him already for menghasut.

          c.f. The federal govt declared an Emergency on Kelantan in 1977.

      2. Thanks for the explanation, Helen, and to set the record straight, I too have my misgivings about opposition leaders about as much as I do the BN ones. However, with regards to cyber-lynching just for criticizing, it happens here too, courtesy of your commentators. Would appreciate an exchange of ideas without the acrimony

  3. it will be like Sarawak State Election…Muslims finaly saw the true colour of PAS….The Kalimah Allah is against provision stipulated in the Malaysia Federal Constituition…ALL maters related to Islam shall be discussed within the boundary of Islam Institution -The Majlis Raja Raja , The learned in Islam and Syariah Court. PAS is playing with fire. Year 2013 is also mark the demise of PAS, alhamdulillah, thanks to DAP , UMNO and Muslims will be stronger ;)

  4. Kak Helen,

    With the approval stamp by the holiness Trinity of the Pakatan Rakyat, PKR, DAP and especially PAS allowing non-Muslim to use Allah as God’s name in their Bible (BM version), you can bet every single RM that you have that the rationally thinking Malay Muslim will start to at least distance themselves from Pakatan Rakyat.

    With that announcement, PAS will suffers very badly. Do the PAS leaders have no brain? Does the Christian votes really matter to them that much up to the point of aggravating religious tension?

    As of now, the UMNO bloggers are busy typing their views on this. This is no small matter, kesian PAS…huhuuu

  5. CSL might have seen the writings on the wall and now have accepted that they would be wiped out in GE13. At least they still have this fat cow to milk. Losing election yet maintain financial stability isn’t so bad.

  6. Careful with your bitching on race and religion hell. Some asshole may take you seriously and cause trouble.

    1. woooo!! takut nya. if you like to be that asshole and bitch, please say so. no need to beat around the bushes or your bushes. DAP think this kind of comment will scare people. cat shit la you DAP and fffff!!!

    2. masukkan kepala ke dalam tanah (macam burung unta), lepas tu berak pun takpa ka? as long as u tak nampak orang, boleh selamat? helen not that type. she dare to speak with facts, not like pea-brained pakatoons who came in herds and monkeying around, swearing, name calling, barking like a canine rabies infected dogs.

      fff, no one else who bersusah payah create racial stir di malaysia ni kalau bukan dapster laknatullah yang sengaja cari pasal dengan isu nama tuhan dan belambak isu lagi di atas bumi malaysia ni.

  7. All these DUMP ASS PARTY DUMPSTERS only have these kind of word in their vocabulary. I am very sure that if they have to give a comment or opinion in this blog they would not be able to digests without using profanities ….well DUMPSTERS will be DUMPSTERS garbage in and garbage out , its a way of life for the DUMB ASS PARTY

    On another note , Wong Chun Wai comments a little bit dreamy …guess he just woke up from his slumber after hibernating for 5 odd years . Its just best that Wong Chun Wai pull back the covers and slumber back to sleep….ahhh and do not forget to collect your honeypot from MCA or will it be DUMB ASS PARTY after your hibernation

  8. Don’t ever rule out the possibility of an UMNO-DAP alliance after GE 13. This is the only viable partnership available, whateve their supporters believe currently.

      1. All these politicians ever dream of is power for self enrichment in the power-money-power cycle. Their so-called isms, religious or otherwise, are just facades to fool fools in the rest of us. As far as I’m concerned, as long as there’s no PAS and no PKR in post GE 13, we’d be fine. The nightmare would only occur should those two parties manage to squeeze in into the government.

        1. Is it possible that PAS might break up over this Allah issue?

          As for DAP, we can see how Guan Eng has a chokehold on the CEC.

          Guan Eng’s men and women control the party propaganda bureau: Tony Pua (Feb 2007), Zairil (Jan 2011), Teo Nie Ching (Jan 2008) and the new evangelista Yeo Bee Yin (Aug 2011). All of them are not the DAP’s old guard, either joining the party only a few months prior to GE12 or climbing on board the Rocket post-tsunami.

          His and his father’s men are the party organizing secretaries: Anthony Loke, Vincent Wu and Thomas Su.

          The Dream Machine roadshow is Guan Eng’s and not the other factions.

          Therefore DAP 2.0 is showing the face of LGE. His challengers will be killed off or squeezed out ala WCK and KKH.

          DAP might be salvageable if they had a regime change, same as how Umno booted out Tun Dol and KJ was left out in the cold.

          1. Make no mistake, PAS is already passe. The erdogans have been exposed for what they are – the rear animal’s trojan horses in PAS. The ulamak are disgusted with forked tongued Nicky and the PMrship-on-his-mind Hardick.

            As for the Tokong, now that his girth gad expanded courtesy of rich tycoons, he’d not feel out of place in the company of the udecadent UMNO elites, unlike his father who’s sill uneasy even with a pin-striped short-sleeved white shirt.

            Helen, this particular Tokong can be distracted by the good life. His recent tirades are a symptom of not having enough of the it.

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