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Updated: Some love Nurul, some love Nancy

The Politikus Wanita Terkemuka poll is closed. The most outstanding female politician according to the opinion survey is Nurul Izzah Anwar.

Nurul’s prominence is bad news for BN as the Wanita and Puteri Umno leaders trailed so far behind. This is made worse when you consider that the readership of my blog is pro-BN and thus those who voted in the poll have likely the same political orientation.

MCA – no hope, no cur

A double whammy for Umno is that the most outstanding woman leader seen among the BN pollies is from Sarawak party PBB – Nancy Shukri. She’s second in the poll after Nurul.

There’s no choice but for the BN politicians from Sabah and Sarawak to step up to the plate, take on a more significant role and save the the ruling party.

Another nail on the Umno coffin is that among the Umno women in the shortlist, i.e. Rohani Abdul Karim, Mas Ermieyati Samsudin, Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin and Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, it is veteran Shahrizat who leads the pool. Apa terjadi dengan barisan pelapis?

More bad news for BN. From the 14 names nominated, Wanita MCA chief Heng Seai Kie finished last … tempat tercorot. She had less than one percent of the votes (actually only half percent or 0.49%). Even Parti Rakyat Sarawak’s Iban leader Doris Brodie got more votes than Datuk Heng.

Is BN in trouble or what?

Puteri Reformasi is photogenic/telegenic but her Christian friend sure is creepy

Other notes

Elizabeth Wong and Teresa Kok are unpopular with readers of this blog.

If we were to look at the element of ‘prominence’ without weighing whether the name recognition is positive (famous) or negative (notorious), I should think Teresa is prominent. She is better known among the Chinese electorate than Hannah Yeoh.

Madame Speaker of Selangor who finished in third place obviously has a personality cult going. Her groupies were evidently here to vote. DAP cybertroopers are everywhere.

Hannah Ugly

Incidentally, this is otherwise the most lukewarm reception ever for any poll conducted in my blog, with only 394 respondents.

To recap, my previous polls that generated the most interest were on the Selangor MB crisis, the possibility of DAP taking over Putrajaya and the Umno Youth election.

BN missing the ‘wow’ factor

I believe that the results of this Women Politician poll is fair because a PKR pollie came out tops in a survey conducted by a pro-establishment blog, which I consider to be.

Incidentally, my blog is also considered anti-establishment by some quarters. Thank you Cenangau Politik Daun Kari for including me in your listing – Ranking Blog pro PR terkini 1 Jun 2015. Honoured.

To have a look at the Top 50 sopo blogs table, go to CARTA DAUN KARI.

I do not personally think I’m pro-government per se. But since I’m strongly against the main oppo party DAP coming to federal power, then it makes which side of the political divide I’m on – by default – quite clear.

Original posting

This poll will close in a 2-and-¼ hours more at 6pm.

Nurul is far and away ahead of the pack – see below the votes so far.

Poll women pollie

Nancy Shukri is a mere one vote ahead of Hannah Yeoh for second spot. (So many Hannah fans reading my blog! Monitoring me 24/7, huh, and happy harassing.)

Kak Ijat in 4th place still has a lot of support compared to her younger party mates. She’s got double the number of endorsements compared to her closest Wanita Umno competitor, Rohani Abdul Karim.

MCA’s likeable Chew Mei Fun is more popular here in our space than Elizabeth Wong and Teresa Kok.

BELOW: Senator Chew Mei Fun, a Deputy Minister and deservedly

Chew Mei Fun sinchew



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11 thoughts on “Updated: Some love Nurul, some love Nancy

  1. Senator Chew Mei Fun has a pleasing, approacheable sweet, kind and pleasing ‘Malaysian’ Chinese face. How I wish all our women politicians look like her.

      1. Sejuk dan tenang mata memandang.

        Do not know much so just read up her biodata.. Again, how I wish we can have more women Aduns and MPs like her.

  2. Popular for the wrong reasons? Probably so, but news is news, good or bad.and politicians need that too.

    Thing is, what good has NI done in her capacity as MP, except mostly to highlight her father.

    And as for Madam Speaker, she is more known as a propagator of her church….

  3. Hi HA,
    politikus adalah istilah digunakan dalam bahasa indonesia. bahasa malaysia menggunakan istilah ahli politik.

    mungkin ini telah menyebabkan kekeliruan dalam pemilihan diatas. pada dasarnya orang malaysia memikirkan politikus bermaksud ahli politik yang tidak credible atau tak berguna.

    contoh jika soalan undian berbunyi begini “siapa kah ahli politik yang anda akan minta pertolongan jika anda……….”. dan bezakan dengan ayat berikut “siapakah ahli politik yang anda akan butuh jika anda…….”.

    mungkin HA boleh bagi clarification sikit?

  4. Helen, unless my Bahasa Malaysia is so lousy, I understand that the poll question was which politician is the most pretty which is why I voted for Nurul because politics aside, I do think she is the most pretty.

    Unless Malaysians are so shallow as to vote for Nurul just because she is pretty, I am sure that when it comes to voting in an actual election, politics will prevail over physical appearances.

    1. Haha, yes she is pretty.

      Get ready for YB Dyana Samad and YB Syefura Othman in 2018. They’re pretty too.

      1. Hannah Yeo was prettier until she put on weight after she was voted in.

        I guess the food in the State Assembly canteen is delicious.

        Perhaps I should apply for a job as State Assemblyman. I wonder whether State Assemblymen and Assemblywomen get two months contractual bonus plus five months exgratia, plus medical and dental benefits as well as transport allowances.

        I must ask the Selangor Chapter of the National Union of State Assemblymen and Assemblywomen Malaysia.

        1. The tastiness of DUN cafeteria food notwithstanding, methinks it’s the G.

          3Gs and the 1G to rule ’em all: Gold, Self-Glory, Gospel – all answering to the Master Ji, GREED.

          Look at the size of the Prada handbag that Madame Speaker is carrying compared to the other ladies in the pix. Even Teresa Kok, who is a more senior politician and took home the bigger paycheque (back in the days when she was tripling as senior exco, Adun & MP simultaneously), does not have a branded bag as big as Hannah’s.

          The size of Hannah’s body is merely equivalent to the size of her ego, and greed.

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