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Does Chinese deserve to be Sarawak DCM? Statistical answer

PBB boss Adenan Satem has appointed three Deputy Chief Ministers for Sarawak.

They are:

  • Abang Johari Tun Openg (PBB deputy president)
  • Douglas Unggah Embas (PBB senior vice president)
  • James Masing (PRS president)

Note: Douglas and James are Christians.

NST graphics
NST graphics

PBB made clean sweep of its 40 seats

Sarawak BN won 72 seats in the 82-seat assembly in the recent 11th state election.

BN component parties breakdown of the 72:

•  PBB put up 40 candidates, won 40 (success rate: 100%)

•  PRS put up 11 candidates, won 11 (success rate: 100%)

•  SUPP put up 13 candidates, won 7 (success rate: 54%)

•  SPDP put up 5 candidates, won 3 (success rate: 60%)

  • BN put up 13 direct candidates:
    • 7 former UPP candidates, 5 won (success rate: 71%)
    • 5 former Teras candidates, 3 won (success rate: 60%)
    • 3 candidates in new seats, 3 won (success rate: 100%)


(a) Of the UPP’s seven candidates, four are Chinese in Bawang Assan, Dudong, Pelawan, Pujut while three are pribumi in Mambong, Engkilili, Opar.

(b) Teras’s William Mawan Ikom won Pakan, Rosey Yunus (Bekenu) and Paulus Palu Gumbang (Batu Danau)

(c) Miro Simuh won Serembu, John Ilus (Bukit Semuja) and Gerawat Gala (Mulu)


Chinese were represented in SUPP and by former members of UPP. Thus, if a Chinese YB had been up for consideration as Deputy Chief Minister, he ought rightly to have been from SUPP.

Small Chinese swing vs largely hostile Chinese sentiments

So therefore let’s evaluate the SUPP performance in Sarawak’s May 7 election.

Aside from Francis Harden Hollis, the rest of the SUPP candidates are Chinese. And from this round dozen SUPP Chinese, half of them lost their bid for a seat.

The six SUPP losses are in two maximum Chinese urban areas having 92.8% and 90.0% Chinese voters respectively, two heavily Chinese areas (89.8% and 85.9%) and two significantly Chinese-dominant areas (73.7% and 73.5%). See details in the list footnoted at the bottom of page.

Half a dozen seats with above 70 percent Chinese electorate emphatically rejected the BN albeit this time the opposition did not receive such overwhelming support as they did in 2011.

Ubah angry bird

SUPP won in one mainly Chinese, and four Chinese-majority mixed seats

In the half dozen seats that are won by SUPP, the electorate is between 35 and 62 percent Chinese. The following SUPP seats – Batu Kitang (54.8% Chinese voters), Meradong (55.0%) and Senadin (49.7%) – are essentially mixed seats.

A sole exception is Repok where the SUPP man won in a constituency with three-quarter Chinese voters. Meanwhile SUPP’s sole non-Chinese winner Francis Harden anak Hollis snagged rural Simanggang which has 35.5 percent Chinese voters against a Dayak majority.

SUPP president Dr Sim Kui Hian won Batu Kawah which has 62.3 percent Chinese voters. His victory is a high watermark considering how giler taksub the Chinese are terhadap DAP.

Although there was undeniably a Chinese swingback – calculated at 9.6 percent by Dah Ikhwan – Team Adenan’s landslide win was driven largely by the Dayaks (and other pribumi) and the Melayu-Melanau.

The reason is understandable — the natives were quite simply freaked out by the biaDAP horde who swamped their land like a plague of locusts.


Sarawakians voted against the politics of hate and insults‘ (The Ant Daily, 13 May 2016)

BELOW: Sarawak is the biggest Parliamentary bloc in the Dewan Rakyat as well as the BN anchor, surpassing Umno stronghold Johor

Parliament BN GE12 GE13

Malays are not that reliable anymore as BN voter base

From the table above, it is correct to infer that Sabah and Sarawak are the BN fixed deposit.

And from the outcome of the Sarawak election, it is reaffirmed that the Borneo natives are the BN’s most secure and trusted voter base. Even more so than the fragmented Malays who support PAS, PKR, PAN and Protun as well as those who makan dedak DAP.

Read, ‘RBA Melayu

laugh China girl

In BN, the No.1 and No.2 federal posts, i.e. PM and DPM, go to Umno. Sarawak has followed the same formula with PBB taking the CM and one of the DCM posts.

The remaining two Sarawak DCM posts were awarded to Dayak Christians and hence sidelining the Chinese.

Angry cartoon

What did Adenan really promise the Chinese?

There were certainly expectations of a Chinese DCM after SUPP managed to claw back from DAP the seats Batu Kawah, Meradong, Repok and Piasau.

Adenan had earlier mentioned the possibility of a Chinese deputy should the community grant a strong mandate to the BN. It would have been a morale booster and symbolic olive leaf if the SUPP president were made DCM.

But the wish did not pan out.

We can only guess that Adenan does not consider the Chinese support returning to BN to be adequate and deserving of the recognition. Or probably he’s equally freaked out by the pathological support that the community persists in showering on the DAP.

Whatever it may be, Adenan’s omission has provided the DAP with another ammo against the BN. Unsurprisingly, the DAP has already begun its clamour that the Chinese have been cheated by BN Sarawak.

This decision by Adenan to not reward Sarawak Chinese voters rings a death knell for any hope, however faint, of some degree of peninsular Chinese support returning to the BN in GE14.

Read HERE how a particular egotistic Protun liar keeps getting his predictions laughably wrong — saying BN can win back the Chinese like in Sarawak. That’s what happens when a big-headed blogger gazes at his navel instead of at hard data.


SUPP won

Candidate: Lo Khere Chiang
Seat: Batu Kitang
Chinese voters: 54.8%


Candidate: Dr Sim Kui Hian
Seat: Batu Kawah
Chinese voters: 62.3%


Candidate: Francis Harden Hollis
Seat: Simanggang
Chinese voters: 35.5%


Candidate: Huang Tiong Sii
Seat: Repok
Chinese voters: 75.0%


Candidate: Ding Kuong Hiing
Seat: Meradong
Chinese voters: 55.0%


Candidate: Sebastian Ting
Seat: Piasau
Chinese voters: 61.1%


Candidate: Lee Kim Shin
Seat: Senadin
Chinese voters: 49.7%

SUPP lost

Candidate: Peter Pau Kiu Sung
Seat: Padungan
Chinese voters: 92.8%
Candidate: Milton Foo
Seat: Pending
Chinese voters: 90.0%
Candidate: Sih Hua Tong
Seat: Batu Lintang
Chinese voters: 85.9%


Candidate: Wilfred Yap Yau Shin
Seat: Kota Sentosa
Chinese voters: 73.5%


Candidate: Chiang Buong Tung
Seat: Bukit Assek
Chinese voters: 89.8%


Candidate: Pau Chiong Ung
Seat: Tanjong Batu
Chinese voters: 73.7%


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17 thoughts on “Does Chinese deserve to be Sarawak DCM? Statistical answer

  1. Looks at the area where SUPP lost ,where the Chinese are in numbers ,there are no turning back for the Chinese.

    The other area where SUPP won are much help of the Borneo native and to claim that Chinese has swing back to BN is very much misleading .
    Chinese are Chinese ,they don’t needs DCM ,they can have DCM.

  2. of course as usual most politician statement are vague n debatable, but by looking at adenan speech b4 n after, it clearly demonstrate his bn trait, where the utmost model that never fade away is mahathir the penipu, bn memang manyak penipu.

    1. The ‘promise’ was reported in Borneo Post. Most of us in Semenanjung probably read it via Malaysiakini @

      Personally I was taken aback that Dr Sim failed to be appointed considering Adenan has decided to create – there are precedents for this in Sarawak past history – a grand total of three(!) DCM posts.

      I think SUPP put up a valiant fight under the ‘No Hope, No Cure’ conditions of Chinese support for DAP. And the DAP controls urban Kuching which has the biggest district population or business power centre.

      Of course we wonder what were Adenan’s calculations. James Masing can’t be denied the position by virtue of his junior party’s sterling performance.

      But DCM for the two PBB guys (?) when Adenan is already having the chief prize…

      Sarawak currently has (projected est. year 2015) a Chinese population of 22.6 percent. That’s somewhere between one-fifth and a quarter.

      So do the Chinese deserve an ethnic representative as DCM based on the size of the Chinese population or based on the actual level of support for the BN? It seems that Adenan opted for the second criterion.

      what is the larger implication of his decision on the Chinese as a whole?

      Malaysia currently has (projected est. year 2015) a Chinese population of 21.4 percent. So, does that mean our representation in government is to be calibrated by the level of support for MCA and Gerakan?

      I also wonder how much was Putrajaya’s input on the Adenan cabinet or whether Putrajaya was consulted at all?

      Adenan’s move is, I believe, the killer blow on Chinese support for the BN except for the hardcore five percent who are thoroughly freaked out by DAP.

      One interpretation is that reading the Sarawak tea leaves, BN has decided to go all out in 2018 for the safer bet of Dayak (or other pribumi and native Christian) support.

      Maka berpatah arang dan berkerat rotan lah dengan masyarakat Cina meskipun Cina Sarawak ada menunjukkan kembalinya sokongan suam-suam kuku terhadap parti pemerintah.

      A case of too little, too late and the DAP being too vicious and too malicious.

      1. i think adenan do what is best for him n perhaps his party, i dun know, n nothings wrong with that. my point is the oppo supporter or commoner especially the chinese must remember this well, dun trust bn no matter how we dislike dap. we must support any party other than those in bn.

        1. re: “i think adenan do what is best for him n perhaps his party”

          Doing what’s best for his state. Tun complained in Che Det how the landslide will allow Adenan to call the shots with Putrajaya.

          With this latest, Adenan has consolidated Dayak power while still making use of the Chinese business smarts – i.e. appointing that ex-UPP Wong Datuk as S’wak Finance Minister.

          PBB has got the leverage to keep out Umno interference as well as press for more autonomy. Adenan’s phalanx of DCMs is formidable triune.

          re: “my point is the oppo supporter or commoner especially the chinese must remember this well, dun trust bn no matter how we dislike dap.”

          Methinks if the DAP evangelistas were operating in China today, they’d freak out the Chinese authorities in Beijing and in the provinces too.

          Don’t forget the thorough job that the Tokugawa shogunate did in Nagasaki as well as the backlash on the street against the evangelical Christians during the Boxer Rebellion.

        2. HY,
          I was told by one Indon working with an Apek for 9yrs…your “dun trust bn no matter how we dislike dap” refers.

          Katanya they don’t trust anyone because they themselves are not to be trusted..

          Wait he said in Bahasa Indonesia.. ” Kakak, Apek2 ni (his boss n family die hard DAP supporter) tak percaya dengan siapa2 pasai sebenarnya mereka sendiri yang paling tidak boleh dipercayai”! So dia cerita rahsia2 dalaman macam mana boss dia tu dok kelentong customers dia.

          So HY, you can spew whatever nonsense you want about BN.. Kimi may appear bodoh dan diam2 tapi peghati cara2 harian kamu semua.

  3. Bravo. When u want their votes, u throw in all sort of promises.
    And when u have won, u cry outloud saying the chinese came back.
    But the appointments, didnt seem to reflect what was campaigned.

    u used all what u could.
    And left them all broke.
    Adenan can bring all statistic or seat victory margin all day all night, but the fact that the appointment didnt show much the words were said during the campaign

    Remember this well, chinese. You wont need to wait another 4 years, parlimentary election is just in a year or two time. At that very chance, going by the current appointment, u should know no promise is suffice.

    And going with what happened in Kedah, if he doesnt watch his mouth and ask something like 20% oil royalty too often, he might as well be gone. Dont forget he is pushing 80, thats gonna be a ripe excuse.

    Now that the table turned and its no longer Putrajaya requires Petrajaya, he should never abandon the very people voted him and his people.

    Congratulation adenan. You should never say anything on wanting the chinese back, and rejoicing about chinese came back. Because now they want what was spoken to them before.

    1. Bagi sikit minta banyak. That is Chinese, as epitomed vy the above commentor. Besides, they will never do anything out of sincerity. It is all money, money…other aspects, such as loyalty sincerity, thankfulness,bersyukur is not in their culture. Bersyukur kpd tanah tempat berteduh, insyead of drifting at sea.

      1. Wave,

        It is actually wrong to say Chinese in Sarawak prefers BN or Adnan. No doubt, there is a swing within Chinese community. But it is not that significant to warrant the coveted Deputy chief Minister post.

        Let us get real here. BN in Sarawak won handsomely , and bulk of the performance comes from Malay/non muslim bumiputera voters

        Even In Teluk Intan, when BN won, UMNO must not think that Chinese choose BN. UMNO must not be stupid to ignore that “DAP totok” rejected Diyana as she is a Malay.

        Many in UMNO tend to give simplistic opinion. Even Tun said that in 1999, his government was saved by Chinese votes. The truth is that even after Anwar sacking, BN won simply because majority of Malays still voted UMNO in. People may be mistaken that Malays abandon UMNO in 1999 election. Check and realise that despite western media portraying otherwise, majority of malays voted UMNO at the most defining moment of UMNO history.

        If Chinese saved BN in 1999, why on earth BN still rules even after almost entire Chinese community rejected BN in 2013. The only reason anyone can think off is that UMNO and BN prevails in 2013 as majority of malays voted UMNO in. Maybe this time not out of love BUT OUT OF FEAR.

        ADNAN DID THE RIGHT THING in not giving the coveted post of DCM to a Chinese. The community must realise that “it takes two to tango”. In order to be counted in, they too must vote BN in. No doubt Adnan still gives consolation gift in the form of a Minister post. But he did not give the expected post of DCM to a Chinese.

        Hats off to adnan.

        AND FOR UMNO, please take back Alor setar seat.

  4. I dont trust Chinese kiasu DAP. DAP destroys strong inter racial harmony in this country. While The malays are weak, the Chinese become opportunist. Sikap tamak melampau Cina akan hancurkan Malaysia.

  5. kita ni orang malaya dok bertojai tentang politik sarawak berlandaskan sentimen kaum. there’s no such thing in sarawak kerana sarawak utk kesejahteraan rakyat sarawak, agama & bangsa no. 2. sebab itu masih ada cina yg sokong.

    parti2 dari malaya terutamanya yg konon2nya takdak duit, cuba membawa sentimen, pengaruh & budaya negatif kesana. banyak lecheh la macam ni.

    1. The commenter above is an unhinged RBA. They mock even people’s deceased grandmother(s). Plenty of his type in the DAP-controlled social media.

      1. kak helen,

        you don’t have to publish his/her post. it’s just a waste of time and space. just bar.
        don’t have to layan PELACUR dari keturunan PELACUR.

  6. How “Melayu pandang Cina” – oldie but goldie. “Tamak” is one of it.
    DCM post is nothing. It wasn’t promised by Mr. Adenan in the 1st place, it was brought up by Mr. Zahid. Anyway, we, the “tamak” Chinese wants the coveted CM post, boleh?

    1. Maybe many will say boleh if you propose an orderly and sure-effective transfer of economic power to the Malays and the Bumiputeras. Boleh?

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