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Chan Lilian’s series of denials

UPDATED: Tony Yew has replied at his blog Can You See It? I like this bit where he said, “I guess its better that I answer them [Malaysiakini] through my blog so that I do not get misquoted.”

It’s really a sensible move — something we all (well, if you have a blog) can learn from Tony — especially for anyone contacted by the biased media with a predetermined agenda.


Chan Lilian has since battened down the hatches and refused to own up to the meaning of her tweet: : “i think all Christians shud march for all the persecution they had done to us and our Lord”.

Read the Google cache [page missing Error 404 but you can try this one here] of her page for yourself:

  • She denies that when she mentioned ‘they’ (i.e. the people who in her opinion persecuted Christians) she was referring to the government.
  • She denies that when she said “should march”, she was referring to Bersih 2.0.
  • She even denies that she used the word ‘march’ to mean ‘walk with’ or to be part of a rally. She claims ‘march’ has a Christian connotation which is different from its traditional English language definition or as how most would understand the word.
  • Lilian denies she was ever “a Bersih advocator”, explaining that since she did not pin a yellow badge on her avatar,
  • and she did not “repeatedly asked everyone to join” the gathering, therefore she is innocent of Tony’s Yew’s charge that she is inciting public sentiments.

Given her denial on all counts, how can people say that she is being harassed by police for supporting Bersih?

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9 thoughts on “Chan Lilian’s series of denials

  1. Lilian’s remarks may be debatable, and some may consider it in bad taste. But the Police are treating it as a crime. “Shaking my head”.

    1. Hi kittykat46,

      Methinks this test case of Lilian is crucial in determining future direction, not vis-a-vis Bersih but for the longer term engagement between political Islam and DAP’s increasingly Christianised politics. ref. my earlier article Lilian in ‘trouble’ over her Christianity, actually .

      People have got to get it straight what the contestation is really about. Refusing to confront the real issue will just see a push-and-shove, push-and-shove — as is now happening. Keeping the lid on without any release valve for the steam will eventually result in …? There are lessons to be learned from the Norway shooting, don’t you think?

      1. Postscript: Speaking of the continual bad political strategy on Umno’s part, this harassment will only make a martyr out of her, undeservedly. You know the correlation between banned books and free publicity. Duh.

  2. I think Lilian is hesitant about getting into trouble the way the PSM 6 did and so she is backpedalling. I think she had every right to call every self-respecting citizen of this country to come out and march. God knows I did.

    1. Helen,
      Crankshaft Julai 29, 2011 at 9:52 pm
      There is no denying the fact that Chan Lilian HAS Every Right To Call ANYONE To Come Out and March!!!

      Do you agree with this tweet???
      ‘i think all Christians shud march for all the PERSECUTION they had done to us and our Lord. Don’t you think so? I go sleep now. Bye bye’, Christians PERSECUTED In Malaysia???

      Do you know the difference between Expression of Thoughts and Malicious Accusations???
      You Still Don’t Get It???

  3. Dear Helen.

    I perceived Lilian as privately obnoxious(actually her own self description) and I don’t read her stuffs, but it’s Tony who’s the overboard ABOMINABLE one.

    Yes, it’s a test case and Tony simply cannot be allowed to win or get away with this sort of nonsense.

  4. “Among their politicians wearing religion on their sleeve are Lim Guan Eng and his wife Betty Chew who is herself a state assemblyman, Teresa Kok, Hannah Yeoh, the cousins Ngeh Koo Ham and Nga Kor Ming, Tony Pua, Anthony Loke, Teo Nie Ching, the Sarawak newly elected/re-elected state representatives, etc.
    Comparatively and off the bat, you’d be hard-pressed to name prominent DAP leaders who are non-Christians to match the extensiveness of the Christian name list.

    “In a separate Wesak greeting, this time with Guan Eng wearing the hat of Penang chief minister and delivered on May 16, he additionally said: “Even though Christians and not Buddhists are targeted by Umno and Utusan Malaysia this time, what is there to stop Budhhists and Hindus from being the next targets in future”?
    And he proceeds to quote from pastor Martin Niemoller’s famous poem on the Nazi persecution. This raising of the alarm, as the discontent unfolds some more, segues into the tweet by Lilian, i.e. “all the persecution they had done to us and our Lord”. With Lim Guan Eng being Chan Lilian’s boss, it becomes apparent as to how her own so-called ‘lament’ has been coloured by his Christian crusading politics.

    “Meanwhile, as recently as a week ago, Prime Minister Najib Razak in an address to some 200 BN supporters made this riposte: “We wish to tell our friends, the Malaysian Christians . . . if they respect us, we will also respect them.” He’d fired the salvo on July 22 upon his return from a visit to the Vatican and audience with the Pope.

    “We see here the PM, instead of steering the country away from religious politics, is fencing with the Christian opposition.”

    Refreshing to see clarity. Journalists not compromised by the “FOG of dogma”.

    The Singapore government has a major problem with its Evangelical Christian missionaries. Their influence peddling is very cancerous not unlike the rabid right wing nuts of the “tea party” in the US who advocate among other things violence against women, clinic staff & doctors who advocate for a woman’s right to choose to have a baby or not and this movement has warped into a very negative and sinister shadow in Republican political sphere.

    Chiaroscuro (MGG will be pleased that his trade craft is respected

  5. Whatever she is doing, she knows it and DAP is playing a dangerous card in burning race / religious sentiments. The most rational man will flip when race and religion is at threat, so I’d say let’s stop the fire NOW before it burns the whole forest.

    This is why we need ISA. Don’t talk about human rights. Father of democracy has Guantanamo Bay and so does all the Government in the world. If you dont want to believe it, you’re living in limbo.

  6. Any nut who wants to mix religion and politics should be avoided. It doesnt matter what religion it is. Look at PAS and see how gila they can be.

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