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KFC punch: What’s the real temperature of babi?


The original video uploader Jess6366 has put in YouTube another clip where the words shouted can be heard. — 6.20pm

Malaysiakini‘s local news section Komunitikini had reported on the KFC incident two days ago in an article titled ‘Fist flying customer service at KFC i-City‘. (Komunitikini is free to read without requiring any subscription).

Komunitikini reported:

“The video turned viral over Facebook and received mixed reactions from the viewers roping in more than 7,300 comments.

“Some see the incident from a purely customer-service point-of-view whereas many point out the obvious racism behind the ugly dispute.”

It’s estimated that the video – first uploaded to YouTube on Feb 6 – has been viewed half a million times.

About KFC i-City’s customer service, just a quick comparison from my personal experience.

At Golden Screen Cinema in the MidValley shopping mall where there are always long, long queues to buy tickets, the GSC management makes periodic announcements over the public address (PA) system that tickets have sold out for movies X, Y or Z. This saves clients a pointless wait, and from developing frayed tempers.

The ‘babi’ slur

One comment (from a reader to my blog) deserves highlighting, bearing in mind that the KFC altercation has been commented on by the tens of thousands over the last 48 hours, and some of the comments taking racial undertones.

Don’t worry about me (I’m not personally agitated or affected by the comment above).

For the other side of the KFC story, see Dr Novandri Hasan Basri’s blog.

Just please honestly think over the bigger picture, i.e. issue of pig fixation and its equation with hated Chinese personalities or how it is deliberately associated with the Chinese race (e.g. similarly, the conniving Jew is portrayed with beady eyes and a hooked nose).

Perkasa photoshops pig snout on Namewee
In Umno-linked blog: A pig snout superimposed on DAP Sekinchan assemblyman Ng Suee Lim
Chinese character drawn with pig snout in 'Transformasi Najib' comic
Chinese character drawn with pig snout in 'Transformasi Najib' comic -- compare with Malay character's nose
Chinese character drawn with pig snout in 'Transformasi Najib' comic -- compare with Malay character's nose

Updated: For nose comparison, the PM in his graphic novel.

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98 thoughts on “KFC punch: What’s the real temperature of babi?

  1. is the u.s. dennis the menace a babi then? i feel that the examples you gave above are a bit unfair; its like you have a way of thinking and looked for evidence to support it. i’m sure there are chinese characters in the comic that do not have what you allege as pig snout. if you think about it you can also say the malays are depicted as poor and lazy and incapable of being a tauke, only the chinese can be tauke. let’s take this further; complaints against gomen agencies and especially the police force are racist behavior since the majority of people in the said institutions are malays, and the majority of people complaining are non malays. see what this line of thinking will lead to?

    what can be achieved by writing something like this? racial harmony?

    being a manga fan i’ve seen several characters with what can be considered a pig snout according to you. this only proves that the cartoonist is trying to maintain the characteristics of the characters, not that s/he has a hatred towards chinese. what is it about babi which is so sensitive anyway? we are not even calling the swine flu ‘swine flu’ in this country. it’s h1n1. how ridiculous is that?


    1. Yeah, agree with you that Dennis the Menace’s nose can be considered rather piggish in the way it’s depicted tho’ not clearly as piggish as the one drawn in the Najib comic.

      However, some of the other kids have the same Dennis nose, meaning it’s the cartoonists’ style and it’s not clearly race separated like in Najib comic where ONLY the Chinese characters are drawn with a pig nose.

      To what extent would caricaturing racial features be acceptable? I would agree to sepet eyes. In fact, I draw cartoons myself and my cartoons have been published when I used to work in the newspapers. While I may draw a Chinese with sepet eyes, I would however not draw pig noses like the above.

      Is there an element of insult? To me yes, when the other two (and more) examples like the Namewee and Ng Suee Lim posters are indisputably deliberate.

      And no, Naj I do not think in a certain way and look for evidence to support it. I only theorize according to what the evidence show. Please read this earlier posting which is an example of how I evaluate the available evidence, instead of forcing round pegs into square holes to satisfy an agenda.

      As for the word ‘babi’ and it’s sensitivity to whom — I think it’s also the Malays themselves who wish to avoid saying the word, not that the Chinese are preventing you from using the word to enforce a silly political correctness (like your example of ‘swine flu’ being replaced with h1n1).

      It’s fine for me if you call pork ‘daging babi’ but it’s morphed into ‘daging khinzir’ (more polite? why more polite?) Sometimes you Malays say ‘lembu pendek’ instead of babi.

      I think when the word ‘babi’ is spat out at us (M’sian Chinese) by certain Malays (depending on context & individual, i.e. bersangka baik or buruk sangka), it’s like ‘nigger’ used by whites who despise blacks.

      1. quote “I think when the word ‘babi’ is spat out at us (M’sian Chinese) by certain Malays (depending on context & individual, i.e. bersangka baik or buruk sangka), it’s like ‘nigger’ used by whites who despise blacks.”

        really? but white folks would not call another white folks nigger. whereas in height of anger malay would call another malay that word. my malay friend relate a funny story where his aunt was riding a bicycle and a malay guy from the same kampung on motorcyle stop next to her and whilst the lights still red suddenly he remp the bike noisily and my friend’s aunt got shocked and immediately told him off. it’s the word that is funny. what she said was “pak hang bela babi” or “your father rear pigs”.

        i always laugh whenever my friend relates this story because the insult is totally unproportionate to the crime done. and this coming from an old and conservative makcik. although she did not equate the person to pig per se but to involve his father in the insult and to falsely accuse his father of making haram money by rearing haram animals is actually worse.

        LOL at the “pak hang bela babi” scolding.

        I’m not claiming we can pigeonhole ‘babi’ (Chinese also scold each other’s behaviour ‘babi’ like a black may call another black ‘nigger’) which has its nuances. But in the context of race tensions today, I think the word has become loaded. — Helen

      2. is it true danny has made police rport regarding this isue?? i cant seems to find any information to confirm it…I personally believe danny ng did say those words to the kfc workers..this is based on comments from those who are actually there at the moment..i find its hard to believe that all the kfc workers will aggresively attacked him just because he shouts at them, there must be smthing he said that provoked them….yes even i myself will get ‘hot’ if i being put in danny ng stuation but he’s also without quest deserve to be smack if he indeed throwing those remarks at the workers…i knew he denied saying so, and he claimed he only shouts at them but what exatly the words he use?? it’ll be very useful to clean up the smoke if he stated specifically what does he shouts at them..

        Police report mentioned in FMT & “Accompanied by Kevin Chin, the special assistant of Seputeh DAP parliamentarian Teresa Kok, Ng made his report at Brickfields police station last night (Malaysiakini).– Helen

  2. does it happen only to chinese? come on, how about when PR master cartoonist Zunar pictured respected Tun M as a pig, in Harakah no less. at least to the chinese it is not forbidden animal, they eat the thing. i imagined being called the stuff you eat on daily basis would sting less.


    My reading is that Zunar is playing on the word ‘khinzir’ in labelling Dr M ‘Mahazir’. Also because Dr M’s nose is undeniably distinctive. So it’s specific to one particular & recognizable political personality whereas the ‘Najib’ cartoonist has made the pig nose a generic feature for the Chinese race. — Helen

  3. Once there was thief broke into my house, my Malay neighbor suggested that I bury ‘babi’ at the front gate that would help to keep away evil and wicked crook. I thank him and to be honest I find the idea ridiculous because Chinese do not regard ‘babi’ as something bad, we prefer to use ‘dog blood’. Seem likes we are different in our approach due to different in cultural and belief system but yet we are similar in many ways, and yes, actually both ideas is equally amusing.

    Point is, I don’t think Malay associate ‘babi’ with Chinese and vice versa.

    Then why the pig nose on Namewee & Ng Suee Lim? — Helen

    1. Saudara Helen,

      Terima kasih kepada saudara Hua Yong yang cuba ‘menyejukkan’ suasana.
      Tapi saudara masih mengungkit tentang hidung cartoon Namewee dan Ng Suee Lim yang ‘dibabikan’
      Tapi bila cartoonist golongan saudara memasukkan unsur-unsur babi kepada TDM, pandai pula saudara memberi alasan untuk mempertahankannya!
      Cukup-cukuplah!, Kita hendak hidup aman damai dan harmoni di Malaysia, betul tak?

      Warga Setia

      (1) Saya seorang ‘saudari’ (bukan LGB‘T’) & (2) kartunis Zunar bukan ‘golongan’ saya (beliau Melayu & beliau pro-Pakatan). — Helen

      1. Saudara Helan,

        Dalam Bahasa Melayu perkataan saudara boleh diapplikasikan kepada gender lelaki dan perempuan. Tapi kerana pengaruh Bahasa Inggeris ‘Mr’ dan ‘Miss’ maka perkataan saudari digunakan untuk perempuan.

        Saya menggunakan perkataan saudara pada saudari kerana pada pandangan saya sebagai rakyat Malaysia kita sepatutnya bersaudara walaupun berbeza agama, bangsa dan tidak sependapat dalam banyak perkara.

        Mungkin kalau kita percaya kepada konsep ‘bersaudara’ sesama kita ‘racial tension’ boleh dipadamkan dan akan lahirlah masyarakat Malaysia yang harmoni, aman dan damai!

        Warga Setia

        I didn’t know that. One learns something new every day :) — Helen

  4. Never mind lah Helen, it’s quite alright to spew out “cibai Melayu”, no one will be offended, everyone will pretend no one said that; even the DAP MP for Segambut will overlook it despite the fact that the cibai Melayus also form a large part of his constituents. There is no sensitvity about calling Melayus anything, like Shuzeng’s “Malaiyoo” and its obvious connotations.

    There is no one amongst us clever enough to speak out in defence of the KFC Melayus or speak out for Melayus in general. When someone does, then he/she is ‘racist’ lah, bukan?

    But it’s OK ya. We, or the vast majority of us Melayus are, after all, a tolerant race.

  5. Let me share with you these words Babi, pu***ak, pun**k, lan**u, bangsat, celaka, anak haram, are serious cursing words. The Malays (those who curse) like me use it all the times. It is about the level if disgust at the moment and you use the most disgusting word. And as far as I am aware Babi was never reserved for Chinese.
    I am tempted since in this case is being turn into racial issue, to raise the hundreds of comments bordering on provoking ethnic cleansing in gardenia hate page.
    What KFC staff did was wrong. And KFC must apologize. But this guy must also come clear to rebut eye witnesses account on the incident.
    Politicians and influential blogger like you Helen must be responsible enough to report and presenting views on the incident.

  6. helen..if u think malay reserve “babi” for chinese…then u are wrong. It is a curse used depending on the level of disagreement….and use to anything (people, problem etc). I thought u know better.

  7. Hi Helen, we do not know what has transpired that day but obviously the whole crew seems to be so offended by looking the way they’ve reacted. Pls be realistic and fair in judging this event by taking into consideration also the possibility of provocation by the victim himself. I wonder why whenever there’s Chinese-Malays fighting, DAP+Lawyers & MalaysiaKini always at the front to say something like malays started it first and spread this racial hatred across the country. Why no MCA or BN for that matter? I’m expecting PERKASA is next in line to defend the poor malay crews. I’m expecting also more event like this to come and this will only ends when the whole malaysian accept the doctrine that says malays indeed a racist. No point embracing 1Malaysia or unity like this because living with the malays equals living in apartheid country for some people. The whole cycle will be the same….malay-chinese fighting… definitely malays were the one started it first…upload on youtube for the whole world to see how racist the malays can be…at the same time nobody was even bothered to hear the other side of the story WHY they resorted in hostility. Remember also there was one occasion a Chinese lady was accusing the malay officers for miss treating her when issuing saman ticket? Why so coincident chinese-malay also and then youtube? I saw some provocation elements were there and as expected the officers reacted to it. As expected, these bunch of laywers came to her aid and the poor policemen got the blame. You know, it is very easy to offend people…i can go out now cursing the Chinese, make sure they beat me in front of the public and ask somebody to upload the event in youtube…wait for like a week and do it again, different actor…different story, places and time. Bottom line the theme has to be Malays or Chinese=Racist. I have good Chinese friends that said to me everyday in paper or anywhere, malay bodoh or any provocative words you can think of are there directly or indirectly implied. Something similar like what Harakah does to its own kind. Lucky the malays don’t know much Chinese words so we sort of making jokes if the malays do know, the country will be in hell. If i were the victim (i’m not referring only to that Chinese customer but also the KFC’s crew), i will lodge a police report and my employer for that matter and engage lawyer (if i have spare money) but rest assured no DAP, MalaysiaKini, Harakah or even Utusan, BN, MCA or even PERKASA will be involved. These got nothing to do with them. It’s about one citizen to another citizen rightful rights under Malaysia constitutional law to be protected and to seek for justice…unless we no longer trust the constitution, better say it publicly know and we’ll resort to another option available…no holds barred.

    Dear Kassim Ahmad,

    My personal opinion: I suspect the customer must have been creating a scene & said some angry words in a loud voice.

    In my previous posting I wrote: Asal Dapat Undi “proponents are seemingly oblivious that their incessant taunting may translate into undesirable consequences. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

    Again speaking personally, I find some of the DAP & Pakatan supporters most provocative with their endless taunts, like one Hannah Yeoh admirer who used the pseudonym ‘fakyourmom‘ to comment in my blog.

    More of them may get punched in the face if they keep it up.


    1. I was just about to comment on this. I was not there and can’t really say what happened. But what amazed me is that almost the whole KFC crew actually got out and confronted the customer. It is quite amazing that the whole bunch got really, really offended.

      And how the rest of the customers just look and not helping or defending the supposedly victim in this. Just wondering why ?

      I am also perplexed why they(supposedly victims) did a PC where they should have gone and do a police report. This is criminal stuffs and political stuffs.

      Why is it the PC is available in english and mandarin but not in malay ? Is this what the DAP wants as in Bangsa Malaysia ? There is the bangsa but not bahasa ? As in how it would be in Singapore.

      1. (1) “the rest of the customers just look and not helping” — Malaysian lah, see an accident on the road also like that

        (2) a police report has been made by Danny Ng, apparently

        (3) I’d like get some opinions on this please: Yesterday, I replied to comment by saying my gut feeling is that the guy wouldn’t be punched if he was Malay.

        I’d like to elaborate. If it was an angry Malay vs another angry Malay situation, there would have been calls to ‘Sabar’ & ‘Biar aje’ & more attempts to leraikan rather than just one guy (KFC worker) trying to intervene.

        I feel that it reached the level of physical violence b’cos of our mindset & sentiments, i.e. current bad race relations, and that the victim’s race was a factor. (I think we’d mostly agree gender is a factor: If it was a woman customer shouting, I don’t think she’d be punched. So if we can accept that gender counts, why not race?)

      2. Helen apart from cursing I had experience getting involve in a brawl few times already. One of the brawl is with bunch of Malays next door who keep throwing rubbish right infront of my staircase. This group tweeted and said i was acting like ambiga. But people did interfere. Same goes to few other cases. People will not interfere if there is a robbery and more. Now Malay has got into a fight with another Malay before.
        Yes he could have been punched because he is Chinese due to the words he allegedly used.

      3. Balas,
        Ask most Chinese and they will tell you that a racial riot will erupt if a Chinese were to beat a Malay or shout racial slurs. Growing up, there have been quite a few incidences where Chinese were beaten up by Malays and no other Chinese or Indian bystanders dare step in and these thugs got away without being punished. Let me tell you about two incidents which I will always remember. A Chinese youth was beaten up so badly by a group of Malays when he went to the rescue of an Indian boy selling kacang at the stadium more than 40 years ago. In a separate incident, my uncle landed in hospital after being beaten up. He is such a timid man. Since we were young, we have been told that if you accidentally knock down a Malay in a Malay kampung, leave the scene and head for the nearest police station if you value your life.
        So, all these talk about the impossibility of the KFC staff being provoked by the racial slurs seem quite far fetched

      4. Helen Ang at 11:09 am,

        Mindset and sentiments are all there, Helen. The question is what do we do about them? Why not you run a post on that, next?

      1. Dear Joe its a bit unfair for you to make such statement..your statement is clearly of a chinese guy point of view, as malay i also have been told that if i go to the chinese community area such as Jinjang i should really behave myself or othersiwe im reliable to get smack just over a small misunderstanding..i also happened to remember a case in wangsa maju sesyen 2 when a malay got beaten up by chinese guys in front of his mother over a car parking issue..but all those cases involved bystanders and public in general and in danny ng case it involved a kfc workers, its really dificult to believe all of them will be highly offended if he just shouting at them…those kfc workers are usually used to such behaviour from customers and wouldnt be really upset if he just shout at them..against i demand danny ng stated clearly what does he shouts at them to clear this issue…

    2. I wish Kassim’s long comment was paragraphed and it’d be easier to understand. But I agree with what he implied – that DAP, MalaysiaKini, Harakah, Utusan etc should not be involved in a matter like the KFC little incident.

      Yes, report it to the Police and let them handle the case. Yes, “rights under Malaysia constitutional law to be protected and to seek for justice…unless we no longer trust the constitution”. Let’s avoid another 13 May which led to 2 years of constitutional law being suspended.

      And saying that is not “instilling the fear factor for political purposes” as I don’t even belong to any political party. But if DAP Teresa Kok starts taking the complainant under her arm pit and going places with Malaysiakini etc, then one political action attracts another. And DAP’s ways have for a long time been associated with being anti-Malay, anti-Islam and the race riots of 13 May.

      Let’s chill, shall we? Let’s call for the politicians to stay away from this restaurant fracas.

      Agree with you that anyone here having reservations, and cautioning about the turn that race relations is taking, stands to be accused of “instilling the fear factor for political purposes”. — Helen

      1. My observation is that race relations has become worse in Malaysia since PRU12. I blame the DAP for creating this situation as they take a racist stance on every issue. Relations among Malays and other Bumiputeras has also got worse and it was due to political affiliations. I am not surprised if Malays willsoon wallop each other just because they disagree over political matters.
        Take the campaign Anything But Umno (ABU). As a Malay I feel very insulted and angry at this campaign as Umno represented all the Malay bodies which dissolved themselves to form one big political party for the Malays when the leaders and the rakyat were negotiating for Merdeka from the British. To me attacking Umno means attacking the leaders and all the rakyat who had sacrificed so much in their struggle to see a free Malaya.
        Does this jasa (good deed) by the former leaders and the rakyat not mean anything now?
        As a rational man, I feel very angry when Malays from Pas and PKR vigorously campaign for ABU. I am not racist or emotional but I am willing to wallop any Malay, no matter from which party, if I were to bump into them while they are campaigning for ABU. My Malay blood cannot tolerate these ingrates. Every Malaysian, dead or alive, owe something to these leaders and rakyat (many of whom are now dead) who had fought for our Merdeka, which then resulted in the peace and prosperity enjoyed by the majority of the rakyat now. Our forefathers do not deserve to be betrayed by the action of ungrateful, immature and stupid leaders and their easily-fooled followers.

  8. Petikan dari blog YB Raz

    Rata rata blogger yang membuat entry ini menggunakan title pekerja KFC yang kurang ajar. Tapi dorang sedar tak yang kurang ajar sebenarnya adalah pelanggan tersebut. Berdasar pengalaman aku, mustahil ada pekerja restoran makanan segera yang akan bergaduh dengan pelanggan sekiranya pelanggan tidak bersikap terlalu kurang ajar.

    Jelas dalam hal ini, pekerja yang merupakan orang melayu telah dihina oleh pelanggan tersebut. Dan video ini diupload oleh mereka yang sama bangsa dengan pelanggan tersebut.dan dia menggunakan title pekerja kurang ajar dan menarik ribuan komen yang menyokong pelanggan itu. Dan akhirnya pekerja melayu telah dihina. Aku masih boleh terima kalau yang hina tu bangsa asing. Tapi yang sebenarnya pelanggan itu sendiri yang betul betul kurang ajar dan biadap.

  9. HI Helen, Just to point out a couple opinions on this; (1) babi is not chinese but banyak sifat tak senonoh daripada senonoh ada pada babi diorang ckp babi.bila seseorang dibabikan, bermaksud, orang itu sebenarnya dimarah. kalau bodoh, orang ckp bodoh mcm lembu. kan? kalau gila? gila babi kan? kalau babi ni hentam keromo saja. that’s why diorang buat muka Namwee and Ng mcm tu. because diorang ni ckp main sedap takde berlapik langsung. sama perangai macm tu la kut.babi pun menyondol jer, tak patah balik dah kalau dah terlajak ke depan. lagikan zunar pun bole buat TDM mcm tu obviously. Nampak sgt very intentionly nk buat hidung babi sebab zunar marah dgn TDM?lagi satu contoh depa tu adalah berkaitan politik.bukan sebab bangsa. lagikan orang marah boleh letak kepala babi kat surau and masjid. so melayu pun babi jugak ke? tu setakat hidung babi. kalau kepala babi lengkap dgn mulit, telinga mata semua mcm mane pulak? hidung babi tak khusus untuk cina la kut.tapi kalau kartun satu lagi tu, saya tak pasti la sebab saya tak nampak mcm hidung babi sebab samar2 kejelasannya.kalo mcm tu hidung babi, terus trg saya ckp hidung yg digmbarkan hidung melayu tu mcm kambing.haha. (2) frankly, melayu ni payah melenting kalau bukan orang provok terlebih dahulu.tak kira dia betul or salah.jarang yg ada betul2 sabar, tapi ada tetap ada. kalau bukan melayu pun, dah nama manusia, amarah tu tetap ada. dalam konteks ni saya lihat dua2 salah. kalau pun customer is always right, tapi bila dah kena provok,kena marah, pekerja tu manusia juga, ada sakit hati bila maruah dia mcm diperlekeh sebab pelanggan tak puas hati dgn servis.bygkan pekerja tu seharian kerja duk ulang selamat datang and makan di sini or take away sir for each and every customer.kalau saya pun ada tahap meter panas juga. so customer is not always right dah.tapi saya tak kata pekerja betul je. tapi even tu kerja or servis pekerja, tak salah kalau ada toleration kan? lagipun yg lawaknya, kalau dah tgk pnjg sgt, blah jer.mcm takder KFC branch lain. or mCd jer. kedai tomyam ker? mengidam ke aper? saya dah byk kali blah kalau tak tahan lama sgt. rela saya pergi beli roti je alas perut. (3) tapi kalau dilihat balik, saya rase uploader video tu yg salah. what is the rationale? utk lawak ke?pastu buat tajuk ‘pekerja kurang ajar’. patut buat tajuk pekerja dan pelanggan kurang ajar yg tidak patut ditiru’ lagi bagus. ni tunjuk part pekerja cakp and what was the thing yg customer shout and marah? this SMALL matter selesai atra KFC management and police saja. bila politician comes in, adooyai….ni dah jadi mcm menyelam sambil minum air. tengok, dah dipolitikkan. (4) yg saya pasti, customer marah dan shout very loudly (so that all other customers pun dengar dan dimalukan) and pekerja geram cakp, ayam dah habislah babi (not cina babi). ehmmm….padan muka customer kena tumbuk. dan padan muka pekerja yg mulut cm cibai tu yang tak de etika patut kena pecat. takde kesabaran (5) conclusion; it’s between a normal no-etika human being. seorang pekerja dan seorang pelanggan. bukan seorang cina and seorang melayu. it just happened one is malay and another is chinese.i think benda ni orang tak pandang pun kalau dua2 melayu or dua2 cina.kan? (6) babi tu tanda marah. bukan sebab bangsa. dah terbukti sebab kdg2 marah pasal benda lain tu pun salahkan babi. kalau melayu sama melayu ckp babi gaduh jugak..kalau cina sma cina ckp babi pun sama jugak la kut. tak thu la kalau diam jer tak kesah. kalau dibezakan babi dengan sial lagi teruk sial. babi bole kita samak. sial? tujuh keturunan pun belum tentu habis sial kalau kena sumpah sial oleh orang lain. kalau hidung babi ni terus kita ckp cina, mcm saya katakan kat atas, satu kepala babi lengkap yg diletak di masjid and surau orang islam melayu tu mcm mana pulak tu? so babi tanda marah.bukan khusus utk racist remark.

    “i think benda ni orang tak pandang pun kalau dua2 melayu or dua2 cina, kan?” (I think so too.) — Helen

    1. Dear Helen, its because both are from different ethnic backgrounds then its becoming a big news..not just that but there’s also an allegation of racism remarks at the scene that makes it a serious issue..

  10. kerana ayam pun mau gaduh ka….pelik juga perangai cina ni…buka restoran pun mereka letak ayam.kes di Jenjarom…pekerja mana2 syarikat makanan segera telah dilatih dan ada SOP yg harus mereka patuhi.
    kalau setakat marah2 dah rungutan mereka bolih terima punya..api jika sudah keluarkan kata yg menghina bangsa dan mak bapak…no way lah…akumlama bercampor cina baik waktu kerja atau dalam dalam pengangkutan awam..mulut mereka kerap mengeluarkan perkataan biadap dan kurang ajar menyumpah serta makian jika ada yg tak kena pada hati mereka.
    semasa bertugas dengan syarikat pengangkutan awan di bandaraya 12 tahun lalu aku pernah terajang anak cina turun dari bas sebab memaki pemandu yg enggan menurunkan dia dilampu isyarat.
    maki hamun dan sumpah seranah sudah jadi adat budaya dan amalan hidup kaum cina…
    tapi satu kesilapan besar jika mereka maki orang melayu yg masih punya maruah dan darah yg mengalir dalam tubuh mereka adalah darah melayu bukan darah melayu jenis pecacai.

    ‘try me if u want to know im real malay or not’…aku buka melayu pecacai.

    1. Saya sudah lama bergaul dgn orang Melayu dan saya dapati mereka adalah amat berbudi bahasa dan menghormati orang lain….jika saya berbudi, mereka tetap berbahasa, jika saya berbahasa, mereka bertimbang rasa..jika saya bersopan, mereka bersantun….rata rata orang Melayu senang bergaul dengan semua lapisan masyarakat….
      .[TETAPI mereka amat pantang dicabar kelakian, keturunan, maruah bangsa mereka! ]

      Saya rasa pelanggan KFC itu tentu menggatakan sesuatu yng staff KFC itu naik angin!!!

      Malangnya orang cina telah kurang asam sejak bersekolah lagi dimana mereka suka menggunakan bahasa kesat dan lucah dalam percakapan , berjenaka, bergurau senda dan perkelahian….sikap negatif sebegini telah memudaratkan ramai orang cina apabila mereka gagal menjaga kehormatan diri apabila berada dikhalayak ramai!!! Mereka menninggikankan suara dan menggunakan bahasa kesat seoah olah ianya perkara biasa . Tabiat ini amat memalukan ..

      Saya berdoa agar peristiwa KFC ini akan menyedarkan masyarakat supaya menjaga pembawaan diri dan juga mengelakan kejadian keganasan fizikal….
      SEMUA orang harus belajar tentang kesabaran dan tidak menggunakan kekerasan dalam masyarakat, rumah tangga dan perniagaan.

      Komen komen racist telah menular bagai ribut taufan sejak kejadian KFC ini…ianya adalah satu peristiwa malang yang ditakuti akan menyebabkan ketegangan untuk jangka masa yang panjang…
      diharapkan semua orang mengambil iktibar dan pengajaran dari peristiwa ini….janganlah kita dijadikan bahan ketawa dunia apabila mereka menulis “KETEGANGAN KAUM BERMULA DARI…AYAM GORENG!”.

  11. i don’t know what is it with chinese and wanting to take pictures/video of people they’re having problems with. we see it in the case with pamela and police (or was it PGA officers?). and now this case. the chinese guy admitted that he went into the premise of KFC for the second time to take pictures of KFC staff. in this IT age is this not highly provocative?

    people could use your picture for many bad things. they could embarrass you publicly by putting your picture in facebook or blog included with unkind remark. they could give the picture to hired kongsi gelap members to beat you up. you could say you want to use the picture to lodge reports with KFC management but to most people this is highly intimidating. furthermore, consent should be sought first before taking of any portrait picture that does not involve capturing live action of crime.

    this kind of behaviour that could act like a fuse that could blow a situation into an ugly incident.

    it’s good time being chinese in malaysia, you have DAP party to arrange PC for you, whom you tell everything first and they will advise you what to tell and not to tell. they’ll provide lawyers to explain the situation to the media and tell everyone you are the victim. whilst the other party have no airtime only live witness who give their honest depiction of what really happening and even then these comments on youtube were deleted because only the views that is favourable to the chinese should be aired and listen to.

      1. they claimed to be multiracial but in reality based on their stand in most issues they are uniracial party…

  12. Pak Ard lihat “pergaduhan” di KFC itu diperbesarkan kerana sebab-sebab lain. Cara ianya diperbesarkan juga boleh ditafsir dengan agak jelas. Namun, Pak Ard simpan tafsiran itu dalam kotak pemikiran dan menunggu kebenaran terserlah….Ada orang begitu pandai bermain kata-kata…, yang penuh dengan niat tersirat yang bertentangan dari yang disuratkan…sudah tentu jika dibahaskan, yang diambilkira cuma yang tersurat, lalu ia nampak macam benar dan betul, yang tersirat tidak dapat diperdebatkan kerana dengan pantas dikatakan salah anggap, niat buruk, dan lain-lain… janganlah terlalu cunning dan berasa sudah pandai…berpada-padalah…

  13. hi helen
    I think you are not being fair in this whole thing. The unfairness lies in the report you make about this incident 3 to 4 times.
    I understand that when emotion overcome the brain, anything could happen. but when you keep reporting it again and again, people start to get excited and impatient (judging from comments).
    other than that both are at faults and neither the media or the passers by or the commentators (including me) have the right to judge.
    Judging (hopefull no conspiracy theories here) should be done by the trained professional… he he he.


    3-4 times? You’re being inaccurate. It’s 2 reports (you’re commenting on the 2nd one).

    And no, I’m hardly being emotional at all about KFC patrons.

    If you’ll look at my postings again, you’ll find that in (1) I’m concerned about the influence of social media (incl. YouTube) & its viral capacity as M’sians didn’t immerse ourselves in digital technology such as this, say, 5 years ago.

    In (2), I was highlighting the babi imagery (a larger issue than KFC i-City) as a derogatory expression due to bad race relations. I don’t see how you can accuse me of being unfair to the KFC workers. — Helen

    1. 1) Not only Malaysia.

      2) Not due to race relation, more likely stress and high living standard, dear, that 2 piece of chicken now cost me more than rm10 and fortunately or unfortunately, my kids love it. I also feel like punching that old colonel

      1. Agree with you Hua Yong, I also ‘kena pau’ from my kids on KFC.

        Can’t wait for Mac’s staff to fight on Facebook, it will be a good excuse to ban my kid from going there.HEHEHE….

  14. I think you are judging the entire thing too hastily with so few examples above. From young, we are taught that the pig represents greed (whether chinese mythology or common saying) and also to a lesser extend dirtiness (hence the term pig’s stigh). Not to mention the famous term “gila babi” (probably cause it rhythms) as mentioned above. It is not reserved for chinese only, that I know, cause I have seen so many times malays using it among themselves, and also chinese using it among themselves as well. Infact, there is a video by That Effing Show, on how to spot a racist, and they made a short joke on the babi term and its usage among the malays and chinese, you should check it out Perhaps that for some they use for jokes, others they use as insults? But how do you tell the difference at times? Or in other possible scenarios, having been using the word so often, that it just came out from their mouths on that very second. Just like people who frequently swear/speak (basically as a joke, especially common among teens) f*** you, when they get mad, I bet my dollar that they will swear f*** you as well.

    That night everyone was already stressed, and this just tipped them over the edge. Anger leads people to speak unspeakable words and actions as well. Heck it, if it was a Malay customer, it will be no different outcome (the insults + bashing). However, I have a feeling a Malay may decide to leave quietly instead, whereas a chinese would demand an apology from the management etc etc solely cause Chinese do have a larger ego as compared to most Malays.

    Try not to see it from a racial perspective, rather see it from a human instinct point of view.

    And I can verify that Mangas do have “pig noses” as well.


    While I can accept the possibility likelihood of ‘babi’ “just came out from their mouths on that very second” wrt to the KFC worker, pls lah don’t try to kelentong about the Namewee & Ng Suee Lim posters.

    Photoshopping is a premeditated task requiring software & computer skills, plus next, uploading doctored image onto a blog is another premeditated decision (not something “done that very second”).

    And do you even know that Sungai Rapat is an Umno [local] political website? I’m also betting you’re unaware of the history of the utterances of the blog owner. Do some research first, lah.


    1. Helen,

      I mentioned to you you are judging it by only these 3 examples. As usual it is the bad apples which spoils the group. I know those 2 are premeditated without a doubt, and in no way was I defending their actions, nor linking their actions with race. I was however, trying to link the stereotyping of what “pig” is, that is greedy, unclean (as according to the Quran and also common terms), or insane (gila). That making the pig nose is not entirely based on them being chinese. Just ask anyone la, pig = greed. Or for some gluttony. Or gila babi. Or tak suci. Those people are attacking the individuals directly, not the race. Coincidence that they are chinese? As I have said above, majority of chinese have huge egos (some display it proudly, some don’t). So expect some amount of confrontations and more pig noses. For your argument to be justified, I say when the time the Malay community picked a random chinese’s photo and photo edited his nose, then THAT is pig = Cina without a doubt.

      Erm why is this in the discussion? Does it matter where these photos came from, except that it is by a Malay, which it clearly is as that photo had Malays holding namewee’s face.

      I am aware you cause quite a racial stir in the past. But despite your past which I do not want to judge you on that, you should know, not everything is race related. Sometimes we just want to help others just because you and I are human. Or fight each other because humans (even the same race) will eventually fight even over petty things. It is only human nature to do so. Some poeple, would just leave the place to avoid any confrontation. I bet you would. But I know Chinese are quite egoistical at times, and that will result in friction (this case). But the whole “babi” issue is just blown out of proportion frankly.

      Namewee & Ng Suee Lim are ‘real’ people & their pig nose doctoring is personality specific. Now you’re saying, “the time the Malay community picked a random chinese’s photo and photo edited his nose” — the cartoons are a ‘random’ archetypal Chinese with a pig nose, aren’t they?

      “I am aware you cause quite a racial stir in the past.” — Cheap shot that goes against all your own hoity-toity preaching. — Helen

      1. You are repeating what you said which I had already explained.

        Zoom in closer and observe Najib’s nose. (One is badly pixelised, the other is better and kind of looks piggy don’t you think?) And to add, do you have a link depicting the entire comic book (can’t find it despite googling past 10 pages)? Otherwise, only 3 photos out of 100+ pages is laughable. And I highly doubt that there are only Chinese in 3 clips, it is after all a “bapa transformasi” book. We choose what we see.

        Cheap shot? I was speaking on how the public viewed you, that it was a racial stir to them. Everywhere I visited, Helen this, Helen that bla bla bla, it was an annoying moment really, and that is how I remembered it. Frankly I am not bothered with what you do or write, and at that time, I wasn’t bothered either. After all, it is your voice. And whats with the hostility? Have I insulted you? Do I deserve such treatment? Guess you’re not as welcoming to some here I guess.

        You must be kidding if you claim that the PM’s nose is drawn piggishly in a comic commissioned by his own office. — Helen

      2. Ahha so? It doesn’t make it impossible (heck it, it could be his style of drawing). Somehow to me, Najib’s nose (in the comic) does resemble the modified Namewee’s nose don’t you think (Relatively horizontal and wide nostrils, and the presence of the nose shaft)? It is all about perception (when you think about it, it will be there even when it isn’t, since you usually think about race, well you get the picture. Everyone including myself suffer from this, as sometimes I am wrong as well. But since you say these pictures look like pig noses, by the same token and appearance, Najib’s nose on the front cover looks like one as well.). Also, biologically speaking, those 3 photos doesn’t look like pig noses. The Namewee and Ng Suee Lim one is more accurate. Pig nostrils are suppose to be horizontal, not vertical, not at a 45degree angle. Give the public a picture of a real pig nose, and let them see these pictures, what do you think they will say? Pig nose anyone?

        1. This is how Najib’s nose – which BenG describes as ‘piggish’ – compares with the Chinese nose. Check it out for yourself. (See main posting above, updated)

          As for whom ‘babi’ is used on, here’s a reader’s comment since you say that the 3 images are too small a sample. It’s a screenshot taken from MyKMU, an Umno new media blog.

          There have been tens of thousands of online comments on the KFC incident, so pls don’t ask me to trawl the Internet & show you dozens more of references to pig name-calling. Do your own survey since you claim that you visit everywhere on the Net (and coming across my name mentioned “everywhere”, “Helen this, Helen that bla bla bla”).

    2. Saudara Helan,

      Saya jemu nama Namewee dan Ng Suee Ling kerap dibangkitkan!

      Saudara sering menyuruh orang lain buat ‘kajian’ apabila timbul sesuatu pekara.

      Sekarang saya minta saudara pula buat kajian mengapa orang Melayu begitu marah kepada Namewee.

      Sekiranya Namewee itu Melayu dan melakukan apa yang dilakukannya kepada orang China, adakah orang Cina akan kata, “Never mind, it’s a small metter!”

      Itu sebabnya banyak komen dalam blog saudara meminta supaya, ‘be fair lah!’

      Warga Setia

  15. Video Kfc ini teringatkan saya kepada video squatting lady yang Theresa Kok sibuk sibuk dulu. Kecoh satu negara, sampai Duta Besar PRC masa tu pun pun terpaksa masuk campur asking people to calm down. Siasat punya siasat rupanya squatting lady tu wanita Melayu bukan Cina, and Theresa Kok and the DAP quietly keep quiet.

    1. Hi Eddy,

      Coincidentally it reminds me of that too. We became a laughing stock internationally…what a big joke…these politicians had made us clowns of the year! Nobody even from the party that initiated these so called “justice” for everybody cared to admit the mistake. Personally i felt that it was the real intention at the very first systematically humiliating our beloved nation in front of the world. Now we are fighting over fried chicken…which everybody knows the whole intention behind this was to stir racial tension. Come on people of 1Malaysia…don’t be so naive to fall into this cheap stunt! Somebody really desperately wants our ship to sink to the extend they resorted to exploit petty issue like this. Why not invite the whole party involved, listen to both sides and get the facts right. No politicians and lawyers please…i’m more inclined to heart to heart closed discussion and let it solved in the spirit of 1Malaysia. Nobody lose and everybody wins minus any political exploitation from this issue.

  16. So Helen, what lessons did you learnt from the KFC incident?

    Guys must also learn how to cook so that they can make their own chicken dishes at home. — Helen

  17. My experience with many Malaysiam chinese online is that when they lose an argument or find themselves cornered in a debate wil start spewing rude hokkien hai and stuff at non chinese …just as the DvD sellers who depend on malay buyers call the malays stupid in hokkien in front of them when the browse through the DVDs…we know what they are saying but mostbof us ignore these taunts because the hokkien dialect in unappealing enugh to be ignored at idiotic bables…so in this case..the danny ng who probably never talked 10 sentences with a malay except ‘satu set snack plate’ or ‘satu teh tarek’ forgot that malays can actually hear and talk

    It is undeniable, the chinese and malay have rude words to describe each other,however, the chinese while triumphing their political leverage since 2008 and at the same lamenting their so called second class citizen status vent their vengeance on the malays who never benefitted from the NEP..the KFC worker for example..he will be described as a lazy Malay..slow worker and such ..if he did not work at KfC..he would be a mat rempit which is also wronh..even if he is a degree holder the chinese will say he got it through malay priviliege that in the mindset of the chinese that theybthink any malay cannot pass through university and will find excuses to degenerate even malays who excelled in overseas singaporean chinese video actualy had a bideo depicying how a singaporean chinese will be in disbeleieve when meeting a seccessful malay businessmen and tease the malay guy…while true the Malays currently look at the chinese with certain disdain it is undeniable that malays aspire to be successful as the chinese..but vice versa..the chinese..who 50 years ago were allowed citizenship wiyhout an iota of acceptance or comprehension of the dominant culture and barely any sense of appreciation of the malay graciousness regard the malays as inferior…of no deserving quality…dont get me wrong,,i think the chinese are betert than the whites that wiped entire cultures in the New World..while the chinese is an exotic addition to the malaysia salad is not interacting with the malay ingredients which is now the main ingredient……

    1. While we are on the subject, I’d like to say I agree with most of what is said by Forrestcat up there. But let’s talk about how to change all those, shall we?

    2. If I were to die and be given the choice to be born again I will still choose to be born a Malay, a Cherokee or a Negro.. Definitely, to be born a Chinese will be my last choice. I will definitely beg God not to make me a Malaysian Chinese.

  18. Ive always wondered why chinese traders will quickly switch to speaking chinese whenever there are chinese buyers while attending to non-chinese buyers….whats behind the switch over?
    This is something you must point out, Helen…instead of harping on this silly fight over a chicken!!! Both parties are BODOH..and the people who use this to inflame racial lines are even BIGGER BODOHS…
    The national language is there to provide a common platform for everyone to communicate effectively and clearly but sadly…compared to the indians, punjabis and the other ethnicity groups, there are many chinese still lacking the ability to speak understandable and acceptable bahasa malaysia.#
    Maybe they think that learning the bahasa malaysia is like bending towards the malay? Just a guess….
    Ive personally love hearing the chinese speaking really good bahasa malaysia…
    You should highlight to the non-bahasa malaysia speaking groups to learn and practise this unifying language as communication breakdown is ALWAYS the cause of inter-racial problems…
    One need not have to have the brains of a rocket scientist to understand this.
    For this silly odd couple fighting over chicken. I suggest KFC organise a chicken eating contest between the 2 of them or even a similar contest for any BODOH political parties or groups that is taking advantage of this issue.


    I tried during the PPSMI stand-off but the Firsters worship English & are most contemptuous of BM. You’re also right that 2 Chinese will not speak to each other in BM. As to why, pls pose this question to DAP again & again & again in all public fora until you guys get a satisfactory answer since they’re the ones beating their chests trumpeting M’sian First.


  19. Dear helen while i wouldnt agree with the way most pro-malays blogger draw namewee cartoons with clear resemblance to pig i happened to perfectly understand why they are really upset with him, lets not forget what he did prior to that and maybe u also need to address the issue if u are really concerned with race relations within our beloved malaysia…

  20. Why do I get the impression that Helen WANTS the word ‘babi’ to have a racist/racial connotation?

    She wants Malaysia to be so ‘politically correct’ such that any criticism against a badly-behaved individual in her community can be spun as a racist attack against her ENTIRE community.

    Of course, in her world, political correctness won’t be applied equally because her people would control much of the media.

    Look at who’s making the press conference??

    This happens often in the US and the Western world.

    Criticism against a hateful Israeli nationalist or racially biased Zionist can easily be spun into ‘anti-Semitism’. After repeated conditioning, Western people are now afraid to criticize any violent and unjust behavior by Jews or Israel.

    What’s next term, anti-Sinoism??

    Helen, you’re ‘playing into the stereotype’.

  21. Some obvious things:

    1) Helen cherry-picked pictures depicting caricatures of chinese people with ‘up-turned, pig like ‘ noses to further her hypothesis that the term ‘babi’ is a racist ‘slur’ .

    2) Helen’s continued use of social media stats to justify that this is a outrageous incident with ‘racial undertones’. The reader can just jump to the conclusion it’s a racist attack. That’s what savvy media specialists like Helen love to do– (mis)lead the reader using their hidden narrative.

    3) Helen’s omission of the fact that the KFC crew didn’t attack other customers who also must have waited a long time to redeem the stupid KFC vouchers.

    4) Helen’s desire to equate the ‘pig nose’ to the crooked jew nose. She doesn’t seem to realise that noses belonging to malays and chinese generally share a common feature — they’re broad . Jews, on the other hand, do in general have noses noticeably different from those of European caucasians (esp of the Aryan or Anglo Saxon variety), who were the most racially biased against them historically.

    5) Omissions of the events leading up to the attack are quite glaring. Where are other eye-witnesses of those events? Why are only edited snippets less than 1 minute shown? Why haven’t the ‘netizens’ tried to call for other testimonies? Why hasn’t Helen done more research into the ‘other side of the story’, rather than just giving a link to novandri’s blog. Where’s the fairness in coverage helen that your readers have come to expect?

    6) The fact is a cowardly guy (one could say kiasu, but it may be regarded by Helen as racist!) waited 1 hr for KFC and couldn’t just leave and write a complaint letter. He was so fucking keen on redeeming a stupid voucher he was willing to shout and provoke the crew who reacted and could have caused him much bodily harm! The chinese community should disavow such idiots– it would bring their average IQ level down!

    7) The video also clearly shows how some staff tried to restrain the most hot-headed of the crew. This should reveal how much pent up emotion there was and how the crew tried to manage things at first, until it got out of hand

    8) The fact is the ‘victim’ wanted her netizen community , which one can safely assume is coming mainly from her chinese community, to see the video BEFORE even making a police report. Remember, the internet is not democratic and you can filter who you want to show something to. The sequence of events indicates it was a CRAFTY decision. She wanted the court of public (ie chinese) opinion to be on her side and her husband’s side. Also why get lawyers and politicians to give advise and responses, without consulting the proper authorities , ie the police. Shows how they distrust the police.

    9) A press conference was held, when there shouldn’t have been a need to hold one. Who are these people deserving a press conference? Also, so many opposition news covered this.The foreign media that have been historically critical of Malaysia and its government’s policies have also jumped on the bandwagon, as it fits their editorial narrative.

    10) The fact is this incident occurred in a KFC, a franchise partly owned by Malay Chamber of Commerce and which has been a political hot button issue. Now there is a call for a boycott, which could cause much financial distress to the company and allow other foreign players to gobble it up. Perhaps the MCCM might finally lose its bargaining position and tabung haji might sell and layoff many malay workers causing them to become unemployed and regroup as violent mat rempit gangs. As a replacement for the workforce, there could be foreign bangladeshis or nepalese to occupy these positions. Am I saying that this incident is engineered? THis needs to be investigated.

    1. Overseasbumi, let’s see what you have to offer. Do you have blog? please share with us. Helen is doing of her own effort to enhance Malaysians, let’s see heroes like you, what can you do other than spill something everybody knows. We need action not cerita, cerita like what we are used to. So please, tell us the social effect is such a concern for you and you are doing something about it other than finding an escapism in helen’s blog naturally your choice. Kitakan Malaysian with pseudo agenda.

      1. No i don’t have a blog. I have explained previously that I don’t want the attention.

        I don’t plan to offer anything. In fact, I plan to stop reading Helen’s blog from now on. It’s getting tiresome.

        Helen can’t help but put a spin on things. There is no 3rd party editorial control.

        She reminds me of Johann Hari from the Independent, UK newspaper. I read his piece about the terrible conditions of indian migrant workers in Dubai and I was hooked. Having worked in the UAE, I saw the other side of the country’s successes.

        However, I read Johann’s article several times and with a critical eye. I noticed the words he used, the adjectives and the verbs. Then I realised I was played.

        I followed his career and so did others. It was then uncovered that he was a fraud. Imagine, a cambridge grad stooping so low.. See:-

        Bloggers are, in my opinion, egomaniacs. They want followers to acknowledge and believe in their beliefs. Discussion is sometimes allowed, but in the end they exercise full editorial control.

        I don’t want to be a blogger and continuously write articles of racism that darker skinned people encounter at the hands of chinese or white people as a contrast to Helen’s experiences. Plus if I wrote of my experiences of racism it might make me look like a poofty racist.

        I could write about politics like Helen but I hate politics in its many forms. I see the science and logic behind most forms of political (and incidentally religious) activities. To me, it’s like a complex interaction between sociology, psychology, economics, biology and many other scientific disciplines. That’s interesting but most people I know get bored of those details.

        I actually come from the technical field. it would be nice to do a technical blog, but some of the stuff i deal with is P&C.

        So, I go on Helen’s blog or others like hers (nutgraph has a theme similar to hers) just to present the alternative view. That’s all.

        Some people just won’t change their minds unless they let other views in and actually live in other people’s shoes, which is practically impossible. Not everyone’s empathetic.

      2. OverseasBumi,

        Ever thought that you are what you write, too? I’ll let that question hanging ambiguously.

        But I do hope you’d continue expressing your views here. By and large, I think this blog is quite civil.

        We are all the same, old chap. The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves that we are underlings. (Hah, it’s been a long time since I last quoted Shakespeare. And I know nothing about technical stuff).

  22. The fundamental issue is continuing POLARISATION of the Malaysian society, due to the continuing existence of SEKOLAH JENIS KEBANGSAAN (Cina).

    When the young are segregated (as decided by their parents) in the manner above from schooldays, ie the formative years of social development, they will grow up with a skewed view of other races.

    Tolerance and mutual respect will fail, in a few of such individuals.

    The Danny Ng incidence is one fine example.


    1. A bloody good diagnosis, Doctor (bloody as commonly used in UK). This is the contention of the Kempen SSS people – I trust you have been to the blog.

      They talk about the creation of a united and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia, instead of the Bangsa Rojak that we are now.

    2. “When the young are segregated (as decided by their parents) in the manner above from schooldays, ie the formative years of social development, they will grow up with a skewed view of other races.”

      i believe you are probably segragated with race like caucasian, indonesian, japanese and arab during your formative years, are you growing up with a skewed viewed of this race?

      1. at first this was not a race issue, however after an allegation of racist remark at the scene it has become one..the way DAP handled this issue also has apparently upset malay community..i agree with DR nashinah that the existence SJK has contributed to the imbalance in race relations within our country right now…one thing you didn’t understand hua yong is the fact that most of indonesian and japanese are not citizens of malaysia, so we tend to be less care about them because they are not really ‘part of this counry’ anyway, however malay, chinese and indian are the citizens of this country, can u imagine psychologically what will happen to u if suddenly in primary school u have to get use to the environment of mixing up with malay/indian whereas during in SJK u have develop a strong bound, sentiments and social relations with ur own people ..of course you will develop a negative perception about other races because you are not use to be around with them, and at the end of the day you will end up socialise only with ur own kind (just like when u are in SJK)….even though some of us have a lot of good friends as well from other races but except for those of our friends, we will always have a negative mind set about other races in general…not that i said you guys were bad because it’s not our faults we look wrong at other races but rather its our educations sytems faults (SJK is one of its kind)…dont try to get fancy and denying this fact hua yong..

      2. efree,

        1) Reread my question and let me know where you stand, hopefully i don’t have to call you a racist.

        2) By helping to conduct a press conference to clarify that the incident has nothing to do with race, how DAP upset the Malay in this particular case?

        3) If you believe that ‘at first this was not a race issue’, how come most of the comments here took the position that it is a race issue? What racist remark at the scene are you referring to? Read the comments again and pray tell how SRJK is the causal of this case, and how “The Danny Ng incidence is one fine example.”?

        4) SRJK is simply a ‘no choice’ choice, the parents want quality education, and hope to enroll their kids into a school not infuse with monoethnic curriculum and monoculture activities, or even to the extent of institutional racism, could NS provide such an environment or rather dispense curriculum that centered on one culture that discourage the diversity of human experience? And why there is no policies that cultivate everyone to be bicultural, bilingual and bicognitive? Why our longing to express our indigenous culture and language were always perceived as threat to unity and patriotic? Before accusing anyone and flourish growth of Chinese school, ask what have our government done to promote a sense of affiliation and connection to the national school among the minority? Please give yourself some serious thought to our difference, or how to treasure our difference and not always want to dominate. Besides reminding us our constitution and turning back the clock, there is much more me and you can do.

        Meanwhile, let the two or more streams to compete, with the available resources, NS definitely have better chance than anyone to become the beat choice if we all learn to appreciate our difference, at the same time, educate your children about race and the sin of racism, don’t ever learn from that DR that have skewed view of other races simply because she might have grow up segregated from hmmm…other race.

      3. Hua yong, from ur statement i believe you are the one who should be call as rascist..Perhaps you do not fully understand the origin of the issue, at first this was merely a quarrel between a kfc workers and their patrons, however thing started to loosen up when DAP decided to conduct a press conference that is clearly took side with danny referring to the allegations that danny ng said ‘cibai punya melayu’ during the incident la not saying he truly said it because i wasnt there at the location but when there is an allegation of rascism sensitivity DAP should be smart enough not to hold the PC only with danny ng but rather to act as peacemaker or a middle man to settle the dispute by also inviting the kfc workers to give them an equal chance to defend themselves against danny ng’s version of the event…the fact that DAP has failed to do so is a proof that they are not a party for ‘everyone’ like they always claimed..of course only after the PC held by DAP then a lot of malays become aware of the issue and the PC itself has clearly upset them in what they see as an unfair treatment to the kfc add this dissatisfaction with their anger when they heard the danny ng’s remark allegation and boomm!!! you got a ’13 may’ version not saying SJK is the direct causal of this particular incidence but the truth is one of the main reason behind the unstability in race relations within our country is because of their can we create a policy to encourage a bicultural or bicognitive person when most of us werent encourage to mixing up with the other races at an early stage?? what kind of promotion do you want from govt on NS anyway?? I admit NS system is not perfect bu then nothing in this world is without its own can always help to improve the system because like it or not NS will always be the best way to promote a racial harmony among us..of course you can always hold on to your own languages and cultural identity, however it is not healthy when you ‘overdoing’ it and the fact that most of you guys couldn’t even speak bahasa malaysia properly will always cause a suspicion among us the malay community..after all bahasa malaysia(or bahasa melayu as your people call it) is the national language of this country, and how can u demand to be treated fairly as malaysian citizen when you cant even speak its national language properly?? You said that current NS system encourage monoethnic curriculum then what in earth makes you believe SJK are not encouraging it as well?? Why must be a SJK for you to learn more about your identity?? I believe with strong co-operation from your NGO, you guys can always pressure the govt to include your race identity/language subject within NS educational system so that not only you guys but also other students from different races can learn about your culture..isn’t that going to be wonderful?? when i say im against SJK that does not mean im racist but i simply think for the best benefit of our beloved malaysia, in fact i believe those who support thr SJK are the one who’s racist because they encourage race separation, after all NS is not just for us malays but for everyone…if u truly believe that NS system are not being fair to your own kind then help to improve it and not to turn your back on it instead..

      4. efree, perhaps you should consider using paragraph?

        DAP help out a guy that was being attacked by staffs from a big corporation with an international chain brand, the case is not solely a conflict between few individuals. DAP did appeal to the public not to assume too much and not to make this into a racial issue. Therefore if you want to get upset and continue with your hearsay allegation, be my guess, just like I can’t force you not to get suspicious and paranoia simply because I ‘overdoing’ (please define ‘overdoing’). Btw, DAP never claim that they are for everyone, at least not for aggressor and crook.

        On VS, I don’t see you provide any proof to assert that SRJK is one of the main reasons behind the instability of race relations. I also don’t know what sort of stability you look forward, and hope you could enlighten me with data to validate that those attending NS would not fall under your category that could cause instability. I did mention SRJK is a ‘no choice’ choice, don’t you think ‘vernacular’ imply inclining toward monoethnic so what is your point to tell the obvious? For your information, 50% Chinese attended NS in the sixties and seventies, this clearly shown that Chinese didn’t reject the NS of that era, thus the question is what has our government done to ensure the number stay and continue to increase? You can’t sell a product simply by branding it as ‘National’ then full stop, this don’t work in the long term like what happen to our national car, I believe government can do more as what I suggested in my previous comment. If you do visit the SSS site, some of the idea presented is pretty convincing as well, how we could achieve that, I don’t know, my basic stance is there must be choices.

        Do you notice that we don’t have to speak a single BM word but can still order meal in KFC? Ironically I am now posting my comment in a blog that articles were written mainly in BM by a Chinese, and most of us would communicate in BM whenever we are in Kelantan and Terengganu, but not many speak BM in the academic, business and commercial world, reality suck isn’t it?

        That said, I fully agrees with your suggestion that we can do more to improve NS and BM, the first step is to elect a new government that know what education and multicultural is about, naturally this would lead us to a relatively open society that treasure inclusiveness. Hope you share the same aspire and vision.

      5. Like i mentioned in the previous comment, when DAP held the PC they knew very well that this is no longer a matter of quarrel and figthing btween a big corporations staffs and its patrons..They are already aware about the allegation of rascist remarked by Danny Ng to the kfc workers..This required a thorough investigation and and it cannot solely depending on one side of story only.. under this situation the best they can do is just made the police report and hold the PC at least until the police are through with their investigation..The way they blamed the kfc workers before all the facts are in and at the same time urged people not to take it as race issue whereas there’s race sensitivity remark allegation is foolish…I admit as service oriented franchise the kfc workers are guilty for attacking their customers, but from other point of view Danny Ng is also party guilty if he indeed uttered those alleged remarks..Danny Ng’s response to the attack also are highly questionable since he choose to go to the DAP first instead of police, logically i believe anyone in his shoe would rush to the police station exactly the night the incident occured.The reason why he decide to went to the political entity first instead of police will never be known..

        Proof?? I dont think i really need to present you any proof to support my argument regarding the relations btween SJK and the instabiity of race relations within our beloved country…Its the reality my friend, ask anyone from the around the world whether is it a good move to send your children to vernacular school as an alternatives to the so called ‘monoethnic activities’ within mainstream schools..By the way, you cannot compare current situation to those of sixties and seventies, everyone knew during that period there is not much numbers of SJK exist except at urban settlement, and speaking of proof, can you prove to me whether parents at that times sent their children to the NS because of their confident in NS or simply because SJK are still not available to most of them at that times?? Only with courtesy of our govt (especially the efforts of MCA and chinese NGO) then more SJK is built.. You keep on saying that NS academic systems is highly flawed, but did i denied it?? No right but stil i believe all those can be repair if we work together towards it..There is no reason for second alternatives in this matter since that second choice is unable to solve the our national problem at the moment (which is the gap btween race relations) because SJK too are encouraging monoethnics in its system..So what’s the point of sending your children to a new place that is not much difference from the old one?? It will only worsen the matter anyhow..

        I apologise anyway if you cant fully understand my grammar because im kinda new in this field, any guidance is appreciated ;)

      6. efree, thanks for the reply. a short one.

        If you want to see the incident with racial lens, then it is a racial issue. I personally think DAP is doing the right thing in this case, the CP is to clarify the unproven allegation when the video is on You Tube.

        And yes you must substantiate what you allege with proof unless it is merely you opinion.

        The number of Chinese school is getting lesser but the number of student increase. This is fact. I don’t have the link with me right now, i recall Helen did post this in one of her comment.

        We learn from each other. :)

      7. Well me personaly I’m not fully objected to the PC held by DAP, its just that ‘the way’ they organised the event that bugs me ‘a bit’…

        Yes it is maybe just an opinion of mine however this opinion is shared by most of the people and leaders outside of malaysia, this can be proven by a simple fact that malaysia is one of the few countries (if not a single one) who allowed the existence of vernacular schools within its academic system…

        I’ve heard the fact that lately some of SJK has been closed by govt but from my understanding, those schools has been shut down because of its small number of students..

        thanks for exchanging information with me ;)

  23. I believe Danny is not telling the truth. He should be responsible for all the havoc. Racism is very ( 1000000X) dangerous in MultiCultural Country Like Malaysia.

    I personaly experience May 13 . You the new Generation or so call Gen Y …have no idea about it . Trust me . If we still play with Racism ..Our beloved country will distroy in a spit second .

    Beware to the Desperado Politician . They are equal danger with Leak Radiation.


    1. Good of you to say so, Ah Soon. I read the booklet “The 13 May Tragedy, A Report, by the National Operations Council) and what MP Zulkifli Nordin put out in Parliament not long ago, and feel that it must always be avoided.

      There’s no certainty what will be the result if Emergency Rule is proclaimed again or if the country is ruled with Military and Police support, Parliament suspended. The Military grabbed power in Fiji and I can’t remember how long they stayed. The Egyptians went to the streets, now over a year, yet they don’t know what they are having, can’t seem to get what they wanted a year ago. Yes, there’s a new order but the country is topsy turvy and no order, really. It’s the masses who suffer.

      Frankly, I’m concerned that DAP has not learnt the lessons – they were mainly the ones who caused the 13 May race riots. Now DAP Teresa Kok appears to be putting fire to what was a restaurant brawl and reportedly holding Danny’s arms taking him here and there, including to the highly loud and vociferous pro-DAP Malaysiakini. The same Teresa Kok who some time back tried to champion opposition to the azan or morning call to prayers, despite the fact that the Constitution says the religion of this country is Islam and the azan has been sounded in this country for hundreds of years.

      Those interested in the NOC Report stated above may simply google it.

      Hullo, DAP were NOT(!) “mainly the ones who caused the 13 May race riots”. It was a massacre of the minority — the victims, the dead were Chinese. I’m with Dr Kua’s general theory. — Helen

      1. Kua’s “general theory” is not freely available for public knowledge (like the NOC Report is fully available online) and is not based on records and documents that were kept by our own Malaysian Police. They were the reports made by Policemen, Sergeants, Inspectors etc. of what they saw and heard of the events leading to the 13 May outbreak of the race riots.

        One even wonders if it’s a valid “theory”. Until and unless it is accepted by the majority of the people, such claims by Kua (the basis of which is not clear) remain only as “claims” and, at best, can only be regarded as “hypothesis” i.e not even a theory, let alone being a “fact”.

        Of course, there have been the usual Opposition (particularly DAP’s) wild accusations that the Police reports were not reliable. Those anarchists, communists and subversives, too, who want to erode the public’s confidence in the Police and in established authority. But when a fellow like DAP Kua comes out with the inconceivable and preposterous so-called theory that Tun A Razak caused the riots, what else can one expect of such people.

        It’s not true that “the victims, the dead were Chinese,” as there were also Malays. In fact the first one stated in the Report was of a Malay being murdered. No doubt many of the victims were Chinese but that’s natural considering the majority of the population were Malays and, although the incident happened in the urban area of Kuala Lumpur, it started in the totally Malay settlement of Kampong Bahru, KL.

        One also wonders how many were the result of being shot for breaking the curfew, especially when the embers were still burning and the authorities had to show they meant business in ensuring the curfew was fully respected by everybody. But I don’t propose to dwell on these, believing that we need to talk about discouraging the rakyat from worsening any sensitive situation that may occur from time to time.

  24. so, do you agree with me, that is ok for a cinapek to call Melayu “melayu cibai” while for a Melayu to call cinapek “cina babi” is indeed very wrong?

    Of course I object to ‘Cina babi’. As for the other alleged slur, is the accusation really true or just a diversionary tactic? But the bottomline remains: KFC worker cannot punch customer lah, much less one gang like that rushing out to ‘gertak’ patrons. — Helen

    1. and another buttomline is a guy like danny ng also should mind his words and behaviour next time, its also indeed strange why he’s the only customer who’s shouting at the kfc workers whereas the other customers can still laughing in the video…

  25. After listening to the video above at 0.07 i think danny said ‘I Si?’
    which my rusty hokkian translate to malay as “mau mati ka?”

    Helen please comment.?

    I can’t make out 0:07 clearly. Although your Hokkien translation for the phrase is correct, Danny’s intonation (as you know Chinese is a tonal language) doesn’t sound like “mau mati ka?” Perhaps someone else can lend an ear? — Helen

    1. Helen he spoke in Hokkien .It a very crude dialect when ,compared to mandarin . I am surprise that on my very lap laptop the words are very clear its between 0.06-0.07.

      Playing “only the Audio”recordings it for my Hokkien speaking friends, has confirm the words and its meaning

      Maybe if they know the source of the audio that they were hearing ,they may also have the same problem understanding the words and it’s” Tonal” meanings. just like you seem to have ????????????

      How tonal cane the message get when the guy yelling to the KFC staff,

      Again i must emphasis that that i do not agree or condone to the actions of the KFC staff.

      But as the old saying goes’ It take two hand to clap”

      And in this case both parties have take a portion of the blame,,and please remove your “racist phobia lenses” that you tend to wear in your such articles .Its unbecoming of your profession as a writer , if your are trying seen thing clearly or sort the TRUTH of the matter..

      I already said earlier that other readers should lend an ear & listen to the video to compare notes. In the second place, the bottomline still remains an act of criminal assault was committed. — Helen

      1. Intersting dicovery. And having listened to the recording i agree with that ” lazy dragon”. Hence the event is not an unprovoked as protrayed in the PC , both to share some element of responsibility.
        The KFc staff are guilty of assault and Danny in my view is guilty of threathning the KFC Staff with death, both guilty
        I also wish to see how helen , claim hokkien is so tonal that the message of threat by Danny can be misleading?

  26. aku pun selalu guna perkataan babi walaupun pada melayu ke cina ke,india ke .itu ketika aku marah lah..kdg2 org potong kereta aku ,aku akan kata ‘babi punya’..biasalah tu..apa yg kecoh sgt..

    sudah sudah lah wahai org2 cina .kau tinggal kat sini pun kerana ehsan org melayu,,apa yg kau tk puas hati lagi…kat malaysia ni kau bebas buat apa saja..pergi lah keindonesia ke filipin ke ,thailand ke..tahulah nasib kau org semua..memang cibai cina nih.

    kalau ssuatu hari nanti berlaku pergaduhan kaum mcm mei 13…aku salah kan puncanya cina bukan melayu kerana sekarang hari hari cina dok kutuk dan memainkan sentimen perkauman..

    wahai org cina,,kamu diperdayakan oleh lim kit seang..inilah yg akan menyebabkan kaum cina melayu bergaduh..ini org tk bersyukur dgn tuhan ..walaupun hidup kaya raya tapi masih lagi membenci melayu..sedangkna kekayaan dia dr melayu..kuasa dia juga dr melayu..sedar lah.

  27. hey helen ,i think you are rasist..u not tell the truth…u are not good citizenship.

  28. Tak kisah cina atau melayu . Hanya manusia berfikiran rendah sahaja yang akan bersifat racist .

  29. …one gang like that rushing out to ‘gertak’ patrons…???, Pak Ard dah tua, mungkin agak kabur pengelihatan, akan Pak Ard cuba lihat sekali lagi klip tersebut, kali ini dengan lebih teliti…..
    …sudah tentu ini bukan isu perkauman, ianya isu sekumpulan pemuda yang rendah moral dan syarikat yang lemah pengurusannya, lalu seorang warga yang berhemah dan berbudi bahasa teranaiya…
    …ahli masyarakat yang berasa adil sopan dan tertib terpanggil untuk hebahkan perkara ini demi membina masyarakat yang lebih baik adil dan saksama, tiada busuk hati dan hasad dengki, sentiasa berniat baik dan bertoleransi..bertolak ansur dan saling memahami…
    …saudari Helen, masa mendewasakan, dan masa juga menyerlahkan warna sekuntum bunga dari sebutir benih yang disemai sebelumnya…
    …ramai yang terlupa, seteru yang serupa tidak membawa erti perjuangan yang sama….
    …sewaktu menghadirkan diri di laman ini, Pak Ard juga memerhati corak hias yang dinukil…ia terjemahan rasa dari daya fikir pemiliknya…
    Saudari Helen begitu menentang golongan Cina Kristian “evengelis” dalam DAP,.. mungkin kerana ia mengugat kepercayaan tradisi Cina kaumnya…dia berhak begitu..
    Begitu juga apabila diungkap oleh sesetengah pihak bahawa “DAP is a genuine multi racial party”..untuk seorang Melayu dilihat tulus menyertai DAP…lalu diungkap bahawa DAPlah yang membela seorang gadis Melayu apabila ada tuduhan bahawa satu kesalahan seksual telah dilakukan kepadanya oleh seorang pemimpin Melayu UMNO…sungguh murni perjuangan itu…tetapi jika yang yang dituduh bukan Melayu UMNO, adakah tindakan serupa diambil?…jelas,sebenarnya, yang disasarkan adalah Melayu UMNO tersebut…tak peduli siapa yang menuduh, lebih baik lagi jika penuduh juga Melayu…
    merendah-rendahkan orang Melayu secara kiasan telah lama berlaku, ianya sekam yang membakar…nanti apabila api semarak menjulang, salahkanlah angin yang bertiup kencang…
    dalam kecenderungan terhadap perhubungan kaum antara Melayu-Cina…dimana saudari Helen berdiri? isu KFC ini mungkin boleh dijadikan ukuran kasar…atau petikan komen beliau….Hullo, DAP were NOT(!) “mainly the ones who caused the 13 May race riots”. It was a massacre of the minority — the victims, the dead were Chinese. I’m with Dr Kua’s general theory. — Helen….dan sekali lagi dia berhak untuk mempercayai sebegitu… saudara yang lain mempercayai yang sebagaimana?…

  30. this whole KFC incident is just a case of horrible customer service and nothing else. i’m sure perkasa will use and very sure that mca will just keep mum.

    as for the pig nose thing…it’s just passive racism along the lines of using symbolic representation…a sort of brainwashing to remind the malays that the chinese community are “non-halal” and a threat to umno style ideologies.

    seems like malaysia has a long way to go in terms of human rights and putting an end on racism..

  31. Chinese Malaysian are no angels themselves…see the way they selfishly parked their car while waiting to pick up their children in chinese primary school…a bloody disgrace to the chinese community….

  32. I saw a short snippet of the video. I saw the colleagues of the raging KFC staff trying to stop him (they failed). They behaved well and appropriately. Has anyone given them any credit? Why is the entire discussion about 2 fools? one with an overblown sense of entitlement and one with anger management issues.

    Agree that the one who notably tried to intervene deserves to be commended. — Helen

  33. Orang Cina di Malaysia kan lebih disukai atau ditolerate jika mereka dapat membuang perangai buruk yang saya senaraikan di sini:
    1. Suka mengubah bercakap kepada bahasanCina apabila mereka, yang sedang berbual dalam bahasa Inggeris, tiba-tiba didatangi orang Melayu atau India.
    2. Menjual barang dengan lebih mahal kepada orang Melayu dan India dan membeli dengan lebih murah daripada dua bangsa itu bila berurusan dalam perniagaan.
    3. Kedekut kerana jarang membelanja atau menderma kepada orang miskin. Kalau pergi pub atau kelab malam, jarang bagi tip kepada pelayan.
    4. Berlagak sombong apabila kedai dan perniagaan mereka sudah maju dan rasa sudah tidak perlukan lagi pelanggan Melayu atau India.
    5. Tamak dan berebut-rebut apabila makan free. Misalnya di jamuan seperti buffet. Ambil makanan terlalu banyak sampai tidak dapat dihabiskan. Kalau orang lain ambil limau mandarin sebiji, orang Cina akan ambil dua atau tiga seorang, tanpa memikirkan orang belakang.
    6. Suka bercakap kuat-kuat atau berbuat bising, lebih teruk dari orang India, apabila berada dalam kumpulan dan walau ada bangsa lain berhampiran.
    7. Membelakangi bahasa kebangsaan, yakni bahasa Melayu, apabila mengadakan sidang akhbar, perjumpaan atau apa jua majlis. Selalunya bahasa Cina diutamakan atau bahasa Inggeris. Atau cuma satu saja.
    8. Memberi layanan tidak adil kepada pekerja Melayu atau India apabila mereka menjadi boss atau penyelia disyarikat yang bukan mereka miliki. Kalau itu ssyarikat Cina, lagi teruklah layan diterima oleh pekerja bangsa lain. Ini termasuk dalam urusan kenaikan pangkat dan gaji.
    9. Terlalu mendesak dan demand apabila bekerja di jabatan kerajaan atau awam. Kalau ada dua pekerja Cina dalam satu jabatan misalnya, mereka ini sentiasa mendesak dinaikkan pangkat padahal orang lain lebih layak.
    10. Menjalankan perniagaan yang merosakkan akhlak orang Melayu dan Islam misalnya suka mengambil pekerja Melayu sebagai pelayan, GRO dan sebagianya padahal tauke Cina yang lebih banyak buat untung.
    11. Melayan orang gaji dengan kejam atau bengis kerana orang gaji ini biasanya dari Indonesia, yang rata-rata dari rumpun bangsa Melayu. Menjadikan orang gaji Indonesia ini sebagai hambak seks, memaki, menghina dan mengeksploit mereka dengan secukup-cukupnya. Tidak hairanlah ada orang gaji Indonesia sanggup membunuh atau memukul majikan mereka yang berbangsa Cina.
    12. Meminta dengan berlebihan terutama dalam isu sekolah Cina, biasiswa persekutuan dan tempat belajar di universiti. Cina cuma 30 peratus rakyat Malaysia tetapi dapat hampir 50 peraqtus tempat di universiti awam. Tidak adil lagi ker tu?
    13. Sikap pengotor. Suka membuang hingus, meludah dan kencing di mana saja yang sempat. Golongan ibu pula senang-senang membiarkan anak kecil mereka kencing atau berak di khalayak ramai padahal mereka boleh pergi ke tandas, ketika mengunjungi hospital awam, misalnya.
    14. Menunjuk sikap sombong apabila mendudki kawasan mewah dan menganggap orang Melayu, India atau bangsa lain sebagai bakal perompak.
    15. Mengamalkan budaya kongsi gelap dan memeras ugut peniaga, mengutip wang peras setiap bulan dan menjalankan segala kegiatan jenayah, mengeluarkan myKad palsu, kad kredit palsu dan semua kegiatan menyalahi undang-undang yang membuatkan rakyat negara lain memandang serong setiap kali ditunjukkan pasport Malaysia.
    16. Terlalu cepat menuduh orang lain yang salah dan bertindak agresif apabila terbabit dalam kemalangan. Gemar menipu dalam keadaan pemandu atau penumpang lain dalam trauma ekoran kemalangan.
    17. Membuat bising tanpa menghiraukan ketenteraman orang lain, terutama ketika membakar mercun dan bunga api sewaktu Raya Cina. Kekadangan tarian singa Cina juga amat memedikan telinga.
    18. Kebanyakan orang Cina tidak menyuci tangan dan mengguna sabut apabila pergi ke tandas untuk kencing. Perangai kotor begini amat menjijikkan dan saya selalu tidak berjabat tangan dengan rakan Cina kallau tahu mereka baru ke tandas.
    18. Gemar memberi dan menawarkan rasuah apabila melakukan kesalahan atau mahu memajukan perniagaan. Lepas bagi rasuah, melolong pula yang negara ini banyak rasuah.
    19. Menuduh bangsa lain racist padahal orang Cinalah bangsa yang paling racist di dunia ini.
    20. Banyak lagi…tak larat nak tulis….

    tahu mereka

    1. Setuju dengan komen Hussin, tapi saya ragu mereka (org2 cina) akan ambil pot dan faham selagi mereka tidak faham semangat sebenar Malaysia.

      Kita boleh hormat, faham, toleransi semuanya dengan mereka, beri kebebasan dan kadangkala cinta tapi adakah mereka faham? Sebabnya budaya kita amat berlawanan dengan mereka, jadi walaupun En Hussin senaraikan sampai 1001 sekalipun, mereka tidak peduli sebab itu culture mereka.

      Contohnya bagi mereka tidak perlu bersalam dgn org tua tp bg kita itu amat kurang ajar dan pada zaman dulu ada pepatah “Semakin kita lihat, keris dipinggang semakin gelisah” tetapi mereka tetap tidak faham.

      Kerana apa? Kita, melayu dan cina dipisahkan dalam 2 dunia yg berbeza, bahasa, sejarah dan ekonomi gagal menyatukan kita. Jadi sebagai jalan paling realistik kita (Melayu) boleh guna kuasa beli kita. Inilah sebenarnya yg paling berkesan utk merubah dan menyatukan kita pada akhirnya. 66% org melayu Malaysia mempunyai kuasa ekonomi yg cukup besar. Dari dulu lagi KITA MELAYU adalah pelanggan no. 1 tapi kita sendiri gagal melihat dan bersatu. Begitu juga di sektor pekerjaan 66% org Melayu malaysia inilah mengeluarkan produktiviti utk syarikat2 mereka jadi bantu keluarkan mereka dan cari kerja dengan org bumiputera. Percayalah, 66% berlawan dengan 27% nescaya yg lebih ramai akan menang sekira bersatu padu. Runtuhkan kuasa ekonomi mereka, amanlah Malaysia

  34. Saudari Helen, izinkan…buat saudara Husin, saya Melayu, saya terpaksa, kerana nama Husin itu memungkinkan saudara juga Melayu. Saya tidak setuju dengan banyak perkara dalam tulisan saudara namun itu tidak penting. Cuma saya tidak mahu pandangan suadara di”generalisasi”kan sebagai pandangan Melayu. Lalu saya terpanggil untuk memberi sedikit ulasan tetapi tidak kepada setiap satu daripadanya kerana ada setengah daripadanya memerlukan data dan penelitian yang lebih terperinci yang tiada pada saya.
    Untuk 1, …ada kejadian rakan-rakan Cina saya yang berbual dalam bahasa cina bertukar ke bahasa Melayu atau Inggeris apabila saya menghampiri mereka….ada kalanya kita juga cuba mengalih cerita, berbisik atau berdiam terus apabila perkara yang sedang diceritakan tak mahu kita kongsi dengan orang yang baru hadir…lalu kita diingatkan jangan berbisik berdua jika kita bertiga…
    Untuk 2,…orang melayu perlu bijak berbelanja dan mengunakan kuasa membeli, jangan perkauman melulu, kalau penjual tidak kita senangi perlukan\h kita berurusan dengan mereka? dan kalau peniaga melayu sendiri gagal memberi yang terbaik, terus berurusan dengan mereka tidak akan mengajar mereka…jika apa yang dijual tidak terdapat ditempat lain, ianya monopoli dan aduan boleh dibuat kepada pihak berkuasa…orang Cina juga ramai yang beli nasi lemak dari makcik Melayu…sebab sedap…orang Cina suka makan dan suka yang sedap…tak gitu Helen?
    Untuk 3…Melalui rakan-rakan Cina saya juga…didapati mereka lagi banyak berderma, lihat kutipan untuk membina sekolah, tokong dan sebagainya, bandingkan dengan kita, atau saudara mengharap mereka berderma untuk sekolah agama dan masjid kita? Pub dan kelab malam bukan tempat bersedekah atau berderma, saya tak beri derma disitu, saudara bagaimana?
    Untuk 4…mungkin terjawab oleh 2…
    Untuk 5…perkara ini berlaku kerana perbezaan sosial, apabila kita lebih kerap bersama, penyesuaian akan berlaku…ada juga orang lain yang bersikap begitu..perbezaan sosial dalam sesuatu kumpulan itu mengujudkan sub-budaya berbeza,…orang Melayu tidak terkecuali…
    Untuk 6…”lebih teruk dari orang India” tak manis didengar…dan seterusnya 5 mungkin menjawab…
    Terlalu panjang untuk mengulas setiap satu…tetapi pertimbangkanlah…Pak ard cuma orang kampong…yang paling racist mengikut tafsiran racist kamus Pak Ard sendiri…

    1. 6. Suka bercakap kuat-kuat atau berbuat bising, lebih teruk dari orang India, apabila berada dalam kumpulan dan walau ada bangsa lain berhampiran.

      Pak Ard, kita boleh toleransi dengan dia kenapa dia x boleh buat serupa, takkan dah lebih 50 tahun merdeka x faham2 lagi. Saya setuju dengan komen hussin sebab memang melayu dengan India senasib dan rimas dgn “masalah” ini. Saya bg contoh semasa ramadhan yg lalu sy berbuka puasa di KFC (hujung bulan ramadhan). Ada seorg wanita cina bercakap TERLALU KUAT SEOLAH2 bercakap dengan kami. Bukan sekejap kami terpaksa mendengar suaranya yg besar dan garau tapi sepanjang hidangan. Sungguh memekakkan dan sungguh kurang ajar sekali untie itu, sampai satu restoran diam je kena dengar untie nak bercerita. Sudah umur 50 pun x tau nak hormat semua org sedang buka puasa, so rude

  35. 2 things Malaysian Chinese should know.

    1. Why malay said “BABI” towards somebady?
    Its is when the person is very angry, they choose the word because it its the most taboo word. For us, the pig is dirty as is eats and stays with its shit. So when a person fail to control its anger and say “BABI U!” that means they ready to wage war towards u.

    2. KFC and malays wont suffer if you all boikot KFC otherwise it is you the true rascist to malay. Malaysian chinese should understand our culture and LIVE WITH IT. We do not speak loud, if u want to speak loud that shows u r rude.

  36. For us the malays, we cannot condenmed others face because its is forbid in Islam and we have sort of believe if we do that regularly, we might get children similar with what we spoke because FOR US, THE MUSLIM what we we say is like a PRAYER.

    So the word “BABI” is to condemned the behaviour of some people. The nature of the pig is i must grab everything to its own stomach, LOUD VOICE and many more bad behaviour.

  37. Che Mad, kita ada pengalaman masing-masing dan kita berkongsi. Bukan hanya kita berdua, harap semua dapat belajar, terima kasih kepada Helen yang menyediakan ruang.
    Saya percaya kalau kita fokus kepada permasalahan, kita akan jumpa jalan penyelesaian…seperti ugutan boikot memboikot…jika itu diminta, itulah juga yang diberi…
    Kepada mereka yang dipertanggungjawabkan dalam segala hal penguatkuasaan, hindarilah rasuah dan salahguna kuasa degan alasan malu dan segan sebab termakan budi yang ditaburkan…atas harga itulah kita dihina….

  38. I have stopped going to KFC. This kind of professionalism makes you wonder what their employees are doing behind the scene. Maybe they are spitting in the food. The only way for KFC to solve this is to sack the bad employees and show they are serious about improving QSC standards.

    The other thing is: why was a service issue quickly turned into a racism issue by Malaysians? This shows the hostile psychological environment that has developed in Malaysia now, due to umno’s divide-and-rule tactics and for allowing racist organisations like perkasa to say and do whatever they want.

    Malaysians should remain calm and at the next election vote out these useless politicians who continue to instigate racial tension, just so they can secure their own political power. Sad to say, it will take many years to heal the psychological damage caused by umno and their cronies.

    While umno remains in power, expect more incidents like this one to happen–because these kinds of incidents are exactly what the umno warlords want–they want another May 13 and it’s funny yet sad that they might finally get their wish due to kentucky fried chicken.

    1. So, everything is UMNO and PERkasa’s fault, but DAP is super clean?? LOL!!!! Perkasa came about because of DAP la…and DAP is also to blame (for me, more to blame) for the current level of racial tension in our country. In the case of this KFC incident, siapa yang organise the press conference? DAP!! And MEI 69? DAP….my parents were both police officers and they had to bertugas before, during and after May 69…and until today, they said the incident still sends shivers down their spine. They are malays but even they were scared when they saw the selendang merah group. So, i advice you all to go and find out what DAP supporters did not only in Kampung Baru, but also in front of the then Menteri Besar Selangor’s house…there are SO many things that were not made public about May 69 (as it should be).

      And another thing…i am not a racist (at least i try not to be) but there are just some attitudes of some chinese that really bug me. An example, my husband became disgusted with Chinese people when he first came here. We were breaking our fast in KLCC food court and it was packed with chinese people who were not eating but booking tables for them to eat at a later time. We were breaking our fast at 7 pm then, but the chinese were already there booking tables at 6.30pm for their dinner which will only start at 7.30 pm. My husband saw how the muslims were eating standing up, while the chinese were all talking loudly and having a marvelous time NOT eating but SITTING at 80% of the eating area. When he asked some to give up their seat, he was totally ignored. And he is white! That was his first lesson on the culture of kiasu…and to this day, he is completely traumatised by it. another example, just last week, we took our kids to play at midvalley indoor playground. My kids complained when a chinese girl refused to let them and other kids play at one of the playground area. I told them to play somewhere else and ignore the girl. When the girl left the area, my kids and other kids went to play there, but alas, were chased away by the same chinese girl. I scolded her then as i told her to share. That incident left a mark on my kids because i heard them asking one another why chinese do not want to share. When i corrected them and said that being chinese has nothing to do with that, they corrected me back and said that i was wrong…the chinese students in their school too do not like to share, while the indians, malays and mat salehs have no prolem sharing. They are kids and this is what they get from observing people’s behaviour. What do i say to that?
      So, the only thing we can do is to criticise the BEHAVIOUR and ATTITUDE of people without bringing race into it, but somehow i think the way we are going now, this is impossible. Until all of us learn to respect each other and learn to given and take, we are doom…

      1. @Catty

        You are so full of bullshit LOL. How much did umno and perkasa pay you to post this nonsense? Not everyone is bodoh and don’t know their history. Only umno makes Malaysians bodoh with all their lies. You are probably an umno cybertrooper paid to spread lies on the internet because your version of May 13 is incorrect and clearly a pack of lies.

        Also, from the way you write it’s clear you are trying to instigate racial tension with your comments–there are good and bad people in every race, so why bring up the issue of race at all? What happened to 1Malaysia?

        Typical umno racist idiot. KFC service issue become Chinese bashing issue. Perkasa giving funeral money packets during CNY. Valentine’s Day become Christian bashing issue. Use rakyat’s $80 million to pay off BBC. Rakyat’s $250 million kena con by Sharizat;s family.

        And so on it goes, until we vote the cancer that is umno OUT.


        Sorry but I have to mencelah. Catty is not an Umno cybertrooper nor paid Perkasa supporter lah.

        As for Catty’s May 13 oral history (heard from her parents), I think personal narratives are of value in augmenting our understanding of history. Would appreciate if Catty could tell us more about the scary ‘red selendang’ people.

        Pardon my ignorance but I was under the impression that selendang is something women wear?


  39. Helen, your blog successfully attracted quite a number of interesting commenters, they vehemently hold on to their version of ‘truth’ even after a guy was attacked. Perhaps that Chinese guy, DAP and probably the entire Chinese community is racist but it certainly takes one to know one.

  40. I cannot believe that these days the people are so ridiculous and can make up all kind of stories to condemn other people such as http://********

    These days people are going backward to become uncivilized. I believe when the elder is doing it wrongly, and the young will follow. Just like what happened to our gov. (ridiculous!), and the citizen will follow exactly the footstep (being ridiculous, and unreasonable too!).

    Please change our gov., before it completely destroy our country financially, morally, humanly, and our multicultural . Please change it!

  41. My views about the KFC fight at I-City between KFC customers and KFC worker…..IF the KFC chicken is out of stock you like it or not the customer has to go to other restaurant to find something to eat. Why blame it on the KFC person who are serving the customers and clients?

    As the KFC worker he has announced that the stocks are depleted, so it is not the fault of the worker, so as the customer why blame it on the KFC waiter serving him? AND making matters worse the customer is using cursing words that invite racial slurs, this means the customer is NOT USING HIS HEAD BEFORE THE WORDS COME OUT OF HIS MOUTH and usually this will invite racial slurs, even I have this type of experiences before, the KFC workers should unite to prevent this type of racial slurs BECAUSE I HAVE TO SAY THIS TO THE UNITED KFC WORKERS THAT THEY MUST BE PROUD OF MY GRAND FATHERS before me and I am also proud to be a malay because this is my land and country which I am born and also past and present it will still be a malay land and malays should be united to defend it.

    Customers should also be wary that the KFC workers who are malays dont have a subsconscious mind. They can act on the customers if the customers are not right. As the sayings go…KALAU NAK MAKAN MAKANAN BUATLAH CARA DAN ADAB NAK MAKAN MAKANAN, JANGAN INGAT LEPAS MAKAN MAKANAN TU AWAK BOLEH BERAK ATAS MAKANAN TU…..for the other races in this country, REMEMBER we malays are unique we can be humble to you and/or if we disapprove you you will be in lot of trouble….because this is a MALAY LAND

    1. Aaisah Brother/Sister,can guarantee mah you are not a Malay. Malays don’t speak like this.I grew up in a Malay area.You can’t find anyone more courteous than a Malay in Malaysia.

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