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From DAP North to DAP South (Part 1)

The greatest achievement of DAP North, as Lim Guan Eng likes to remind everyone all the time, is the tripling of Penang’s financial allocation for Islamic activities.

In 2010, the Penang government provided RM27.4 million in funding for the Islamic Affairs Department as well as to the state secretary’s office to assist ‘religious projects’ (source: TMI / LKS).


Year 2010 Department of Statistics figures are used in our calculation because the nationwide census is carried out only once every 10 years — 2010, 2000, 1991, 1980, 1970, 1960 and 1957. Ethnic breakdown by state is available in the 2010 census whereas population statistics for the intervening years between the decennial censuses are projections

In 2010, there were 636,100 Malays residing in Penang. Since Malaysian Malays are constitutionally adherents of Islam, these residents can all be said to be beneficiaries of Guan Eng’s generous budget for Muslims to hold kelas al-Quran dan fardhu ain (Kafa) and the allowances paid to mosque officials.

RM27,400,000 ÷ 636,100 persons ÷ 365 days = RM0.12 daily

Calculated per head, each of the 636,100 Penang Malays benefited to the tune of 12 sen daily from the state government’s allocation to finance the upliftment of religious knowledge among the Muslim community.

MalaysiaPopDensity2010Bible Belt girding the west coast

Commencing from the party’s stronghold in Penang north-east – which has a Chinese-majority population of 1,561,383 islanders – the DAP 2.0 evangelist faction cuts a swath through the Perak territory of the Ngeh-Nga warlord cousins, and thence to Subang Jaya.

Kuala Lumpur is the country’s most densely populated state. And KL is DAP land.

Penang overall packs the second greatest number of inhabitants per square kilometre (1,490/km²) in Malaysia. However George Town and its outlying areas are at an even higher density of 4,293 inhabitants/km². And Penang is DAP land too.

DAP political evangelism has managed to spread like a pandemic because the population density (see table, right) allows for many carriers to be easily infected, especially as the evangelist politicians are now in possession of the state resources — money, machinery and media including The Star.

FT Parliamentary seats: DAP (5), PKR (3), Umno (2), PAS (1), Independent (1)

  1. Kepong: Dr Tan Seng Giaw (DAP)
  2. Batu: Tian Chua (PKR)
  3. Wangsa Maju: Wee Choo Keong (Independent)
  4. Segambut: Lim Lip Eng (DAP)
  5. Setiawangsa: Zulhasnan Rafique (Umno)
  6. Titiwangsa: Dr Lo’Lo’ Ghazali (PAS)
  7. Bukit Bintang: Fong Kui Lun (DAP)
  8. Lembah Pantai: Nurul Izzah Anwar (PKR)
  9. Seputeh: Teresa Kok (DAP)
  10. Cheras: Tan Kok Wai (DAP)
  11. Bandar Tun Razak: Khalid Ibrahim (PKR)
  12. Putrajaya: Tengku Adnan Mansor (Umno)

(FT does not have any state seats)

Not only does KL belong to the DAP but so does Petaling with its huge population of 1,812,633.

Subang Jaya is the capital

Petaling is located in the centre of the Klang Valley and Subang Jaya is the district capital.

One can see from the list of Parliamentarians and state assemblymen in the electoral seats within the Petaling administrative district that many of them – including PKR’s Elizabeth Wong and Xavier Jayakumar – are tucked under the Pakatan Bible Belt.



“Take Subang for Jesus!”

A profile of the DAP Selangor is revealed in Syed Akbar Ali’s blog posting titled ‘Jawatankuasa Wanita DAP Selangor 100% Melayu !!‘ (29 Nov 2012).

Syed Akbar was only kidding when he added ‘Abdullah’ to all their names (screenshot below) but otherwise the list is correct. Wanita DAP Selangor had foreshadowed the national DAP congress in their mutual failure to include any Malays among elected office bearers.

The composition of the Wanita DAP Selangor exco smacks of an uncannily similar crony-and-family affair as Prema Arasan is Teresa Kok’s Special Assistant, Buvaneswary is the wife of DAP leader Ganapathi Rao and Kashturi Raani is the daughter of the late DAP Perak chairman P. Patto.

The Wanita DAP Selangor deputy chairman Lee Kee Hiong was previously Lim Kit Siang’s personal aide.

Jawatankuasa Wanita DAP Selangor 100% Melayu


Evangelistas critical mass

The population bar chart (above) shows that Sabah and Sarawak are respectively the third and fourth most populous states after Selangor and Johor.

Christians in these two Bornean states are increasingly becoming DAP followers in the urban and Chinese constituencies.

It is a fallacy that the Christians are “only 9 percent” and thus a very weak community. Read ‘Christianization and the 9 percent factor

Kata sahaja Kristian hanya 9 peratus tetapi dari segi saiz cukup berisi
Christians have a sizeable influence

Golly, how the Christians can just eat and eat!

In The Star today alone, there are dozens of article headlines (below) touching on the Christmas season which indicate how much the well-to-do simply spend and spend and spend.

Besides the ones above, there are dozens of other Star stories about Christmas carolling sessions, Christmas album launches, “spectacular Christmas Band performance”, etc over the past 24 hours in the paper’s online. These stories hint at how rich is the Christian community (come on lah, a poor and persecuted people don’t party at expensive hotels).

Khalid in X'mas mood with Elizabeth Wong and Teresa Kok
Khalid in X’mas mood with Elizabeth Wong and Teresa Kok

Neither will a helpless and persecuted community be feted by no less than the Menteri Besar at a posh venue.

Khalid Ibrahim tweeted the photo below at a Subang Jaya resort which he captioned: “Menghadiri jamuan sambutan Hari Krismas peringkat negeri Selangor. Suasana meriah dengan penuh kegembiraan“.

Sitting beside Khalid (on his left) at the VIP table are PRK state assemblypersons Xavier and Gan Pei Nei. As you can see, the Khalid administration celebrated Christmas early in grand style, indicating that Christianity is not a marginalized religion insofar as Selangor is concerned.

Does the Menteri Besar of the country’s richest and most populous state hosting such a lavish Christmas function indicate to you that Christians are powerless and persecuted?

Part 2 continues with ‘Orang Guan Eng membolot separuh daripada kerusi-kerusi CEC

Khalid at Selangor Christmas party in Subang Jaya (8 Dec 2012)


DUMC, Khalid dan exco hal-ehwal agama

Pendirian exco Kristian (YB Xavier) Selangor terhadap fungsi rumah berhala


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  1. Kak Helen,

    I would like to say thank you Mr. Kim for providing generous allocations. However, those allocations are not considered to be genuine if the purpose is just to prove that you are more generous than Mr Kok.

    What seems to be lacking in this world is democracy but not so much of any religion. The world would want more democracy so that every citizen can play their roles in the building of a civilization according to their own preferences.

    If they realize the person and the party of their choice would determine the magnitude of the success, they might need to pick the one which is most suitable for that purpose.

    And if they truly believe democracy has some contribution in the building a civilization, the person and most important than that the party itself should really stick to the principle of true democracy.

    1. what west coast bible belt? petaling is only one district in selangor. check to see who are the wakil rakyats in the other districts laa…

      if we add up the wakil rakyats in penang, selangor, perak, you will find the majority are not xtian.

      also, majority of xtian in malaysia are actually bumi, in rural n semi rural areas of sabah n sarawak.

      generally, the urban n suburban constituencies, tend to be pro pakatan. this cuts across race n religion. access to education, issues, internet, alternative media, social media is greatly responsible for this. this is similar in usa, where the urban areas n states wt high population densities chose democrat/obama

      as for the ads in newspaper, similarly during hari raya, we see tons of advertisements/commercials dressed up as articles in the star, nst, bharian for habib, ikea, isetan, etc.

      khalid ibrahim has also hosted gatherings for deepavali. going by your lojik fallacy, does that mean the hindus do not face any problems in malaysia?

      1. Not only MB Selangor hosted gatherings for Christmas and Deepavali but Eidul Fitri as well. Going by Helen lojik fallacy as you put it, does that mean only the Christians and the Hindus do not face any problems? What about Muslims?

      2. Dave…agree with your insinuation…Christians in Malaysia are persecuted by the Evil UMNO led government.

        My request to you and your likes… Just pack your bag and leave.
        Malaysia will be a better place without you.

  2. 1. In Penang, Chinese is a dominant ethnic (not majority <50%)
    2. For <30, bumi is a dominant group
    3. For 50%)
    4. In chinese constituents, the majority is high
    5. In malay constituents, the majority is simple
    6. If do population balance, by 2013 >50% constituents are bumi majority

  3. SO what’s the problem? You expect everybody to live like you? Having funeral mindset and jealousy everyday?

    Dumno generates dumb supporters.

    1. Setuju Ravin!

      Helen can meratap all she want. Hannah tetap menang & berjaya.

      Helen can continue to be jealous & wallow in self pity – dahulu, kini & selamanya

      1. It seems PR is practicing 1Malaysia without having to tell the whole world like Dumno, the party that cakap tak serupa bikin!
        Action speaks louder btw.

        1. We might have only one Malaysia ,but we never have one Bangsa Malaysia . Could we have 1 Malaysia when the education upbringing is is difference ?. 1 Malaysia will never materialize as long vernacular education remain existed .

          1. If that’s the case, LGE is a total failure.
            He is not even peanut compared to those CM who ‘ doesn’t ‘ judge you by your bank account. He is simply non existent in comparison to Mahmud taib and Musang aman. Needless to compare to any Dumno people also, who may be dumb, but are expert in stealing and robbing. :)

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