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‘Guan Eng went to jail for a Malay girl’ — oh puhleez lah

Lim Guan Eng was sent to jail because the court found him guilty of promoting hatred. In a High Court decision delivered on 28 April 1997, Guan Eng was found guilty under Section 4(1) (b) of the Sedition Act.

He was also found guilty under Section 8A of the Printing Presses and Publications Act for maliciously publishing false news.

The Court of Appeal found that the pamphlets printed by Guan Eng had “the effect of bringing the administration of justice into hatred and contempt” and that his allegations amounted to “denigrating and undermining the administration of criminal justice” — both offences which are deemed seditious under Malaysian law.

The Court of Appeal upheld both the High Court convictions.

It also revised Guan Eng’s punishment to 18 months’ jail on each charge and ordered that the two sentences run concurrently. The Court of Appeal coram comprised Justices Gopal Sri Ram, Siti Norma Yaakob and Denis J.F. Ong.

The same court also affirmed that “the [High Court] trial judge was entirely correct in holding that the ingredients of each offence had been proved beyond a reasonable doubt”.

For breaking the law, Guan Eng was sent to Kajang Prison on 25 Aug 1998 and released a year later after his concurrent 18-month sentences were commuted.

The 12,000-word judgement by can be read at law journal website, here.


Let us be clear about this

Lim Guan Eng was not jailed for “defending the honour” of a Malay girl.

It is perfectly in character that Guan Eng – then MP for Kota Melaka – had chosen to attack and defame the then Umno Malacca Chief Minister.

He is a politician who attacks Umno every chance he gets.

The still (photo above) captured from a recording of the Penang state assembly sitting on 7 May 2012 shows him attacking Umno, as usual.

Umno state assemblyman Azhar Ibrahim lodged a police report against Guan Eng concerning his statement – “sekiranya Umno kembali berkuasa, saya rasa semua kuil Hindu terancam” – uttered that day, which the Penang opposition leader regarded as seditious.

Guan Eng will continue to attack Umno tomorrow and the day after as reliably as the sun rises.

On the other hand, it is out of character for Guan Eng to defend Malay individuals. He does not make it a habit to defend Malays whether girls, boys, adults or the community in general.

Ask yourself: Which is Guan Eng’s consistent trait? (a) attacking Umno and BN, or (b) defending Malays, any Malay?

Therefore in January 1995 when Guan Eng printed 5,000 copies of a pamphlet promising to divulge “the Rahim Tamby Chik sex scandal”, do you think he was really defending the honour of a Malay teenager or was he attacking Umno and badmouthing the authorities?

Gerakan Buddhist politician makes police report against Guan Eng
Gerakan Buddhist politician makes police report against Guan Eng

Still the same Guan Eng today

Throw a stone and you will hit a BN politician who’s said before that Guan Eng is the chief practitioner of the politics of hate.

In May 2011, H’ng Khoon Leng, the vice chairman of Penang Gerakan Youth lodged a police report against Guan Eng accusing him of inciting hatred through his Wesak Day message.

The two police reports by H’ng and Azhar alleged that Guan Eng tried to incite Buddhists and Hindus. In other words, attempting to promote hatred and public ill-will.

No religious denomination is spared. Only recently Guan Eng’s Christmas message on the Allah word caused another furore.

Dapsters who are Guan Eng groupies

Guan Eng’s followers endlessly repeat the propaganda that the DAP sec-gen went to jail for the sake of a Malay girl.

Below (screenshots) are three reader responses to Calvin Sankaran’s letter a couple of days ago in Malaysia Today. Their comments sing the same old boring tune, i.e. “LGE has fights for a malay girl and been jailed for three years” (R1) as well as “A Chinese who went to prison for an underage Malay victim” (R3).

Funny how the Dapsters berate Tunku Aziz for still talking about his DAP experience a few months following his resignation from the party but they themselves ceaselessly parrot the ‘Malay girl’ line from 15 years past.

I will do a content analysis of the three Malaysia Today reader comments on Calvin which I’m tagging as R1, R2 and R3.

A predictable pattern can be observed from the thought processes of Dapsters (and pro-DAP bloggers), especially those who are staunch Guan Eng loyalists.

How they operate

(1) Dismissing critic’s arguments through meaningless insults

R1: “This is the most stupid article I have read so far.” ;

R2: “u r either a utter fool, or worst u r a scumbag …”

R3: “you Calvin are a blinkered fool”

(2) Pointless personal attacks, name-calling

R1: “With all these venoms you are spewing out …”

R2: “For u to write this Utusan type rubbish …”

R3: “Hey Calvin Snakemoron”, “u still proudly lick their ass!”

(3)  Throwing mud, hoping some of it will stick

R1: ‘Now you are just spewing out rubbish fit for the rubbish bins.”

R2: “… would sell yr mother and wife to be a BN ass licker!”;

(4) Holier-than-thou and chest-thumping

R1: “I don’t see any goodness in you.”

R2: “Shame on u”

R3: “He has done a good job as Penang CM.”

(5) Getting their facts wrong

R1: “been jailed for three years” [wrong, Guan Eng was jailed one year]

R3: “cannot compare Lim Snr and Lim Jnr with Razak / Najib or Mahathir / Mukriz [dynasties]. For one Lim Jnr has earned his stripes himself.”

[Fact A: Tun Razak had passed away before Najib ever entered politics. Fact B: Mukhriz was elected Umno Youth exco in 2004 whereas Dr M retired as prime minister in 2003.]

Najib and Mukhriz were never in politics at the same time as their fathers. Najib was only 23 years old when his father died and TDM actually forbade Mukhriz from entering the fray during his tenure as Umno president.

Whereas DAP is the “Daddy Anak Party” – so says former DAP MP Wee Choo Keong – where the company chairman received the highest number of votes at the party’s 16th national congress and the CEO obtained the second highest number of votes in a tainted election.

(6) Making irrelevant dares to the critic

R1: “Calvin, when you have gone to jail, then, you are qualified to talk.”

R2: “pls remember to tell yr grand children how, being Indians, although after 55 yrs of being screwed teruk teruk by umno inside out, upside down …”

R3: “So far there has been no scandal with the Lims. You want to compare that with the other?”

“No scandal with the Lims?”

Oh, is that because Lim Jr threatens with a sledgehammer any reporter wanting to dig into possible scandals? Remember his infamous warning, “print first and you see what I do to your paper” and [you publish] “then you see what I do to you”.

It is not for no reason that Calvin believes the supporters of Dear Leader and Our Lady of Jerusubang to be “Talibans”. Just look at their behaviour.

The R1 comment is 89 words, R2 (80 words) and R3 (75 words). Combined, the three altogether only total 244 words but they pack a whole punch most revealing of Dapsterism.

Guan Eng’s fans behave just like him inasmuch as Yeopies behave just like ‘her’.

A reader of this blog once asked, “Don’t they realize how insulting they are?”

Do they? You tell me.

Reader #1 EU


Reader #2 Sonofmsia


Reader #3 tommyT


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49 thoughts on “‘Guan Eng went to jail for a Malay girl’ — oh puhleez lah

  1. Kempen politik DAP kononnya sentiasa BERSIH, telus dan mulus.Mungkin ramai yang sudah tahu ataupun memang belum tahu (kadang-kadang malas ambil tahupun sebab banyak yang tidak percaya) bahawa segala risalah edaran untuk kempen gerak gempur jentera BN untuk sebarang pilihanraya ditapis oleh Majlis Keselamatan Negara (MKN).

    Dahulu saya sendiri tidak tahu serta malas ambil tahu. Saya membayangkan MKN sebuah badan bebas. Sungguhpun ianya condong kepada kerajaan namun saya melihat peranan mereka dari sudut positif. Risalah berbentuk serangan peribadi, buli, memalukan, keterlaluan dan melampau ke atas calon lawan sama sekali tidak dibenarkan. Ini adalah fakta.

    Segala risalah berunsur negatif yang melampau yang terlepas dan diedarkan dimana ianya didakwa datangnya dari jentera BN adalah dari penyokong fanatik mereka dan dalam erti kata lain bukannya diarahkan oleh orang atasan melainkan third party.

    Dalam pilihanraya kecil Hulu Selangor misalnya, segala risalah berkenaan salahlaku Zaid Ibrahim tidak dibenarkan sama sekali untuk diedarkan walhal bermacam-macam benda ekslusif, panas serta sensasi sepatutnya didedahkan kepada umum bagi menguatkan kempen calon. Namun begitu tidak bagi DAP, walhal calon yang bertanding datang dari PKR. Poster sebesar-besar alam bersaiz bangunan berwajahkan mendiang Teoh Beng Hock menjadi hiasan pekan cina Rasa. Sentimen kebencian dimainkan secara meluap-luap. Akhirnya calon India dari MIC juga yang dipilih rakyat disana.

    Suatu ketika dahulu Anwar pernah membangkitkan isu nepotisme dan kronisme dengan secara tidak macho nya mengarahkan Zahid Hamidi untuk memberi ucapan semasa Perhimpunan Agung Pemuda UMNO 1998 untuk menyerang Tun M, sedangkan sepanjang 1981 hingga tempoh tersebut tiadapun seorang anak beliau terlibat dalam politik.

    Soal pemilikan saham mana-mana syarikat saya sendiri tidak hirau serta mempertikaikan kekayaan mereka kerana mana ada seorang pemimpin dunia yang sengkek dan tidak berharta (tak tahulah kalau Nik Aziz jd PM nanti). Setiap Perdana Menteri atau Presiden bagi sesebuah negara secara automatiknya menjadi general CEO untuk negara tersebut.

    Tetapi berbeza kini, PKR sendiri mengamalkan nepotisme dan kronisme dalam parti mengikut jejak langkah DAP. LGE dan Anwar megah pernah dipenjara serta meraih simpati rakyat bagi mengangkat mereka menjadi pemimpin From Prisoner to President seperti Nelson Mandela, Gandhi ataupun Morsi.

    Saya sendiri hairan mengapa penyokong-penyokong tegar DAP dan PKR membutakan mata mampu menerima pemimpin-pemimpin berorientasikan dinasti dalam parti mereka. Secara peribadinya, saya lebih menghormati serta mampu menerima peranan yang dimainkan oleh Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye berbanding pemimpin DAP yang ada pada hari ini.

  2. “DAP sec-gen went to jail for the sake of a Malay girl.” is as ridiculous as the DAP recent election and their Gangnam-style wannabes..

    Any Malays who think that Dear Leader and DAP will fight for them need to get their brains checked.. In rare instances that they seemed to do so are just wayang kulit.. 1 untuk engkau… 100 untuk aku ;p

  3. Only for malay girls?
    What about malay boys?
    I guess no problem if the culprit is a fellow Pakatan leader, kaw tim ah?

  4. Saya telah selamatkan anda (budak Dalmatian) makanya anda dan keturunan anda telah dianggap terhutang budi pada saya selama tujuh keturunan.

    Dalam tempoh tujuh keturunan itu, semua kaum Dalmatian otomatik hilang kelayakan dan hilang hak untuk mengkritik, mengecam, memperli dan mengadili saya dan pemerintahan yang saya terajui.

    1. Oleh kerana bos kami adalah satu-satunya politikawan yang berani tampil untuk mempertahankan moral seorang gadis makanya beliaulah paling layak menggantikan bapanya untuk terus memegang tampuk kekuasaan parti.

      Anda bukan saja tidak layak untuk ada suara dalam CEC malah suara anda-anda di luar sana akan dianggap seumpama anjing menyalak bukit. Siapakah anda? Malaysian atau North Korean? Ho, ho, banyak persamaannya.

      1. Kalau Bos mahu terus memimpin parti, Bos kena pastikan tidak ada suara-suara sumbang, suara-suara nakal dan suara-suara mengusik.

        Caranya mudah, iaitu Bos kenalah matikan suara majoriti Melayu berbekalkan alasan ini:

        Apabila Melayu didapati telah menindas Bos – dan juga parti Bos – makanya suara majoriti Melayu telah dihukum yakni tak boleh lagi dilontarkan terhadap Bos.

        Dan kalau ada suara China dan India dilontarkan terhadap Bos, Bos suruh kita punya cyber trooper untuk menepis dan seterusnya menyerang balik.

        Kalau semua di atas berjaya, Bos pasti akan dapat terus jadi ‘khalfah’ Dap sampai hujung nyawa. Tapi Bos jangan pulak lupa habuan untuk kami ya.

        1. Diawal pemerintahan semua diktator, semua penyokong menganggap pemimpin mereka adalah sebaik-baik manusia dan mampu jadi penyelamat.

          Kalau ada kritikan dari dalam akan di serang balas dan dituduh sebagai telah menjual diri kepada kuasa lain dari dirinya. Dan kalau ada suara penentangan dari luar akan di tuduh sebagai anti itu dan ini.

          Diakhir pemerintahan diktator, keadaan jadi terbalik. Pemimpin yang sama pula dianggap sejahat-jahat manusia dan pelaku kerosakan. Pengkritik yang dahulunya dituduh jual diri dan jiwa kini memulangkan semula tuduhan berkenaan.

          Sejarah pasti berulang kerana dari komentar di atas jelas menunjukkan bahawa manusia memang tidak pernah belajar dari sejarah tentang susur galur kelahiran diktator lalunya setelah terhantuk baru nak terngadah.

          Apa yang dapat dikatakan kepada masyarakat sivil yang celik ilmu tetapi sengaja memfanatikkan diri mereka ialah: biarkan, biarkan mereka dan keturunan mereka merasai bagaimana dilayani oleh diktator.

    1. “Who advise(s) him?” Answer: Methinks the Vindictive Imp often whispers in his ear.

      But anyways, his lawyers in the appeal were Karpal & Sons.

  5. Helen,

    They say the true character is only revealed once a person is in power.

    As such, not many are aware how “ruthless “DAP is as it does not have power. We say many nasty things about UMNO, Dr Mahathir and anything on UMNO. A useless preacher cursed Dr Mahathir before the leader in full view of Muslim congregations during Friday prayers.

    News media alligned to DAP or PR have a field day bashing Najib, Muhyiddin. Even wives of politicians not spared.

    But still UMNO is tolerant. Now that ‘tolerance” is an alien concept in DAP. DAP is about Lim Dynasty. For more than 4 decades, Lim Kit Siang personifies DAP as if without him, DAP cant move. When he was no longer Secretary General, he overshadowed then the new Secretary General by elevating himself as more senior than Secretary General.

    DAP says it is fighting for all Malaysians. Wrong. It cares only for Lim Dynasty. And to do that, it uses the tactic that only familiar to DAP: Spite the Malays and get the Chinese to be “hostile” towards the Govt (meaning UMNO, Malays).

    It atttacks and attacks. It admonished Dr Mahathir on nepotism, cronism. But the concept itsellf is “immortalised” in DAP.

    What is Guan Eng’s contribution? Nothing except creating turmoil. He made an enemy with a Federal officer over a petty issue, a chair for him on official function. And Guan Eng was proved lying over the issue.

    He claimed credit not deserved to him. He chided Dr Koh Tsu koon for “submitting to UMNO”, not realising that only a moronic politician like him (Guan Eng) would want the ignore a race that constitutes 40% of the population and UMNO has 90% of that share.

    He demolished stalls owned by malays but surprisingly chinese hawkers are treated better. He accused Muhyiddin for using his son (Guan Eng’s son) over [the alleged] mistreatment of a school mate while the actual case, it was Guan Eng who uses his son to attack Muhyiddin.

    “sampai bila orang Cina mau judikan nasib mereka untuk pertahankan 2 makhluk tak guna ni (Kit Siang dan Guan Eng”, one friend told me.

    I’ve inserted “alleged” into your paragraph wrt the media case of LGE’s son. — Helen

  6. so now the badge of honor for a politician, or for someone who has designs of becoming a politician, is to go to jail for a “cause” ? what “cause” ?

    if that’s the case, then we have a pool of people that can run for elections languishing in our prisons.

    this is getting to the point bordering on the absurd. but I guess for some people………………………..

    1. All that you accused ” Dapsters” and ” cybertroopers” of doing: name-calling, personal attacks, dismissing critics argunents, irrevelant dares, etc; is what you and your merry band of followers including Mr Sankaran do most of the time. Your blog is nothing more than a hate-blog against LGE, Hannah Yeoh and a few others. No doubt, your right to speak freely, but why get so worked up when you get the same from those who don’t agree with you? What, there is nothing outside your tiny little tempurung?

      1. ha ha ha ! you sound like the who gets work up. and not to forget, you and your kind are petty.

        not to mention the fact that at other sites and blogs, you and your kind have hijacked the good name of Calvin and use his name to smear the government. I pity you and your kind. The more you and your kind accuse this blog of planting hate, the more hate you and people like you spit.

        what an irony. but of course people like you do not know what irony is. like people living in glass houses, you don’t throw stones. but you on the other hand does exactly that.

      2. Cannot take your own medicine?

        Sorry, but takes two hand to clap. The way you write in this blog reinforce that wrong and close minded attitude of the DAP horde.

  7. Calvin Sankaran , the truth hurts these DUMB ASS PARTY DUMPSTER …..keep on rocking

  8. International jew, you are like pot calling the kettle black. Anyway, can’t blame me for trying, but you and your type are so full of blind hate that you are unable to see both sides of the picture. And beast of burden, good to know that you are hurting and frothing from the mouth

    1. Awww.. little Amaranathan cannot stand seeing his Dear Leader seen as incompetent and his DAP as a stupid extremist dictator party that cannot even count votes.

      Bila kamu datang rumah atau blog orang, bagi salam dulu, Ni masuk pipi tersorong sorong pastu mengata orang. Siapa yang penuh dengan kebencian?

      Kalau kamu tu betul, beri hujah. Ni nak panggil kami macam macam nama, kami dah biasa dengan perangai angkuh Kristian DAP kamu tu yg tidak hormat bahasa, bangsa dan agama kami, tak payah nak tunjuk keangkuhan kamutu kalau tidak boleh berkongsi ilmu.

      1. Adui marahnya, relak la bro. By the way, I’m Hindu, and why you people hate the Kristian so much I don’t know

        1. Actually is not the religion but the DAPster’s trying to mirror the PASters religion Mafia to politicize religion .

        2. Birds of feather flock together.

          Saya boleh nampak kamu berbuih buih maki hamun sana sini dalam blog Haris. Kamu tu sama je dengan orang Kristian DAP, kesian, kamu ni nanti umpama sepah yg dibuang bila Dear Leader naik haji nanti.

    2. try again next time ok. and do come in a herd. (baru selamat sikit) hahaha lawak pathetic tul Tamara ni. eh betul ke nama dia…

  9. hi Amaranathan …..DUMPSTER brigade on the prowl today , i dont blame you though …….it hurts right

  10. hahaha lawak tahap Poseidon punya bapak… siap dengan tsunami sekali. perghhh… Guano mu ni Eng? masuk jel nak bela melayu. la ni melayu keluar pulau sebab apa? Guano mu ni Eng?

  11. Tapi sekarang Pakatan memang penuh dengan ketidak kecekapan pemimpin masing2 seperti berikut

    1. Amanat Hadi yang mengkafirkan orang Melayu Islam yang tidak sokong PAS. Isu ini dibangkitkan oleh Al Afghani. Walaupun diucapkan pada 1981, ia masih lekat pada Hadi dan relevan kerana sekarang PAS dan UMNO bersepakat dengan orang bukan Islam. Keengganan Hadi menjelaskan Amanat nya menunjukkan beliau terperangkap.

    2. Isu Ubah Roket Style CEC yang menunjukkan DAP tidak mengamalkan demokrasi yg tulus. DAP yg sudah wujud sekian lama gagal mengira hanya undi dari 1800 delegasi. Adakah DAP bodoh atau Lim Guan Eng sengaja mengubah rocket style undi demi kepentingan dinastinya?

    3.Bekas MB Perak yg corot Nizar yang corot dakwa kerajaan songlap RM207 billion wang pampasan Jepun kepada mangsa landasan keretapi Maut di Burma. Lu pikirla sendiri sama ada tuduhan ini sahih atau sandiwara. Pure Shiite sudah buat kajian dan mengikut rekod Jepun hanya beri $25 juta sebagai pampasan pada 1967.

    4. Isu rasuah RM30k oleh pembantu Timbalam Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang yg dilantik sendiri oleh Anugerah Tuhan Anwar Ibrahim untuk menutup salah laku seks melibatkan ahli Pakatan Rakyat. Siapa ahli itu? Dari mana RM30k tu datang? Cara Lim Guan Eng jawab isu ini amat lemah, beliau hanya lepas tangan, kalau begitu, Najib pun boleh lepas tangan apabile ahli2 kabinet terlibat dalam kes rasuah?

    5.Isu air. Walaupun SYABAS disalahkan, kepimpinan Selangor patut tanggung kongsi beban kerana gagal mencapai kata sepakat tentang isu pemprosesan air di Selangor. Apa bezanya kalau Syabas atau kerajaan negeri yg pegang aset Langat 2. Sekarang rakyat Selangor juga tanggung kerana sikap Khalid Samad main politik benci.

    Kita lihat apa lagi yang akan datang. Ya kerajaan Barisan Nasional banyak masalah, dan itu adalah tanggungjawab pemimpin jawab tetapi pemimpin PR wajib juga menjawab permasalahan yang melanda pakatan rapuh jika mereka mahu menjadi pemimpin.

    Secara umum, Najib amat fokus dengan agenda ETP nya yg nyata membuahkan hasil. Apa pemimpin Pakatan buat? Shadow Kabinet pun tidak wujud gara gara gila kuasa parti masing masing. Pemimpinnya pulak sibuk buat video Ubah Roket Style dan sebar fitnah.


    Is it K. Samad or K. Ibrahim you mean? BTW, someone in Haris’s blog thinks you’re Ellese. Read


    1. Utter nonsense. i am not low enough to use multiple personalities.

      My pseudoname forrestcat is consistently used in many forums and blogs.

      1. Yeah, I thought so. You and Ellese have different writing styles.

        They are the ones themselves like Si Gunting, owner is MCA but staff pro-opposition and thus bipolar. Macam pencuri tuduh orang lain mencuri. Sendiri rasis tapi tuduh orang lain Nazi.

    2. Dropped a line to at least assert that I am not Ellese.

      Pretty sick that these people spin issues and resort to personal attack when the facts are against them. I feel pity for them and to think some of these people work overseas and are even professionals and lawyers.

  12. According to a reliable source there were several non-Malay families that were trapped in May 13 turbulence. But the soldiers did come forward to resQ them from volatile situations. All that has become history already.

    The thing is, has anyone realized how these people returned the flavor? Oh yes, the heroes have been told straight to the face that it is the communist who fought for the independence!

    Now we have a politician claims that he has come forward to a girl’s resQ and for that he has the rights to be treated as a hero. Frankly speaking I have no idea what I could offer except the one vote that I have with me. Should I do it or not?

    1. Did Tokong Lim and Mat Sabu make any comment in honour of Datuk Kanang? Interesting to know that our hero is a sarawakian christian and “their” hero is a perakian communist.

  13. Helen, I have something to share about this case which I heard from my friends from Melaka. Apparently after all the mess that LGE created, he did not even bothered to support the family of the girl or her granma.The girl ended up in Pusat Serenti and the family shamed by LGE’s revelations. So much for the great defender of a Malay girl’s honor.

    1. Yup, she was apparently put under the care of a girl’s home for three years.

      If the man allegedly involved was a generic ‘Abdullah Ali’ or something (non-Umno), doubt that LGE would have published 5,000 pamphlets titled “The Sex Scandal of ….)

      1. Helen,

        It is easy to find faults as people like Guan Eng or Mohd Sabu are fond of doing.

        But when power is given (or rather Guan Eng appointed himself as Penang CM and sidelining the deserving person, Penang DAP chairman), he is found wanting.

        He is after all human. Guan Eng after entire life of criticizing others is not able to accept criticism.

        As for DAP, why is it that only 20 CEC chosen are given sole powers to determine the positions in DAP. Would not it be more democratic to let the entire 1,000 odd voting members to vote the presidents and all position holders?

        Why so insular? What is so democratic in allowing 20 CEC members to dictate the DAP struggle?

        As for Federal Govt, why keep quiet when Penang establishes a “pasukan kerselamatan sukarela” Is that not under the purview of Federal Govt AND FEDERAL GOVT ONLY? Hishamuidn is sleeping again. Again and again.

        1. Yup. DAP has never administered a state before until Penang in 2008.

          So while BN has had 60 years’ experience (since KL municipal election of 1952) in actually doing the job of governing, DAP’s only previous experience has been in criticising and opposing everything done by BN.

          But can they themselves perform better? Look at the DAP and PKR party elections, hahaha.

  14. LGE is THE patron saint of girls. Not only he went to jail for a Malay girl, he was even allegedly hit with an ashtray for a Chinese girl. Whats GE missing now is a pair of wings, white robe and a halo – not forgetting the harp as well!

  15. just read thru the details here and ironically, the smell of HATE is all over this blog post. And i dont mean the hate that you wish to potray LGE as, but the hate that you splash on DAP and the CM.

    There is judgement, self righteousness and diversion in the name of “law” and assumptions made in a holier than thou standpoint. Arguements posted are one sided as well.

    Just a word of advice…if you want to hit out on someone, at least do it while speaking the truth [if it is really the truth] AND in love.

    If LGE does not fulfil what i just mentioned [as you say, he’s a vengeful, UMNO hater], the least you could reciprocate in your writings is with a seasoning of love and truth in the real pursuit of righteousness and justice.

    The City Harvest Church website is @ I think you’re a lost sheep. — Helen

    1. “There is judgement, self righteousness and diversion in the name of “law” and assumptions made in a holier than thou standpoint. Arguements posted are one sided as well.”

      sorry there. you’ve just described what you and people like you really are.

  16. You have just proven to the readers that you need to reboot your own brains coz it’s obviously stuck in the conspiracy mode. If LGE lashes out at UMNO, he is doing what he should be doing as an opposition party member. At least someone’s doing his job then. As for the Rahim case, the court has missed an opportunity to expose the tactics of a strongman and whether he has abused his powers as the CM then.

  17. The writer is bias. From the word ‘go’, she immediately run down LGE and persisted. This goes to show that if one dig hard enough, one will always find what one wants to see. Helen also seemed abit like bitter towards LGE. I wonder why. There must be a reason.

    1. It obvious that you do not read Malay blogosphere, especially pro-establishment Malay blogs.

      99.9 percent of the anti-oppo Malay bloggers detest Guan Eng.

      It may be unusual for a Chinese to be critical of the DAP sec-gen but then again, only one in 10 Chinese voted BN. I happen to disagree with the 9 out of 10 Chinese who are DAP supporters.

  18. ‘It also revised Guan Eng’s punishment to 18 months’ jail on each charge and ordered that the two sentences run concurrently.’

    Did you know that Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng used to hate the guts of Gopal Sri Ram, Anwar’s lead counsel in the Sodomy II final appeal?

    Initially in 1997, Lim Guan Eng was sentenced by the Malacca high court for maliciously printing false news under the Printing Press and Publications Act 1984 and the Sedition Act 1948

    His sentence was just a fine of maximum RM5,000 fine for the sedition charge and RM10,000 fine for “false news” charge but no jail term.

    Lim Guan Eng then appealed to the Court of Appeals.

    In 1998, the Court of Appeals’ head Judge Gopal Sri Ram then said “It is time that the court sends a clear message that it cannot tolerate any attack on the judiciary”

    Probably pissed off at the manner of how Lim Guan Eng defended the case, Gopal thus increased the sentence from the total RM15,000 fine to 18 months in jail.

    For some reason, unlike Anwar, Lim Guan Eng did not bother to further appeal the conviction in the Federal court – perhaps going to jail would do wonders for anyone’s political career.

    Apparently, it did.

    Which is why we have Tokong worshipers like Achi Acho who choose not to question why Toks did not appeal, unlike now when they yell “Praise the Lord” whenever he takes someone to court over the smallest perceived insult to his autocratic ego.

    This goes to show that one will always find what one wants to see and feign ignorance of other things, dig or no dig.

  19. If it were the case that Guan Eng was convicted of sedition an offence against parliament, the state and the king, he is barred from holding public office or standing for elections. Is that not what happened in Anwar’s case? although I do note that many others under a previous ordnance like his father Kit Siang and the late Karpal Singh did manage to sneak in.

    Has that part of the legislation been revoked?

    1. Correct. An ex-convict is barred five years from contesting an elected political office. Guan Eng did not stand for election in 2004.

      re: “Has that part of the legislation been revoked?”


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