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EvangeliSTAR campaigning in colleges and universities next

The EvangeliSTAR and their Voices are taking their ‘Moderation’ campaign into its next phase.

Moving into the colleges and universities, the evangelistas will no doubt be telling students that the ultra right-wingers are “hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses” who are “racist, extremist and bigots” devoid of any “rational and balanced views” – see Wong Chun Wai’s most recent column yesterday.

Does Najib Razak support the J-Star‘s agenda, considering that his NGO headed by Saifuddin Abdullah is working hand-in-glove with the EvangeliSTAR?

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Why Saari must be sacked, the big picture

The 2004 general election was held on March 21. Under Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, BN recorded its most spectacular victory ever.

A closer look into the results of the 11th general election (GE11) reveals that despite the BN’s emphatic win, the Chinese electorate did not however give the BN any more support than they did in the previous GE10 in 1999.

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