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10,000 pelita shining soon in S’gor

DUN Selangor presently has the following Aduns:

  • PKR (19)
  • DAP (15)
  • Amanah (6)
  • Umno (5)
  • Bersatu (4)
  • Parti Bangsa Malaysia (2)
  • Pejuang (2)
  • PAS (1)
  • Warisan (1)
  • Independent (1)

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine…

If Penang can, Selangor also can.

Gong xi, Kongsi Raya!

Salam Muhibbah!!

Do you remember when DAP was urging the 97 percent Chinese to ‘Ubah’?

Do you remember when DAP convinced the 97 percent Chinese ‘Ini kali lah’?

Well, PAS has decided that two can share the playbook. If it works, why not?

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Yeesss! Ubah…

•  ‘PAS can swing Indian votes away from Amanah in S’gor’ — read HERE

Ini kali lah.

•  ‘PAS will outperform Chinese expectations in S’gor by far — read HERE

Kita boleh!



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14 thoughts on “10,000 pelita shining soon in S’gor

    1. HY. You are GREAT always ! A Scintillating and Very Happy Lunar New Year of the Wabbit to All who live in the Best country in the World !

  1. There are about 38 Malay seats up for grabs in Selangor. With the Malays disenchanted and Selangor UMNO left out, I reckon the next State elections will be a game changer ! If the swing is 100% which is likely, the writing on the wall for the DAP for the whole peninsula is that it is stripped of Malay support ! A full circle for the DAP from 2008 ! Something is wrong somewhere even with the 10,000 pelita ? Famous ancient saying, ‘ Don’t be a leather lantern !’ Akan datang ! Courtesy Shaw Brothers.

  2. I was pleasantly surprised to see a report in the media today that the newly minted prominent lawyer warned it is ‘dangerous’ for the Government to probe another much more senior minted prominent lawyer for whatever alleged acts he had committed. Is this an alleged case of you scratch my back and I scratch yours ? My layman’s view of the World in all its innocence is that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW even if the 10,000 leather skinned pelita shine in Selangor or wherever !

    1. Where else but Malaysia ? An ordinary citizen may threaten a Government with whatever weapon he or she has in command ? OMG ! Time and time again I have seen how Power corrupts absolutely ! Chaps heady in the head with apparent Power ! Whatever ! The Rule of the Laws must prevail. No more. No Less ! Or anarchy rules which is unacceptable in this beloved Land full of beautiful peoples and natural resources – the object of jealousy of tiny States !

    2. Yes, Uncle. So Orwellian.

      The Law anthems Courts r the ultimate defender and keeper of everyone’s rights.

      Will set a dangerous precedent!

  3. In recent days the DAP has been boasting that no one can takeover their stronghold which is Pulau Pinang. I disagree. I am of the opinion that PAS has a very good chance to be the next State government if the 100% cast iron Guarantee that the manners and customs of the Chinese, Indians and all are not interfered with like the British, is announced. The Guarantee is registered with the United Nations. And a honest, competent and loyal Chinese or Indian and all is to be appointed the Chief Minister of Pulau Pinang. The historical fact is that this practice has been in place UNOFFICIALLY all the time. My proposal is nothing new but to put it in writing. No more. No less ! The DAP got into Pulau Pinang by the incompetence of the previous BN CM !

  4. So the DAP assumed that their lies to mislead the 97% Chinese were fool-proofed. The PAS Declaration of the 100% iron cast Guarantee that the customs and the manners of the Chinese, Indians and all are not to be interfered like the British, will take the wind out of the sails of DAP lies. At one go, the DAP is not only exposed by the historical fact that the customs and manners of the non-Malays have never been interfered with unofficially but also the 97% Chinese realize for the first time they have been made used of by Lee Kuan Yew’s type of brainwashing. Not only that, Malaysian Politics stabilizes with Peace, Harmony and Prosperity with the Government and the Rakyat march in unison to realize for the benefit of all, the true fruits of human and natural abundance which is our beloved Malaysia, the object of jealousy of tiny States.

  5. How many Malaysians especially the 97% Chinese who were either forced or brain washed into supporting the perfidious DAP since 1966, realize it was just a mighty ploy to earn a living out of the Chinese’s fear or sympathy ? First, the revered Constitution as safeguarded by the wise, caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans already provides in general terms that all the non-Malay minority will live out their lives and their descendants in Peace, Harmony and Prosperity. But with the passage of Time, the sinews which held together these golden virtues were loosened. Hence, it is now imperative and urgent that PAS with its majority of Malays re-state and engrave in stone officially and specifically the 100% iron cast Guarantee that the customs and the manners of the Chinese, Indians and all are not to be interfered with like the British because of 2 significant reasons. 1. The DAP has gone far enough with its fun and games e g from an alleged Trojan Horse to its alleged politicized born again christian adventurism, Both are not of National Interest within the context of our beloved Malaysia’s Sovereignty. 2. The fun and games did not affect the DAP alone. It was alright in the distant past when the World was a better place during the Cold War 1948-1989. With the rise of the former enemies of the United State and the Western World since 1992 when Uncle Sam made his fatal mistake with his naive spiel. ‘ Globalization. Free Trade. Human Rights ‘, rising tensions have cropped up or popped in the most unlikely places around the World causing disruption of trade and development. It is time our beloved Malaysia gets its act together beginning first with its colorful but meaningless politics. Ladies and gentlemen, this unexpected storm is rising of undetermined strength and duration. Let us brace ourselves by taking adequate measures and return to Nation building to meet all unexpected circumstances and survive afresh with the beginning of a New Dawn. History is the finest Arbiter of the Truth. Some people are just naturally war-like unlike the peaceful Asians !

    1. With so much excitement created by the turmoil in all the Malaysian political parties these days arising from internal dissent and treachery, the PAS is an ocean of calm being backed by the majority of the Malays in favour of good governance by those who rule over us. Lest we forget, Merdeka was only possible with the Malays taking cognizance of the Chinese, Indians and all as having contributed much to our beloved Malaysia centuries before and after. At that poignant moment Tunku Abdul Rahman was the leader of the UMNO, a born leader full of common sense and an impeccable record of service. The revered Constitution as safeguarded by the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans could only be possible with his sterling leadership. With a beautiful hindsight, the Tunku never considered his reward or the filthy lucre. A true Golden Malay, Malayan by any count or consideration. Yes ! It was leaders like the Tunku who led the Malays through the centuries – their leaders the sultans of the Malay sultanates. My feeling is through the inner Wisdom and Will of the Malays, the year 2023 will restore our beloved Malaysia to her full glory like the recent past – good governance without any thought of reward or the filthy lucre, like the Tunku ! Malaysia Boleh !

  6. How many Malaysians realize that the DAP is only capable of raising 10,000 pelita and has not a clue about Local Government and Housing even though they claimed for years they were the best in all activities under the Sun ? It was the remarkable faux pas by that DAP member who has his hotline to Singapore which called for help to sort out his simple Malaysian problem ! The 97% Chinese still think Lee Kuan Yew great ? How can the Singapore HDB be compared with anything in the World when it was set up as a showpiece of a tiny authoritarian State to the World. Malaysia is a democratic State lauded by President Biden only yesterday ! Here are the facts which were missed totally :-
    1. Singapore’s HDB flats were constructed entirely from FREE Malaysian water, rocks and sand. It is time for the Malaysian Government to put an EXPORT TAX ON WATER, ROCKS AND SAND since its coffers are empty. Charity begins at home which is our beloved Malaysia !
    2. The alleged recalcitrant in the Unity Government confirmed the very close links between the DAP and a foreign Government/POWER which is Singapore. Only he can do it. None of us can,
    3. There are more skyscrapers in KL and Selangor than Singapore. Who built them ? Surely we must have the expertise to solve simple housing problems !
    4. Whose heart belongs to Daddy ? At this Time and Age, 2023, it is ridiculous with an inferior complex to request a tiny bite sized but impoverished but rich Singapore for help. According to DAP’s friend, TDM, Singapore refused to help in 1997 during the currency crisis. Therefore, the question of MONEY for impoverished Singapore may be alleged to be on the table. Like the no work done HSR compensation of RM 330 millions paid by the DAP dominated PH Government 2018-2020 ?
    5. The Malaysian experts on housing development were ignored or slapped in the face. What is so good about the HDB flats which have been the objects of many Singapore Government’s Policy refinements or adjustments ?
    6. The DAP State Government of Pulau Pinang could launch the multi-billion ringgits under-sea tunnel and the 3 islands reclamation projects, but the DAP cannot resolve the simple housing problems of our beloved Malaysia but has to RELY ON SINGAPORE which is now struggling to make ends meet ! How come, DAP ?
    7. At least the slow moving and shy MCA DID NOT OPENLY CONTACT THE SINGAPORE GOVERNMENT WITHOUT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT’S PERMISSION AFTER SWEARING LOYALTY TO KING AND COUNTRY ! But in this ridiculous episode, we see a VVIP who just swore his loyalty to King and Country alleged to have committed a faux pas WHICH HE VEHEMENTLY DENIED ! Two wongs do not make a right as a saying goes ! Or it is just like Rishi Sunak, the British Prime Minister calling NEW DELHI FOR HELP TO RESOLVE BRITAIN’S HOUSING PROBLEM. But Rishi Sunak definitely knows his heart does not belong to New Delhi. He is not a fool and definitely not a stupid chinaman !
    8. I have often asked my friends,’ Have you ever met a stupid Chinaman ?’ They invariably answered me with a big ‘NO !’ But I would quickly interject with two well-known household names on both sides of the Causeway and said, ‘ Some Chinamen are so very clever as to be stupid !’. After a short silence, they would shout a loud, ‘YES!’. Up to that point, I thought I knew of only two stupid chinamen on both sides of the Causeway !
    9. According to Einstein, there are only 2 Infinities in this World. The Universe and the Stupidity of Humankind !
    10. UNITY GOVERNMENT ? More ‘abang-adek’ siren calls and more very hot retreats – the hallmarks of Singapore’s humongous Ministry of Information manned by bitter ex-Penangites ?

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