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The size of DAP’s ego


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The MH370 episode is very revealing of the behaviour of the DAP and their supporters.

We can see how they are bullying the establishment whether it’s the DCA, TUDM, PDRM, MAS, ministers, Utusan or government supporters in the social media.

Dapsters are pengganas komunis alaf baru.


DAP has 38 MPs but the party is so loud and their supporters so very aggressive.


Umno has 88 MPs but you wouldn’t have guessed from the party’s paling tidak apa-ness.


Actually, we should be thankful that Umno is not acting its size.

The DAP, on the other hand, is behaving bigger than it really is.


What happens when the Chinese have a little power?

The dog in the photo below is captive.

It can’t run away because it is tied to a chain. You can see the chain.

The scene is in Sichuan. The men in uniform are Chinese.


Now look at the second enforcement officer — not the one holding the shovel but the other one.

BELOW: You can see his right foot is stepping on the chain to make doubly sure that the dog can’t escape.

What the scene shows is the brutal execution of raw power.


The dog is wearing a collar and the chain functions as a leash. It ‘belongs’ to the vagrant.

The homeless man is powerless and helpless in the face of the Chinese officials who are wielding power and shovel and ‘pitchfork’.

Nobody among the Chinese bystanders intervened. Instead some of them were grinning as they watched the dog being beaten to death.

    Minority Chinese remain passive to the cruelty

What kind of people are they?

They are the kind of prosperous people – the two men in uniform are well-fed – who have no qualms about misusing whatever petty power that they might have. In this case, for criminally abusing a small creature.

Power in their hands is applied to hurt the weak and the poor. Sad for the dog and even more sad for the helpless inertia suffered by the vagrant.

What is it about the Chinese that they can just stand by and look on while all of that was happening?

I hope this dog tableau explains to you why a segment of the Chinese community here – who are non-Christian and non-DAP members – are not doing anything about the aggressive evangelist party’s rise and rise to the pinnacle of power.


Chew Mei Fun, a victim of blood libel

The MCA vice president (current) Ms Chew had previously resigned her positions as Wanita MCA chief, Deputy Minister and Senator in protest against Chua Soi Lek and his sex scandal.

Her resignation was a principled act  rare among Malaysian politicians.

She is a good Buddhist.

But do you know what her political opponents did to her?

poster maid abuse

Bangsat betul!

During the recent Kajang by-election, they printed and distributed flyers to the Malay areas that said “Calon Barisan Nasional pernah meletakkan jawatan Timbalan Menteri kerana takut didakwa mendera amah warga Indonesia pada tahun 2010”.

What the  #$*@!

The kind of slander that “they” (pemfitnah tegar) are capable of concocting defies all human decency.

Chew Mei Fun has lodged a police report against (unknown) “opposition supporters” whom she said were responsible for the smear campaign, and saying, “These fictional lies have overstepped the boundary“.

Chew, who is single, has never even employed a maid before. It just goes to show that the audacity of their fabrication is beyond our imagination. What kind of dajjal are they?

They drag nobility down to their own scumbag standards and then have the cheek to point fingers at BN people as “low class” and “wicked”.

The Chinese taking the centrestage

Anak Bangsa Malaysia paint themselves as Peace and Love and holding hands to build bridges … indah khabar dari rupa

Opposition hate and gutter politics

Chew Mei Fun rightly complained that “the opposition should not resort to gutter politics to tarnish [her] reputation”.

She said: “They put up banners telling people that by voting me is to vote for Umno and Perkasa. They want Chinese to hate MCA but when they go to Malay areas, they will tell Malays to vote for a Malay candidate”.

Brilliant. These supposedly colour blind people who have purportedly transcended race were telling Kajang Malay voters to vote for a fellow Malay Wan Azizah while at the same time lecturing that the BN is racist.

Before that, the Christian Elizabeth Wong had labelled Chew to be a person of “zero integrity” and “no morality”.

Pakatan supporters called Chew Mei Fun “running dog”, a phrase commonly employed by the Bintang Tiga. They also called her an “Umno bitch”.

Their willingness to dehumanize whoever stands in the way of Pakatan’s political ambition is like the inhumane behaviour shown by the China Chinese who battered the dog to death in full view of its owner.

To say that the defamation they did Chew Mei Fun is vile and vicious would be an understatement. Aside from the vileness and viciousness of their libel is the slickness of the slander … teramat licik — the angle of attack that they used.

It is for this reason that they are very dangerous people.

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45 thoughts on “The size of DAP’s ego

  1. Thinking of spiderman cartoon old theme

    policeman, policeman
    whatever chinese police can
    take a bribe, a moral degrade
    then hit a dog with a spade
    Look Out
    Here come the dog beater man

  2. Ms H. Win at all costs. Demagogic, derogatory, damned lies are the stuff which make up people who pretend to be politicians exploiting the language divide between the compatrmentalised communities.

    They tell one thing to one group and tell another to another group which are all lies.

    As long as the goodies do not flow down the pyramid of power to the proletariat, we can expect these liars will make hay will the sun shines.

  3. re: ‘I hope this dog tableau explains to you why a segment of the Chinese community here – who are non-Christian and non-DAP members – are not doing anything about the aggressive evangelist party’s rise and rise to the pinnacle of power.’

    What is it with them anyway?

    Are they indifferent, in tacit complicity or dumb acquiescence?

    Or are they just afraid of being lynched by the bangsats?

    1. All of the above plus the hate propaganda is simply overwhelming.

      MCA must be held accountable for the J-Star stabbing BN in the back. It defies all logic that the party in control of the widest circulation newspaper and a media group that owns several Chinese radio stations and has a wide array of digital media can be so unpopular.

      See how 60 percent of J-Star readers who responded to the article were Happy, Inspired, Amused to read the news that Wanita MCA vice president Lim Bee Kau had died of cancer.

      1. re: See how 60 percent of J-Star readers who responded to the article were Happy, Inspired, Amused to read the news that Wanita MCA vice president Lim Bee Kau had died of cancer.

        They’d taken leave of their senses long ago.

        Now it looks to me like they’re possessed by some demon that’s removed compassion from their hearts and robbed them of their conscience and humanity and perverted them into sub-human beings.

        The evolution from rabid running dog to insensate obscenity is there for all to see.

        There’s no turning back now.

        What kind of people are they to begin with, that they’ve willingly allowed themselves to be corrupted and perverted like this?

  4. DAP memperlihatkan racisnya dan benci melayu umno secara terang dan membenci pas dan melayu pkr secara diam… dilakukan untuk terus meraih sokongan ‘cina bukit’… hakikatnya DAP memperbodohkan majoriti cina untuk terus hidup secara rasional dan waras. Mereka menghidupkan kembali budaya gengster..

    1. re: “DAP memperlihatkan rasisnya dan benci Melayu Umno secara terang”

      Untuk memperjelaskan sedikit: Elizabeth Wong telah mengata Chew Mei Fun seorang yang “tidak berakhlak” dan “ketandusan integriti” hanya kerana beliau telah berucap sepentas dengan pemimpin Perkasa sewaktu dijalankan kempen pilihanraya Kajang.

      EW bukan DAP tetapi seorang politikus PKR. Bermaksud perasaan benci Melayu itu pada hakikinya menyusup ke dalam sanubari Cina evangelis.

  5. Dear Helen i doubt this kind of hated patronage fallcy image will it fall apart to our future plural society with this kind of disruptive activities as said by you dapster adalah komonis alaf baru

  6. What happens when the Chinese have a little power?

    MCA had power for many years too. What did they do?

    1. re: “What did they do?”

      Quietly prepare the ground for a seamless handover of the baton so that now DAP commands 90 percent Chinese support and putting the BN at risk of losing GE14, with PPTA Umno not even realising what hit them until Najib Razak was slack jawed on 5 May 2014 blurting out “Chinese tsunami”.

  7. Ms H. It is about time I lay down the facts. The facts that there are 99% good Malays, Chinese, Indians and others.

    In 1972, I developed my concept and control of Sime Darby by Malaysians eg. the Malays because at that material time the Malays only on 2% of our beloved country’s wealth, the British owned 70% of the best assets and the Chinese towkays 25% of the 3rd rate assets.

    It is well nigh imppossible for a person or group to go from 2% to %0% at one stroke even with nationalisation of foreign assets. My view which was accepted by Tun Abdul Razak and Tengku Razaleigh was to buy the British assets at market values. In the case of Sime Darby, the relevant agency ran out of money after spending only RM 23 Millions by 1974. Without telling anyone, I met the famous Singaporean lady lawyer and the heads of 2 largest Singaporean corporations to garner their help. They agreed within the parameters of our long traditional histories for the benefit of all, especiallly the Malays from the acquisition of Sime Darby by Malaysian interests.

    The Malaysians were in control by December 1975 in terms of equity but the take over of the management did not take place till 1982 because of the very unfortunate demise of our beloved Tun Abdul Razak. From this point, instead of becoming a true all Malaysian corporate outfit for the benefit of all Malaysians and acquiring useful foreign corporations for our forward development, Sime Darby has become an elegant British type of trading house like Guthrie, Boustead, H & C, East Asiatic, etc of old – own plantations and as a trading house, sell goods manufactured by others and now it has developed into a housing developer like Ali and Ah Kow down the road. The purpose of Sime Darby in 1976 to be like Temasek Holdings of Singapore in the 21st Century went into a void for 38 years and became the no-risk flagship of a Trust, PNB. For 38 years we missed out on all the wonderful technologies and established markets which would have put our beloved country into the top bracket of nations by now. But the executives of Sime Darby benefitted mightily with no risks taken. Yet, Sime Darby went into a RM 1 Billion bankruptcy in 1996 and a RM 2 Billion bankruptcy in 2010 without taking risks !

    At this point in time, I am forced to reveal the truth that there is only one Chinaman, who is me, took the first step to assist the Malays to enter the corporate world of big business which was the acquistion of Sime Darby in 1972. The Sime Darby template was there for the Malays to turn this golden horse into at least 10 times its present worth. But unfortunately, Sime Darby was beset by greed and bankruptcies and became a donkey.

    Why do I help the Malays with the Sime Darby concept and acquisition ? Of course, I was aware of the finger pointing by the British at the Chinese that they acquire all the wealth in the country. This is absolutely not true. The Chinese were brought in to work on the land under the hot sun and to become distributors of British goods. No more. No less. The Chinese who became towkays were actually scavengers of the lands mainly tin mining lands left unwanted by the British – my father was one. The rest eked out a hard living in the towns and the jungle fringes. Many died unsung.

    Why do I help the Malays? Let us not forget that the Malays in 1972 had only 2% of the wealth of the country, the British had 70% of the best and the Chinese 25% of the third rate assets. If the Malays did not have Sime Darby and believed the finger pointing at the Chinese who were innocent of robbing the best assets which were actually 70% owned by the British, I honestly believe that there will be so much disorder then and we would not even be able to quarrel in an orderly manner today.

    IN OTHER WORDS, MY CONCEPT OF THE ACQUISITION OF SIME DARBY BY MALAY INTERESTS TOOK THE PRESSURE OFF THE BUSINESS EXPANSION OF THE CHINESE TO THIS DAY ! Remember, I mentioned some ignorant ennobled Chinamen mad uncomplimentary remarks about me. As my conscience is clear and in the general interest. I just ignored these remarks as from unimportant people.


    When I first became interested in the Web in 2011, I thought most of the political comments were clownish and did not bear serious attention. But I have now come to conclusion that bad hats are exploiting this wealth and hatred issue between the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians and others, with lies to their own advantage.



    And I do not believe in bribing people. I have assisted many Malays, Chinese and Indians to become rich, very rich, not by bribery but real assistance.

    Do not believe other peoples are bad as you have been told. 99% of all peoples are generally good people.

  8. Ms H. As I said before it was the Currency Board which was a relic of British Imperialism in Malaya, prevented the Malays to acquire wealth pari passu with the other communities. Not only this, the Currency Board slowed down the tempo of business and the circulation of money. It only issues money which is earned unlike the functions of Bank Negara Malaysia. This point is another dividing factor between the Alliance and PAP in 1964. The latter feared by utillising the function of printing money functions of a central bank, hyperinflation will come. After 13 May 1969, the Currency Board was dissolved and Bank Negara Malaysia eventually assumed its role as central bank in 1972.

    From the basics of our political history, I do hope that all of us Malaysian understand that our beloved Malaysia has come a long long way and that our foretathers did something and the Opposition did nothing.

    1. re: “the Opposition did nothing”

      They’re doing a lot of damage now. Look at what they did to Chew Mei Fun.

      1. Ms H. The Opposition is only as effective as those who believe their lies. This is their weakness because they have no facts or truth to tell !

        1. re: “The Opposition is only as effective as those who believe their lies.”

          So how come 90 percent of the Chinese can believe in the various lies enough to effect a tsunami?

          Tidal waves don’t materialize out of nowhere and out of nothing.

          1. Ms H. The unhappiness of the Chinese dated back to at least 2003 when the goodies last flowed down the power pyramid. I could see the difficulties of the man/woman of all races eking out a living in the streets year in and year out since 2003.

            People were encouranged by hope in 2004. But when the real goodies did not materialize but were seen to defy the flow of gravity and with the instigation of the Opposition, all sorts of reasoning were thrown to the wind especially with a perfunctory MCA as mentioned by you.

            We now have a weak Opposition and a distracted Government. Let us all hope nothing more untowards will happen.

      2. Ms H. Also, I said sometime ago that there is no book which will tell us how to be a Prime Minister. But tons of books on political philosphy. Hence, when a dull, colourless and obstiante Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP enters the fray it is up to WHOEVER to counter them This is one reason why I also said that the MCA leadership is unqualified and uneducated in THIS BATTLE OF WITS with clowns.

        1. re: “the MCA leadership is unqualified and uneducated”

          They are colluding. Their media J-Star stabbed BN in the back.

  9. Ms H. I hope all of us Malaysians see how the Opposition is only bent on dotting the i and crossing the t ! The broadstrokes in thought of how to benefit our beloved Nation and her peoples are lost in all these minor quarrels and skirmishes engendered by them. This is the level of their intellect, thought and esteem. With them, our beloved Malaysia will be turned into Disneyland ! Acheh !

    1. “Fine words and an insinuating appearance are seldom associated with true virtue. Hold faithfulness and sincerity as first principles. The determined scholar and the man of virtue will not seek to live at the expense of injuring their virtue. They will even sacrifice their lives to preserve their virtue intact.”
      – The Confucian Analects

      1. Chris. Agree. I never glorified mysel until 2014 out of current circumstances.

        1963. I was a Founder Trustee of the National Art Gallery Malaysia with Tan Sri Runme Shaw, Royal Professor Ungku Tan Sri Aziz, Dato Loke Wan Tho, Tan Sri P.G. Lim.

        1968. I was with the famous P.P Narayanan on the Board of Trustees, EPF.

        1972. Youngest ever appointed to the Board of Bank Negara Malaysia. RM 1 = Singaporer $ 1.03

        1972. Developed the concept to get Malays to enter BIG BUSINESS QUICKLY via Sime Darby and PROTECTED CHINESE BUSINESSES INDIRECTLY !

        Many many more which I have achieved successfully but did not glorify myself until now when things seem to come to ahead with the deliberate INSTIGATIONS by the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP weak, dull, colourless and obstinate leadership to EXPLOIT RACIAL UNHAPPINESS AND FISSURES. This has to stop !

        Has anyone pondered to consider what a silly slogan, ‘ Malaysia for Malaysian’ is, at a time when the Singaporeans are demanding ‘Singapore for Singaporeans’ and even the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15, yes 15 Failed Policies for Singapore dares not appear in his old haunt of HONG LIM GREEN ! Acheh !


          I never asked anyone for favours, money or titles ! And I am exceedingly very happy !

  10. Ms H. And the joke that Pulau Pinang will be turned into a 21st Century Singapore must be the joke of the 21st Century. For starters, they will have to find a Dr Alfred Winsemius who advised the Singapore Government 1961 – 1984. !

    1. The MH370 episode is very revealing of the behaviour of the DAP and their supporters.

      We can see how they are bullying the establishment whether it’s the DCA, TUDM, PDRM, MAS, ministers, Utusan or government supporters in the social media.”

      Good job. Now Penang has lost many Chinese tourits.

      “GEORGE TOWN: Penang is expecting an estimated 50 percent drop in Chinese tourist arrivals to the state in the short term after the recent kidnapping in Sabah and the missing MH370 incident, said Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng (pic).”

      The more the bitching is on social media, substitute short-term with long term.

      “For starters, they will have to find a Dr Alfred Winsemius who advised the Singapore Government 1961 – 1984. !”
      Well no need … they got Penang Institute.

      1. Mulan. The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is a political opportunist since its formation by the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 15 failed Policies for Singapore in 1966.

        Countries all over the World do have major crises now and then. This is the normal nature of Humankind. It is at times like this that true Malaysians stand together, united and proud, to face and resolve problems and not to point fingers or run down others. This is what is known as magnanimity. If these folks are uneducated and unqualified and fond of putting on fancy costumes and confirm that they are empty vessels which makes the most noise, we can only take them as political clowns of the lst Order.

        Penang Institute is just a copy cat of the Institute of South East Asian Studies established in 1972 to keep track of possible adversaries and to use as a forum to butter up young Malay intellectuals egoes for future use as time bombs of Malaysia. Hardly any Chinaman ever invited. Maybe those DAP fellows only.

        As there are hardly any intellectual in Pulau Pinang, remember in Singapore they have the smartest fellow on top of the dysfunctional pyramid which is now broken up in 2013. They can not form a meritocratic pyramid with NO INTELLECTUALS. What a joke ! I always suggest to people to their own thing, like myself and should not copy-cat others which will make them look funny. Imagine we have Selangor Institute, Perak Institute, etc.etc.

        1. Mulan. Before I forget our Ms H is an ORIGINAL. Her successful Blog is based on her core values and intellect as compared with those African voodoo song and dance troupes down Subang Way !

  11. Ms H. The many years of unfair accusations levelled at the Chinese in Malaysia by others that they control the wealth of our beloved Malaysia is now proven to be untrue. It was the British who controlled 70% of the general economy. Most of these British assets were acquired by Malay interests from 1976 beginning with Sime Darby. The Chinese who became rich were the scavengers of tin mining properties discarded by the British – like my father. The rest had to eke out a hard living through toil and sweat. Many died.
    In 1972, the Malays wealth was 2%. With my concept and the eventual control of Sime Darby cost Malay interests only RM 23 Million. Then, the ‘dawn raid’ on Guthrie in 1982 cost the Malays 2 Billion pounds. The merchant banker could retired at the age of 29 to the Scottish Highlands to shoot at pheasants after this.
    At the beginning of the NEP in 1972, a Chinaman stepped forward with his concept and assistance to the Malays to enter big business quickly. That was me, the one and only Chinaman to this day.
    The golden horse of Sime Darby was delivered but it was turned into a donkey without much benefit to the Malays or non-Malays due to the fact Sime Darby did not do any business of value to Malaysia to this day eg. Sime Darby sponsors Ocean Racing in New Zealand for more than 10 years to this day !
    My original intention of Sime Darby doing real business by taking over huge foreign businesses entities with their technologies and markets never materialised due to the untimely death of Tun Abdul Razak and the country had an uncertain political leadership until the 1980s.
    Therefore, the Malays had the chance to build something huge and special for all from 1976 if they took the 21st Century route of Temasek Holdings of Singapore. The Sime Darby management after 1982 preferred to take no business risk due to their imagination. Lots of salaries for the staff but took no risk. So no benefits for the Malays and the non-Malays.
    A Chinaman did step forward to assist the Malays to gain huge wealth in 1972 at the beginning of the NEP. No other Chinaman did !
    To rub salt into the wound, the responsible organs or institutions of the Chinese never kept any original statistics at all. Why ? Because their leaderships were uneducated and unqualified. How to argue ? How to negotiate with others ? When theire is no basis to rely on !

  12. The DAP is organising a midnight prayer session tonight at Dataran Merdeka for MH370.

    Hope it doesn’t turn into something else. ….

      1. Cumudgeon of 72. It took the Opposition over 3 weeks to think of this one. As I have always said the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP leadership is dull, colourless and obstinate.

  13. Not sure if it was reported but the Tamil newspapers carried out the story about how PR distributed posters of a bikini clad lady with Mei Fun’s face superimposed. I wonder if this is what Pakatan considers as New Politics. Not sure if this was reported in the BM & English media since I was mostly out of country lately.

      1. Clarify:

        Bikini covergirl poses are supposed to be hot & sexy (to the Dapster men at least) but the one they photoshopped of CMF was not meant to sex her up but to make ‘her’ look cheap & decrepit.

        1. And now the rude picture of Kak Rosmah as a crash victim What kind of people are these people? They really have no taste.

  14. Ms H. Fresh from the spiritual home of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP on MERITOCRAZY . Please view It is a good thing our beloved Malaysia never adopted the policy whereby the top 1% academically overlorded the 99% for life. Some of the former live up to more than 90 and are still kicking ! In this update, LESS THAN 30% of the total complement of meritocrats in all the Singaporean institutions are Singaporeans !

  15. re: “The MCA vice president (current) Ms Chew had previously resigned her positions as Wanita MCA chief, Deputy Minister and Senator in protest against Chua Soi Lek and his sex scandal.
    Her resignation was a principled act rare among Malaysian politicians. She is a good Buddhist. But do you know what her political opponents did to her?”

    PKR’s overtly obnoxious smear campaign towards Mdm Chew Mei Fun has resulted in one good thing for her. Her scandalizers will have to face her on Judgement Day and compensate her grievances from their own store of spiritual merit; but if the scandalizer’s account was empty of spiritual rewards, then he would have to suffer the punishments due to Mdm. Chew’s personal sins.

    BACKBITING & Its Consequences to the Sinner in the Hereafter:

  16. Ms H. Through the years of reading your distinguished Blog, I note that nearly all who blogged here are good people and have our beloved Malaysia at heart. What all of us lack is INFORMATION ABOUT THE DISTANT PAST, THE PRESENT AND THE FUTURE. Without factual information, WE ARE ALL BLIND AND CANNOT SEE AND THINK AHEAD.

    Many thanks to the World of the Web, the garnering of information is a thing of the PAST. I am confident our beloved Malaysia will go from strength ot strength with the good peoples we have amongst our midst. Not to worry. All countries have their hiccups now and then. As long as we REMEMBER WHO WE ARE AND HOW WE CAME INTO BEING, ALL WILL BE WELL.

    Chaps in funny costumes are just chaps in funny costumes. No more. No less ! And the wonderful thing about our beloved Malaysia is that when we revert to NORMALITY/NORMALCY, the upshot of the rebound will take us up into the top pantheon of NATIONS. Vote BN !

  17. Ms H. I hope your Bloggers realize that actually the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP has no EGO because it is no USE having 100% support WITHOUT POLITICAL POWER WHICH IS TO RULE A COUNTRY. There is definitely something amiss in their FLAWED THINKING. NO WONDER THE DAP LEADERSHIP PREFERRED TO BE IN THE OPPOSITION DOG-HOUSE FOR OVER 48 years. I sincerely hope their fervent die-hards and disciples realise this HUGE POLITICAL ANOMALY OF THE DAP !

    Have 100% of the votes BUT NOT TO RULE !!!

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