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Teresa condemns National Unity Minister

Teresa Kok accused Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Joseph Kurup of playing the race card in his speech yesterday. She also accused him of abusing his position to campaign the Kajang by-election during a ministry event.

(For backgrounder, refer ‘PRK Kajang: Chinese audience cannot understand Minister speaking in Malay‘.)

“This is most unbecoming and irresponsible of a Minister in charge of national unity,” said the Seputeh MP cum DAP vice chairman in a press statement released a short while ago. “He must now answer the question that Malaysians want to know – is he a Minister of Unity or Disunity?”, she added.

“How could a minister in charge of national unity play racial card in a by-election?”, said Teresa in her statement.

Teresa further berated Kurup, telling him that all Ministers must regard themselves as Malaysians First as well as challenged Najib Razak to state his stand on national unity.

BELOW: The J-Star has in the past pushed Najib into a corner and having to deny that Umno is racist (15 Oct 2009).

Umno is not racist Najib - Nation The Star Online 2013-05-02 17-23-57

Gunting dalam Lipatan

If a priest has to deny that he is a pedophile, you would wonder if he is wouldn’t you.

The DAP has been successful in spreading the perception that Umno is racist, Muhyiddin is extremist, Perkasa is the Klu Klux Klan and Isma is religious bigot all thanks to the party’s well-oiled media machinery.

Therefore, it looks like The J-Star‘s subtle strategy to deliberately highlight the Umno president at the moment when he is cornered into denying that his party is racist. The fact that he has even to deny this DAP “racist, racist, racist” mantra indicates how far the aggressive and vicious DAP black propaganda has taken its toll.

BELOW: The J-Star also pushed Muhyiddin’s back against the wall with the DPM similarly issuing a denial that he is racist (16 Apr 2010).

Muhyiddin Im no racist

Evangelista Bintang Lima

As for conniving The J-Star headline on Muhyiddin Yassin, compare the paper’s treatment of him with how the evangelista Bintang Lima editors treat Lim Guan Eng.

MCA is nothing but treacherous (there is no other word) for allowing its Scissorati to mount such sneaky ambushes against the BN leadership.

With the role of The J-Star the biggest circulation English media, ask yourself if the paper has been assiduously carrying out the DAP 3.0 agenda by looking at how its coverage of the Kajang by-election is panning out.

Compare the way Umno bloggers have been campaigning hard for Chew Mei Fun and contrast this to the Scissorati’s backstabbing of Wanita MCA, so much so that when the vice chairman of the party women’s wing died of cancer, 60 percent of the J-Star readers who gave their feedback said that they were HAPPY/INSPIRED/AMUSED to hear the news.

BELOW: The J-Star published an article titled “Look past race” written by Hannah Yeoh

Hannah Yeoh article
Article written by Hannah Yeoh

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    1. RE: “Speaking at Parliament House, outspoken PAS Pokok Sena MP Datuk Mahfuz Omar said that if the plane was hijacked, there would have been negotiations by now.

      “Our concern now is the safety of the passengers. I am willing to exchange places with the passengers and become a hostage if the need arises,” Mahfuz said. He later confirmed that the offer also involved other Pakatan Rakyat leaders.

      A MONKEY-MIND Tale:

      A man had seven monkeys. One morning he told them,

      “I will give each of you three figs in the morning and four in the evening. That will feed you for the day and there is no more.”

      The angry monkeys started to scream.

      “Alright, alright”, he said, “How about four figs in the morning and three in the evening?”

      At this the monkeys were appeased. hu, hu, hu!

      MORAL: Liars cannot cheat everybody, all of the time. They only deceive all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time… and that is too much hijacking of the people’s trust!

      Adakah ini sejenis logik akal? Hanya tuannya yang dapat manfaat. Tak ada guna untuk orang yang bukan ahlinya.

  1. Teresa Kok tak faham apa erti RACIST kut?

    RACIST = oghang yang suka racing motorbike dan motorcars!

  2. Teresa! you’re a Chinese, why don’t you campaign for Kajang seat? The outgoing representative was a Chinese, wasn’t he? He knew the culture and the requests of the Chinese better than a non-Chinese didn’t he?

    Lord Buddha said: “If you propose to speak, always ask yourself, is it true, is it necessary, is it kind?”

    1. I just can’t fathom, someone like T.Kok which had uttered Ma Lai, Sey Lei Ahh, had the gut to talk of being a Malaysian First. Cakap pun among yourself ony, Kanton & Mando, some more got face to talk about other people being rasis?!


  3. Theresa is a walking condemnation of all of humanity. Her demenour is a reflection of her inner mind. Empty, vain and self cenetred. She is a walking disaster for a politician and [deleted] whilst preaching the Christian principles of her church from a morally unsound high ground. Her Chinese chauvinism is at the root of all her politics. Ptooi!!

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