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Political Christianity – the police is watching

Yee Siew Meng co-authored Reformasi — The Struggle Continues (1998-2015), a pictorial about Anwar Ibrahim. It is a political book by Yee – pix below – who is PKR vice division chief for Kelana Jaya.

At the same time, Yee is a pastor at City Discipleship Presbyterian Church, Subang Jaya. He is an example of the new breed Jerusubang evangelical preacher cum politician.

Yee Siew Meng made an accusation against “political monsters” and their hand “in every other race eruptions in Malaysia”, writing in Malaysiakini on 14 July 2015 vis-a-vis the Low Yat mini riot.

“As it was in May 13 and so it is in every other race eruptions in Malaysia we see the hand of these political monsters who wish to see a divided Malaysia along the same lines as their political coalition.”

This is the kind of rhetoric coming from the preacher-politicians of Jerusubang.

Yee is Hannah Yeoh’s BFF.

Yee Siew Meng

Police aware of threat posed by the evangelical movement

Bukit Aman Special Branch Deputy Commissioner of Police Awaludin Jadid is giving a talk tomorrow on the threat of the Christianization movement to national security.

His talk titled ‘Ancaman Gerakan Kristianisasi Terhadap Keselamatan Negara’ will be delivered at a seminar hosted in KAED auditorium, UIA’s Gombak campus.

We must not forget that pastors and church workers were among the troublemakers detained under Ops Lalang in 1987.

BELOW: Tweet from Yee Siew Meng vowing that the rakyat will strike Najib Razak with vengeance if God doesn’t first

Like their rival counterparts engaged in political Islam, these Jerusubangites are heavily engaged in political Christianity. They’re very aggressive political animals.

Police are also aware to what extent the churches promoted as well as participated in the Bersih rallies. The Christian clergy are hardly apolitical nor non-partisan as they’d like to portray themselves to be.

They’re in fact feral chameleons disguising themselves as the lambs of God, meek and mild (not!)

BELOW: The Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur Julian Leow in a Bersih 4.0 T-shirt

archbishop julian leow2


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8 thoughts on “Political Christianity – the police is watching

    1. The most crucial point for human beings to heed is the Buddha’s fundamental teaching of phenomenality, selflessness and impersonality of existence (in Pali “anatta”). It is the middle way between two extremes: on the one hand, the spiritualistic belief in an eternal ego-entity, or soul, that goes beyond the portal of death; on the other hand, the materialistic belief in a temporary ego-entity which is totally annihilated at death.

      It is said that there are three existential teachers in the world: The first teacher teaches the existence of an eternal ego-entity outlasting death – this is the Eternalist (as for example the Christian). The second teacher teaches a temporary ego-entity which becomes annihilated at death – this is the annihilationist , or materialist. The third teacher teaches neither an eternal nor a temporary ego-entity – this is the Buddha. The Buddha teaches that what we call ego, self, soul, personality, etc. are merely conventional terms which do not refer to any real independent entity or substance. The compassionate one teaches that there is only to be found the psycho-physical process of existence changing from moment to moment. Without understanding the selflessness of personal existence, it is not possible to understand the Buddha’s teaching; one cannot be emancipated from suffering, nor will one experience the enlightenment of the heart-mind as proclaimed by the Buddha.

      1. The classical Sufi tradition of Ahl Sunnah wal Jamaah holds that there is no truly real existence (ahaqul wujud) to the individual soul (nafs). For the nafs there is quintessentially the free will (kasab) to choose its own thought patterns and behavioural actions; but it must have to bear the resultant effects of its volitional acts in the stream of consciousness through the space-time continuum of creation – “laha ma kasabat wa alaiha maktasabat” (Quran 2:286). In actuality, each and every created soul only has phenomenal existence in the Oneness of True Existence (wahdaniyyah al-haqul wujud) that is Allah the Ultimate Reality (Haqiqah Ahadus Samad).
        The soul is essentially “selfless” except only in namesake within the unfolding cosmic drama.

        In the Name of Allah All-Compassionate and Merciful

        “Wa-idz akhadza rabbuka min banii adama min dzuhuurihim dzurriyyatahum wa ashhadahum aala anfusihim alastu bi rabbikum. qaluu bala shahidna an taquuluu yawma al qiyamati inna kunnaa ‘an hadza ghafileena”

        When thy Lord drew forth
        From the loins of the offspring of Adam,
        Their descendants and made them
        Testify concerning themselves: (The Lord said)
        “Am I not your Lord (Who created and sustains you)?” —
        They said: “Yea! We do testify!”
        Lest You should say about us on the Day of Judgment:
        That of this we (the souls) were never conscious and mindful.
        (Quran 7:172)

  1. Which political monsters does Yee think started May 13th? Let me guess, he actually bought into the conspiracy theory propagated by the Dapsters that May 13th was masterminded by Tun Razak to topple Tunku.

    It’ll be “fun” to watch them re-write the nation’s history if tgey take over Putrajaya.

  2. Shouldn’t the title of your post be “…. – the police ARE watching”?

    Grammar – tch, tch.

    What with political Christianity, political Islam, political Hinduism etc, it looks as if every religion out there isn’t aware of the need for the separation of church/mosque/temple/synagogue and state.

    Is a crackdown coming?

    It would be an interesting PR exercise for the PR flacks to wrap their hands around.

    At least there are no arguments about the “New Evangelisation” agenda as espoused by the Catholic Church.

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