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Christians condemn Zul Noordin

The reminder below, by Najib Razak’s Global Movement of Moderates chairman Saifuddin Abdullah, provides a context to the controversial tweet by Zulkifli Noordin on the sudden demise of DAP founding father Karpal Singh.

Saifuddin Abdullah (saifuddinabd) on Twitter Karpal

As indicated in the Twitter tagging above, Dapster Khairy was another politician who had also responded to the Perkasa vice president Zul.

@khairykj’s tweet to @zulkiflinoordin – “Shut up. Really, shut up” – sounds like Regina Lee talking … it certainly is sebiji @reginalah’s vocabulary, only now coming out of KJ’s mouth.

Ya lor, you rub shoulders with Dapsters, and very soon you sound like one too.

BELOW: Dapsters and their swearing


Pukul rata

While Zul’s fellow Malays had criticized him as a singular individual whose actions they did not condone, his Chinese evangelista critics took the opportunity of his foot-in-mouth as a launch pad to slam the Malays and the Muslims in general.

Below are some excerpts from a Letter to the FMT Editor by James Ang (no relation to me, please!)

The bashing of Zulkifli Noordin is an example of pukul rata where although Zul is the ostensible target, James’ serkap jarang is deliberately cast over Malays and Muslims in relation to their race and religion.

Needless to say James Ang is a self-confessed Christian.


Evangelista slams “Malay/Islamic fanaticism”

In James letter, he writes on “The state of Malay/Islamic fanaticism in our nation”:


  • “And what a time for such a fatwa [kononnya prohibiting Muslims to use the phrase ‘RIP’] to be issued i.e. hours after the unfortunate passing of a prominent non-Muslim Malaysian!” [Note: James is mistaken about the veracity of the purported fatwa. Please read Ellese’s expose ‘False hate allegation against fatwa council‘ in the Hak Bersuara blog.]
  • “As the days pass, it seems to me that Malaysia has an increasing number of Muslims … who seem to be tarnishing the good virtues of Islam that Muslims are called to reflect to others.”
  • “It is narrated in the hadith of Prophet Muhammad in Sahih al-Bukhari Book 23, Hadith 71, “Narrated Abdur Rahman bin Abi Laila: Sahl bin Hunaif and Qais bin Sa’d were sitting in the city of Al-Qadisiya. A funeral procession passed in front of them and they stood up. They were told that funeral procession was of one of the inhabitants of the land i.e. of a non-believer, under the protection of Muslims. They said, ‘A funeral procession passed in front of the Prophet and he stood up. When he was told that it was the coffin of a Jew, he said, “Is it not a living being (soul)’?”
  • “If there was a Muslim leader in Malaysia who truly embodied the Prophet’s virtues, it is Tok Guru Nik Aziz who, despite differences in stance regarding the hudud issue, held Karpal in high regard as a true defender of the Constitution.”
  • “Karpal may have been the figure most critical of hudud implementation, but the humble Tok Guru never once made that a point of enmity between him and the prominent Tiger, instead offering his deepest condolences and expressing regret that the latter was not able to receive proper explanation regarding hudud. I believe the Prophet would also have nonetheless done the same.
  • “Karpal’s untimely passing just seemed to have brought out the ugly side of Islam in Malaysia, which will undoubtedly serve to fuel enmity between Islam and other religions in Malaysia as well.”
  • “I, for one, know that my faith in Christianity is strong, and as such I have nothing to fear even if I quote from the holy books of other religions.” <UNQUOTE>


Typical traits of the evangelista

My commentary on James Ang’s letter

James Ang displays some traits that are common among the Born Again Christians that make up the DAP’s staunchest supporters.

(1) He likes quoting Quran and Hadith

James is not shy of quoting the Al-Quran and in his letter (which incidentally is the FMT lead story this afternoon), he cited “Sahih al-Bukhari Book 23 Hadith 71”.

Nonetheless James’ citation of the Hadith does not seem to match the popular numbering [can our Muslim readers please verify this detail for us?]

Doesn’t James just remind of you evangelista David who, in his ceramah to a PAS audience, had quoted from a non-existent surah. See superblog MyMassa: “Nga Kor Ming (Ahli Parlimen DAP Taiping) telah bertindak memberi salam dan membaca surah “Aura” yang tidak terdapat pun dalam Al-Quran.”

(2) He thinks Nik Aziz is the Muslim warak yang contoh

James believes that the “humble” Tok Guru Nik Aziz truly embodies the Prophet’s virtues.

(3) He memandai-mandai

James disses an alleged fatwa and the allegation merely based on what he reads in the alternative media.

(4) He judges who is a good Muslim and who is a bad Muslim

James Ang passes judgment on the Malays (Zul and Umno Langkawi MP Nawawi Ahmad) who, in his book, “seem to be tarnishing the good virtues of Islam”.

(5) He employs the WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) method

James thinks he knows what the Prophet Muhammad would have done if he (the Prophet) had ever been confronted with the Karpal situation.

(6) He slams Islam as a whole while pretending to target one Muslim activist

James declared: “Karpal’s untimely passing just seemed to have brought out the ugly side of Islam in Malaysia …”.

(7) He drags in adherents of other religions when it is only the evangelista who are posing the challenge

James declared that “the ugly side of Islam” which was brought out by Karpal’s untimely passing “will undoubtedly serve to fuel enmity between Islam and other religions in Malaysia as well”.

In truth, the enmity is not between Islam and “other religions” here. It is mostly the evangelistas against the Muslims.

The windy letter by James purports to demonstrate the “state of Malay/Islamic fanaticism in our nation”.

Malaysians would do well to bear in mind the state of equilibrium, and action-and-its reaction with regard to the Born Again Christian fanaticism in our nation.

(984 words)

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52 thoughts on “Christians condemn Zul Noordin

  1. Zul Nordin should not say what he has said he only invites Islam/Muslim bashing

    1. We get people like Zul because of Islam/Muslim bashing in the first place.

      Also because of weakness and hypocrisy of Malay/Muslim leaders in UMNO, PAS and PKR.

      KJ’s shut up tweet will add more to this increasing disgust and loss of faith.

    2. Right. On the other hand KJ, Saifuddin Abdullah, Tun M and Najib Razak kind words to the late Karpal Singh is never enough to deter the Islam/Muslim bashing?

  2. Dear helen,

    Msian christians are really caring…pegh. even the sikhs are quiet.

    zul might be harsh coz the late karpal was the most vocal against hudud. but as
    a human being, zul did listed many of karpal’s good deeds
    in his memoir n
    to the family.

    u shud read helen, kj being bashed real hard by the
    malays for his arrogance, hypocrysy n more quiet
    than a mouse when the
    christians bash the
    muslims. kj’s pandora box
    and ‘nostalgia’ during father
    in laws tenure are now
    being rekindled. so kj n saifuddin. both of u are two of a kind but remains in umno just for the sake of power n dream of becoming pm before age 40. yep, we dont want another anwar kj!

    always remember anwar’s tagline ‘u ulang i saman’

    Anwar kedua alias Kj’s ‘s tagline ‘shut up, shut up’

    Same tagline helen! shut up to people they dislike. a pm wannabe? pegh…

    1. re: “Anwar kedua alias Kj’s ‘s tagline ‘shut up, shut up'”


      Okay, next time we must remember to call him Khairy-‘shutup-shutup’-Jamaluddin.

  3. Helen.

    I’m disagree with Zul Nordin’s comment.. but he is Zul Nordin.. Like Anwar, Zul Nordin have ‘a license’ to say whatever he want to say! Nobody even having any thought on what he was saying..

    But.. this ‘menantu Pak Lah’ is a minister and UMNO Youth leader.. Come on KJ.. Who are you to ask people to shut up?

    Our simple question to KJ.. where is you ‘shut up- shut up’ when this christian evangalista declaring a war to us?

  4. Saya juga merasakan terdapat keadaan seolah olah ada pertentangan antara Muslim dengan bukan Muslim sekarang ini sebenarnya sesuatu yang tidak wujud.

    Golongan yang mengapi apikan seolah olah ada ‘non Muslim bashing’ atau ‘Muslim bashing’ adalah dari golongan tin kosong “…Born Again Christians that make up the DAP’s staunchest supporters…..’. Tin kosong yang paling kuat berbunyi Hannah Yeo dan James Ang.

    Begitu juga golongan Melayu yang latang bersuara dalam isu isu tertentu hanya lah Zulkifli Nordin dan mungkin juga Ibrahim Ali.

    Kenyataan Zulkifli Nordin mengenai kematian Karpal Singh pun
    bukanlah sesuatu kenyataan yang ‘over’. Sekiranya kenyataan itu datangnya daripada orang Melayu biasa, tidak akan timbul isu isu seperti yang ditimbulkan oleh James Ang.

    Majoriti orang Cina bukan beragama Kristian. Mungkin dalam 5% sahaja beragama tersebut. Tapi apabila hanya 5% batu yang terdapat dalam tin kosong, itu digoncang, hasil bunyi seolah olah membelah bumi!

    Jadi kita rakyat Malaysia baik Melayu mahupun Cina jangan biarkan golongan paling paling ‘minor manority’ mempengaruhi kita untuk bermusuh antara satu dengan lain.

    Mereka yang kuat memekak ( buat bising ) ini adalah golongan yang cuba meraih keuntungan politik tanpa memikirkan kesan buruk kepada rakyat dan negara Malaysia.

    1. Agree. zul was harsh but kj ‘shut up shut up’ was rude for a ketua pemuda n youth minister. but zul’s writing in his blog of his own xperience with mr karpal n highlighting the good deeds of mr karpal shows that they ve
      differences but the
      Respect is shown in
      other aspects.

      the dap
      evangelistas esp hannah yeoh n
      malaysiakini are the
      real culprits n ‘batu api’
      in creating the christians
      n muslim bashing n hate.

  5. Truthfully, there are many things in islam that i disagree with eventhough I am muslim, but i still believe in them as its is faith, faith is conviction. The Quran does talk about jihad and laws that involved death, wars and mutilation, depending on what context you view it and we are not ashamed of our Koran with such mind boggling ideas, but as I consider myself part of the Muslim faith, no matter how many solats moeft, days of fasts i forgot to replace… i will still believe in the Koran word by word. Hence, I view hudud having archaic punishments, but still i cannot oppose its implementation if my leaders wants to implement it.

    But strangely, the bible also have verses that openly invite wars against infidels, killing your own parents that transgress god’s laws, abusing slaves and selling your children into slavery with god turning homosexual cities upside down, drowning the world and babies who are not baptized sent to purgatory..

    the christian apologists would deny these aspects of their bible, hiding behind Christian reformation, enlightenment… but if you deny even a sentence of your bible, doesn’t that mean that christian transgress the word of god and should be killed?

    After denying parts of the bible yet they would still quote the so so goodie two shoe “Love Thy Neighbour” from the same bible that says its OK to kill your parents if they transgress gods laws.. just like Islam, on the contrary many of the hudud essences are in the bible with the bible having more punishments for religious transgressions that probably inspired the pogroms, inquisitions, justified slavery and colonialism….oh the irony ..

    I roll my eyes when the Christians scream how barbaric we Muslims are, it’s the pot calling the kettle back.

    1. the first para of your comments shows that you are lost forrestcat. the parts about Islam that you disagree with are the parts that you don’t understand. Islam is right, you are wrong! Learn forrestcat, learn!

  6. Nik aziz ikut hadis mana bila doa pecah perut utk saudara seislamnya ? Nik aziz kini perlu usung beg plastik utk isi urine nya. Moga dia bertaubat.

  7. With the late Karpal Singh’s funeral tomorrow, I am shocked to see how this has become another opportunity for social media, media and politics to show their disgusting colours.

    I have highlighted about the uncouth comments by the politicians and rude commentary pasted on Najib’s condolence message on Facebook. Now this article looks like an opportunity for the NST to suck up to DAP supporters.

    “He was St Xavier’s Institution most illustrious son”

    Why suddenly the honour of being St Xavier’s highest alumnus? Suddenly everyone forgets Daim Zainuddin who in politics held one of the highest post in Malaysian politics.

    Look at the alumni list. Even the first Chief Minister of Penang Wong Pow Nee (from MCA by the way) has been forgotten. Perhaps this a way of sucking up.

    I don’t deny the late Karpal is great and with lots of achievements, but certainly suddenly sucking up makes me want to puke – together with all the uncouth commentary. Sad to say this is the new Malaysia. (Oh yes, your friend Mr Wong could be in the running for the most illustrious in 30 years or so.)

    Now to Najib’s Easter message.

    It is sad to say (although in real life this happens), Christians and Catholics are considered as separate.

    “With that being said, I wish all Malaysian Christians and Catholics, a wonderful Easter! ”
    No longer are both considered as denominations within Christianity but they are separate.

    Sad to say, even at church this is mentioned, they are both different. Why the sudden separation? We never associate ourselves as separate groups but parts of Christianity, I mean the old style church (Anglican), only certain Evangelicals say that. The Evagenlistas have really entered mainstream Christianity. Sad.

    Oh yes, again certain commentaries on the FB are very distasteful.

    Kueh Kim Joo Do so much for Christian in Malaysia? My foot…. you supported and condoned the act of extremists, racists and religious bigots who are your Party’s members. You have indeed done nothing except suppoting the greedy and morons.!!!

    But I like this post. This is a cheerful comment for Easter.

    Clearence Augustine thanks MR Prime Minister. my support is with you no matter what people say about you. they are just haters. peace malaysia.

    1. Mulan,

      If you don’t mind me asking, which Christian denomination do you belong to?

        1. Have a blessed Easter Mulan.

          Perhaps in our lifetime, both the Anglican & Catholic church in Malaysia will see their collective numbers pale in comparison to the “spirited” evangelicals.

          1. Stately Anglican churches don’t look like the Genting Highlands casino, and cathedral-ish RC churches do not function as mega entertainment centres complete with state-of-the-art sound system and strobe lights.

            The evangelista market is the blond Ah Bengs and Ah Lians. The logical conclusion vis-a-vis your prediction of doom is quite obvious, ain’t it?

            The thing Malaysia has to worry about is that the DAP conquistadors’ march to their pinnacle of power is very much like the 11-12 May 1969 victory parades.

            1. To be honest, when I left Malaysia for my overseas posting in 08, I find the Catholic church both in my hometown Kuching & KL to have a youth revival of sorts. There were a lot of emphasis on youth oriented activities e.g. college, single adults, working young adults etc. To an extent, it worked.

              Youth participation was sky high. But it did not come without a price, IMO.

              The youth were “activity-centric”. As such the activities were enjoyment based, such as plays, camps, outings etc. And it resulted in a superficial faith.

              Today, it seems that the initial euphoria has died down. And they drift away. I know a few who have “found the light/truth” in evangelical churches. We all know why they’re drawn to such churches like flies to light

              1. MCA vs DAP is facing the ‘same’ problem vis-a-vis the lure and allure of Old Church vs evangelical.

                MCA people are fuddy-duddy, not digital media savvy and they lack Event Planners ala Madame Speaker and her “bruders and sistas” vocabulary in their ranks.

                Also MCA does not have that exploitative like the DAP, c.f. their bunch of MPs plus one Christian PKR Kelana Jaya MP (Subang Jaya is a DUN in the Kelana Jaya Parliamentary constituency who took their young children to stage that photo ops).

                And they (the DAP evangelistas) like to accuse MCA of selling their grandmothers. It’s in the same vein as HY’s fav label – “low class” slapped on her opponents.

                1. Re: It’s in the same vein as HY’s fav label – “low class” slapped on her opponents.

                  Perhaps the Madam had missed some passages in the Gospel of St Matthew. It would be an utmost delight of mine to point it out to her.

                  Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You give a tenth of your spices—mint, dill and cumin. But you have neglected the more important matters of the law—justice, mercy and faithfulness. You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former. You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel.

                  “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence. Blind Pharisee! First clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside also will be clean.

                  “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean. In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness. (Matt 23: 23-28)

                  Then again, I suppose she ignored the memo from God since it wasn’t relevant to her.

          2. Remember the article Helen did about Jonker Street. I highlighted a Tamil Church. There aren’t many devotees and the place is very run down. The new churches however are packed to the brink.

            Who want to listen to sermons in Tamil today?

            1. I attended Easter Vigil in St Anthony Pudu last night. It was a mixed language service, English, BM & Tamil. When some of the congregation which looked decidedly Chinese found out it was a multi language mass, quite a few left. The congregation was made up almost in equal measures of Tamil speaking congregation & BM speaking congregation. The English responses were rather muted.

              I think that in itself tells a story.

  8. Itu Evengelis sama Saifuddin ada condemn Karpal kah masa karpal at his whim and fancy kutuk Islam? FUCK double standard

  9. Dear Zul Nordin,

    Although what you said about the late Karpal Singh may be off tangent, I would have thought that even the late Karpal would have been proud of you the way you exercised your freedom of expression.

    1. ‘Karpal would have been proud of you the way you exercised your freedom of expression.’

      I bet that too. The late Karpal S are known for speaking his mind and not mincing words. Stop the insults already.

      KJ and the rest of us, should stop patronizing the late Jelutong Tiger!

  10. Ms.Helen, elok kiranya jika ruangan komen ada kemudahan preview atau edit supaya komentator boleh betulkan sebarangan kesilapan sebelum buat posting. Tq.

    1. En. Xynal,

      Maaf tapi template ini yang saya gunakan nampaknya tidak menyediakan kemudahan preview. Memang ia lebih elok jika kesilapan salah taip dsb boleh diperbetulkan sebelum komen dihantar tapi takpe lah, sila tolong hantar aje komen follow-up selepas disemak versi “pending”.

      Terima kasih :)

  11. Dear Zul Nordin,

    You would do the Malays a lot of service if you can advise the UMNO lost soul leader to vacate his Rembau constituent and recontest the Bukit Jambul constituent.

    1. YB Karpal’s constituency is Bukit Gelugor.

      Personally, I think BN should just give a walkover in the by-election necessary to be held. Any seat in Penang island is a lost cause, particularly one that is three-quarters (74.5%) Chinese.

      1. True helen. even kj or saifuddin abdullah would lose their deposit contesting there. at least a few million ringgit can be saved.

      2. Ahh…that would fit the normal easy going and simplistic Malay mindset reasoning.

        Surely, the oxford trained progressive minded Rembau MP with regina lee as advisor, would relish such an opportunity to embrace the chinese through the front door.

        I am sure the bukit Gelugor voters would be keen to give legitimacy to regina lee.

  12. re: “Dear Zul Nordin, Although what you said about the late Karpal Singh may be off tangent, I would have thought that even the late Karpal would have been proud of you the way you exercised your freedom of expression.”

    I suppose en.Ali is correct. All the while they are clamoring for freedom of expression.. Hak kebebasan bersuara, Hak kebebasan manusia…

    Now why should they feel offended when what Zul doing is only giving them a taste of their own medicine?

    1. ‘Now why should they feel offended ‘

      Indeed. But then again this is in line with ABU hating & bashing. The narrative is that the Malays can never be smart enough, thus must not be speaking his/her mind of. Any thinking and vocal Malays must be racist to the core. But a Cina on the other hand (if did the same) would be merely exercising his/her minority rights.

      Its hard to decipher is it?!

  13. James is not shy of quoting the Al-Quran . May Allah show him (James) the true path. Amin.

    1. Jesus said, “If those who lead you say to you, “See, the kingdom is in the sky,” then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, “It is in the sea,” then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty.” [the Gospel of Thomas]

      James, know that in this poverty of self-ignorance, many men are overpowered by fanaticism, and delusion notoriously holds no respect for any religious affiliation.

  14. Dear Aunty Helen,

    I agree with you. Some non-Muslims like James Ang and lots of DAP leaders feel that they are free to judge and criticize Islam and the Muslims as if they understand Islam more than the Muslims. But they’ll be angry if the Muslims criticize them. That is why they don’t like people like Zul Noordin and love people like KJ, Nik Aziz, Saifuddin Abdullah, Mujahid Yusof Rawa and those who sided them.

    Why must KJ hates Zul Noordin that much? Uncle Zul is a good man. I respect him and I enjoy talking to him. KJ is so rude and sounds like one of the Dapsters. KJ should tell Hishamuddin Rais to shut up.

    1. re: “KJ is so rude and sounds like one of the Dapsters.”

      He sounds like one because he is one. Regina has obviously taught him well.

    1. KJ was kurang ajar to Uncle Zul because KJ is a Dapster.

      ‘Biadab’ is the Dapster’s middle name.

      Many people, including Siti Nurhaliza think KJ is biadab. Regina is equally rude and probably even more aggressive than her boss.

      1. But of course KJ @Reginalah would not berani to tell off Datuk Siti to shut up simply because he needs H2O to advance himself in UMNO politics. Of course by telling off the besan is never a good start to begin with!

  15. Dear Helen Ang,

    At least I can thoroughly understand why James Ang said what he did as how I can understand why the DAPsters do their dirty work. And even though I knew that Khairy is a DAPster symphatiser, it was shocking to read Khairy rudely saying ‘Shut up’. Why didn’t he tell his Papa DAPster to shut up when “DAP mahu Pusat benar guna kalimah ALLAH” (refer to: which is totally against not just the constitution of his country but against his very own religion?

    By the way, I know Zul Nordin personally. People who knows him knows that he is a good man of principle. As a Muslim, Khairy has no rights to criticise a man that he does not know and one who had definitely put more effort than Khairy does in ensuring the win by Barisan Nasional in the last PRU.

    1. re: “And even though I knew that Khairy is a DAPster symphatiser”

      Khairy is a Dapster. Feel free to call him Dapster Khairy.

      re: “one who had definitely put more effort than Khairy does in ensuring the win by Barisan Nasional in the last PRU”

      ,) see comment about Dapster.

    1. Not sure if I’m reading your question correctly.

      I believe Dr M will live to be 100.

      As for LKS, he’ll stick around until … see HERE.

  16. Dear helen,

    The shut up issue by kj was a blessing indeed. it just confirms our suspicions that kj is turning into a dapster. i seriously think kj hired hardcore dapster
    To turn her into pro bn, but
    look at kj now, rude just like
    regina with her fowl mouth
    shouting the ‘f__c___g’
    word on
    her twitter. seems like kj is
    learning fast from
    regina! regina brainwashing
    kj’s way of thinking instead!
    even our soft sweet off
    politics dato ct
    could not resist
    reprimanding youth minister kj for being
    biadap. n of course poor
    dato ct had to be asked to
    “shut up” n just stick to singing, statement by kj’s

  17. Dear Khairy Jamaludin,

    Please do yourself justice.

    Please quit the Rembau constituency which comprises mainly the backward thinking subsidy minded and easily duped Malay constituents.

    Please offer yourself for the Bukit Gelugor constituency with the ultra efficient and progressive thinking Chinese constituents.

    The Bukit Gelugor constituency would be a better fit to reflect your own progressive tendency and of course to legitimize your brilliant appointment of Regina lee as advisor.

    Just believe in yourself that a Chinese mandate for you would enable you to bury the ghost of Ketuanan Melayu.

  18. “Please offer yourself for the Bukit Gelugor constituency with the ultra efficient and progressive thinking Chinese constituents.”

    Miss Mulan doesn’t want him at Bukit Gelugor. Hell no.

  19. Peminat Helen: Zul Nordin should not say what he has said he only invites Islam/Muslim bashing->Egg.

    anonymous: We get people like Zul because of Islam/Muslim bashing in the first place->Chicken.

    In this case, I believe the egg came first.

    1. I believe Karpal said Islamic state over my dead body long before Zul even entered politics.
      Malays are reactive, and some of the non Malays like to provoke, challenge and belittle everything Malay/Muslim related.

      When you have things like that plus Malays who pander and sell out to those like Khalid Samad and Mujahid Rawa, you get people like Zul as one of the results.

      Still, Zul is one person. When people use Zul as chance to bash the rest of Malays/Muslims, I believe the people who do so already hate and bash Malays/Muslims in the first place. No need for Zul’s tasteless and insensitive tweet to invite Malay/Muslim bashing. It’s already happened before this and will go on, and will create more Zuls.

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