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DAP’s kind of people, yeah!

What will be the reception be like for DAP in the upcoming Sarawak state election?

Sneak preview

Video: Chinese New Year open house hosted by Kuching City South Council on 27 Feb 2015 Stampede at the buffet table … a scene some of the food-obsessed DAP politicians can likely identify with. The table collapsed, by the way, and the guests grabbed free for all. mouth


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12 thoughts on “DAP’s kind of people, yeah!

  1. That’s why there’s a Hungry Ghosts Festival.

    This is no joke. When they die they would always feel hungry. Even as a ghost, appearing in gray rusty clothes, pale faced, … They would just drift by the wind and would stop at food.

    They are also one kind of makhluk Allah. Please don’t laugh at them.

  2. As normal typical malaysian attitude if something is free.

    But the Rela dumb asses stole the show here.

    And these same bunch of Rela idiots are given the power of authority……damm they cant even provide reasonable crowd control.

    1. I was gonna say the same. When the uniform started throwing the boxes into the crowd, priceless. Lols

  3. Bloody Indians now? OMG!

    patutlah BN kalah..

    Betullah Helen, Palanivel pun mengaku dia menang semua peti undi Melayu…’fight in the heartland of the Malays’

    And MIC Prez kata ‘bloody Indians’ akan pergi PKR, betoi ke ni Helen??

    1. islam1st,

      I’ve removed the video link you provided.

      Palanivel came out today to say it was a doctored tape.

    1. Even their own language shows the racist mentality. Wonder what they call the indians. Yet they still want to deny and call on others.
      Is the word ‘kiasu’ of chinese origin?
      Do we even have an equivalent phrase in Malay for ‘kiasu’?

      I heard there is a saying that goes something like to understand a people you have to understand its language.

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