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New AG aware of the evangelical groups’ doings

Former Federal Court judge Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali has been named Attorney-General as of yesterday, said Bernama in a news flash this morning. See Astro Awani report.

Justice Apandi had previously sat with Justices Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahim and Mohd Zawawi Salleh in the Court of Appeal to hear the Church’s application for a judicial review on the ‘Allah’ case. Continue reading “New AG aware of the evangelical groups’ doings”

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Revisiting the DAP’s “Malaysian First or Malay First?” bullying

The DAP wants to browbeat you into declaring “Malaysian First”. If you decline, Aunty Hannah will blow her puffy cheeks and screech “racist! racist! racist!” at you.

DAP Firsters even pretend that races don’t exist. Continue reading “Revisiting the DAP’s “Malaysian First or Malay First?” bullying”