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DAP evangelical Christian leadership of M’sian Chinese

Regular commenter Mulan @ 2015/11/03 at 7:28 pm points out a Facebook account ‘Hannah Ram‘ apparently belonging to Madame Speaker.

If correct that it is her FB, then the use of Biblical name of ‘Hannah’ conjoined with a truncated surname ‘Ram’ (borrowed from a fragment of hubby’s name) has effaced the overt or discernible Chinese identity of YB Jerusubang that is associated with her birth name ‘Yeoh Tseow Suan’.

BELOW: Big Mama Muniandy

Hannah photo scatter

DAP led by cabal of evangelistas

As I’ve been repeating often enough, the DAP is an evangelical party or at least controlled by evangelistas at the top echelon. It is the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) that is the ‘parti Cina’.

Although membership of the DAP is similarly Cina kaw-kaw, nonetheless post-2008, this party has been UBAH-ed by evangelistas, who in turn have coloured the DAP’s political approach and social activism outlook in their own Christian image.

DAP Selangor exco full of evangelistas

The DAP Selangor party election a couple of days ago saw evangelista Tony Pua retaining the state chairmanship.

Tony’s ally, the evangelista Ong Kian Ming, managed to secure a Top 15 placing and earn himself a party exco seat. Another ally is Hannah ‘Face of Evangelism’ Yeoh who won her DAP Selangor vice chairman post handily.

They then appointed two more evangelistas – Yeo Bee Yin (Tony Pua’s former personal assistant) and Rajiv Rishyakaran (Hannah Yeoh’s former personal assistant) – to occupy the non-elected exco slots.


ABOVE: DAP’s meeting with the evangelical church leaders on the eve of GE12 – note the line-up of Hannah (back then young and still slender), Teresa, Guan Eng and Tony Pua

DAP seceond-tier leadership chockful of evangelistas too

So as you can see, Selangor DAP is evangelista, evangelista, evangelista, evangelista, evangelista as well as additionally several other evangelistas who are Hannah’s BFFs among the top 15 finishers.

I confess that I do not know the religious status of Selangor DAP deputy chairman Gobind Singh Deo but there has been some unverified rumours about it going around. Nonetheless, I’m confident that our efficient Special Branch is aware as to whether Gobind is a Sikh or a Christian.

(Note: Some DAP Punjabis are Christian, such as Mary Josephine Prittam Singh, who is the party’s Adun for Rahang in Negeri Sembilan.)

ABOVE: Guan Eng’s Jesus our Lord testimony

Guan Eng’s fiery rhetoric is evangelical Christian

Among the very first articles I uploaded to this blog was one on Guan Eng’s invocation of political Christianity which I penned on 29 July 2011. (I’d activated this blog on 28 July 2011.)

Chan Lilian in ‘trouble’ over her Christianity, actually‘ was posted 4-and-¼ years ago where I made a reference to Ms Chan who is Guan Eng’s special officer. She was questioned for sedition over her tweet “i think all Christians shud march for all the persecution they had done to us and our Lord”.

I’m copypasting below a few paragraphs that I had written on 29 July 2011 about Guan Eng and his religious orientation.

Guan Eng inciting the Christians

<quoting my 29 July 2011 article>

Guan Eng’s Wesak Day official message this year (2011) is illustrative of how his main preoccupation is with his own faith. It is a 421-word greeting in which ‘Buddha’ is not mentioned even a single time despite the auspicious day being one to commemorate the Gautama, Prince Siddhartha.

In contrast to ‘Buddhist’ which is mentioned only twice (“Wesak Day’s theme as announced by the Malaysian Buddhist Association … reminds us that love and blessings is not just for Buddhists but for all mankind”), the word ‘Christian(s)’ is mentioned eight times.

We should next review the context in which Guan Eng mentions Christian. In the second paragraph of the May 17 message, he said, “DAP calls on all Malaysians to stand up … against extremists …”.

These extremists, he said, wanted to see Malaysia burn with hatred and violence. These extremists, by his reckoning, are not the Christians surely. So who was he referring to?

A big clue can be found in the third paragraph of Guan Eng’s Wesak Day message that is wholly devoted to the plight of Christians. He said (making accusations against Utusan and Perkasa):

“Malaysians are shocked and outraged at the inaction by the Home Ministry against Umno-owned paper Utusan Malaysia, for publishing dangerous lies of a Christian conspiracy with DAP to set up a Christian state, that is clearly intended to incite hatred against Christians. The BN government has also refused to act against Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali for making Christians an object of hate by calling for a crusade (perang jihad) against Christians. Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishamudin Tun Hussein Onn even refused to call Ibrahim Ali an extremist for launching this crusade against Christians.”

More instigation through DAP’s politics of hate

The political thrust of Guan Eng’s Wesak Day greeting is most apparent in the fifth paragraph: “Are non-Malays and non-Muslims an easy target to be blamed and kicked around …?”

It follows on from the earlier paragraph where Guan Eng had said that “DAP is willing to work with all Malaysians including non-Umno component members in BN to oppose this crusade …” Those whom he alludes to must necessarily be mostly non-Malay (i.e. fellow Chinese in MCA and Gerakan, Indians in MIC and PPP, Sabah and Sarawak natives in the BN Bornean parties, etc).

His religiously flavoured vocabulary — “to oppose this [Utusan and Ibrahim Ali: read “Malay”] crusade” — can’t be missed.

In a separate Wesak greeting, this time with Guan Eng wearing the hat of Penang chief minister and delivered on May 16, he additionally said: “Even though Christians and not Buddhists are targeted by Umno and Utusan Malaysia this time, what is there to stop Budhhists and Hindus from being the next targets in future”?

And he proceeds to quote from pastor Martin Niemoller’s famous poem on the Nazi persecution. This raising of the alarm, as the discontent unfolds some more, segues into the tweet by Lilian, i.e. “all the persecution they had done to us and our Lord”.

With Lim Guan Eng being Chan Lilian’s boss, it becomes apparent as to how her own so-called ‘lament’ has been coloured by his Christian crusading politics.


I wrote the passages cited above more than 4-and-¼ years ago.

Time has strengthened the appraisal that I made to be true. We can see clearer now because the DAP’s political bent has become more pronounced.

Sadly and unfortunately, the 95 percent Chinese who support the opposition and the DAP are unable to see why other Malaysians hate the DAP leadership.

To them, it is always the opponent – traditionally Umno, now PAS too – who is to be blamed. To them, it is never the DAP’s fault despite the relentless provocation and incitement by the Dapster family.



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15 thoughts on “DAP evangelical Christian leadership of M’sian Chinese

  1. Those Evangelical Christians have what UMNO and PAS don’t have: they conquered social medias when UMNO and PAS still using Blogger or something like it. The 95% Chinese voters were either asleep or filled with hatred towards UMNO(to lesser extent pro-Hadi PAS) but have no idea that DAP will destroy them faster than the other 2 combined.

  2. DAP has turning their communism to Christian evangelism to gain better support in political fight in malaysia, mainly from the chinese and indians as well as manipulating and converting the bumiputra muslims to christianity? One Malaysia maybe?

    Having said that, DAP is now using religion (christianity) to have unity support from multiple races in this country and topple the malay (muslims) gov?

    1. I don’t think it will work. In fact it will encourage the Muslim unity government. Malays are the majority in Malaysia. Even if every Chinese in Malaysia vote DAP, it is impossible to form a DAP government. The Chinese majority in Penang is razor thin. Malays just slightly less than the Chinese.

      How would the Chinese DAP rule? If every Chinese woman now aim to have 12 babies, then the demographics would change.
      The DAP is playing to antagonise the Malay majority knowing that it is impossible for them to keep Penang in years to come. Every Chinese and Indian vote counts, so drum up the racist chorus.

      For Sarawak, make sure the Chinese woman in Kuching give birth to more kids than their cats and spread their kids throughput Borneo To the Bumis like Ibans, Dayaks etc, they see Semenajung parties like DAP or PKR with was was.

      In fact, I don’t think a Malay would want to vote an MCA candidate in the next election after all the air the party drummed out. The ruling coalition would be an UMNO-PAS and Borneo Bumi one.

      For PKR and PAN, except for Selangor, they should be panned out by the Malay populace.

      1. Mulan, betul tu. For years I voted for MCA ( under BN) and got stabbed in the back.

        Next one, no more. Also in the future, if I live long enough.

        Time to focus and vote along racial lines. Thanks to DAP. Sebelum ni I memang buta bangsa. If BN lost, then so be it. Najib better play smart and stop patronising the MCA.

        And really, time to UBAH

  3. Ms H. The Chnese of China for 5,000 years were never attracted to the foreign religions which attempted to convert them including Christianity which was actually used by the coloniallists of Africa to subdue the tribes. They did not succeed in Africa. The Chinese have their own brand of belief and philosophy which is Confucianism from 350 BC. No matter how hard the so called ‘evangelists’ or ‘tax-free Rm 2 souls’ try to convert others, they will fail especially with the Chinese. At the moment, they seem to be in the fore-front due to the fact that they are just exploiting the unhappiness and dissatisfaction of others. But using Christianity for the way forward is not the Chinese cup of tea as history has shown.

  4. Ms H. You have been proven correct in your general assessment of the Singapore Trojan Horse DAP. Their political antics since 1966 have drawn the ire of the PAP crowd down in Singapore. Bilahari Kausikan and his dysfunctional elite published a non-delusional article in the Straits Times recently with the delusional title, ‘ Singapore is not an island ‘ in which they said bluntly that the Opposition Chinese are delusional and have no chance of gaining power as it stands. I interpret this comment in the light of recent international events that by creating all the sound and fury which may go out of control, these folks are weakening our beloved Malaysia with its only UMNO as the first and last line of defence which is also for Singapore at the present time. Why ? Singapore has only 3.2 millions indigenous Singaporeans. The 1.2 million FTs and 800,000 PRs and billionaires will just decamp and return to Oz, China and India at the slightest sound of a sabre rattling across the venerable Causeway. The 19th Century thinking of the late Lee Kuan Yew to use the force of arms at the Batu Pahat-Muar-Muar River line like the Maginot or Siegfried Line of Europe is not longer valid because Middle Eastern warfare is more than this and is Net based. Therefore, the Foreign Policy of Singapore towards Malaysia may have changed in its entirety i.e. UMNO is the first and last line of defence for Malaysia and Singapore right here in KL ! Stranger than fiction but it is realpolitik. Hence, the whole Oppostion is upset with the loss of backing from the Homeland which accused them of barking up the wrong tree. How frustrating are Opposition politics, Ms H !

    1. re: “Ms H. You have been proven correct in your general assessment of the Singapore Trojan Horse DAP.”

      Uncle, you should do something about the DAP other than just commenting in my blog. You know the VIPs from MCA. How come they’re not fighting the DAP?

  5. Ms H. I know my fellow compatriots very well since 1964. It is a question of face. As long as the political environment is in a grid-lock, they will play safe. Please remember these folks are not as culturally strong in the Chinese manner like those 1.3 billions of China. They slug around verbally at their level to show their constituents that they are doing a good job. No more. No less. It is the LEADERSHIP in both this camps which are actually lost in the present political environment. They live from day to day more or less with no forward strategic planning. I know the answer why they are like this. But I am not telling. I got the answers to their dilemma because I have been at this for so long. What they indulge in if anything are just tactics, You say this, I say that. I give you a hint. The answer is not within their powers because they have no goodies to distribute but only their inborn talents which we see to the full everyday. Hence, Bilahari Kausikan and his dysfuntional crew pulling at their hair down in frustration..

  6. Ms H. Post-Lee Kuan Yew, the PAP big-wigs of Singapore will find the 19th Century antiquated thinking of Lee Kuan Yew towards our beloved Malaysia awkward and embarassing. The biggest loss for them is the loss of time as time is of the essence. They would now have to make big amends to chummy up to UMNO in KL because of the latest political and socio-economic considerations. I could see a possible split in the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP which its progenitor tries to disown. The future political excitement should be in DAP not PKR, PAS, UMNO, MCA etc. BK and his dysfunctional elites have thrown a cat amongst the pigeons. Please remember Ms H, the Chinese including the Malaysian Chinese are peaceful and un-war-like for 5,000 years because of their beliefs and philosophy. Hence these pseudo-Western types of Chinese go against the very grain of a Chinese psyche. In the end they will fail and all will end well in our beloved Malaysia,- united, visionary and progressive. It is all in Shakespeare.

  7. Ms H. Further to my comments on the Malaysian Chinese political leadership of today is that there is a tide in the affairs of men and women which had to be grasp with both hands at the right time. It is known as timing in common parlance. And the political leaderships of the Chinese parties have been reduced more or less to be social workers with no influence on Federal Government policies. The late Lee Kuan Yew occupied the political space in the mind-sets of the Malaysian Chinese so much so, we now lack a Malaysian Chinese hero. He made full use of the Chinese media or whatever to maintain his status which is now found to be wanting even by his inheritors. But then time and tide waits for no man or woman. To produce the right political leadership it takes time. An ideal candidate for politics would be in the late 20s or early 30s. But who has this sort of luxury of time and money to last so long. Hence, the paucity of good Malaysian Chinese political candidates. It is not easy given the type of democratic politics which we practised since 1957.

  8. Thank you for this article. Malaysian should be divided by religion and no races should betray their own culture.

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