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Tun’s scorched earth: Wants ROS action against Umno?

Tun wrote the following today in Chedet:


“The Prime Minister says it [RM2.6 billion ‘donation’] is for Umno. According to the Societies Act, Umno must report all financial transactions. There is no evidence that it has done so. It is in breach of the Societies Act. Umno was declared illegal in my time. The reasons were hardly serious. Now Umno had not reported and not taken action to recover the money and report to the Registrar of Societies. What does the law say the Registrar should do?”


I don’t see how the Umno warlords can sit on the fence anymore. Continue reading “Tun’s scorched earth: Wants ROS action against Umno?”

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Make them walk the plank

The Dewan Rakyat speaker slammed the opposition for “making noise over Zahid answering on behalf of Najib,” Malaysiakini reported with regard to the proceedings in Parliament this morning.

“If they don’t want to listen to the answer, they can get out,” Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia was quoted by Malaysiakini as saying just now. Continue reading “Make them walk the plank”

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Militant evangelistas and their ubah agenda

UPDATE: The blurbs (write-up) below are provided by the publisher/distributor of the books.

Two books by Iain Buchanan

Sang Nila Utama and the Lion of Judah

Malaysia has one of the most diverse populations on earth – a product largely of colonial policy, but also of a strategic location between a number of ethno-cultural and religious blocs.

There are few countries in the world where the pattern of ethnic and religious belonging is as complex as it is in Malaysia. Continue reading “Militant evangelistas and their ubah agenda”