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So bizarre how Dapsters are embracing Mahathirism

Granted that a Malay-Bornean tsunami did indeed occur on May 9 but the joyous celebration by Chinese in greeting the return of Tun Mahathir as PM for his 23rd year in highest office is just plain freakish.

How much ‘ubah’ is there when someone who gave us the last era of 22 years (called Mahathirism) is back again to call the shots?

Tun M’s hooking up with DAP was something sudden, remember? We only saw the first public expressions of it maybe in 2015-16.

DAP and PAS once embraced each other to some political gain in GE12 and GE13, and look at how DAP turned venomously against PAS. The vitriol and profanities that Dapsters have been spewing at Umno Malays and fence-sitting Malays are in evidence everywhere for everyone to see.

Does anyone expect them to be any nicer to Pribumi (Mahathir’s party) Malays whom – before the DAP’s alliance of convenience with PPBM – the Dapsters used to deride as the “racist” Perkasa? What happens when their strange-bedfellows relationship starts to sour?

Also look at the way they treat their own party stalwarts like Dr Tan Seng Giaw and Dr Boo Cheng Hau (two nice guys) the minute these dissenters run athwart of DAP’s ruling dynasty.

As for the Chinese, they’ve now put all their eggs in one basket after mercilessly killing off MCA and Gerakan.

It is easy as the opposition to simply condemn the government … sembur saja air liur di merata.

Now that they – meaning DAP as the second largest Harapan party – are in the driver’s seat, let us see them deliver. I’m betting that more and more Chinese, after getting their fill of DAP’s indifference and arrogance, will soon begin to miss the far more decent MCA and Gerakan leaders.

We are now witnessing the orgy of hate directed at Najib and Rosmah, and the administration associated with them. What I will say for now is that the Dapsters and Pakatuns well and truly deserve each other.

And let’s just take stock too of where we stand at this moment. I have zero expectations of Pakatan Harapan and nothing they do in the next five years is likely to shock or disappoint me.

One commenter ‘Jembalang‘ has just snarked “… Helen –> you and your lot are history. Done with”. Fine, I say. From rock bottom the only direction one can climb is up.

However, Dapsters and Pakatuns are presently at the giddy height of high expectations. Over the next 1,825 days as the months and days and moments of their five-year mandate tick away, I shall watch you people – who are today high-fiving and back-slapping – grow more and more disillusioned with each passing day.

We shall see how much ‘Hope’ you’re going to sustain in the government which you lot yesterday so triumphantly elected.

As with the previous DAP-PAS partnership, one side will win (take control) while the other side will kena. Similarly with this current partnership installed in Putrajaya – either DAP or PPBM will win, and conversely either DAP or PPBM will kena.

At least with the Umno-MCA partnership, there was genuine friendship going back a long way. Don’t for a minute imagine that all the nasty names that Mahathir and his followers have called Kit Siang and his followers, and vice versa, and the hate it bred is not – even as we speak – percolating under the surface.

And as what happened between DAP and PAS, so the same shall it be with DAP and PPBM and sooner than you think. An ugly marriage of expedience is no foundation upon which to build a cohesive nation.



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22 thoughts on “So bizarre how Dapsters are embracing Mahathirism

  1. Pakatan’s Reign of Terror will begin in earnest tomorrow after Mahathir is re-throned today. Stay safe, Helen, and make sure you can’t be caught. They now have full control over all forms of media. May the Force be with you.


  2. What’s so bizarre about it, a certain DAP politician already told us all how they think it would go.
    I for one, would join a certain departed PAS politician in praying that Tun Dr Mahathir would live a long life.
    Might as well make that world record for oldest prime minister hard to break.

  3. Hi Helen. It’s me again, Jembalang.

    Thanks for quoting me in your post.

    We, the people of Malaysia, do kindly invite you to watch our present PH government and make sure they govern properly.

    In fact, Helen, let’s us both vigilantly make sure the PH government does not do bad things like BN. Let’s improve on what BN did.

    This is what I want. And what you want is exactly the same as what we PH supporters want. So I’m totally with you on this, Helen, even though I am supportive of DAP (you call us ‘DAPsters’).

    In short, let’s make a joint declaration, Helen:

    We have emancipated our people from the shackles of the previous government. From today, we (AND you) will zealously guard our freedom and welfare by making sure this next government does not fool around. We know that BN has done things that might need repairing (we might see some pain before things get truly better). But in doing this, let us – we AND you – never let PH cheat you or me or any of our rakyat, ensure it governs with the people’s welfare in mind, above anything else. If they do, DAP or not, we’ll boot them out the way we trashed BN. No mercy, Mahathir or Kit Siang, Anwar or Rafizi.

    Finally, Helen, you and us PH supporters are brothers and sisters with the same mission again.

    Isn’t this beautiful? Isn’t this unifying day the one we’ve been waiting for for so long?

    I consider you as a sister and fellow citizen in this. Please do not consider us enemies. Why? Because we both want the same for our country. So let’s work together. Shed the rancour.

    Feel free to quote the things I’ve said here again for your readers.

    Let’s join forces. You and us, the people. Let’s not blindly back politicians, Najib, Mahathir, Rahman Dahlan, Kit Siang, Rafizi, Zahidi, Khairy or Tony Pua. Our allegiance and admiration –> for the people.

    1. Oh and to comment further on another thing you said, about whether the PH alliance will last or work: yes, let’s make DAP, PKR, PPBM and Amanah last AND work well together as a force for the good.

      I know you will want that, right Helen? We too.

      If they don’t work well together and don’t serve the rakyat well and do corrupt things like the previous government… yes, the answer is clear, we do everything to get rid of them. It was so hard to get rid of BN-MCA-MIC… took us 60 years. If PKR-DAP-PPBM-Amanah do bad things, let’s work hard to get rid of them more speedily than that. Shall we?

  4. One of your former bosses, Salleh Keruak, has said:

    ‏ @sallehsaid
    May 9

    Keputusan yang dibuat rakyat… saya terima dengan hati yang terbuka. Tahniah kepada calon yang menang dan selamat menjalankan tugas.

    Maybe you can also cool down a bit and follow his style?

    1. How about also taking Khairy Jamaluddin’s approach?

      hairy Jamaluddin
      ‏Verified account @Khairykj
      19h19 hours ago

      Khairy Jamaluddin Retweeted Syed Saddiq

      Congratulations, YB. Please look after our youth. Over to you now.

      These guys got hit so hard, harder than you or me. Even they are conciliatory. So let’s be friends, Helen.

  5. And one more thing: if you are in contact with the former masters, could you please tell them and their elites not to game the system or try to topple our new government just yet by sabotage? This is a new era, new start. Let’s work with them to make things better, not sabotage them. You guys in the opposition now and us, we are both in the end the same team now cuz we want to focus the nation and the rakyat. Please don’t get angry we toppled you and you try to undermine the new government with economic sabotage. This is what we are worried about right now.

    1. Pembetulan… kalau ada contact dgn org2 besar kerajaan dulu dulu… mintak diorang have mercy

  6. You said “How much ‘ubah’ is there when someone who gave us the last era of 22 years (called Mahathirism) is back again to call the shots?”.

    So let’s together make sure they make some good ‘perubahan’, Helen. Isn’t that what you want and what we want? Again, we are in the same team.

    The new government has just started. So let’s see how much ‘ubah’ they can make to right old wrongs and bring us forward into the future. But we need to be united for this, Helen, you and us. Don’t be angry with us please.

  7. Helen. Saya akan sentiasa membaca blog ini. Teruskan menulis dan kita mengharapkan Malaysia akan menjadi lebih baik. Saya tak ada expectation yang tinggi kepada Mahathir. Saya masih fikirkan rakyat Malaysia akan membuat kesilapan besar dalam melantik Mahathir semula sebagai PM. Sama2 kita doakan yang terbaik.
    Apa yang bagusnya sekarang patutnya semua yang menyokong pakatan harapan sepatutnya tidak lagi berperangai seperti pembangkang. Sebaliknya saya masih melihat mereka masih memburuk-burukkan Najib dan BN. Mereka pernah kata mahu pembangkang yang kuat, jadi mereka patutnya menyokong BN untuk check and balance.

    1. Nandos,

      Time to laugh at the macais is over.

      We gotta get them on our side to help make the current government work well for the people.

      BN is past, history, as Jembalang said. They have massive restructuring to do. They may be still flapping about and drowning in their racist and corrupt ideology. Let them insaf, correct their ideology and values and ways, and become a true people-centred opposition that can work to make the country better and be a true people-powered alternative.

      The last thing we need is a vengeful former government bent on bringing down the people’s government. PH won without gerrymandering, ROS disqualification etc. They won because of overwhelming people power like we’ve never seen before. So the opposition and all of us must respect the people’s power and hold those in power accountable to the people.

  8. most of us dun know, but we shd let ph try, penang n selangor not doing badly even without federal support. i see this as a healthy development of democracy.

    my hope is that umno/bn stay strong n rejuvenate itself, n their supporters will play a constructive role to monitor what goes wrong. i just worry they now turn n choose to support mahathir instead, because suddenly i dun see much writes that criticized mahathir from 10 may onwards.

  9. Bekas menteri kesihatan, S. Subramaniam:

    “”I have truly enjoyed my tenure as your health minister. I am proud to have initiated various transformation initiatives that have taken the Malaysian public health sector to greater heights,”

    “Elections come and go, but this great nation of ours has to succeed. Let us unite and work together for a better Malaysia,” he added.

    I like his non-angry, positive attitude.

    I hope he is sincere and that the opposition will be committed to uniting and working together for a better Malaysia, not simply plotting to bring a government down for no reason.

  10. My last post for the day:

    PETALING JAYA: Political scientist Faisal S Hazis has advised Barisan Nasional (BN) to turn its defeat into an opportunity to transform itself into a formidable opposition.

    To do this, he told FMT, the coalition would have to revamp itself so that leaders capable of heading a strong opposition force would emerge from its ranks.

    He alleged, however, that none of its current leaders had such capabilities.

    “BN doesn’t have the kind of leaders who can bring it to the point where Pakatan Harapan (PH) was at as an opposition force,” he said.

    “It has to reboot its whole structure and it has to look at the way it appoints leaders and nominates candidates.”

    Faisal, an associate professor at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, acknowledged that it would take time for BN to rebuild itself, noting that PH took years to strengthen itself as a political force.

    “Now BN must learn the hard way,” he said. “It could take years, maybe decades.”

    Since it would be some time before Malaysians could rely on the opposition to provide checks and balances, he added, it behoved the new government to ensure the fulfilment of its promise to reform institutions.

    “Institutions such as the Election Commission and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, to name a few, must be strengthened and made apolitical,” he said. “We should not have to rely solely on the opposition to provide checks and balances.”

  11. I beg to differ helen.Dap suporters will not miss the mild mannered mca and gerakan leaders.
    their leaders indifference and arrogance is what they blindly accept wholeheartedly.

    With dr m and lks and later joined by the cunning anwar,it wont be long before their lust for power will erupt into volcano eruption.imagine,all of them are wants power for their children.if its bn they will be associated with nepotism but if its PH they call it fighting for justice.hypocrisy rules for PH

  12. Wow! People seem to be on one end of the spectrum or the other. Me, I’m in a watch mode. Too much to process since late 9/5.

    Into the second day of the new administration, this is my observations and thoughts so far. It’s a fluid list.

    1. My original take on Datuk Johari Titiwangsa was that he was someone to watch. Open minded, a gentleman with character. And I like him even more when he became the first in BN to concede and acknowledged his defeat on 9/5. I hope he stays in politics & make a comeback in the future.

    2. I find the excessive attacks on the old man in the past year and especially leading up to GE14 appalling. And hence I am happy to see the old man enjoying being back in the driver’s seat. He’s in his element and there’s a certain sense of “rightness” to it.

    3. It’s good to be able to watch TV3 without cringing.

    4. I did not vote for BN nor did I vote for PH. I find that I could not justify voting for Najib as my leader. I voted for change and I fully acknowledge that the change may not be to my liking.

    5. Since the new administration took over, I get a sense of optimism among my family and friends groups but most importantly there is suddenly this sense of pride again in being a Malaysian.

    6. So yes Helen, there is a lot of uncertainties especially with such strong personalities heading the coalition parties but I am willing to take the risks rather than be with Najib as my leader for the next 5 years.

    7. Quite a number of Umno people are asking for Najib to step down. They should have done that earlier if only they had listened to the people. That is an interesting development. It’s a sign that Umno is evaluating itself.

    So there’s a lot of things happening. It’s an exciting time to be alive in this country. Good or bad, this is our nation and I for one am willing to give this administration a chance regardless of how I feel about the personalities in the group

  13. Today, suddenly, we have so many people who are proud to be Malaysians. They were so proud that they left the country and paid their taxes overseas because of their deep love for Malaysia.

    A handful will return, but I bet a majority will continue their long distance relationship from afar.

    Be proud of your country, not of your politicians or Government, that is real patriotism.

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