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Tracking the MCA results


Final reckoning (3.30am):

MCA was defending seven seats from its haul in the last parliament. They are:

  • Tanjung Malim
  • Bentong
  • Alor Gajah
  • Labis
  • Ayer Hitam
  • Tebrau
  • Tanjong Piai

Of the seven, MCA only managed to retain Ayer Hitam alone. Nor did MCA manage to wrest any other seats from Harapan Pakatan although it contested a big handful.

Here’s how I see the future for MCA: I doubt that it possesses much loyalty to BN or Big Brother Umno. So I foresee MCA now openly shifting more of its allegiance (including its J-Star social influencer) to the camp of Chinese top dog DAP. As it was, its members had been steadily defecting to the DAP.

In my past blog posts years ago, I already said jiwa MCA telah melayang, hanya jasad yang tinggal bersama BN.

The presidents of the BN’s non-Malay components – MCA, Gerakan, MIC, SUPP – all lost their battles yesterday.

It required a Malay swing for the GE14 results to have happened. To those Malay voters who backed Pakatan Harapan, I say you’re getting the government you deserve.

Jangan pula nangis air mata darah nanti ya. You shall only be reaping what you sow.

Former DAP Adun for Skudai Dr Boo Cheng Hau received a death threat for critiquing Lim Kit Siang. Let’s see what happens to you (meaning Malay supporters of Pakatan Harapan) should you ever be unfortunate enough to cross the DAP tokongs one day.


Wee Ka Siong survives, but only barely.

Alor Gajah has not been called yet.

MCA’s two Johor parliament seats have apparently been lost too. It’s the killing fields for MCA and its Datuk-Datuk.


Najib’s political secretary Wong Nai Chee is contesting Alor Gajah in Malacca under the MCA banner. His opponents are PAS and PPBM. Apparently two of the state seats within this parliamentary constituency have already gone to Harapan.


10.30pm — According to Borneo Post, DAP has successfully retained Stampin against the challenge from the SUPP president who is a cardiologist. Dr Sim is defeated, his impressive professional qualification regardless.

Incidentally, the MCA man who just lost in Tanjung Malim, i.e. Dr Mah Hang Soon is similarly a cardiologist. The Chinese are slaying BN candidates right, left and centre. Being a heart surgeon cuts no ice.

Can Liew Chin Tong be the giantkiller in Ayer Hitam?


10.10pm — How will MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong fare in Ayer Hitam?

At the moment, Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong is reportedly trailing DAP evangelista warlord David Nga Kor Ming by a sizable margin in the Teluk Intan hot seat.

MIC president Dr Subramaniam has already lost in Segamat (unofficial).

Another seat to watch is Stampin where SUPP president Dr Sim Kui Hian is facing off DAP strongman Chong Chieng Jen, also his party’s Sarawak state chairman.

Will the non-Malay BN components be wiped out in the peninsula as DAP has threatened?


9.25pm — According to the Malaysiakini live feed, MCA president Liow Tiong Lai, who was the incumbent in Bentong – this is an unofficial result as yet – has lost his seat. Liow’s putting China president Xi Jinping on his election billboards has apparently not helped.

Another seat which MCA has failed to defend is Tanjung Malim, which the party won with a comfortable margin the last election.

MCA had seven seats in the last parliament. Its seats are falling like bowling pins.


Earlier today, I had cast my ballot for the MCA-BN candidates for both state and parliament seats.

My suburban Selangor voting address is in a Chinese-majority area. Even though DAP will win these wards with a landslide, I still betook myself to the polling centre nonetheless to register my protest vote AGAINST the DAP and its opposition front.

MCA must never, ever forget that the evangelistas and Jerusubangites – plenty of them nesting in The J-Star – will not vote for their party. In fact, they (including the J-Star reporters) despise MCA. Remember that!

A nail-biting night

The first unofficial results are trickling in … as at 8.10am, MCA veep, incumbent Chua Tee Yong lost his Labis seat.

This page will continue to be updated throughout the night.



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20 thoughts on “Tracking the MCA results

  1. Why are the gutless EC withholding the results? Johor, Malacca, NS have all fallen. Yeah baby, make it official!!!

      1. Yes!!! Am so happy. Najib’s sore loser speech makes victory just that little bit sweeter.

        But let’s not go easy on this govt. What this elections have proven is that the people have the power now. If you don’t perform PH, we will vote you out.

  2. Apa pandangan Helen tentang nasib Umno dan BN dan hubungan antara kaum di Malaysia? Adakah Mahathir akan kembali ke perangai lamanya? Tk.

      1. Dia akan halang Anwar jadi PM. Lantik anak dia. Amalkan kronisme. Buat dasar ekonomi yg mengarut dll. Sejujurnya saya lega BN kalah sebab kita boleh tibai Pakatan pula tanpa rasa bersalah sbb mereka sudah jadi pemerintah.

        1. Tapi Tun Mahathir pun bukannya ada janji hendak melantik Anwar sebagai pengganti dalam masa terdekat ini. Beliau berura-ura jadi PM mungkin untuk selama tempoh tiga tahun (itu yang Tun sendiri cakap).

          1. Betul tu. Yang saya ingat dia berjanji meminta pengampunan utk Anwar agar boleh jadi PM. Saya pelik kenapa sampai sekarang Agong tidak berjumpa Mahathir.

  3. Hi Helen.

    This has to be a bitter pill to swallow for BN and BN supporters.

    The kind of policy changes PH will institute will show up how anti-democratic and repressive BN has been (the possible repeal of SOSMA; the freeing up of the MACC and EC so that they can be independent in the true sense of the word; revamping RELA and other indoctrinating organisations; and many others).

    The faults and deficiencies of BN – the things it did in the name of holding onto power and enriching vested interests – will be glaringly exposed for the public to see. Nothing can stop this.

    This is the painful consequence of defeat BN feared. But the nightmare has now become real.

    BN and BN’s supporters have three choices:

    (i) ignore today’s new politics and hide in a hole from unbearable shame;
    (ii) deny, continue to support BN and attack PH as before;
    (iii) bite the bullet, admit BN’s mistakes (and/or crimes) and help PH do a good job at making Malaysia better (and still hold them accountable without blindly approving everything they do).

    The big question is which of (i), (ii) or (iii) will BN and BN supporters do after this watershed moment?

    Options (i) and (iii) are very painful for the ego.

    1. The last thing that DAP is is democratic. Just look at their long-standing party election fiasco. Parti sendiri pun tak boleh urus, nak urus tadbir negara?

      Asking the Lim dynasty (no ubah in DAP leadership for decades) to institute democracy is laughable. You lot will eventually live to regret your expectations.

      1. You speculate.

        It would have been wiser for you to say “whatever we had said about DAP, let’s wait and see what happens; as a Malaysian, I hope the PH government governs properly, because it is also my government”.

        So let’s see what DAP will do, shall we?

  4. I feel vindicated, Helen.

    The Thief has been overthrown. Thank God.

    And you had to insult us Malays with our tsunami Malays to overthrow a sick kleptocratic regime. We taught BN a lesson not to take the Rakyat for granted. We will teach PH the same thing if they start to act like the old BN regime. It’s time for a change. You need to change too.

  5. Dear helen
    Such a very sad day.pity najib.he worked hard with klinik l msia, UTC ,lrt ,mrt ,brim, pan borneo highway yet all gone unnoticed. Najib worked hard to make our economy great yet had to hand it over to PH on a sliver platter n rm100 billion reserves for PH to get the credit.

    How cruel n heartbreaking politics is.hope najib will recover from the cruel schocking defeat.yet i am doubtful umno can recover as the PH aupporters are zombies on the attack 24/7

  6. OMG helen🤣…hannah yeoh is bound to be elected as speaker😠

  7. You said you lot will live to regret.

    This is what is even sadder, Helen –> you and your lot are history.

    Done with.

    With what PH would do, can you imagine BN regaining power again, even 5 years from now? Ha BN any hope in the near future?

    Maybe in 10 years. But till then, see you. Your blogging was nice while it lasted. In the meantime, enjoy the exposing of all kinds of wrongdoings –> DAP, PKR and the rest are going to relish going through the files and records.

  8. stupid cunt. go choke on something so your stupid, racist blog can die once and for all.

  9. Congratulations to the winners, our new PM; Tun M and the new Harapan Government. As for losers; BN and PAS, lets see how well you will do as the opposition.

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