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Waiting for DAP evangelista YBs to condemn Israel

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Donald Trump Jr (tweet below) rebuked two American congresswomen for siding with Hamas over Israel in the latest exchange of rocket fire and airstrikes in Gaza.

The duo of Muslim elected reps, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, did not condemn the Islamist militants for firing hundreds of rockets at Israel. Their heart is clearly with their Palestinian brothers and sisters.

On the other hand, are the DAP’s Christian elected reps really as anti Israel as they’re posturing to the Malay polity?

BELOW: House in Israeli border town Ashkelon belonging to Moshe Agadi damaged by Hamas rocket on Saturday; Agadi, a 58-year-old Jewish man, was killed by rocket shrapnel when outside taking a cigarette break despite the warning sirens

The tweet above by Ilhan Omar sounds a lot like the “thoughts and prayers” that Hannah Yeoh used to tweet most prodigiously. The difference between the two YBs, however, is that Ilhan specifically mentions Gaza compared to the evangelista who was unable to bring herself to say ‘Gaza’ – see @hannahyeoh tweet below.

Hannah’s reluctance was reminiscent of the inability of Barack Hussein Obama to say ‘Christians’ when referring to the churchgoers targetted in the Sri Lanka bombings. He instead called them “Easter worshippers”.

BELOW: Toyota belonging to Hamid Abdul Khudri damaged by Israel’s precision missile on Sunday; Hamid, a 34-year-old Hamas bagman was so precisely targeted (assassinated) in Gaza city that while the SUV roof was blown clean off, the rest of his expensive car still remained intact

Over Twitter these past couple of days, Hannah cukup sibuk hentam former cabinet minister Rahman Dahlan and former parliament Speaker Pandikar Amin – both currently campaigning for PBS in the Sandakan byelection – as well as doing her SOP of ampu bodek (this week of Lim Guan Beng).

On top of that, Hannah menyibuk pula pasal paspot Zahid Hamidi who was refused permission to travel to Mecca. She retweeted the snark: “You [Zahid] don’t need to leave the house to speak to God … Many others can’t even afford once” – see screenshot below.

It’s hard to be a hypocrite!

Let’s juxtapose Ilhan Omar’s pro-Gaza tweet two days ago with Hannah’s old one from 2014 also alluding to Gaza but without spelling out where the “pictures of injured & dead children“ that occasioned Hannah so much “heartache” were taken.

Ilhan: “How many more protesters must be shot, rockets must be fired, and little kids must be killed until the endless cycle of violence ends?”

Hannah: “When will men and nations learn from history? The killing has to stop! Heartache reading and seeing pictures of injured & dead children 😢 “

The Republicans believe that being a Muslim, Ilhan is siding with Hamas. Hannah’s detractors similarly believe that being an evangelical Christian, the DAP lay preacher is secretly siding with Israel.

After all, the DAP deputy minister had plenty of free time to snark at Rahman Dahlan, Pandikar and Zahid but nonetheless couldn’t be bothered to tweet her thoughts and prayers to the Palestinian victims of the recent Israeli airstrikes on Gaza.

Christians, particularly the evangelicals, are staunchly pro Israel because of the strong spiritual bond with their faith’s holy land.

An honest Christian is open about his backing for Israel. But alas the poor DAP Christian desperate for Malay votes … come to think of it, one rarely ever says the words “honest” and “politician“ in the same breath.


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