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Mujahid’s view on Xinjiang Uighur camps shocks Muslims everywhere

Mujahid Yusof believes that the adult Uighurs being held by Beijing fiat in “vocational training centres” are being taught sewing, flower arrangement, the arts (patriotic songs and cultural dances), legal knowledge and other life enhancement skills.

In one word – “reeducation”. Continue reading “Mujahid’s view on Xinjiang Uighur camps shocks Muslims everywhere”

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The diversity of DAP’s Malaysia Baru

PIX 1:  Special task force set up to investigate the disappearance of Pastor Raymond Koh — so multiracial !

PIX 2:  George Soros on the left, Mahathir on the right

PIX 3:  Faces of New Malaysia … the lovely mirage that demented Dapsters fought tooth and nail / fang and claw for Continue reading “The diversity of DAP’s Malaysia Baru”

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Kit Siang kaypoh about Mohd Morsi but what about Beng Hock, Pastor Raymond?

Lim Kit Siang wrote a bestseller in 1978 titled Time Bombs in Malaysia.

The apocalyptic book is today more than 40 years old. For over four decades, his party DAP has been non-stop telling the Chinese that Malaysia will “explode” – and among things waiting to go kaboom! is the Lynas “nuclear plant” (in the words of boboi Lim Guan Eng). Continue reading “Kit Siang kaypoh about Mohd Morsi but what about Beng Hock, Pastor Raymond?”


If Umno deregistered, members will join PAS

The op-ed below headlined ‘PH walking on a tightrope‘ is taken from yesterday’s (June 25) Sin Chew online and written by one of its top newsmen. The article also tells its Chinese readers, ”The PH administration could face an imminent collapse and an early election may have to be called”.

Continue reading “If Umno deregistered, members will join PAS”

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Prepare for snap polls as Harapan clearly imploding

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang is absolutely correct to appraise Harapan as a kakistocracy”, that is, a government made up of the worst people. He said this on Friday at the opening of the PAS muktamar in Kuantan.

It’s true that the very worst of political apparatchiks – the Yang Berhormat frogs – have already hopped over to Pribumi and unethically taking their Umno parliament and DUN seats with them.

Continue reading “Prepare for snap polls as Harapan clearly imploding”

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Guan Eng “bukan Cina”, jadi buat apa DAP mau sekolah vernakular?

Syor yang dibuat Muslimat PAS baru-baru ini agar sekolah vernakular dihapuskan sebenarnya betul dan bersandarkan logik.

Lim Guan Eng sendiri sudah laungkan yang dia “bukan orang Cina” (rujuk laporan berita di bawah). 

Continue reading “Guan Eng “bukan Cina”, jadi buat apa DAP mau sekolah vernakular?”

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Chinese evangelistas challenging the central power

‘Sing Hallelujah’ anthem of Hong Kong mass protests

Beijing must be most disconcerted by the youthful Chinese evangelista horde now flooding the streets of Hong Kong.

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Albatross around DAP’s neck until justice is delivered

The tragic death of Teoh Beng Hock was the springboard for the DAP’s 2013 election success.

DAP bigwigs – below – were seen gathered like vultures feasting on the political capital provided by Teoh’s funeral.

Now that DAP have got 95 percent Chinese electoral strength in their pocket, what are the hypocrite VIPs doing to bring closure to the family of their late party worker?