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“Lu bukan cantik, apa pasal orang mau ‘bogelkan’ you?”

UPDATE: This article is Part 2 of the DAPster trilogy. Part 1: Woo-hoo … Bersih 3.0 here they come! & Part 3: Straight from the Hosanna’s mouth, haw-haw-haw.

Please proceed to Part 3 to participate in the reader discussion.

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Beliawanis MCA chief Tee Hooi Ling yesterday lodged a complaint with the Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission (MCMC) on doctored photos of a nude woman bearing her superimposed face that was uploaded to blog.

Hooi Ling urged MCMC to investigate the website

Some two weeks ago I had posted that this same ‘Suara Keadilan Malaysia’ had carried a posting headlined ‘Come let’s gang bang Helen Ang, Free Malaysia Today‘s Pricely Prostitute’.

Some of you guys had suggested then that I make a police report. (I didn’t).

However I’m glad that Hooi Ling has now brought this blog to the attention of the authorities.

This is not the first nor second time that the culprit has been carrying out character assassination.

In October last year, splashed a posting titled ‘MCA Sugar Daddy’s cadre of virgin bodyguards, to prostitute for Umno’.

The faces of a group of young ladies attending the MCA Youth assembly were superimposed onto pictures of naked women.

On that occasion, MCA Youth and Beliawanis had also filed reports with MCMC saying that “use of pornographic pictures was clearly illegal and that the blogger was a ‘cyber-bully’.” (scroll down to see photo)

Another lewd poster was at the same time doing the rounds in cyberspace, and this one aside from targeting me, had also put a photograph of The Star‘s political commentator Joceline Tan alongside.

The targets of the rabidly pro-opposition website are women whom it perceives to be unfavourable to Pakatan or who are BN politicians or in the case of the young ladies, participants in an MCA event.

Joceline and my writings appear to agitate, so much so that we’re called “prostitutes” by the site administrator.

I’m sure there are plenty of writings by pro-opposition journalists that equally agitate those on the opposite side of the fence but we’ve never yet heard of Pakatan-favoured female writers being subjected to this sort of personal sex smear tactic.

The DAPster definition of ‘pretty’

Malaysiakini carried a report yesterday ‘MCA Beliawanis lodges MCMC report over nude pics‘.

I took the headline for this posting from the Malaysiakini reader’s comment screenshot below.

A petty soul like ‘Betul punya Satu Malaysia’ is in no position to be a judge of anyone’s beauty and nor should this snide even figure as Hooi Ling is clearly the victim of cyber harassment here.

But in any case, I’m uploading Tee Hooi Ling’s photo and anyone can see that she looks nice.

Below is a photograph of Hannah Yeoh whom the DAP fan base insist is most pretty and that her prettiness is the reason for her being featured every week in Selangor Times, including this week, last week and the many consecutive weeks before that.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder apparently.

What is it that the DAPsters behold and why do they not see the things that are clear to everyone else?

Below are screenshots of the comments with regard to how the DAPsters responded and what they said about the MCA Beliawanis chief:

But at least one Malaysiakini subscriber had the decency to say what an ordinary person would normally say.

This non-DAPster by the name ‘Temenggong’ commented:

“Its unbecoming to post such pictures and Ms Tee has our sympathies.”

However Temenggong’s comment riled up a dedicated DAPster who made the rejoinder below:

All the screenshots above refer to MCA Beliawanis chief Tee Hooi Ling.

I do not need to screengrab samples from the comments deluge, made back in October 2011 in Malaysiakini and the rest of the DAPster-controlled cyberspace and social media, about these young women (below) in the MCA shirt.

Apart from the lewd and mocking comments hurled at them, they were also victims of the Pakatan-promoting gutter site —

If you thought that the recent DAPster comments against Federal Territories MCA Youth chief Chiew Lian Keng (see blog posting immediately preceding this one) were bad, you can well imagine how much more demeaning the comments would be about the lasses in the photo below.

A variety of different circumstances — the MCA guy cautioning about Bersih 3.0, the Beliawanis chief complaining about doctored lewd photos of herself, the group of young ladies who lent their good looks to an MCA event, a blogger debunking DAP’s Malaysian First hypocrisy — all elicited the same one-track, vicious response from the DAPsters.

Again, let me stress that the telling nature of these comments allows us to see their speakers for what they are, and to only guess at what could be the demons driving them.


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19 thoughts on ““Lu bukan cantik, apa pasal orang mau ‘bogelkan’ you?”

  1. DAPster will never change their sports (Yes it is a sport to them,especially ‘when the have the number’)

      1. i rest my case….

        You DAPsters are so sad. Get a life. ‘Fed [up]’ (this comment) and Sshsn (earlier comment below) live in the same house sharing the same IP address, so that makes the “two” of you what? Replicons? — Helen

  2. Helen, anyone talking about looks and associating it with your political affiliation is just plain stupid. Please keep up your work. I’m sure umno pays you regardless of how you look………

    1. Well if she is geting paid..she is doing her job with a sane mind…unlike DAPsters who act uncivilized without getting paid..its like natural for DAPsters to act stupid and moronic…teh stuff DAPsters writ malaysiakini says it all.

  3. Helen,these Dapsters whether male or female can never be near Hooi Ling and the MCA girls.Just look at the MCA girls,they are so pretty and the faces glowed with cheerfulness.Whereas just look at the Dapsters,there is no glow in their faces because whatever comes out to your face comes from your heart,so I leave the readers to make their own conclusion.On a scale of 1 to 10,Hannah Yeoh gets only 1 point from.My conclusion is az usual these Dapsters is so full of jeolosy that they are not pretty and handsome as compared to the MCA ppl,they then start throwingvall sort of rubbish.Kesian sungguh tengok these uncultured abd rough Dapsters.they have all the Western Christian names but behqve like rascals and hooligan.Helen ask the MCA ppl to put all the beautiful and handsome of MCA members in your blog and let them post theirr pictures and let us give the ratings.I think MCA would have have won hands down.Kalau orang Melayu kita gelar orang Dapsters ni BIADAP tahap maksimum.

    1. couldn’t agree more with KPS!! the mca girls are a beautiful lot!! mca youths should potray themselves more in the public & do this at the himpun1juta belia soon! love to see the youths from all walks of life get together for a good cause!!

    2. Anglophiles are like that…ugly and boring….their beliefs and approach to life such as going to war, discriminating againts non christian people, dengerate other cultures with sexual perversity domnot sync with asian cultures which celebrate colour,diversity and to some extent living for the moment rather than hoping for jesus to come from the sky and kill all heathens like us(contrary to beliefs, muslims to alarge extent do not welcome the end of the world and pray they do not face it in their lifetime but christian love if the end of he world happens with jesus massacring people like us!!)…….the diverse peoples of malaysia with the resplendid colours in their baju kurungs, glittering saris and ornate cheongsam is opposite to the DAPsters mundane western drag cloths which comfine the mind to bigoted opinions and negativity.

  4. Anti bohmau,l concur with u as well.lets all the beatiful ppl of all the BN component parties get together as you suggested say Himpunan Sejuta 1 Malaysia and show to these Dapster ruffians how we beautiful ppl who has been living in this beautil country Malaysia for ever so long.Maybe our PM should take this up and show how beatiful our hearts as compared to these Dapster hooligans.

    1. To quote shuzheng….umno,mca,mic and other component parties locked up in arms together to face the barabaric hordes of the PAS Shiite ayatollahs, PKR sodomites and DAP Nazi troopers…..

      1. Salutation to KPS and antibohmau

        when the heart has black intention it will show in the face.

        when one is arrogant the chin will precede the face(you know who).

  5. Those angry DAPsters!

    Tey short on mannerism, they short on credibility, and the one riled them up the most – they short on the looks department.

    1. Helen,

      I was just having some photo recollection on this perception of beautiful and ugly and I start making comparison between DAP and MCA personalities, cannot find any from DAP because if you look at their faces its full of hatred, there is no glow, in Bahasa Melayu we call it takde seri and I can find many in MCA, take Ng Yen Yen, she is pleasant, very cultured can speak Malay, English and Mandarin fluently and she is very pretty.

      Wee Kah Siong, so handsome and very pleasant, always smiling even when attacked by the DAP rowdies in Kajang, can talk in the 3 languages very well, Liow Tong Lai, many girls will melt looking at him, he is so handsome, very knowledgable,v ery pleasant and cultured and can speak very well in the 3 languages.

      Well thats enough for the time being and very sad to say none of the DAP leaders qualify to be included even at the back page of my who is who beautiful personalities book.

      So my advice to all DAP people, clean your heart and soul first before you even want to look beautiful, no amount of makeup or plastic surgery gonna make you beautiful in the eyes of the majority of people. Do you know that by just looking at the facial features we can sort of know what is in your heart and soul, no amount of acting or melodrama is goona change that.

      You’re right about WKS having a smiling face. And the way LGE speaks the 3 languages, none easy on the ears. You’ve probably heard him speechifying in BM on TV or YouTube. Well, LGE’s command of Mandarin is about the same level of mastery as his BM. — Helen

  6. I just pity those DAPsters for they have nothing to do but spewing malicious lies, spins and unbecoming comments like they have nothing else to do in their life.

    Just remember what goes around comes around..

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