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Is there anything in this country that makes DAPsters happy?

besides the ‘PG1′ number plate on the Merc …

***   ***   *** must be among the most indefatigable in Malaysian blogosphere.

The blogger makes me think of someone who diligently tends to his kebun for the love of gardening and is pleased to share the pretty landscaping (the result of his hard work) with any visitors who might chance by.

If you will drop in at his blog, you will see.

One entry which had caught my eye was ’10 Highest and Most Beautiful Lakes on Earth’. It had been on my mind when I was browsing the Net at that time that my best holiday memory is not of somewhere abroad but Langkawi. Hence my interest in Alizul’s title.

I remember that I’d swum out to the middle of one of Langkawi’s big lakes and just looked up and all around me at the sheer stone cliffs. I’ve no words to describe the wondrous feeling.

I’ve been to destinations on several other continents, including the red rocks of Lake Powell (pic) in west USA which was awesome but still, it is that moment at the Langkawi lake that remains etched with poignancy.

From the lakes posting, I paddled to another one where Alizul had collected the Most Beautiful Pictures of Waves Ever Seen. Every single one of the breathtaking photos made me gasp.

Cyberspace provides a room for positive Netizens like Alizul but the downside is that the DAPster negativity is so insistent. What are these toxic people doing to our country?

The bodoh sombong nature of DAPsters is to query “what’s in it for (me/you/them)”.

Mekyam once said something to the effect which quite fairly describes what I mean. Since she’s captured the idea, I shan’t reinvent the wheel but just copypaste verbatim below (original comment here).

In response to ‘Cerita latar sebalik tawaran gaji 50k kepada Tunku Aziz oleh Guan Eng (mutakhir)‘, mekyam wrote:


“A pattern has emerged that people can use as a rule of thumb. It appears that any wrongdoing or dirty tactic anyone in PR accuses their ‘political enemies’ of doing, most likely it is something they are doing themselves.

It is typical of the cowardly and the guilty to use their own yardsticks on others. It is a sort of paranoia found in those without moral compass. They figured since they are doing it, others are probably not above doing the same. Decency is alien to them. Just look at those who come a-visiting here with their cheap blanket accusation that everyone who is not with the opposition is an BN/Umno purchase…

This incidentally is the pattern of Anwar Ibrahim/PRK which PR unfortunately has seen fit to adopt. As much as DAP is accused as a chauvinistic party and the vehicle of the Lim dynasty, I think it did once [when Lim senior and Karpal were more in charge] discharge its responsibility as opposition in a more credible and worthy way. Much better than PAS or PKR ever did.

Throwing aspersions relentlessly, especially ones that they are doing themselves, serves at least two purposes. One, it will distract the public’s attention from what they themselves are doing, and two, some of the accusations, whether outright slanders or have some modicum of truth, will definitely stick in the minds of the malleable and the prejudiced.

This is an Anwar Ibrahim’s trick. It served him well for a while, but since the stink of rot is hard to cover forever and people do grow up, it appears to be coming unglued for him. LGE/DAP, who appeared to take to this ‘strategy’ like a pig to slops should do well to pay mind to this.”


Now back to Alizul’s touching commitment to his blog.

It’s difficult to believe that a blog like Alizul’s can get any (monetary) returns for the owner as there are no ads there even. I’m not suggesting that the thought ever crossed his mind but am only using this as an example to illustrate mekyam’s commentary.

I won’t speculate on Alizul’s motivations but his dedication to readers is beyond doubt.

For instance, he compiled – usually it’d be a photo gallery with informative captions – today on 10 bridges, yesterday on 5 spices; Greenland’s ice, 10 deadliest proteins, and world’s bizarre restaurants.

How this anecdote relates to DAPsterism is that Malaysians are better than the DAPsters think. Yet due to their base instincts, DAPsters can only apply their own gutter-level standards on others.

Alizul describes his blog as the “writings of an ordinary citizen who is deeply concerned about the socio-political conundrum in his beloved Malaysia”.

There are many other bloggers like Alizul, one of whom I like to link (as you may have noticed) is Din Turtle — for the reason that I’m convinced he blogs altruistically.

A regular reader ‘melonhead’ left this comment about another blogger:

“I personally know Anas [Zubedy]. He has his weaknesses and limitations, just like everyone else. He does not claim to be an angel, or God’s gift to mankind. But what he does have that the ABU group does not is his genuine love for this country.”

Even though Alizul is not blogging socio-political content, I see him as a patriot (in his own way) doing it from a desire to engage with fellow Malaysians.

Malays, I find, will generally display a nonchalant or take-it-for-granted ‘placeness’ in Malaysia. By this, I mean feeling a sense of ‘belonging’ just as how a Japanese feels his place is in Japan, a Norwegian in Norway and so on for the rest of the populations of the world.

Melonhead’s observation that the ABU group is more motivated by deep hatred for Umno than genuine love for this country is something worth pondering.

We might recall how Kim Guan Eng ran down Johor when he was with foreign correspondents in Singapore and for which he was compelled to apologize to the sultan as well as criticize Malaysia in other interviews with the Western media.

The unelected sec-gen of the party follows in the tradition of “DAP leaders suffer[ing] from ‘DAP-itis’ during their overseas missions by bad mouthing Malaysia” (source: here).

And they thump their chest the loudest that they are Malaysian First and more patriotic than everyone else?

There is this huge disconnect between what they’re hollering and how they act.

If we were to think more deeply into this, we might ask: Are they living in the same country that the rest of us are? It often appears like they’re in an alternate reality in their own parallel universe, doesn’t it?


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17 thoughts on “Is there anything in this country that makes DAPsters happy?

  1. DAPsters and their ilk among the PR “fan clubs” behave as if their objective is to homogenize the entire population as part of their ascendancy to power.

    The only other group I know of who set out to homogenize its constituency would be the National Socialist German Workers Party. Interestingly, this political party started as a group called Deutsche Arbeiter Partei (DAP).

    Silakan Wiki, no need to be shy…

  2. Alizul”s postings are simply marvelous, brilliant picutres of nature at its best…..check it out.

  3. To DAPsters and its ilks, there’s beauty in this country and you ain’t part of it.

  4. I have talked with some hard working anglophiles, when conversing talk how they want to get out of malaysia before it sinks.. after what? ..after they suck the country dry? ….sadly not just confined to anglophile chinese but also bangsarized malays.. people who benefitted the most from the country…. upper middle class parents ….elite schooling.. good education without ptptn loan and jetting to overseas for vacations……

    I always think that being western educated equates to being extremists and nurture condescending attitudes, zionism example nurtured in peaceful europe at the height of colonialism where white man is supeior to blacks, zionism is a residue of european imperialism and merchantilism….heck even islamic fundamentalis seem to be nurtured by islamofascists who studied in the west…

    sayid qutb became a looney after his study trip to the US and inspired the stupidests muslims that screwed up egypt, they assasinated anwar sadat only to pave way for mubarak who slaughtered them.. hence i always see qutbism fanatics like PAS JIM and pro UMNO ISMA as sad sods… some of the terrorists were also western trained and educated… if you count flight training for the 9/11 pilots…like ghaddafi’s son trained in terrorism economics in LSE and the women-beating saudi princes who grace the bences of UK universities……

    1. The fact that terrorism, committed by Muslims and non-Muslims originated from the West is not unusual. In fact, it is encouraged by the powers that be in the West. Why ? Because it perpetuates the dominance of the West over the Rest. Societies wrecked by terrorism i.e what we see today in the Middle East, tend to be backward in all aspects of development. If your opponents are weak and divided, it makes it easier for you to dominate them.

      Western universities, particularly those in Anglophile countries are not institutions of Great Learning. If you look at American Ivy League universities, these institutions started out as religious schools catering to religious fundamentalists and the propagation of Christianity. Harvard for instance started as a school for training the clergy.

      The West, The White Man is not superior. For most of known history, the East i.e China, India, the Muslim world ruled. If not for the scientific discoveries of these Ancient societies of the East, there would not be the Enlightenment or the Industrial Revolution in the West. For proof read John M Hobson’s The Eastern Origins of Western Civilization that argues against the historical theory of the rise of the West after 1492 as Virgin Birth but rather the West owes its current dominance to western civilization’s interaction with the advanced Civilizations of the East.

      We the people of the East have much to be proud of. I m not anti-West by saying that the White Man was inferior for much of known history or that the East is superior but rather to point out that we should look at our own culture and heritage in governing our societies rather than aping something which is inherently the opposite of what we the people of the East represent.

  5. …and I nearly threw up a few days ago after browsing through the latest issue of Buletin Mutiara (to check how my money is being misused) when I came across this article by this Chan Lillian who wrote that she wouldn’t want her little 9-year old boy to read mainstream media (newspapers) because “almost pornographic materials are splashed on front pages” and “corruption, betrayal, lies, slander, false accusations, sexual exploitations and confrontations” are not what she wants her children to take as a daily dose of information.

    I think her child should really stop reading mainstream media and turn his attention to the alternative media, especially MK,and MI.portals where his Mum’s loving comrades will give him even better and stronger lessons and daily dosage of information!

    This is a really weak disguise in attacking mainstream media on her boss behalf. It may be a brilliant idea to use “innocent children” in her article (as it appears so “innocent”), but this is disgusting and sickening!

    They’re most capable indeed of stooping very low & using children as human shield & political tool. C.f. in the DAP Bersih video with footage of children in order to portray the police as brutal. — Helen

    1. Helen, they are already marginalized yet they continue to think and say they are the majority driving change. Its no wonder that these people live in Wonderland. The only way to beat some senses into these people is to hand their political masters a heavy defeat in the next general elections but I fear that even a heavy defeat for them may not be enough. In fact a heavy defeat for them will only make they even more deluded.

  6. Helen, I know I have been MIA. Just got back from Beverly Hills to NY. Wondering what I was doing there? Nothing much, just serving Quentin Tarantino on Mulholland Drive. Malaysia Mah!!! as the apek from China town Malaysians in NY ,survival of the fittest.It is like The pointers how to spend your time in Anglophile materially driven states in US besides how humane we can be when choose it to be is the anwer that we can deal with individually. Feel free to contact me and if will be

    1. apek you syiok sendiri lagi ? dah kena halau ke ? apek tak habis2 bohong kata apek ni kat new york. silap2 apek ni orang penang atau bangsar yang syiok sendiri ingat penang atau bangsar new york. apek dah waras ?

      helen, saya rasa kalau malaysia boleh ubah jadi macam masyarakat orang putih inggeris tentu dapster amat gembira sekali.

  7. I know many may have sceptical thoughts but what the F***k is it is really unless you don’t want to deal with it for how it selves only how it serves us besides the truth that we hope to achive amongst us. Malaysian need to be Malaysian if their heart allows it to be irraesepective of the origin.

    1. apek saya cakap sikit2 apek sudah naik angin. apek ni tak tahan kena soal ke ? dah naik angin lepas tu guna ayat kesat pulak. apek tak ada adab ke ? apek ni ada apa hal ? tak habis2 cakap malaysian tu malaysian ni. apek tak penat ke ? apek tak tahu ke situasi kat malaysia ke ? malaysia ni, politik kaum. kan chua soi lek dah kata, kita ni lebih selesa bila sesama kaum kita. apek tak faham lagi ke ? apek ni tak ada adab langsung.

  8. hi helen, i bet there are plenty of things in the country that make DAPsters quite ecstatic, but they’d sooner be damned than admit to them.

    i could think of a few things off the top of my head, in random order…

    – penangites docilely accepting an outsider to be chuted as their “king”

    – selangorians not realizing that PKR is just ruling at DAP’s sufference, or rather the sufference of the mobster arm of DAP

    – some msians haughtily thinking themselves beyond being sheep because they went reformasi or firsters or abu or bersih or whatever else, but in actually are still seriously suffering from groupthink

    – the anwar saga followed by the paklah rip-van-winkle-interlude followed by the continuing anwar saga that softened the political constitution of the country, in particular the constitution of the ruling coalition, making it possible for DAP to finally be considered viable by many chinese-msians

    – the diseased party that PKR is

    – the bi-polar condition of PAS

    – the complacency of MCA and the napping of Gerakan and the ineffectuality of MIC

    – the inability of semenanjungites to seriously embrace and stop sidelining our borneo sibs as though they’re but pelakun tambahans in the drama of our country

    – the inability of msians to once-and-for-all stop thinking of spore as an itch to be scratched

    – and i’m sure many more tides in the affairs of msian politics which, taken at the flood, may lead on to god knows what other fortunes for DAPsters, but you get my drift. :)

    p.s. thank you for saying some words of mine actually replicated your thoughts enough to bear reproducing verbatim. you’re too kind and i’m no end chuffed. :)


    Spore continually “as an itch to be scratched”, LOL. — Helen

  9. Is there anything in this country that makes DAPsters happy?

    One of the things that the current government does good is the healthcare, especially for the poor. It is by no means great, but certainly there is room for improvement especially on the human resources aspect.

    Recently I have a distant relative who is working as a sushi maker in Singapore, has been diagnosed with a form of cancer / tumor called gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST). He was operated in Singapore for tumor removal and was told to take certain drug called Gleevac which is very expensive for two years. The drug would cost more than RM100k per year. With no insurance coverage, his only choice is to turn to government hospital (GH) here for consultation. And fortunately he managed to get the prescription for almost free. He told me there is quota for this type of medication.

    Another colleague’s wife was also diagnosed with a rare form of autoimmune disease and was able to get cheap medication from GH.

    PS: In developed countries like USA, you could get yourself bankrupted with medical bills if you don’t have insurance coverage as there is no government hospitals to turn to.

  10. Day after day we see and hear so much mud slinging among the opposing political parties.


    The BN especially UMNO has proven to be rent seekers in everything. In the 54 years that they were in power, a hugh amount of the country’s wealth have been ‘mismanaged’, yet no one was pulled up and charged.

    The people of Malaysia, whether Malays, Chinese or Indians are not against one another. We are a beautiful people in a beautiful country.

    What we want to see is a CORRUPT FREE & FAIR government who will take care of the people and manage the wealth of the country well….not put it in their own pockets!!


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