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Palestinians and Israel

The American Declaration of Independence was proclaimed in 1776 by 13 colonies – Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Virginia – to dissolve their political connection with the British Crown.

And thus the USA was born on the Fourth of July.

I’m mentioning the famous 1776 American document just as a matter of interest on how newer countries establish or founded themselves.


Jewish state for the Jews

The state of Israel made her Proclamation of Independence on 14 May 1948.

In the document that is called the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel, the phrase “Jewish State” is mentioned five times. Israel sees herself as Jewish.

Hence Israel is a state of the Jews, for the Jews.

Who is a Jew, by the way?

One can become a Jew by marriage as did Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe.

The dominant group in Israel are the Ashkenazi Jews.


Jews come in all colours

The Ashkenazim are the German, French and Polish (European) Jews.

The Sephardim are descendants of Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal following the 1492 edict by their Catholic Majesties Isabella and Ferdinand.

Fei, Yakkov and Tony, during a breaktime in a weekly bible study course.The Hasidim are the ultra orthodox Jews who originate from Eastern Europe.

The Mizrahim are the Middle-Eastern Jews. They too fled to Israel as refugees from countries such as Iraq and Syria. When Israel was created in 1948, there were population cross movements similar to the 1947 Partition of the Indian sub-continent where the Muslims in India moved to Pakistan and the Hindus in Pakistan moved to India.

More Arab Jews again relocated to Israel due to the upheavals of the 1967 Six Day War. They have successfully assimilated into Israeli society.

The Palestinian refugees however have not successfully assimilated into Jordanian, Lebanese and other Arab countries where they sought refuge.

There are Chinese Jews from Kaifeng who have emigrated to Israel. (Photo right shows a Chinese Jew wearing a T-shirt bearing Hebrew words.)

There are Indian Jews from Cochin and Falasha Jews who were dramatically airlifted to Israel from Ethiopia to make up a 130,000-strong community.

The Jews in Israel are the most multi-coloured “race” in the world.


Absorbing practically everybody … like a gigantic sponge

In his 21 Oct 2010 speech to 61st Umno general assembly, Najib Razak recited the following poem about who are the Malays.

Melayu itu kaya falsafahnya
Melayu itu orang yang bijaksana
Akal budi bersulamkan daya

Jawa itu Melayu
Bugis itu Melayu
Banjar juga disebut Melayu
Minangkabau memang Melayu
Keturunan Acheh adalah Melayu,

Jakun dan Sakai asli Melayu
Arab dan Pakistani semua Melayu
Mamak dan Malbari serap ke Melayu
Malah muallaf bertakrif Melayu

Kadazan, Bajau, India Muslim dan Siam
Melanau, Bidayuh dan berpuluh suku kaum
Kita bersama dalam serumpun

According to Najib/Umno, the Malays are the Jawa, Bugis, Banjar, Minangkabau, Achehnese, Jakun, Sakai, Kadazan, Bajau, Melanau, Bidayuh, Arab, Pakistani, Mamak, Malbari, Indian Muslim, Siamese and even the mualaf.

The mualaf are considered Malays more or less. Well, Datuk Mustapha Ong is an Umno member, and Umno is the United MALAYS National Organization. There are many folks too from both sides of the political divide who consider Ridhuan Tee a Malay.

The mualaf-Malays, then, are somewhat like the converts to Judaism such as Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe who were proudly embraced as Jewish daughters.

Ms Taylor and Ms Monroe converted by choice when they married their American Jewish husbands. In Israel, however, one has to convert to Judaism in order to marry a Jew. They are very strict about this over there. Just like in Malaysia.

A young Liz Taylor


Only the Chinese will never be Malay

‘Malay’ by definition in Malaysia has absorbed the non-native Arabs, Pakistanis and presumably Bangladeshis as well (since Bangladesh used to be called East Pakistan), Siamese, “Malbari” (Malabar is a region in southern India) and I wouldn’t be surprised if Bosnians were included.

Let’s take one category of Malays that used to be described as “DKK” (Darah Keturunan Keling). From Najib Razak’s speech, we can surmise that the forefathers of the DKKs could have come here from Pakistan, East Pakistan (today Bangladesh), Gujerat, Malabar, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, etc.

They are accepted as Malays because they are Muslim or they convert to Islam, and they adopt the Malay language, customs and way of life.

There is a similarity with the Chinese, the Indians, the Ethiopians and the other colours who are accepted as Israeli Jews because they practice Judaism and they are willing to learn to speak Hebrew, serve in the Israeli army, live like Israelis and pledge their life and loyalty to the state of Israel.

A piece of trivia: The capital of Israel, according to Israel, is Jerusalem.


Tanah Melayu?

To return to the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel, the state of Israel considers herself to be Jewish.

Some Malays – the Isma leaders as one example – consider Malaysia to be Tanah Melayu.

Malaysia appears willing to absorb almost everybody to become Malay with the notable exception of the Chinese and the Indians who are not Muslim. The fact on the ground is that the Chinese will never assimilate. The Baba-Nyonyas are a failed experiment.

About three-quarters of the Israeli population is Jewish. Israel is wary that her minority non-Jewish population, i.e. Palestinians, will grow to outnumber the Jews because Israel conceives herself as a “Jewish state”. If the non-Jews ever become the majority, then logically Israel can no longer remain a Jewish state.

Israel has 6,135,000 Jews, 1,694,000 Arabs and 348,000 “others” (Bahai, Christian, etc).

The Palestinian population in the West Bank is usually estimated at between 2.6 million and 2.7 million, see Haaretz (30 June 2013). The population of Gaza is estimated at 1.865 million.

Palestinians within Israel + Palestinians in West Bank + Palestinians in Gaza added together outnumber the Jews in Israel.

Israel is as wary of the Palestinians at her border as Malaysia is wary of the Chinese in Singapore.

BELOW: Jerusalem


Israel: Secular or halachic?

There is a “lack of separation between state and religion” in Israel, states Ari Rath, the former publisher and editor of the Jerusalem Post.

Judaism is favoured by the state, needless to say whereas Islam – which is the faith held by the Arabs (Palestinians) who make up one-fifth of Israel’s population – does not receive the same kind of state support or funding.

Jewish religious law, the halacha, plays a deep and prominent role in Israel’s national life. Some fundamentalist Jews even consider Israel to be a halachic state. They fear the expansion and influence of religion(s) other than Judaism — we’re talking Islam here, quite obviously – which would dilute the present religious nature of Israel.

Side note: The three Jewish teenagers abducted and killed/found in Hebron had attended religious school called yeshiva in a religious kibbutz.


Kissing at the separation wall: The Romeo and Juliet pretty scene of Palestinian girl and Jewish boy is staged

Israel becoming more religious

In December 2009, Israel Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman caused a political storm when he said that “step by step, Torah law will become the binding law in the State of Israel”.

In February 2013, former Chief Justice Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad said that Malaysia could fully implement syariah law. See Sinar Harian report, ‘Abdul Hamid: Mahkamah sivil, mahkamah syariah boleh digabung jika perlu‘.



Half donut chart: Strength of the religious parties in Knesset 2013

Do the Arab citizens of Israel accept that Israel is a “Jewish state”?

Hamas does not accept the existence of Israel, by the way. The Hamas charter seeks the destruction of Israel.

Can the Palestinians in Israel accept that halachic law could eventually be the law that rules the land?

Can two peoples belonging to two different “races” and two forever feuding Abrahamic faiths co-exist in the same shared space?

Can the non-contiguous Gaza and West Bank form a viable independent state for self-rule? Can the 4.6 million Arabs in the Palestinian territories and the 6.1 million Jews ever live as neighbours without war between them periodically erupting?

(1,317 words)


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121 thoughts on “Palestinians and Israel

  1. The truth is somewhat skewed in this article. It has always been controversial where the Jews came from originally and who and what they are as a nation.

    From Jabotinski and before they have maintained a “White only” policy similar to that espoused by Adolph Hitler which he too distorted through the even more distorted writings of German Philosopher Nitsche. Nitsche’s works are by Germans scholars themselves borrowed from the Indian ‘Manu’. His distortions of the various levels of man which evolved into the caste system then via Nitsche to the Aryan and the Ubermenschen and the Semite and African the Untermenschen.

    This particular connection in the link is authoritative although not the best source although sketchy. But the references within it are highly regarded as authoritative sources for the references they point to.

    Israel has always had a policy of excluding its not white population and keeping them to a minimal number. The Ashkeanzim are a very racist group amongst whom anre the many right wing politicians of Israel and policy makers of the Jewiish state.

    The denied entry and recognition of the many Indian Jews from Kerela State (then the principalities of Cochin, Travancore and Trivandrum). These were the descendants of the Konkani and Cranganore Jews who moved south. Eventually out of embarrassment the Rabinnical college admitted them into Israel as Jews.

    Many amongst these converted to Catholicism being forced to do so by the Portuguese who arrived during and around the time of the Spanish inquisition.

    The Felashas airlift was financed by Melbourne property developer Isi Magid a Jew at the request of prime minister Menaham Begin to bolster the Israeli army against the PLO. The Numbers of Jewish volunteers to the Israeli army had begun to dwindle after the Sabra and Chatilla massacre.

    It was also because they did not want the Russians who ha dinfluence in Ethiopia to snatch “the arc of the covenant” which is said to reside in Ethiopia and guarded. Nothing European about it or Jewish history.

    Now they go back to India the home of their forefathers and “discover” in very large numbers the Tripurans and Mizos (Tripura and Mizoram) as Jews, converting these in large numbers to settle in “their land” of Israel (40,000 so far, 50000 settled). The Mizos and Tripurans are a Gurkha race who are easily inducted into the Jewish army. They are a fierce warrior people and converts to Baptist Christianity long ago. They are as Jewish as I or you are.

    The definition of Jew is a very malleable one and highly political in nature. All in all Their origins like their old testament can be found word for word in the older book of the Vedic scriptures including the Pesach (Passover) Purim (Onam) and other “Jewish” Festivals.

    Even their language is suspect (Hebrew).

    History is after all the maintenance of a lie by agreement. it is for the Victor to write and the vanquished to suffer.

    Racism amongst Jews is prevalent in Israel.

    1. re: “The truth is somewhat skewed in this article.”

      You will have to clarify which part, if any, of my article is untrue or not factual. Nothing in your comment above has contradicted what I’ve said.

      re: “The definition of Jew is a very malleable one and highly political in nature.”

      Like the definition of Malay?

      1. I think you have answered your own question Helen. Maybe I ought to have ben a little more specific and for that I apologise. The Chassidic Jews are a sect within the Ashkenazim. The Sephardic Jews are those not simply expelled from Spain and Portugal but also the oriental Jews from Baghdad (Mesopotamia) Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen and Iran.

        There were Ashkenazis in India. The reason I alluded to the skewed comment is because it appears to be a the “Israeli Zionist” explanation of Judaism and the Jews something that has changed through the past few decades as they reinvent their history.

        There are Jews who do not venerate and revere the Patriach Abraham but hold that veneration and direct it to his wife Sarah who is said to have ascended to heaven on a rock in what is Mumbai. They are given no recognition by contemporary Judaism. Being a matriarchal religion and culture one would have thought it would be a logical thing for Jews to do to recognize this sect amongst Judaism.

        The idea that your article is skewed I have attempted to explain now here.

        As to the second point you raise against my post, your analogy or suggestion has weight. It is in fact what the Malays may well have learned from the Arabs and Moghuls in India both groups which influenced Malay Islam.

        It is a question of whether one is a Jew by race or by religion. The Jews believe you can’t be one without the other. As a race there is no Jew. Not now. Because being Polish, Ukrainian, Estonian, Latvian, German or Russian does not make you similar in any way to a Yemenite, Moroccon, Egyptian, Iranian, Indian or Kaifeng Chinese.

        There have been claims that the Jews have a similar DNA. That’s also been debunked as it is only applicable to a small sample tested almost all European. The only common DNA in all of humanity is that of the African from which there is irrefutable proof (at least for the present) that the origins of all of mankind is Africa.

  2. Rencana berinformasi. Kita tahu bagaimana yahudi memanipulasi pendongengan hidup mereka. Maaf kata, juga pendongengan sejarah Tanah Melayu yang cuba di tulis semula oleh puak- puak yang tidak berpijak kepada realiti sejarah terakam yang sahih.

    Dalam Al Quran, Yahudi dan asal usul nya sudah di terangkan. Siapa mereka dan pecahan dari hubungan keluarga mana. Kemudian di ceritakan sikap degil dan keangkuhan, tidak ikhlas dan tidak patuh perintah Tuhan. Yahudi menganggap mereka golongan terpilih dan menganggap manusia lain terutama orang-orang Islam sebagai musuh yang boleh di hapuskan begitu sahaja tanpa rasa bersalah.
    ( Jika ingin tahu dari perspektif Islam, tanyalah tokoh-tokoh Islam dan buka lah Al Quran bersama sumber-sumber sahih rujukan Ilmu-Ilmu Islam. Kemudian Helen bandingkan sepertimana Yahudi di bandingkan dengan Melayu Islam dan Penganut-Penganut Islam lain nya. Baru adil dalam penilaian dan perbandingan )

    1. Norlin,

      re: “Rencana berinformasi”

      Yes, I’m hoping to provoke some critical thinking. Otherwise you all (Malays) are just hitting your head against the wall. Like Zul Noordin blogged:

      “Sampai bila kita asyik nak hantar misi bantuan kemanusiaan, hantar ubat, hantar baju, hantar selimut bantal, hantar duit?

      “Sampai bila kita asyik nak solat hajat, nak kutip derma, nak kutuk, nak hantar memorandum, nak berdemo, nak guling atas jalan?”

      The loop will keep repeating itself and there is no solution in sight. So why don’t we try to understand the crux of the situation instead?

      Most countries, if not all, want to preserve their unique”ness”, the Japanese, their Japananese-ness, the Swedes, their Swedish-ness, and so on. They also want to preserve their religious paramountcy.

      In Japan, Sweden, Finland, Korea, etc which are homogenous countries, there is no need for any Article 153 to give the Japanese/Swedish etc a Special Position over other ethnicities because they’re the “same” people all over in the country.

      The Japanese are not inclusive at all and don’t treat even their small minority citizens of Korean descent like “full” Japanese.

      Even in the plural societies, they still want preserve their “ness”, like American-ness or Australian-ness which is still derived from a base culture, that of the European whites.

      e.g. The Americans won’t take too kindly if you burn their flag or diss their national anthem or mock Thanksgiving. They have their own sets of ideals, viz. what being an American means (compared to what being a Japanese / Korean / Swede / Finn is all about).

      The Australians will not tolerate if you’re a migrant citizen but unable to speak English.

      Likewise Israel will preserve her Jewishness and the position of Judaism.

      The question: Is Israel willing to accept a plural society and thus relinquish the idea of herself as a “Jewish state”?

      (a) Israel is not willing to grant the “Right of Return” to the Palestinians who are at the moment still stateless in Jordan. The influx of these returning Arabs (if they’re allowed to) will impact the demography of Israel and make the Jews lose their majority.

      (b) Israel is not willing to absorb the Gazans/West Bankers as that too will impact the demography and destabilize the country.

      (c) Although Israel has a sizeable 20 percent Arab population and 5 percent Lain-lain, she is not willing to dilute her Jewishness nor allow the status of Judaism to be eroded in any way.

      If we consider the keywords that the Firsters love to toss, i.e. “multiracial”, “multicultural”, “pluralism”, “diversity”, “secularism” … then it looks like Israel is rejecting all of these.


        re: “If we consider the keywords that the Firsters love to toss, i.e. ‘multiracial’, ‘multicultural’, ‘pluralism’, ‘diversity’, ‘secularism’ … then it looks like Israel is rejecting all of these.”

        The diversity/plurality, or not, of Israel is a truly unique situation. Many colours, one “race”. Israel has a mould of its own incomparable with the rest of the world.

        Different backgrounds but one Jewish religious culture.

        The Anak Bangsa Malaysia people should figure out where they stand on Israel. Why don’t you ask them?

            1. Its ok. But be careful about your writing. Go further and study Islam. No harm. Its ilmu. If it happens that you got the ‘hidayah’ its solely for yourself and that the ‘Only God’ job. None others. You heart. No body will ever control it.

              1. ‘Go further and study Islam.’

                Ya Helen, don’t worry we won’t make you a terrorist.


                Aliza Kim seems happy.

                She knows fana simply won’t last!

      2. Expecting minorities/immigrants to assimilate is not going to work in the 21st century. It worked in the past due to the absence of long distance communications i.e the availability of the means to convey information over long distances. In the information age, with the Internet through which we have access to social media, satellite TV and so on, people have the tools to hold on to their culture.

        Thus a Chinese can access TV shows from China and other Chinese sources, The Indians have their Bollywood, the Hispanics have their telenovelas and so on. All this means culture is available 24/7 with the click of a button. Pluralism is here to say.

        1. But why do the Chinese who emigrate to Australia from Malaysia easily pick up Australian English and can speak with an even thicker twang than the whites? And of course, adopting Aussie “culture” like outdoor BBQs and such.

          Okay, one answer is there are enough Chinese here to be a parallel society where a Chinese can get by in his daily life without needing to speak Malay whereas in Australia, there are not enough Chinese to flock together to sustain an insular “autonomy”.

          Nonetheless, I still believe there is a reluctance to integrate with the Malays and less of this reluctance to assimilate with the Aussies (or Kiwis or Americans or Canadians).

          There’s attitude, isn’t there? Like how a Chinese convert to Islam is greeted with uproar while a Chinese convert to Christianity is not.

          Wrt to pluralism … in Malaysia, we have little if anything in common at all. There’s nothing to hold us together as a society except teh tarik and roti canai.

          1. What you’ve pointed out with regards to Chinese in Anglo Saxon countries, apart from the numbers, is that in those Anglo countries, the Whites hold sway economically. They control the wealth and they also create the wealth. How they control and use that control to create the wealth is beside the point but there is no denying on the subject of White dominance of the said countries’ wealth. Thus White culture is somewhat looked upon favorably. You want a piece of the action, then you have to become just like them.

            The Chinese in these Anglo countries do not assimilate entirely into White culture though. They just picked what’s useful from the Whites and add to what they already possess.

            As for the appalling image of Islam among the non Muslims, how can you expect people to look up to you, to look at you favorably if what’s being projected are things like suicide bombing, holy war and so on? Mind you, in the case of Malaysia, not only Chinese look at Malays unfavorably, the Indians too have similar reservations, the difference is the Indians do not display them the way the Chinese do.

            On pluralism we do have one thing in common, we all believe our respective culture is unique and it is worth preserving.

          2. The ones who pick up the string Aussie twang are usually the ones whose English was not good in the first place. So when they are forced to communicate in it, they pick up the accent alongside.

            I know many Malaysians and Singaporeans there who went through the old curriculum here who still speak the proper received pronunciation. Its just a matter of class.

            I agree with Survivor. Assimilation is at best a cover (eg Indonesia and Thailand) , it’s better to have pluralism for ethnic values and culture; and also have an overarching national culture which we all subscribe to.

            The tension here now is the direction in which the national culture is going. There must be sufficient democratic space within our common understanding of what it means to be Malaysian to be accommodative as well as being dynamic enough to achieve our goals.

            At this point, there just seems to be too much arguing and posturing that is beyond civilised democratic discourse. It has devolved to basic one upmanship. This is not good for the country.

            We’re all on the same boat together but now some people want to push each other off and no one is steering or rowing.

          3. “But why do the Chinese who emigrate to Australia from Malaysia easily pick up Australian English and can speak with an even thicker twang than the whites?”

            In fact if you notice the ones who go to Australia even short periods like 6 months will pick up the irritating Aussie accent (and that includes Indians too). I know of one guy from the office. Go to Deakin 6 months then Chung Ling boy becomes Perth Chung Ling boy. Remember he does not use a ballpoint but a bic.

            Penang has quite a lot of self appointed Chinese Australians. They improve Australian English by removing grammar from the language. They introduce a 40 word sentence with lah to represent punctuation marks into the language.

            Nah someone complain about Hitz FM Hugh Jackman wannabee DJ


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            Guys may I know who the fark is the guy on the right??? Is he even a Malaysia. I really beh tahan his accent, sound like to kampung Aussie. Wtf why hire for foreigner now?? Ganasai so many local mass comm student don’t tell me nobody want to do???


            post Jan 23 2013, 01:01 PM
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            QUOTE(silverv @ Jan 23 2013, 12:10 PM)
            dude, the guy on the right is Ryan
            I stand corrected. Thank you sir.

            1. ‘Guys may I know who the fark is the guy on the right??? Is he even a Malaysia. I really beh tahan his accent, sound like to kampung Aussie.’

              I pun bey tahan Karim Raslan ‘Malay’ accent!

              Apasal dia cakap macam Indon? [YouTube]

                1. In their quest for Bangsa Malaysia…the Firsters put Bahasa Malaysia last! Thus we have the Cinas speak Aussie and the Melayu like the Ceritalah guy speak Indon.

          4. Was on vacation to California few years back. Assigned one Chinese descent tourist guide. Had difficulty conversing in English because he doesn’t! Chinese live in their own community all over the world. Whether it’s a good or bad thing with respect to the greater nation is immaterial. They can live on their own.

            I was also made to understand that few Malays community living in Egypt also don’t speak Arabs. Of course this only happens in large community of Malays.

            The Bangladeshis and Pakistanis can acquire local language very quickly. They live in their own community but interact with others.

            1. re: “They can live on their own.”

              Yup, there are more than one billion of us to keep company. Wakakakakaka

            2. “Had difficulty conversing in English because he doesn’t!”

              Not surprising. Once I was in a plane en route to SFO, a Chinese couple sat beside me asking me to help them fill up a custom declaration form (which is a no-no according to a steward on board) because they don’t understand English. In the end, I just helped explain each fields of the form in Cantonese and they filled them up instead. Turned out that both of them are green card holders (US permanent residents).

          5. Ask the chinese communities. Why are they bashing Malays, Muallaf and Islam ? For no reason, since the British brought them here. Whats wrong ?

            If you compare, why jews can never accept palestinians… you say they are multicolors, multiracial.. its the heart indeed… fahaman ekstrim !

            1. It can’t be because of skin colour as Kaifeng Chinese, Kochin Indians and Ethiopian Jews are accepted by Israel.

              The reason must be religious conflict. The Quran warns against the Jews and the Christians.

              Likewise the Jews react to Muslims while the Christian militia slaughtered the Palestinians in Sabra and Shatila.

          6. It is a sense of insecurity. They need to belong or feel accepted by the cow dung of criminals and convicts who dominate the landscape here through their use of economic depravation and social isolation for non compliance. In other words do as I say and not as I do.

            Those amongst the Chinese who are genuinely secure within themselves are those from Taiwan and the mainland. They adopt no accent not even bother to assimilate or mingle with the white Australians who they hold in gross contempt. They too are not alone.

            The majority of Indians hold the Aussies in contempt as do the Italians, Indo Chinese, Jews, Arabs, the English (their masters), the east and southern Europeans and now the latest group the African migrants.

            Each of these groups have come to this country, been intimidated, attacked, vilified and treated with contempt generally by the Aussies advancing their brand of racial superiority which in the end everyone discovers is a paper tiger. A fading one at that.

            Much of industry in now shifting into migrant hands. The Australians are the majority of drunks, the drug peddlers and users (Australia has the highest rate of drug addiction and illicit drug use in the OECD and the west in general according to the results of a study published in the Australian Financial Review in late June early July 2014.

            They are drunks, whores and generally misfits by their own studies. The insecure and morally bankrupt amongst the migrants like this DAPster mob are the boot polishers of a bunch of people whose only claim to fame is their pallid skin.

            Ossie Ossie Ossie Oi Oi Oi

    2. Helen..Zul Noordin is wrong. It is only human for their repetitive nature. Eat,drink,sleep,detox will cycle daily until death and day of recognization..

    3. ‘And among the People of the Scripture is he who, if you entrust him with a great amount [of wealth], he will return it to you. And among them is he who, if you entrust him with a [single] silver coin, he will not return it to you unless you are constantly standing over him [demanding it]. That is because they say, “There is no blame upon us concerning the unlearned.” And they speak untruth about Allah while they know [it]’. (Family of Imran – 75)

      di dalam dunia ini hanya ada ‘good & evil’, regardless of race, belief, gender, color & so on. there also bad muslims, otherwise tidak ada hukum di dunia & the final judgement.

  3. Chinese Jews ? Wow great, Is this really true,? and if YES thanking Helen for this information . By the way any Chinese Jew in malaysia and any othem in DAP since they too quite on Palestine issues? c

    1. Yes, Chinese Jews from Kaifeng in China made the aliyah. You can Google.

      The Chinese guy in the pix has the Jewish prayer shawl draped over his head, and they’re celebrating something (from the look of the table). In the other pix, the writing on the whiteboard is Hebrew.

      There used to be a Lorong Yahudi in George Town, Penang. However the name of the lane has since been changed.



      1. “There used to be a Lorong Yahudi in George Town, Penang. However the name of the lane has since been changed.”

        It is now called Jalan Zainal Abidin. The ill fated Bangunan UMNO lie at the junction of Lorong Yahudi and Jalan MacCalister.

        1. re: “The ill fated Bangunan UMNO”

          The ill-fated motorist who was killed by the falling lightning arrester from Bangunan Umno.

    2. “Chinese Jews?”

      There are also Ethiopian Jews, also known as Beta Jews.

    3. Yes have you not heard of it before. A man goes into a Chinese restaurant in Kaifeng and asks, ” do you have Chinese Jews around here?”

      The restrautuer responds “No we have lemon juice, pineapple juice mandarin juice but no Chinese Jews”.

      The problem like with Australia is that the dominant component of Jewish society, the far right wing mainly Polish, East European Jews and the American Jews (also of the same stock) dominate the political landscape in Israel. It is they who created this mess and drive the military solutions to everything.

      One cannot forget that Apartheid was supported and militarily backed by the Israelis. It was a political philosophy based on racial superiority and contempt for those they considered lesser they were not uncomfortable with.

      Adolph Hitler (himself half Jewish) surrounded himself by a group of dedicated Jews too. “Mischlinge” (“half-caste”) were the nearly 150,000 Jews who served Hitlers Nazi army. It is not a subject the Jews care to revisit or discuss. Too thorny. But these are European Jews. (Bryan Mark Rigg, history professor at the American Military University in Virginia)

      LIke the Gypsies (also persecuted in Europe by Hitler and present day Eiuropean governments) they too originated from India but chose to deny it. Israelis love the myth they sprouted up from the ground in Palestine.

      But after centuries of intermarriage and mixed heritage (like the Anglo Indians like Cliff Richard, Vivien Leigh, Engelbert Humperdink) they become too ashamed to identify with that other half of their origins because of the treatment of coloureds in Europe at the time. Europe has a long history of the persecution and murder of migrants in their midst.

      To answer your question, the Chinese Jews like the Indian Jews from what was Madras (Now Kerela) the Konkani Coast, Tripura, Mizoram, Bengal and other places, keep quiet and say little.

      There was one exception Abie Nathan the Bombai Jew who used his private ship with a radio station in it to broadcast to Arabs and Jews alike to come together. Abie was not loved by the right wing extreme Askenazis. I knew Abie and spoke to him in the 1980’s. he still spoke Hindhi and Marathi then after years in Israel. There are many Israel’s and many Jews. Not all alike. Not all free.

      1. ‘Adolph Hitler (himself half Jewish) surrounded himself by a group of dedicated Jews too. “Mischlinge” (“half-caste”) were the nearly 150,000 Jews who served Hitlers Nazi army. It is not a subject the Jews care to revisit or discuss. Too thorny.’

        I have quoted Mein Kampf years ago in thesun, but the credit to Hitler was withdrawn although the quotes remain. I did not know the Zionists are alive and kicking in Malaysia too, then. But now with OKM doing his ADL round FOC, I’m convinced that the Zionists are here to stay.

        Anyway, taking cue from grk points above, I would also would like to note that Zionist had actually work hand in hand with Hitler.

        ‘Six months after Hitler came to power, the Zionist Federation of Germany (by far the largest Zionist group in the country) submitted a detailed memorandum to the new government that reviewed German-Jewish relations and formally offered Zionist support in “solving” the vexing “Jewish question.” ‘

        THE TRANSFER AGREEMENT – a book by Edwin Black, 1984

        ‘This book explains How ZIONISTS used the Transfer Agreement to allow Hitler to succeed in War and the proceed with the Holocaust of Jews by the millions.’

        ‘The facts are clear that Zionists made Hitler’s 3rd Reich possible and ultimately spawned the Zio-Fascist and terrorist State that Israel has now become.

        1. re: “Adolph Hitler (himself half Jewish) surrounded himself by a group of dedicated Jews too.”

          Not true.


          “One of the most frequently asked questions about the Holocaust and the Nazi party is whether Adolf Hitler was Jewish or had Jewish ancestors. […]

          Similar ‘allegations’ of Jewish ancestry have been levied against Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who regularly claims that the Holocaust never happened.

          “Despite the claims, Adolf Hitler was not Jewish.”

          I’ve never read that any of Hitler’s closest aides and confidantes were Jewish either. If yes, can you give their names?

          1. The Jewish virtual library is no authoritative independent source of information on the second world war and Adolph Hitler or the Nazis.

            I would prefer the American Military University than a self serving virtual library of Jewish (read Zionist )propaganda. I do not subscribe to Mein Kampf nor to the so called protocols of Zion although one must accept that to suppress information about world war 2 which does not conform to the Jewish versions of it is to itself propagate a lie and be political about it.

            Hitler was the son of Schekelgrubber and it is not denied by the Jews he was half Jewish. I did not say he was Jewish.

            1. “some speculate Adolf’s grandfather was a Jew. There is no basis for this speculation.”


              By ERIC LEIF DAVIN: “The colorful canard that Adolf Hitler’s last name was ”originally” Schicklgruber continues to live on. I’m referring to your April 14 ”About New York” column on the third reunion of the Mobile Radio Broadcasting Companies of World War II – the psychological warfare experts who were responsible for boosting our morale while demoralizing the enemy by using lies or the truth – whichever was more effective.

              “In the case of Hitler’s presumed last name, it seems a lie was more effective, perhaps because ”Schicklgruber” sounds more ridiculous than ”Hitler,” even today. Therefore, the lie lives on, being more preferable than the truth. This may be the most enduring success of our psychological warfare experts. […]

              Almost 40 years ago, however, in ”Hitler, A Study in Tyranny,” which remains a standard biography of Hitler, Alan Bullock exploded this myth. Bullock noted that Hitler’s father, Alois, had been born out of wedlock to Maria Anna Schicklgruber. […]

              records Bullock, ”From the beginning of 1877, 12 years before Adolf was born, his father called himself Hitler, and his son was never known by any other name until his opponents dug up this long-forgotten village scandal and tried, without justification, to label him with his grandmother’s name of Schicklgruber.”

              “So, the mundane truth is, Hitler was always Hitler, having been born so.”

                1. Alois Schicklgruber’s only claim to fame was that he was the father of Adolf Hitler.

                  Alois HitlerBorn 7 June 1837, Alois Schicklgruber was the son of a 42-year-old unmarried farmhand by the name of Maria Anna Schicklgruber. The identity of his father remains uncertain: on Alois’s birth certificate the space for the father’s name was left blank and the word illegitimate was scrolled across the certificate.

                  When he was five-years-old, Alois’s mother married Johann Georg Hiedler. Five years later, following his mother’s death, the 10-year-old Alois went to live with his stepfather’s brother, his uncle, Johann Nepomuk Hiedler.

                  Aged 13, Alois found employment as an apprentice cobbler before joining the Austrian Customs Service at the age of eighteen, an organization that was to remain his employer for the rest of his working life.

                  Schicklgruber becomes Hitler

                  Alois changed his name to Hitler, a variant of his stepfather’s name, Hiedler, in January 1876. Johann Georg Hiedler had died nineteen years earlier but his name was added to the birth certificate as the father of the 39-year-old Alois. Thus Alois Schicklgruber became Alois Hitler.

                  First wife

                  Alois married three times, the first time in 1873 to Anna Glassl, 14 years his senior. But immediately Alois began having a series of affairs, including with one Franziska ‘Fanni’ Matzelberger, a household servant.

                  Second wife

                  In 1880, Alois and Anna separated and Alois set up home with Fanni, 24 years his junior. But, as a Catholic, Alois was not permitted to divorce. Fanni bore him his first child, Alois Junior, out of wedlock. His wife Anna conveniently died in 1883 and within a month Alois and Fanni were married. A daughter, Angela, was born two months later. But within a year, in August 1884, Fanni had died of a lung disorder, aged only 23.

                  Almost immediately, following his second wife’s death, Alois made his 16-year-old household servant, Klara Pölzl, pregnant. Klara was also his cousin (once removed), and Alois had to apply to the church for permission to marry his pregnant relation, 23 years his junior.

                  Third wife

                  With the necessary permission, Alois Hitler married Klara, his third wife, in January 1885. Four months later, their first child, Gustav, was born and Ida, a second child, a year later. In 1887, Klara gave birth to Otto but the child lived for only three days. Further tragedy was soon to follow with the deaths of both Gustav and Ida within weeks of each other.

                  An Easter birth

                  Six months after the death of her third child, Klara was pregnant again. Although sickly, this child, born Easter Saturday, 20 April 1889, lived. They named him Adolf.

                  Five years later, Edmund was born and then Paula in 1896. But Klara was fated again with the death of Edmund from measles in 1900. He was six. It devastated his 11-year-old brother who, as a result, began performing poorly at school. Of her six children, only Adolf and Paula survived into adulthood.


                  The Hitler family moved several times, always depending on Alois Hitler’s latest job within the customs service. His final posting was to a village on the outskirts of Linz where he retired and spent his final years. Adolf was to retain a lifelong affection for Linz, which he always regarded as his hometown.

                  The would-be artist

                  Often drunk, Alois repeatedly beat Adolf. Klara, who for many years still called her husband ‘Uncle’, smothered her son but was unable to prevent the thrashings. As the young Hitler grew up, he did well at art and harboured ambitions to become an artist, a prospect that alarmed his father who wanted his son to follow him into the customs service. Hitler had no intention of holding down a dreary day job as his father had done all his working life and informed Alois of his artistic ambitions. According to Hitler’s semi-autobiographical Mein Kampf, Hitler Senior reacted with the words, ‘Artist? No, never as long as I live.’

                  Alois Hitler, surrounded by the children of his second and third marriages, wiled away his time with his bees or with friends at the tavern. On 3 January 1903, Alois, enjoying his early morning glass of wine at the tavern, collapsed and died. Cause of death was either a heart attack or stroke. He was sixty-five; his son thirteen. Klara, aged forty-two, was left as a widow. She was to die less than five years later from breast cancer.

                  In Mein Kampf Hitler wrote of his parents: ‘I honoured my father and loved my mother’. Hitler, according to his mother’s Jewish doctor, Edward Bloch, was with her as she died. ‘I have never seen anyone,’ wrote Dr Bloch later, ‘so prostrate with grief as Adolf Hitler’. Later, Hitler presented the good doctor with one of his paintings.
                  – See more at:

                  1. re: “Klara, who for many years still called her husband ‘Uncle’”

                    History repeated. Angela Raubal (nicknamed ‘Geli’) was the granddaughter of Franziska Matzelberger.

                    re: “In Mein Kampf Hitler wrote of his parents: ‘I honoured my father and loved my mother’.

                    Mein Kampf (translation by Ralph Manheim, London: Pimlico, reprinted 2009), p.17

                    “Two years later, the death of my mother put a sudden end to all my high-flown plans. It was the conclusion of a long and painful illness which from the beginning left little hope of recovery. Yet it was a dreadful blow, particularly for me. I had honoured my father, but my mother I had loved.”

                    But in an earlier part of Mein Kampf (p.9), Hitler had written: “The old man grew embittered, and, much as I loved him, so did I. My father forbade me to nourish the slightest hope of ever being allowed to study art.”

                    He loved both his parents.

                    If only Alois Hiedler had allowed his son to study art, and if Adolf had succeeded in becoming a painter, world history could have taken a different turn.

                    A lesson for parents: If your son wants to study fashion design, don’t force him to take up Medicine.

                2. The [conspiracy] theories have indeed gone on and on, but Hitler’s most authoritative biographers do NOT say that one of his grandfathers was Jewish.

                  From Ian Kershaw’s two-volume biography Hitler 1889-1936 Hubris (London: Penguin, 1998):

                  Hitler’s father, Alois, had been born there [Waldviertel, Austria] on 7 June 1837, in the village of Strones, as the illegitimate child of Maria Anna Schicklgruber, and baptized (as (Aloys Schicklgruber) in nearby Dollersheim the same day. The baptismal register left a blank in the space allocated to the baby’s father. The name of Hitler’s paternal grandfather was not disclosed and, despite much speculation, has remained unknown ever since.”

                  1. It is an offence in the German Republic to discuss Adolph Hitler in any respect that would revive his memory in a positive way. That’s a very broad definition and interpretation of the legislation which is really anything that the Jews and those who support them consider to be “anti Semitic” language including the “denial of the Holocaust. The last one too is very broadly defined. It has been defined variously to include any reference to Adolph Hitler’s origins and his connection to the Jewish community. So much of what we knew about Adolph Hitler has been relegated to the rubbish dump of history not because thats where it belongs or that it is a conspiracy theory but because the Jewish lobby in Germany (As big there as AIPAC in the US) decides what is and what isn’t true of Adolph Hitler.

                    In 1979 Mary Delahunty one time ABC Broadcaster in Israel, later Victorian parliamentarian interviewed Hitler’s personal chef Frauline Kunde who alluded to Hitler’s own Jewish background and the fact that she believed he was not aware of Goering and Himmler and the others like Martin Boreman had been conducting the “final solution” at the time. “He was well protected and isolated in many respects. he was kind and gentle to me” she said.

                    That interview was conducted by Channel 0 a privately owned TV channel now channel 10 owned by the late Sir Reginald Ansett who also owned the large Ansett Airlines of Australia. The programme was called “The Reporters”> It was their version of 60 minutes.

                    Today that particular segment is “not available” and the extended version, the unedited piece requires you to go to hell and back standing on your ears to get access to.

                    Quoting from Mein Kampf is desperate. It has been discredited by all and sundry including the Nazis who were close to Hitler. In Germany it is an offence to publish or re print the book or to distribute it. Courtesy of the Jewish lobby and payback.

                    I stand by the Schekelgrubber story and agree to disagree with you on the subject. There is a new McCarthysim today. It is directed mainly at those who disagree with the Zionist interpretation of history.

                    1. re: “Quoting from Mein Kampf is desperate. It has been discredited by all and sundry including the Nazis who were close to Hitler.”

                      You quoted from Mein Kampf first.

  4. Guys, Puan Helen cuba secara lembut mengatakan konsep yang diperjuangkan oleh UMNO – definisi ‘Melayu’, masuk Islam sebelum berkahwin, konsep ‘ketuanan’ melayu dan ‘Tanah Melayu’ – adalah sama dengan konsep yang diamalkan oleh Yahudi. Baca rencananya di atas.

    DIA TAK KATA Melayu atau UMNO itu Yahudi; tetapi ada beberapa perkara yang diperjuangkan oleh UMNO itu mirip kepada amalan bangsa Yahudi.

    Ada sesiapa yang nak patahkan hujah beliau?

    1. baguslah dr jadi pak turut arab bongok.. baik dorang lebih merapatkn diplomasi dgn org yahudi yg terkenal bijak pandai.. kalau asyik kata yahudi dilaknatlah.. arab apa kurangnya.. dlm quran pun terang2x arab dikritik..

      tgoklah skrg.. memang laknat bergaduh sesama sendiri.. yg di palestin negara kaya mcm saudi pun tak nak tolong tapi sibuk kecoh dlm khutbah.

    2. “Setiap bangsa Yahudi seluruh dunia menjadi warganegara Israel secara automatik. Sementara warga Palestin yang dilahirkan di tanah negerinya sendiri sejak puluhan abad yang lalu terus diusir keluar daripada Palestin.”

      melayu tak pernah usir bukan melayu dari tanah melayu malahan mereka diberi taraf warganegara semasa Merdeka. Bahkan Spore sudah diperentah bukan melayu. Tidak berlaku assimilasi spt di Indon dan Siam.

      1. re: “melayu tak pernah usir bukan melayu dari tanah melayu”


        But today Bersih, Comango, Negaraku etc are challenging the Tanah Melayu (“Malay country” as Isma says) concept.

          1. We had Tanah Melayu in 1948 as acknowledged in the Agreement with the British.

            I would suppose we ditched Tanah Melayu in 1957 for Malaya.

            Today, the Malay right wing wants to bring it back.

            The DAP evangelistas are fuelling the rise and rise of the Malay ultras.

            1. How to bring it back? Millions of non-Malays are now citizens of Malaysia.

              What about the Bumis of Sabah and Sarawak?

              1. re: “Millions of non-Malays are now citizens of Malaysia.”

                20 percent of the Israeli population is Arab and another 5 percent is Lain-lain but Israel is a JEWISH state.

                The recent rhetoric is that Malaysia is a “Malay” land. A mere less than 60 years ago, pre-Merdeka, the semenanjung was Tanah Melayu. The states were Negeri-Negeri Melayu.

                It’s not such an impossibility to revert and the status quo ante not that far back in time.

                1. re: 20 percent of the Israeli population is Arab and another 5 percent is Lain-lain but Israel is a JEWISH state.

                  What is the relevance of using the example to justify that Malaysia will revert to Tanah Melayu? Just because a similar incident has happened else where, does it mean that it will happen in Msia? You need to establish the correlation.

                  re: …………….. the semenanjung was Tanah Melayu. The states were Negeri-Negeri Melayu.

                  Ok. What about Sabah Sarawak then? What is their status if Msia is reverted to Tanah Melayu?

                  1. re: “Just because a similar incident has happened else where, does it mean that it will happen in Msia?”

                    Okay, since you wish to employ the global persepctive, can you name any other country in the world where so many transient workers belonging to another race(s) and another religion(s) were given citizenship en masse?

                    At a time when the population was 6.5 million, a total of 823,000 citizenships were given non-Malays.

                    Since you reject the Israel example as isolated, can you on the other hand show me any international trend where migrants were allowed to alter the demography as drastically as in Malaya in one fell swoop?

                    1. Why pass the ball to my court?

                      You are the one that suggest/allege that:-

                      “Today, the Malay right wing wants to bring it back.”

                      He who alleges must prove his allegation.

                      re: ……….. where migrants were allowed to alter the demography as drastically as in Malaya in one fell swoop?

                      Not a historian. My apologies. Whether you are able to prove or disprove the same, the most pertinent point is how it could be applied in Msia. As I said, to show correlation that such incident will indeed happen to Msia. Otherwise, your suggestion/allegation of Msia reverting to Tanah Melayu is merely ipse dixit.

                      Lastly, assuming that Msia will indeed revert to Tanah Melayu what will happen to Sabah and Sarawak?

                    2. re: “You are the one that suggest/allege that:- Today, the Malay right wing wants to bring it back.”

                      I’m quoting what Isma has been saying. What Isma said has been reported in the media.

                      Isma believes that this land is Tanah Melayu. That’s what they said, around the time that Alifah Ting Abdullah was at the receiving end of the severe backlash.

                      re: “He who alleges must prove his allegation.”

                      The Isma president has been charged for sedition for saying that the Chinese are penceroboh. Additionally he said, in the same controversial report, that the Chinese migration to this land was a historical “mistake” which must be rectified.


                      I am not alleging that Malaysia can be reverted into Tanah Melayu. I’ve merely reported that some Malay right wing groups want Malaysia to be reverted into Tanah Melayu.

                      The onus is not on me to prove how the Malay right wing groups can realistically make this happen. Read carefully what I wrote. I wrote, “They WANT”. I did not write, “Their programme to attain the objective is through Plan A, Plan B, etc”

                      re: “As I said, to show correlation that such incident will indeed happen to Msia. Otherwise, your suggestion/allegation of Msia reverting to Tanah Melayu is merely ipse dixit.”

                      It’s not unfair for me to report in my blog what certain very vocal groups intend to do or what their ambition/ultimate aim are.

                      If I can prove that “it” (what Isma wants) will certainly happen in Malaysia, then I’d be the author of the 11th Malaysia Plan already.

                      Obviously what Isma has in mind cause an allergic reaction so much so that the other side (the 69 pro-opposition NGOs) were prompted to form Negaraku to combat Isma and Perkasa.

                    3. re: “Isma said they have ‘evidence’ of an imminent riot.”

                      If Isma had made its claim on 12 May 1969, you would still have scoffed at them.

                  2. Federation of Malaya, together with North Borneo, Sarawak & Singapore formed a union which is what we call Malaysia. (Sarawakians would not be happy if we say that their ‘territory’ joined Malaysia.

                    Brunei is fortunate because the ruler then, Almarhum Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien declined the invitation made by Almarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman Al-Haj – ada cerita kenapa ini tidak berlaku).

                    Now, let me help to eliminate your curiosity. Malaysia will still be known as Malaysia, no question about that. What will change is the territory of Federation of Malaya whose name will be reverted to Semenanjung Tanah Melayu or Malay Peninsular.

                    Anyway, will states of Penang & Melaka be part of it? Haiya, ini semua cakap2 politik saja, impossible!

                  1. Thanks.

                    If you have any written text on the topic, would be appreciated as well.

                    1. UMNO builds this nation

                      ‘Bagi maksud tersebut, sebuah jawatankuasa khas telah dilantik untuk menderaf perlembagaan bagi penubuhan Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu atau UMNO.Susulan daripadanya, pada 11 Mei 1946, Kongres Melayu ketiga telah diadakan di Johor Bharu dan penubuhan Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu (Pekembar) atau UMNO diisytiharkan dan Dato Onn Jaafar, Menteri Besar Johor waktu itu yang merupakan seorang anggota nasionalisme Melayu yang aktif dan berkarismatik telah dilantik sebagai presidennya yang pertama. Kongres tersebut juga telah mengisytiharkan bahawa perjanjian-perjanjian MacMichael tidak sah dan mendesak bahawa Malayan Union dimansuhkan.

                      Perjuangan orang-orang Melayu tidak terhenti setakat itu sahaja, orang Melayu turut mengadakan ceramah-ceramah umum di seluruh tanah air untuk menyedarkan masyarakat Melayu di kampung-kampung. Pemimpin UMNO Berjaya menasihatkan Raja-raja Melayu kesemuanya untuk memboikot majlis perlantikan Gabenor Malayan Union yang pertama, iaitu Sir Edward Gent. Kesatuan, perpaduan dan semangat jitu yang ditunjukkan oleh orang-orang Melayu secara keseluruhannya dalam menentang Malayan Union telah membuka mata Raja-raja Melayu pada kesetiaan rakyat terhadap Institusi Raja-raja Melayu sehingga baginda sekelian turut bangkit bersama-sama membuat bantahan demi bantahan terhadap kaedah ugutan yang digunakan oleh Harold MacMichael demi memperoleh tandatangan mereka.’

                      ‘Daripada lima garis panduan yang diberikan kepada Jawatankuasa Kerja untuk dipatuhi, panduan no 2, iaitu ‘keperluan untuk mewujudkan kerakyatan umum bagi semua orang yang menganggap Tanah Melayu sebagai tempat tinggal yang sebenar dan sebagai objek kesetiaan mereka’, adalah sebenarnya antara perkara yang amat ditentang oleh masyarakat Melayu sebagai satu teras Malayan Union, kerana amat bertentangan dengan kehendak mereka supaya Tanah Melayu tetap menjadi milik tunggal orang-orang Melayu sepertimana halnya selama ini.’

                      ‘Walaupun pada asalnya konsep bangsa Malayan bersatu dan kerakyatan umum adalah isu-isu yang amat mencabar dan membakar sensiiviti orang-orang Melayu serta menerima tentangan hebat dari mereka, namun dalam proses perbincangan diantara perwakilan-perwakilan Jawatankuasa Kerja, perkara ini telah diberi konsensi oleh perwakilan Melayu dengan syarat kaum imigran ini diberikan dahulu taraf sebagai ’orang-orang yang diberikan perlindungan British’.

                      Bagi perwakilan Melayu, apa yang terlebih penting adalah pembatalan perjanjian MacMicheal yang dibuat diantara kerajaan British dengan Raja-raja Melayu secara terburu-terburu sehingga menimbulkan protes besar-besaran daripada segenap lapisan masyarakat Melayu. Anggota perwakilan Melayu juga tidak setuju pada konsep kesatuan negeri-negeri Melayu tetapi lebih cenderung kepada bentuk persekutuan diantara negeri-negeri Melayu ini dan kuasa setiap Raja-raja Melayu dikembalikan. Sebagai cermin tuntutan tersebut, mereka menuntut dihapuskan nama ‘Union’ sebagai nama baru bagi Tanah Melayu dan digantikan dengan nama Persekutuan Negeri Melayu.’


                    2. We know that Persekutuan Tanah Melayu replaced the Malayan Union in 1948.

                      Common sense dictates that since Malaya became the country’s name at independence, Tanah Melayu would have been dropped in 1957.

                      You however claimed that “Tanah Melayu” was retired only in 1963.

                    3. I said: ‘I believe it was the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu right until 1963.’

                      It was initiated in 1948.

                      ‘Persekutuan Tanah Melayu merupakan sebuah persekutuan 11 negeri di Tanah Melayu. Ia dibentuk pada 31 Januari 1948 oleh sembilan Negeri-Negeri Melayu dan dua penempatan British Pulau Pinang dan Melaka.’

                      It ends with Akta Malaysia 1963, yes?

                      ‘Persekutuan Tanah Melayu ini mendapat kemerdekaan daripada Negara-negara Komanwel British pada 31 Ogos 1957.[3] Merujuk kepada Akta Malaysia 1963, Singapura, Sarawak dan Borneo Utara (yang dinamakan semula sebagai Sabah) disekutukan dengan negeri-negeri lain yang sedia ada dalam Persekutuan Tanah Melayu kemudiannya ia dinamakan Malaysia. Singapura kemudiannya dikeluarkan dari Malaysia dan membentuk sebuah republik sendiri pada 9 Ogos 1965.’


                    4. It should have ended with the formation of Malaya in 1957.

                      The Wikipedia entry you quoted does not have any academic citation wrt “negeri-negeri lain yang sedia ada dalam Persekutuan Tanah Melayu”.

                      Any Tom, Dick and Harry can write in Wikipedia.

                      There’s even a long Wikipedia entry on Hannah Yeoh which was definitely not written by anyone credible from academia.

                    5. ‘The Wikipedia entry you quoted does not have any academic citation wrt “negeri-negeri lain yang sedia ada dalam Persekutuan Tanah Melayu”.

                      Any Tom, Dick and Harry can write in Wikipedia.’

                      Helen, generally I agree with your comment on Wikipedia. The same rules apply to website raters worldwide too on Page Quality Rating. Wikipedia would probably start at Low Quality Pages but the ranking would go up, if it carries citations from books from academically reputable authors or authoritative institutions on the matter. It is not a zero sum game when it comes to Wikipedia.

                      Nevertheless below are quotes from Kementerian Penerangan Malaysia, on the issue on discussion, I hope it will satisfy you.

                      ‘Hari Malaysia disambut pada 16 September setiap tahun untuk memperingati penubuhan persekutuan Malaysia di tarikh yang sama pada tahun 1963. Ia menandakan penyertaan bersama Malaya, Borneo Utara, Sarawak, dan Singapura bagi membentuk Malaysia.

                      Pembentukan persekutuan baru ini dirancangkan berlaku pada 1 Jun 1963 namun kemudiannya ditangguhkan ke 31 Ogos 1963 bagi membolehkan ia disambut bersama-sama dengan sambutan hari kemerdekaan ke-6. Beberapa isu berkaitan dengan bantahan Indonesia dan Filipina untuk pembentukan Malaysia memperlambatkan pengisytiharan ke 16 September pada tahun yang sama. Penangguhan itu juga dibuat bagi membolehkan Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu memperuntukkan masa membuat pungutan suara di Borneo Utara (kini Sabah) dan Sarawak.’

                      ‘Sekalipun begitu, akhirnya pada 9 Julai 1963, Perjanjian penubuhan Persekutuan Malaysia dimeterai di London hanya setelah Laporan Suruhanjaya Cobbold yang dikeluarkan menyatakan, lebih 80 peratus rakyat Sarawak dan Sabah bersetuju dengan cadangan kemerdekaan melalui penggabungan bersama Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.’


                    6. You should read Shuzheng’s latest on the Malays. Quite frankly I agree with what he said about the Malays. I doubt any Malay could rebut him on his latest take on the Malays.

                    7. ‘I ran a search through it for the words “Tanah Melayu”. Not found.’

                      Helen, I said Persekutuan Tanah Melayu 1948-1963, not Tanah Melayu. See this Bendera dan Jata again.

                      Perhaps in English ((ie Malaysia Act 1963) translated as Federation of Malaya?

                    8. Sorry, my fault. You’re absolutely right.

                      Now if you can get hold of a copy of Akta Malaysia 1963 BM version, we can settle this query conclusively :)

                    9. ‘Now if you can get hold of a copy of Akta Malaysia 1963 BM version, we can settle this query conclusively :)’

                      That, might be a problem. :))

  5. Helen,

    If I forcefully take your house, declare it as mine and everyone I invited to live in the house are referred to my name not yours – what do you feel? To add the insult, if you want to live in the house, you have to recognize yourself as a “citizen of My house” not yours.


    1. re: “If I forcefully take your house, declare it as mine”

      You’d be like the white Americans who displaced the natives (“Red Indians”), the white Canadians who displace the Inuit, the white Australians who displaced the Aborigines, the white Kiwis who displaced the Maoris, the Spanish and Portuguese who displaced the Indians of South Africa.

      You would be the boss in control of the land you occupied and settled.

      re: “what do you feel?”

      Quite like how the native Americans, Inuit, Aborigines, Maoris, Indians of South America feel.

      The video clip that you linked narrated:

      (1) the Palestinians “became 2nd class citizens”

      (2) “Israel was founded as a Jewish state but now ask yourself, what exactly does that mean?”

      (3) “Some call for equality for all citizens but what was created in practice was institutional discrimination against non-Jews. In other words, Israel ended up being built on a blueprint of exclusion.”

      (4) “That’s why inside Israel Jews get special privileges including rights to land and housing that are denied to Palestinian citizens who make up 20 percent of the population.”

      (5) “building only Jewish cities” [Putrajaya?]

      (6) “live under two completely separate and unequal systems of Israeli law”

      (7) “or making life so difficult for Palestinians that they either will leave or be too afraid to resist”

      (8) “Palestinians have fought back” … “the majority now support popular protests instead”

      (9) “The deeply harmful pattern of control, repression and violence profoundly harms Palestinians …”

      (10) “So far over two decades of US-backed peace talks have actually made things worse”, “peace talks are good when they’re real but not when they’re theatre …”

      1. Correction:

        the Spanish and Portuguese who displaced the Indians of South AMERICA.

      2. Palestine is a collective failure of the Arab world. All you have to do is look at the resources at the disposal of the Arabs, look at the money from oil, the petrodollars.

        And look at what these Arabs are doing with their petrodollars. Buying football clubs in Europe, splashing millions on football players. Buying property in countries like the UK and paying over the top prices. The list goes on and on.

        If they still have the capacity to think, they would have made good use of those petrodollars to invest in the future, educate their people and build a competitive economy and in the process making their countries stronger thus providing them with the means to help and protect their Palestinian brothers and sisters. Instead they continue to spend their petrodollars on trophy spending.

      3. Putrajaya?

        all cities esp Penang, Ipoh and towns looks like we are living in Hongkong, still free to have China town in Petaling Street where else in fact KL is already chinatown.

        Just wait and see what happened when if Dap evangalist take over Putrajaya,then it will be the minority controlling the majority just like the jews.

        1. George Town and Ipoh evolved with the natural development. Putrajaya was purpose-built.

          1. With the malay gomen, everybody is free to evolve with the natural development, does the jews allowed that to the Palestinians. Will G.Town and Ipoh be as it is if malay gomen behave like the jews?

            In order to ‘mengalah and tolak ansur’ after 60 yrs of Merdeka, it is found necessary to built Putrajaya, even then Putrajaya is not for Malays only.

            1. Personally I don’t think Umno is all that bad. I did give my vote to the BN in GE13, y’know.

              It’s the DAP Chinese who think Umno is worse than the Nazis that you’ll have to persuade.

      4. Re: You’d be like the white Americans who displaced the natives (“Red Indians”), the white Canadians who displace the Inuit, the white Australians who displaced the Aborigines, the white Kiwis who displaced the Maoris, the Spanish and Portuguese who displaced the Indians of South Africa.

        Would any race/ country want the same thing happened to them?

        For example; would Malay want to one day be displaced by other races as to what have happened to the Inuit, Aborigines et. al.?.

        “Jewish state” fears the “homeowner” taking back their home.

        “Malay state” fears being displaced at their own home?

        Re: “2nd Class Citizen”
        In relation to Palestinian; a lot of them who are evicted from their home are still alive today. I think to ask them to assimilate to the Jewish state is at the very least a cruel question.

        1. re: “Jewish state fears the homeowner taking back their home.”

          I doubt it. Just as the whites can’t be budged from Oz and all those other lands.

          re: “Malay state fears being displaced at their own home?”

          What are the particulars of your fear?

          Re: “In relation to Palestinian; a lot of them who are evicted from their home are still alive today. I think to ask them to assimilate to the Jewish state is at the very least a cruel question.”

          The point is moot. Israel is not entertaining the Right of Return. It’s not on the table (of negotiations). Secondly, with the continued Jewish settlement building, the less and less viable the option of an independent Palestinian state becomes.

          1. Re: The point is moot. Israel is not entertaining the Right of Return. It’s not on the table (of negotiations). Secondly, with the continued Jewish settlement building, the less and less viable the option of an independent Palestinian state becomes.

            Can we fault Palestinian for not assimilating is my contention. I am aware of what Israel stand is. This country make their own law. To Hell international law or simple empathy towards others.

            Re: I doubt it. Just as the whites can’t be budged from Oz and all those other lands.
            If so, why do they are suspiciously looking at their neighbor?

            (Palestinians within Israel + Palestinians in West Bank + Palestinians in Gaza added together outnumber the Jews in Israel.

            Israel is as wary of the Palestinians at her border as Malaysia is wary of the Chinese in Singapore.)

            Re: What are the particulars of your fear?
            I personally am quite neutral.

            However, I remember in the 80s, the talk in the community is to shun any effort of immunization by the Government – the excuse?

            Because they are suspecting that certain quarters are trying to “cull” the Malay population by giving injection that will render Malay boys and girls infertile so that they cannot reproduce in the future – thus reducing the Malay population.

            1. re: “Can we fault Palestinian for not assimilating is my contention.”

              We could try projecting. I’d conjecture that the 20 percent Arabs in Israel have lived there since before the arrival of the Jews and their (Palestinian) grandfathers and great grandfathers on the land before 1948.

              They would be like the Malays on Penang island. Along comes the DAP bringing their 3G, their Greed, their crass materialism, their profiteering, their dodgy businesses, their developer cronies who grab land, who shave the hills botak, who choke up every possible area that be build up, who encroach into the last kampungs left standing and inflict Dapsterism on every day life.

              I wouldn’t fault the Malays for not assimilating. They’re moving to Sg Petani, I heard.

              re: “If so, why do they are suspiciously looking at their neighbor?”

              Why is Malaysia always looking suspiciously at Singapore?

              re: “trying to ‘cull’ the Malay population by giving injection that will render Malay boys and girls infertile so that they cannot reproduce in the future – thus reducing the Malay population”

              More effective to just convert the Malays to Christianity. With a change of religion, Malays cease to be Malays.

              1. Re: They would be like the Malays on Penang island. Along comes the DAP bringing their 3G, their Greed, their crass materialism, their profiteering, their dodgy businesses, their developer cronies who grab land, who shave the hills botak, who choke up every possible area that be build up, who encroach into the last kampungs left standing and inflict Dapsterism on every day life.

                Gelang Patah and Iskandar Malaysia is next.

                Re: Why is Malaysia always looking suspiciously at Singapore?
                I don’t know exactly. “Iskandar Malaysia” might evoke emotion to a lot of Malaysian Malay.

                Re: More effective to just convert the Malays to Christianity. With a change of religion, Malays cease to be Malays.
                That is true. However kampung folks in the 80s have not been expose to the sophistry of international evangelism. Heck, some of us might not aware even now.

              2. “Along comes the DAP bringing their 3G, their Greed, their crass materialism, their profiteering, their dodgy businesses, their developer cronies who grab land… “

                DAP apologists are saying that, if they don’t sell / reclaim / swap lands, the state would have no revenue and no “development”- that’s the justification, since the federal gov is not dishing out enough spending to Penang which is a sore point for most loyal, proud Penangites out there.

                  1. Building frenzy everywhere. As I type this comment, noises from the foundation piling and cranes operating at a new housing project nearby are permeating into my living room. Then there is at least one excavator that keeps digging earth on a hill behind the project. This is a 3-storeys terrace houses project that probably will sell for at least a million ringgit per unit.

                    Other than that, most of the things are fine here, Penang is still a less hectic place compared to KL. Still see a lot of foreign tourists who seemingly enjoy walking around the heritage area when I’m in town during the weekend.

    2. ada juga penduduk palestine dengan sukarela menjual tanah2 kepada yahudi. (willing buyer-willing seller). yang dah migrate pun banyak. ini pun berlaku di pulau pinang. DAH LAMA DAH oi!

  6. Artikel yang sungguh menarik mengenai anjing oleh Ridzuan Tee

    “Malah, Hassan al-Basri mahukan kita meniru 10 sifat anjing. Kenapa bukan binatang lain untuk kita tiru seperti kucing yang menjadi binatang kesayangan kita? Antara sifat mulia anjing; pertama, anjing tidurnya amat sedikit, banyak berjaga pada waktu malam. Kiasannya, kita perlu berjaga malam untuk sujud kepada Allah. Kedua, anjing tidak tidur di tempat tinggi atau lebih tinggi dari tuannya, tetap tidur ditempat rendah, begitu sifat manusia yang tawaduk dan rendah diri.

    Ketiga, anjing apabila disuruh, dia akan ikut kata tuannya. Begitu juga kita sebagai pelajar, ikutlah kata guru yang benar ajarannya. Keempat, anjing tidak merajuk jika dimarahi dan dipukul oleh tuannya, malaah akan kembali semula. Begitulah juga kita yang ingin mencari ilmu. Jangan mudah merajuk atau terasa hati, bila dimarahi atau mungkin dipukul sedikit.

    Kelima, bila anjing berlari ke depan, dia akan terus bergerak ke hadapan, tidak berpatah balik. Begitu juga dengan kita, jangan mudah berputusa asa, majulah ke hadapan. Keenam, anjing sentiasa lapar, jarang makan sampai kenyang terbelahak. Begitulah juga manusia, lapar akan sentiasa mengingatkan diri kepada Allah, puasa adalah iktibarnya.

    Ketujuh, anjing tidak ada tempat tetap, sentiasa berpindah randah. Itulah sifat kita semua sebagai da’e dan pendakwah sentiasa bergerak untuk menyebarkan syiar Islam.

    Kelapan, bila anjing mati, tidak ada apa yang ditinggal atau diwarisi. Kiasannya, inilah sifat zuhud. Jangan terlalu tamak mengumpulkan harta sehingga melupakan orang lain. Kesembilan, jika tempatnya diambil orang orang lain atau diletakkan benda lain, anjing tidak berebut atau bergaduh atua berdendam, sebaliknya akan berpindah ke tempat lain. Inilah sifat hamba yang redha dengan bahagiannya.

    Kesepuluh, jika diberi makan, anjing akan makan. Jika tidak hanya memandang dari jauh. Inilah sifat manusia yang perlu ada, redha dengan bahagiannya. Justeru, perlukah kita memandang hina pada makhluk yang begitu mulia sifatnnya ini? “

  7. Does the DAP think that all Malay men are gatal and that eye candy Malay female candidates are needed to attract them to the DAP? DAP is so misogynistly racist.

    “Having sparked a frenzy of wolf whistles by fielding an attractive young woman Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud in the Teluk Intan by-election, DAP unabashedly features another ‘awek cun’ set to send hearts aflutter.

    In an article on its Malay language party organ Roketkini, it is precisely with the words ‘awek cun’ that tudung-clad Young Syefura Othman, 25, is introduced.”

    Baiyuensheng says “APparently these girls have brains and beauty and on a gung-ho to make a contribution to the country as compared to umno puteri…. umno puteri awek looks like ‘sakai’ and just for the props. Tak ada substance… ”

    Apa lu jantan gatai mau lagi? Sudah ada Rainbow cukup lor.

    1. “… that eye candy Malay female candidates… “

      Here’s another eye candy: Leem Lubany. She’s a Palestinian-Israeli actress.

  8. Hi Helen! I came across your blog because of the “Romeo and Juliet kiss over the wall”. I know you say it’s staged, but I don’t care (not true: of course I’d so much rather prefer it was not…) – I’d love to know the source! Would you be so kind and tell me where you found it? Thank you so much, Sara.

      1. ‘Even if the photo was staged, the idea behind it is sweet nonetheless.’

        This is absurd to say the least. The Palestinians people are being occupied. Their homes and lands were literally being pillaged and their people maimed if not killed by the minute and you, Helen, had the gut to say this?

        To have the photo is one thing. To say that it is sweet is mind bogglingly insulting!

        The photo glorified Israeli occupation, the Zionist’s flag ever so regal ‘overlording’ the couple, why the Palestinian’s flag is in the hand of the ‘dictating’ Zionists!

        Shame Helen, shame!

        1. Don’t you believe in Love? Isn’t Love better than War?

          Okay, you tell me what is your solution for Gaza.

          1. I don’t think they will be any (solution) if the world, the so called 1st world with the rest of their advanced populations decided to ignore the absolute rights of the poor Palestinians has over the occupied land.

            Two State solution is a sham. What’s Palestinians, must and need to be returned to the Palestinians. The European Jews and the rest of the non-European Jews, where ever they have come from, need to simply berambus from Palestine and balik kampung!

            1. re: “the Jews … need to simply berambus from Palestine and balik kampung!”

              So how are you or anyone else going to make this happen? And where do you propose that the Jews go after they are kicked out of Palestinian territories/Israel?

              1. Iranians balik Iran, Europeans balik Europe, Americans balik America, Ethiopians balik Ethopia, Egyptians balik Egypt, Indonesians balik Indonesia, so and so forth.

                1. So Jews balik Judea lah.

                  You do know where ancient Judea is located on the modern map, don’t you?

                  1. What Judea Helen, Jews yang Judea duduk dalam negara Palestin berdaulat lah. Apa yang susah sangat, bukannya ramai pun. Ada yang dah masuk Kristian dan Islam?!

                    Perhaps you don’t read Balfour Declaration, do you? Anyway Ashkenazi Jews are Europeans la, never Judean.

                    1. If the Jews had to prove that the land is rightfully theirs pre-1948, I do not believe they have a strong case.

                    2. re: “Anyway Ashkenazi Jews are Europeans la, never Judean.”

                      We Chinese here are Malaysians but many want us to go back to China.

                      How different is it from the Ashkenazi Jews going back to (the location of) Judea?

                    3. Aside from the pity which the umat Islam, including saudari baru Rania Yeap, are offering to the Palestinians in abundance, is there anything concrete that Malaysian Muslims can put on the table?

                    4. Maybe so. But my question remains: What can you or anyone else do for the Gazans besides sending blankets and donating medicines?

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