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Kit Siang is now Najib’s no.1 fan

1. Lim Kit Siang highlighted how Najib Razak’s Global Movement of Moderates proposal was praised during the APEC foreign ministers meeting in Beijing a couple of days ago.

2. Kit Siang also recalled how the GMM was germinated during Najib’s maiden speech at the UN general assembly in September 2010. The DAP senior MP reminded his constituents in Gelang Patah (where he delivered his speech yesterday) that Najib had previously commended the POTUS for Obama’s “courageous public position” in condemning the plan to burn the Quran by Florida pastor Terry Jones.

3. Kit Siang then quoted Najib’s UN speech where our PM had urged Obama “to galvanise the moderates, bring in the non-governmental organizations and social movements so that more people could see the importance of taking a moderate stance”.

Wow. It is not every day that Grandpapa Dapster boleh begitu teruja (take such a shine) dengan musuh ketat DAP, iaitu si presiden Umno.

4. Kit Siang is, in fact, keeping count of the number times that Najib speaks about moderation to a global audience at international forums.

5. Kit Siang once again quoted Najib ‘s recent speech at the UN where he said the Malaysian PM “set out for the third time the world agenda for moderation”.

Double wow. For Grandpapa Dapster to keep quoting him and his moderation agenda in such glowing terms, Najib must be doing something right in Kit Siang’s view and to Kit Siang’s liking.

“The fight against extremism is not about Christians versus Muslims, or Muslims versus Jews, but moderates versus extremists of all religions. We therefore need to rally a coalition of moderates; those willing to reclaim their religion, and pursue the path to peace.” – Najib’s quotable quote reproduced by Kit Siang to share with us all

Kit Siang Hate Issues

6. Kit Siang urged Najib to quickly “mobilise a coalition of moderates in Umno and BN to reclaim their religion and pursue the path to peace and moderation”. (By the BN’s religion, he must mean Islam.)

7. Kit Siang is waiting for Umno and BN leaders to take action against the “extremists” so that we can “build a future based on peace, harmony and security for all, regardless of faith”.

8. Kit Siang complained about the extremists and other intolerant Malaysians too whose noise has become louder and more insistent. He further complained that “new rhetorics of hatred, intolerance and extremism are becoming quite commonplace”.

9. Kit Siang believes that Najib’s concept of moderation will be able to stem the hatred, intolerance and extremism – if only the PM is willing to immediately clamp down on the racists, bigots and hate spewers.

10. Kit Siang then brought up a TMI editorial a few days ago where portal’s editor had said:

“Just like what happened in Afghanistan after the fight to rid of Soviet occupiers, those without political power used religion and race to win over and control the population. It happened there and it appears to be an emerging tactic here.”

(TMI said “those without political power used religion and race to win over and control the population”.

Umno has always held strong political power from the first day of Merdeka. Those without political power at federal level all this while are the DAP evangelistas.

Is TMI suggesting that the DAP evangelista politicians are using religion and race to win over and control the population?

11. Kit Siang appears convinced that Najib’s moderates movement will prevent Malaysia’s “lurch towards Talibanisation”.

12. Kit Siang cited Najib’s formula that we must call “go beyond just ‘tolerate’ but to ‘accept’ and even celebrate Malaysia’s multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multicultural diversity. Like I said, Kit Siang has suddenly become a fan of our PM and quoting Najib endlessly.

13. Kit Siang quoted Najib on how Malaysia can become “a role model of moderation for other countries” through the determination of Malaysians from multi-ethnic and multicultural backgrounds maintaining inter-religious understanding, harmony and peace.

14. Kit Siang reiterated that “Malays and Islam are not under attack in Malaysia”. According to him, it is “multiracial, multi-religious and multicultural Malaysia which is under siege by intolerant and extremist forces which are trying to turn moderation into a dirty word in Malaysia”.

15. Kit Siang is concerned that “the forces of hatred, intolerance and extremism [are] rearing their ugly heads”. These forces of hatred, intolerance and extremism are jeopardizing Najib’s moderate agenda.

16. Kit Siang and the DAP (led by his son Guan Eng) promise to do all that is within their means to help Najib Razak achieve his moderate agenda for Malaysia.



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21 thoughts on “Kit Siang is now Najib’s no.1 fan

  1. Yeah, yeah, I’m sure that Lim Kit Siang will continue applauding while Najib digs a big hole for him and BN to fall into. When the hole is big enough, he won’t waste time kicking Najib into the hole hoping that Najib drags the entire BN along.

    Sorry to say but the situation has become that when the Pakatan says BN is doing something good, it appears that they Pakatan are up to no good. What’s funny is Najib doesn’t even need to have Lim Kit Siang goading him. Even without this Najib has already assembled a coalition of self proclaimed moderates acting to Pakatan’s benefit.

    Perhaps Lim Kit Siang is disappointed that recent developments regarding Ibrahim Ali is not to his liking. When the pressure from their media, NGOs and supporters fail, why not praise Ah Jib Gor directly and appeal to his vanity? Could fool him again.

    Sneaky people. They always love to remind others of thousands year old civilization. So why not remind ourselves.

    Maybe the tactic is included in there somewhere. Who knows.

    1. Will never forget when the cheque was ready the MCA ketua pemuda, it seems, picked up his fon to guve the good news to LKS!!!

      Ini pasti ada many more good news in the making? LKS may have already received all the good news yg belum di announce to the public?

      Ini la yang payah. Those who live in glass houses, asyik kena throw flowers aje, kalau stones nanti rumah berkecai!

  2. If you think this old man is senile think again. he portays himself and his chinaman Dap sdn bhd as being moderate and sensible,

    Whos buying his crap should get his head checked.

    Biasa lahh this is chinaman style ask ask & ask for everything, and at the end of the day when they got it they will turn around and spit in ever body elses face.

    And of course our Dogol Najib will think that he is doing such a good job of running the country until the Dap kepala wants to help him. An this dogol will just give and give until he gets screwed over and over.

    You think the chinaman know the meaning moderate, they just go along with dogol and his moderate suckers. For Dap & Chinaman the more important words for them is I, We, Us and last but not least for the DLL and rest Screw You.


  4. I think he is the most powerful man in Malaysia.
    Whatever he says GOMEN will follow.
    KALAU begitu baik undi DAP sahaja.

    HIDUP lim kit SIANG.
    HIDUP lim kit SIANG…… LetS go ZUMBA..

  5. Ah Gig Gor will kick out MCA, MIC and Gerakkan and replaced them with DAP,PAS, PUS ,PIS and PKR or he will take UMNO and join PR or he himself will join DAP and live happily ever after, NAjib wont do that,!

  6. the pak lah episode is played yet again with the new character ah jib gor. in fact kit siang will love more najib than pak lah. we know when kit siang starts to like the premier, then sometime is wrong with the prime minister. this might spell the end of najib.

  7. Oh Helen u real superb lah I have just finished read the posted LKS by our colleague here and you come up with this article it’s make my ass hole smile…

    betul lah GMM ni J’Star voice of DAP terkilas itek di air sudah tahu jantan betina nya bahawa DAP anti Malay umno, extremist ni ada pada semua bangsa didunia ni khasnya Malaysia sebab Tun himself tak menolak kenyataan ini kerana itu kita kena berbaik sangka saperti pepatah kata aur dengan tebing berbuat baik berpada-pada buat jahat jangan sekali.

    Yang pelik nya sejak bila pulak yang Kit Siang jadi peminat najib PM yang masih berhingus ni…

  8. Well, LKS is the epitome of the Super Biawak politician he is. Just days before this is what he said of Najib.


    DAP strongman Lim Kit Siang thinks he has finally resolved the question of why the country’s Prime Minister appears to be one person on the international stage and another on the local scene—Najib Abdul Razak suffers from schizophrenia.

    He warned that Najib risked becoming “a standing international joke as a schizophrenic Prime Minister who struts the international stage calling for a global movement of moderates but allows moderation to be trampled by extremists at home.”

  9. “It is the supreme irony of ironies.” Memang pun.

    The PM should beware – when your detractors become your no. 1 fans and the people who vote you in become your no. 1 critics, it’s time to take a step back and muhasabah diri, sebelum the rakyat ask you to step down.

  10. First we had Sleepy Doll. Now we have Dumb Jeep. Ah no wonder the Grand Old Man of Opposition politics is happy praising him. He knows the dumb ass is destroying the ruling party from within and he’s doing every bit conceivable to accelerate the process.

    Or as they say, your enemy knows what he is doing and he’s lending a helping hand but do you?

    Dumb Jeep, he is more than what the Opposition would hope for, more than that Sleepy Doll. I for one would hope that he stays as PM for as long as possible so that when the Opposition win power in the next election, the Dumb Jeep will take his, excuse me, rightful place in history as the man who pave the way for the Opposition to take power.

  11.  I fear the day when the disbelievers are proud of their falsehood, and the Muslims are shy of their faith.” [Umar ibn al-Khattab]

    “Aku takut/bimbang akan (datangnya) hari di mana kaum Musyrikin berbangga dengan kebatilan mereka dan kaum Muslimin malu dengan Din (ugama) mereka!” – Saidina ‘Umar Al Khattab.

    Sudah kelihatan banyak tanda dan bukti yang membenarkan kalimat daripada Khalifah Kedua yang bergelar Al Faruq ini!

    Umat Islam hari ini tidak lagi rasa terpukul atau marah dengan keceluparan mulut dan penzahiran sikap bongkak dan angkuh kaum kafirin. Sebaliknya ada sebahagian umat Islam tanpa segan silu mempertahankan kaum kafirin ini dan menyalahkan saudara seakidahnya sebagai tidak berhikmah dalam menangani isu-isu kepentingan Islam. Seolah-olah kaum Muslimin ditakdirkan hidup sebagai umat yang sentiasa rela dipermainkan atau diperbodohkan.

    Atau barangkali sifat keberanian dan kejantanan sudah dicabut atau ditanggalkan dari tubuh umat Islam?

    1. Ya saudara. Sifat keperwiraan [chivalry] adalah dalil utama sahabat tulen Sayyidina Rasulullah.

      “Hablun min Allah wa hablun min an-nas” sudah sangat terkikis di khalayak muslimin. Terkikis oleh fahaman seleweng semacam kaum radikal wahhabi dan liberal kebaratan. Hati ramai orang tak mampu membezakan antara wali Allah dan wali Syaitan.

  12. Ms H. It is time the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP joins the BN and do something useful instead of eating themselves to death or buy Prada handbags in lieu of.

        1. The International Jew. Sir, the problem in our beloved Malaysia today sex and Opposition politics is a heady explosive mix – the sexual equivalent of the Molotov cocktail – of a languid climate, hot pants, durians whatever.- freedom, freedom ? If we are not in it, to complain or not to complain that is the question !. Acheh !

  13. No need to explain…bagi duit, bagi amoi, bagi projek semua tutup mulut.Tak susah nak hancurkan melayu ni, tak payah guna bom, jet,drones,roket etc.

    Nanti dalam PAU buatlah sandiwara atau opera nak kelentong pengundi.

  14. LKS is a hypocrite. He hates Malays and Islam. He knows that Najibs moderation is actually liberazation which Malays are against. Najib is blurr and LKS is presuming that by hoarding him on. the Malays are going to go against UMNO. They will turn to Pas or not vote at all. This will work well for Daps dream. To put in simple terms for simpletons to understand. Please WAKE UP Najib or u are going to be history.

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