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Yahudi Yeohs, bible burning and the threat to Islam

The Muslim NGOs, including Isma, are earnest that Islam is under threat in Malaysia. The DAP evangelistas are equally adamant that it is not.

Roketkini, the DAP party organ published in bahasa Melayu, organized a forum titled ‘Adakah Melayu dan Islam diancam?’ in KL a few days ago on Nov 24.


Grandpapa Dapster (pix below) was featured as one of the forum panellists.

Lim Kit Siang contended that Islam cannot possibly be under any sort of threat when the Religion of the Federation is the recipient of such a huge federal budget – in 2015 totalling RM1.6 billion altogether for the various Islamic agencies’ expenditure and with the bulk of it, RM783.3 million, allocated to Jakim.

Islam diancam Kit Siang

Kit Siang accuses Umno of “politics of hatred”

Malays and Islam are not under threat, the DAP Mursyidul Am told his audience at the Mandarin Court Hotel. It is Umno that is under threat and “fighting for its political life”.

Due to Umno’s fear of extinction, the Malay nationalist party is resorting to “irresponsible race and religious rhetoric and politics of hatred to save its political life”, Kit Siang claimed.

And thus Malaysians are plunged into “a period of heightened racial and religious polarization in the country”.

Kit Siang however offers his Malaysian Dream antidote to the sickening race and religious rhetoric by Umno.


One ring to bind them all

The DAP Founding Father asserted:

“We all have a common Malaysian Dream which envisions a plural society where all her citizens are united as one people, rising above their ethnic, religious, cultural and linguistic differences as the common grounds binding them as one citizenship exceed the differences that divide them …”

In a nutshell, Kit Siang is saying that the Malaysian Firsters are those kind of people who have risen

  • above race (colour blind)
  • above the divisions arising from differences in religious practice (beyond fundamentalism)
  • above cultural constraints, and
  • above the linguistic barriers

to unite as 1Citizen – Anak Bangsa Malaysia. Hallelujah!

BELOW: Mama Dapster

Hannah Dont say I am Muslim

Racism is so yesterday; we’re all Malaysians

In plain words, it’s okay that PAS members are Malay whereas DAP members are mostly Chinese. Both are bound by one Malaysian Malaysia citizenship and they’re united and love each other.

It’s also okay that PAS leaders are invariably pious Muslims whereas most DAP leaders are evangelical Christians. Both are bound by one Malaysian Malaysia citizenship and they’re united and love each other.

It’s okay too that culture as well as religious obligation require PAS members to tutup aurat whereas DAP members have the option of dressing down when they attend Oktoberfest and covering up when they attend majlis berbuka puasa in the masjid dan surau.

Both are bound by one Malaysian Malaysia citizenship and united in their love of good food … and it shows.

hannah Her Royal Roundness1


Transcending race, religion, culture & language and walking on air

Finally, it’s okay that PAS people speak Malay whereas most DAP members speak Chinese – the official language of their party annual convention, meetings and gatherings. Both are bound by one Malaysian Malaysia citizenship and they love each other to bits.

It looks like PAS and DAP truly have very little in common – not race, not religion, not culture, not language.

But both share a desperate desire to couple: “PAS for All” and “Ubah”, we (DAP evangelistas) can chameleon into whatever shape floats your boat.

BELOW: DAP evangelista MP for Serdang, jaguh #sahur Ong Kian Ming


Papa Dapster

Guan Eng: Umno is a “madness of religious hatred and racist cauldron”

26 Nov 2014 media statement on Facebook

The DAP sec-gen wrote that Khairy Jamaluddin has always being seen as “a sober voice in the madness of religious hatred and racist cauldron that is Umno”.

Yet at the Umno general assembly yesterday, even Khairy had to resort to playing the race card in order to frighten Malays into thinking that their Special Position is under threat, alleged Lim Guan Eng.


The Father of Dapsterism accused KJ of using his policy speech during the Pemuda session to point fingers at the non-Malays.

“Putting the blame on non-Malays is dishonest and EVIL politics by Khairy because it is simply false and malicious that the non-Malays had questioned such rights enshrined in the Federal Constitution”, said Guan Eng in his statement.

BELOW: Khairy ‘Pretty in Pink’

KJ pink

Guan Eng: DAP not “chauvinistic” but Umno is “racist”

The Dear Leader of Penang was miffed that KJ had labelled DAP “that chauvinistic party”.

It’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black, grumbled Guan Eng, because KJ himself comes from “a racist party like Umno that is open only to the Malays/bumis and not non-Malays”.

(Note: Guan Eng is mistaken here as the Deputy Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat, Ronald Kiandee, is a non-Malay Umno member.)

Guan Eng countered that his party’s success in attracting awek-awek cun Melayu is “a positive sign that DAP is neither chauvinistic nor racist”. Well, DAP is sexist and ageist in trotting out its young, hot chicks for publicity (not political) and eye candy purposes.

Click to enlarge pix


ABOVE: Witness how “multiracial” the DAP is

Although Guan Eng insisted that the DAP is “a multiracial political party fighting for all Malaysians” but nonetheless it is one that uses Mandarin in its meetings – a language not understood by all Malaysians and leaving Dyana, Syefura (Rara) dan Jamila – the awek-awek cun – out of the communication loop.

Guan Eng implied that KJ was compelled to raise “the racial spectre” as a diversionary tactic because Umno could not provide solutions to the problems of economy and livelihood affecting the ordinary rakyat.

He castigated KJ for taking “the dark road travelled by extremists like Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali”.

BELOW: Ibrahim Ali dissed by The Nut Graph – a defunct portal helmed by the vocal Christian editor Jacqueline Ann Surin

ibrahimali burn bible

Guan Eng: Umno is extremist and supremacist

In a separate press statement on 25 Nov 2014, Guan Eng accused Umno of being “an extremist political party that panders to racist ideology of dominance and superiority”.

Aside from Umno, Guan Eng also labelled the Malay NGOs that drafted a memo requesting a PTPTN waiver for Malay students as “racist” too.

He said Umno leaders are racist because they failed to condemn Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali “when he openly called for the Malay and Iban version of the Bible to be burned”.

I believe that Guan Eng will soon be receiving a letter of demand from Ibrahim Ali’s lawyers for making the aforementioned allegations – see screenshot below, phrase highlighted in yellow.

LGE Ibrahim Ali Bible

Guan Eng and Chun Wai sound so alike

Ibrahim Ali is already suing J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai for half a million ringgit, claiming that the MCA EvangeliSTAR had “intentionally and willfully defamed and injured” his reputation and integrity.

In his 2 Nov 2014 column ‘A mind-boggling spin‘ in the Sunday Star paper, Chun Wai wrote:

“In future, any extremist, of whatever faith, can call for the burning of any holy book, and then cite the same pathetic reason that he or she was merely defending the sanctity of his or her religion.

“It is simply unacceptable for anyone to belittle another religion, and worse still, in this particular case, even calling for the burning of a holy book.”


DAP godfather Guan Eng and MCA media mogul Chun Wai – aside from their vociferous defence of Christians – are both also quick to tar and feather certain Malay individuals as “extremists” and religious bigots and spewers of hate.

MCA and DAP are beginning to be no different from each other in their tone and voice.

If Umno continues to pander to the MCA, it is like capitulating to the DAP.


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31 thoughts on “Yahudi Yeohs, bible burning and the threat to Islam

  1. DAP is a REAL STRICKLY CHINESE PARTY. Malays and becasue MALAY will NEVER EVER BE A DAP PRESIDENT neither A GENERAL SECRETARY and if they WIN GE14 LKS will circumtise so that he may be eligible be the first non Malay aka Mus…in Malayisa.

    That DAP DREAM. PADAP (Perhimpunan Agung DAP) full of shit and never was a fair election and they shout and scream for a FAIR GENERAL ELECTION which is already FAIR.

  2. Miss Mulan woke up from a strange dream.
    She dreamt that Penang was returned to Kedah. She dreamt the Yahudi Yeohs taking their SUVs for an exodus to Singapore.
    What a dream after a cold rainy night.

  3. Do not be a bitch. LKS is not the founding father of DAP. He was a secretary to Devan Nair when DAP which is a Malaya branch of PAP renamed DAP. Like the orang asal buffon you are poor in history. If DAPis not painted as a party with communist ideology or non chinese are dissuaded from joining many non chinese are party members. Look at the numbers of indians in DAP. Non chinese especially of certain faith will be called “race traitors”, “komunist”, “murtad” etc if they join DAP Even the family members are not spared.

    1. re: “Do not be a bitch. LKS is not the founding father of DAP.”

      Don’t impose your own ignorance on others. Founding Fathers can refer to a bunch of individuals, e.g.

      George Washington
      Thomas Jefferson
      John Adams
      Benjamin Franklin, etc

      Why don’t you try Googling “Founding Fathers”?

      And secondly Devan Nair registered DAP in March 1966 but by 1969, when his term as Bungsar MP (that was how ‘Bangsar’ was spelled during his time) ended, he returned to Singapore.

      So Devan Nair’s involvement with DAP only lasted 3 years whereas Kit Siang’s is spanning 6 Umno presidents.


      re: “He was a secretary to Devan Nair when DAP which is a Malaya branch of PAP renamed DAP. Like the orang asal buffon you are poor in history.”

      You think I don’t know that DN was LKS’s boss? I’ve even featured before their photo together (with Kit Siang jotting notes while Devan was giving a PC) on my blog HERE.

      Why don’t search word “Devan Nair” in my blog and see how many entries turn up?

      Here’s one dated 23 Sept 2013. And below is what I wrote more than a year ago:

      “Tidak ada disebut [dalam laman sesawang rasmi DAP] bahawa Devan Nair sebenarnya yang bertanggungjawab mendaftarkan DAP.

      “Nama Devan Nair terus dighaibkan sahaja daripada sejarah DAP yang ditulis oleh konco-konco Dinasti Lim. India tiada maruah dalam DAP.

      “Sikap DAP yang tidak memandang kepada orang India terserlah …”

      As far back as 20 Apr 2012, I’d written:

      “Fakta menarik: Devan Nair, ahli Parlimen Bangsar atas tiket PAP dalam PRU tahun 1964 telah mendaftarkan (pembentukan) DAP selepas perpisahan Singapura dengan Malaysia dalam 1965. DAP ialah waris kepada PAP.”

      Now don’t you feel like a fool who rushes in untuk buat tuduhan melulu that I’m “poor in history”?

      And not only do you insult me as buta sejarah, you also slur the orang asal by saying that I’m a “buffon” (sic) – nak eja dengan betul pun engko tak reti – like the orang asal. Typical Dapster, always menghina bangsa lain.

      re: “Look at the numbers of indians in DAP.”

      Go and ask former DAP Johor deputy chairman Norman Fernandez why he quit. And also ask the disgruntled Indian members, who complained to the ROS about the irregularities of the CEC election, why they want the results declared null and void by the registrar.

      Then you’ll see how the DAP treats Indians within their own ranks and how they treat Indians generally, like the Kg Buah Pala villagers – see their protest photo below.


      re: “Non chinese especially of certain faith will be called “race traitors”, “komunist”, “murtad” etc if they join DAP”

      Dunno lah whether they’re really non-Chinese or not. Below is Zairil Khr Johari.


      1. “Do not be a bitch. LKS is not the founding father of DAP.”

        “GEORGE TOWN: A former assemblyman has slammed the DAP leadership for not giving due recognition, respect and appreciation to party founder and inaugural secretary-general Devan Nair.

        Former DAP Kota Alam Shah state representative from 2008 to 2013, M Manoharan, said many members wanted to know why the DAP had never put up the founder’s portrait in any of its offices and official websites.”

        “He also commented on Gerakan, which being a Chinese-dominant party, had the portrait of its founder president Syed Hussein Alatas in its offices until today.

        “Even DAP national headquarters does not have a single portrait of Devan Nair. DAP leaders had never ever bothered to mention the founder’s name. There has not been a single word on him in DAP websites or in Roket.

        “Why?” asked Manoharan, who is a candidate in the forthcoming party re-election on Sept 29.”

        Ah Seng history. Google translated from Chinese.

        1. In fact I wanna see Penang Road’s name being changed to Jalan Devan Nair.
          Boleh jadi tak?

          1. Yes. You can suggest to change all the name of roads which is not changed since merdeka to all the name of people you want. By the way do you know what the slang “jalan” mean? Like “anda boleh pi jalan dah”, “jalanan”??????

            1. By the way do you know what the slang “jalan” mean? Like “anda boleh pi jalan dah”, “jalanan”??????

              I am very happy that that your mother has taught you manners.

      2. The man is not of sound mind. He also needs to go for English tuition class. You need to show him the correct way forward l o l !

        His hacks may try to defend him but let’s get one thing straight. He is the father of LGE, and LGE is the father of hate politics, plus his favorite disciple is HY of Subang Jaya Jerusubang fame so that makes him the Founding Father of Hate Politics.

    2. “Look at the numbers of indians in DAP. Non chinese especially of certain faith will be called “race traitors”, “komunist”, “murtad” etc if they join DAP Even the family members are not spared.’

      What about the harrassment that BN friendly Chinese got from the DAP supporters on Facebook, online etc?

      It is fine for BN supporters to be harassed.

      Joining DAP is “murtad”? Who is the bitch, Ah Song?

      1. Who said “No Malay, No Indian, No Chinese, All Malaysian” ? l o l ! Why flash the race card now?

        The man is silly, he’s a fruit. If there are indeed Indians in the DAP, then without a shadow of a doubt the DAP is a racist party l o l !

    3. What are you smoking ? Weed ? How many Indians in the DAP ? Who started the name calling first ? Who else. The Dapsters lah ! Don’t spin here and there. Be honest. But you people mana boleh jujur. You people pakar putar belit.

  4. Notice that their polemics are very binary. Either they “love” you or they will brand you as evil. There is no middle ground with these people.

    Unfortunately, this kind of rhetoric is appealing to many people because they don’t think beyond the surface level of what has been said.

    On the other hand, statements by groups like ISMA and Perkasa don’t help the situation either. When they refer to Christian – am I right to surmise that it is a veiled reference to the DAP only? Otherwise the non Muslim population will be wondering why they are attacking Christians in general because not all of them are the evangelist type; and the follow on thought would be: if they can say this about Christians, will others be next?

    Granted, that is unlikely but it doesn’t stop such fears from manifesting.

    Thus, we become more and more divided.

    Am reminded of the Hindu story of the sage who asked his students to observe people shouting at each other even though they were standing close. Because their hearts are distant from each other, they think they need to shout as if they were separated by a river to get their points across. But when your hearts are close, then only a gentle word is needed to create understanding.

    Both sides have their part to play and to bear the burden of the blame for the situation we are in now.

    1. re: “When they refer to Christian – am I right to surmise that it is a veiled reference to the DAP only?”

      I should think so.

      I can give other examples.

      The clergy who took the Herald case to court were Indian (archbishop emeritus Murphy Pakiam, Father Lawrence Andrew, lawyer Annou Xavier) but the politicization of the controversy is seen to be done by the Chinese – LGE, LKS, Teresa Kok, Ong Kian Ming and Hannah (vis-a-vis JAIS bible confiscation).

      The Adun of Machang Bubuk who stuffed kangkung into the mouth of (a styrofoam cutout of) Najib was a PKR Chinese but the reflexive action of the Umno bloggers was simply to hit out at the DAP over the insult.

      They totally overlooked that DAP and PKR are two different parties. All they saw was Cina yang buat.

      And then there was the case of the Seri Pristana schoolchildren who ate in the “toilet” for recess during puasa month. The parents who brought the matter to public attention were Indian.

      The photos circulated in social media showed a number of Indian pupils affected, with maybe only one little Malay girl in tudung washing her hand at the sink and one Chinese girl. Yet the Malay angry reaction was “ini ibubapa Cina yang buat hal”.

      They have a blind spot. They only see red, see Chinese and are no longer able to differentiate.

      We the 10 percenters who do not approve of the Yahudi Yeoh’s Politics of Hate are also seen as Chinese first and perhaps nothing else. The small pocket of us who are counter current do not register on the radar.

      re: “Both sides have their part to play and to bear the burden of the blame for the situation we are in now.”

      I blame the MCA for allowing the situation to deteriorate to this point. Today 96 percent of Chinese kids are enrolled in SRJK (C).

      We can’t realistically expect Umno bloggers, Utusan newsman and Malay political operatives to combat the YY Hate Wave unless these fellas are Chinese speakers and able to write hanzi and still, it would need legions to do the job countering the Red Beanies and their black propaganda.

      MCA is the best equipped to bring the Chinese community to their senses, esp. the language and communication factor but they failed big time.

      And rubbing salt into the wound, MCA has allowed their Nest of Evangelistas media to become the covert mouthpiece of the evangelical opposition party.

        1. I’m open that aku Cina.

          Hannah Yeoh on the other hand claims that there are “no Malays, no Indians too and ZERO CHINESE” in Malaysia. The DAP evangelistas are hellbent on figurative “ethnic cleansing”.

      1. I think as you had repeatedly said, MCA is part of the problem and not a part of the solution. I am quite sure that at least 80% of MCA members and leaders would have voted for DAP even when it was vs. MCA. I think MCA today is a shell party. The same goes to Gerakan, they have been decimated since the 2008 GE.

        To revitalize MCA & Gerakan, it gonna be a long process and it might not be possible for the current generation.

        I think the only way for BN to recapture Penang is when the Malay voters’ % overtake the Chinese to a significant degree. I don’t see the Chinese here in Penang voting anyone else except the Tokong even if he’s proven to be the twin brother of Hitler or committed mass murders.

        It feels like living in North Korea here, the people are just like the North Koreans – brainwashed zombies who see or listen to nothing else.

  5. They organize a conference to discuss if the Malays and Islam under threat yet they invited mostly non-Malays and non-Muslims.

    And worse of all they invited LKS. This is akin to organizing a conference about seriousness of crime but invite top gangsters and criminals to be the speakers and patrons. What a joke.

    1. That depends on where along the ethnic bar you place Zairil, wink.

      But the other three speakers were Malay: Pak Samad, Husam Musa & Aziz Bari.

      1. ‘They organize a conference to discuss if the Malays and Islam…’

        Just like last time when they want to discuss the Malays, they invited one indian, one half mat salleh half cina lady, one cina mengaku Melayu guy, and joe sidek!

        What is there to say…

  6. They were also uncomfortable about the merger of the Straits Settlements with Malaya, as they did not feel a sense of belonging to what they considered a “Malaya for the Malays”, where they were not considered bumiputra (“sons of the soil”).

    One Straits Chinese leader indignantly declared, “I can claim to be more anak Pulau Pinang [a son of Penang] than 99 per cent of the Malays living here today.”

    1. LIM CHING YAN, a legislative council member

      He said:

      “When Captain Light arrived, did he find Malays, or Malay villages? Our forefathers came here and worked hard as coolies […] and in this way the Government was able to open up the country from jungle to civilisation. We’ve become inseparable from this country. It’s ours, our country …”

      (quoted in Al-Ikhwan journal, Feb 1931 – “Orang China mengaku Semenanjong Negeri-nya dan kata-nya Bukan Negeri Melayu”)

  7. Here is one to the moderates and the Himpunan Hijau.

    Why is Wong Tack and his greenies interested in what is happening in Cameron Highlands?
    Is the Cameron floods not a green story? Or do they have a grudge against Lynas.
    Do they have a vested interest against Lynas?

    These are questions UMNO should discuss esp that Khairy, media boy.

    Why no green protests against the degradation in Cameron which is in Pahang?

  8. ‘Adakah Melayu dan Islam diancam?’ No, according to DAP. How? Shy away the Malay from admitting as one or being recognised as a Malay and liberalize muslim practices then that kind will not feel threatened.

    This is what they have been doing all the while. You see now, even ‘rakan sepakatan’ is embarrassed if identified as a Malay.

  9. What ever it is if BN get wipe out the next general election,am sure the first race will suffer is Malay.The DAP will slowly change everything stages by stages especially the Malay rights and all that related to the Malay and Islam.Also they will ensure the Malay Muslim will not in power forever.

    1. Which is what Tun was reported to have said more or less (i.e. Malays are doomed should Umno lose power) most recently.

      From the last half decade or so, ever since DAP attained power, we can see how vicious, vindictive and ruthless they are, on top of their inherent sneakiness.

      Oh ya, and @cmlimguaneng has got battalions of Special Officers in his office surpassing all the other CMs and MBs, which goes to show what they do when they’ve got control over the levers of state.

      So the question is, what’s your strategy to stop the DAP juggernaut? Look at the stranglehold that they attained within the short span of one election cycle.


  10. There will be no equality or fairness if this scum party DAP rule the whole Malaysia.Before this DAP in power,they scream and shout they are multi racial party once in power you Malaysian Malay will be a scapegoat or third class citizens.Anuar Ibrahim or his party and PAS will not fight for the Malay suffering,they always care for themselves.

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