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Umno syok sendiri while DAP sneaks ahead on young votes

The new wave to rock the next general election will be the youths and the first-time voters – a whole horde of them. And it’s the DAP that is capturing the young market.

Below are the MPs from the evangelical party serving in the current Parliament. All these DAP politicians became first-time YBs when only in their twenties and thirties. Some are going into their second-term in office.

Look at how young their faces are. And they’re our honorable Members of Parliament.

DAP in Parliament

Young DAP MPs

In their 20s and 30s

The DAP women – Teo Nie Ching was 27 years old when she was elected the DAP Serdang MP. Alice Lau Kiong Yieng was 32 when she was elected Lanang MP last year. Kasthuriraani, daughter of DAP legend P. Patto (nepotism!), was 34 when she won the Batu Kawan Parliament seat.

The DAP men – Ramkarpal Singh – another case of DAP dynastic nepotism – who inherited his father’s Bukit Gelugor seat, is 38.

Party superstar Liew Chin Tong, who garnered the highest votes in the CEC re-election (beating Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng for top spot), was 31 years old in 2008 when he was parachuted into the Bukit Bendera seat in Penang.

In the 2013 election, Liew relocated back to his home state Johor and kicked Hou Kok Chung‘s ass in Kluang and put an end to the Cabinet career of the MCA deputy higher education minister.

Her Royal Roundness


High profile Tony Pua was a youthful 36 when he won the Petaling Jaya Utara Parliament seat back in 2008. Nonetheless, in the short intervening years (similar to Our FirstLady Speaker piling on the weight – above), Pua has greyed at super speed and his hair is now salt-and-pepper in colour.

Teo Kok Seong, presently the DAPSY chief, is currently MP for Rasah after taking over the seat from Anthony Loke who was 32 when he won Rasah in 2008. Coincidentally, Teo also won Rasah at the age of 32.

Tan Hong Pin sahur

What kind of YB is this new DAP breed?

Mengkibol Adun Tan Hong Pin (pix below) joined evangelista Ong Kian Ming in fasting and #sahur-ing during this year’s puasa month.

Tan goes to Malay houses for sleepover and poses for photos wearing sarung when bersahur. But not to worry, it’s still a long catch-up to Hannah Yeoh’s record-breaking feat of wearing tudung and trotting to the masjid dan surau untuk buka puasa.

Regardless, their chameleon antics signal to what length this species of young DAP politicians will go in order to woo the Malay vote.

Tan Hong Pin sahur1

The evangelical Christian kind

These DAP new breed politicians are clearly different from their predecessors. One of the most distinguishing factors is their evangelical Christianity.

Julian Tan Kok Ping, the DAP Stampin MP, got married in the City Harvest Church.

He is a Utar alumnus. The MCA university is mass producing DAP politicians.

(Side note: Chong Zhemin, who is DAP Perak economic development bureau chief, was formerly lecturing at Utar. We should be curious if he ever talked politics to his class.)

Twitter - hannahyeoh- At the wedding of DAP Member

They’re young and Christian

DAP Rahang Adun, Mary Josephine Pritam Singh – the odd one out here who is not young – is a Christian although Punjabis are most usually Sikh. DAP is full of Christians.

Notable DAP Christian women YBs, besides the ballooning presence of Hannah Yeoh everywhere, are Teresa Kok, Teo Nie Ching, Violet Yong and Yeo Bee Yin (pix, right), the Damansara Utama Adun who is 31 this year.

YeoBeeYinTudungMugThe other thing, aside from evangelical Christianity, is that many of the DAP wakil-wakil rakyat are really young.

Johor Jaya Adun Liow Cai Tung – see Buah Kurma poster below – looks like she could still be in school.

And below too are YB Liow’s equally young-looking fellow Johor Aduns – YB Senai, Wong Shu Qi and YB Tangkak, Ee Chin Li. There are really too many leng chai and leng lui among the DAP’s total of 95 Aduns for me to feature all their photos.

However it is not only for the state assemblies that the DAP is willing to wager young faces. The party put up Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud, who is 27, to contest the Teluk Intan Parliament by-election earlier this year. Her opponent was Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong, who is almost twice her age.


YB Liow

Wong Shu Qi

YB Wong


Publicity hounds

The thing about DAP’s strategy to use young politicians is their savviness in exploiting modern mass communication such as the social media – the same element that helped Barack Obama to cross the finishing line first in the 2008 American presidential election.

Hannah Yeoh, for example, has already collected 99,700 twits. Her Twitter following will have breached the 100k milestone once another 300 more J-Juice drinkers sign up.

With Instagram, the DAP politikus roll off their photo ops – such as stirring an empty pot in the surau during Ramadan – like sliced bread off the assembly line.

BELOW: Ong Kian Ming the jaguh #sahur was 38 when he made his Parliament debut


Zumba, zumba, zumba!

The digital technology is there, no doubt, but it is still up to how savvy the user is to exploit it.

Khairy Jamaluddin is big on Twitter due to his obsessive, selfie-fuelled pursuit of personal popularity. But the question remains whether the KJ fan club comprises those youngsters who are willing to pangkah Dacing at the end of the day or even to make their way to the polling station.

KJ the Dancing King

KJ zumba 12

Playing smart – strategic and targetted voter registration

Remember that the young Chinese are over-registered in proportion to their population numbers and you can be sure that for GE14, they’re not going to be voting in the DAP urban strongholds where their party has 30,000-vote majority. Instead these first-time voters will be deployed to marginal suburban seats where victory or defeat could be determined by 300 votes or less.

There’s no point in registering more Chinese to vote in Seputeh where Teresa Kok can stroll … blindfolded … to victory (her majority in GE13 was 51,552 votes). It shouldn’t surprise us if some of her diehard supporters were to transfer their voting address to another area.

KJ zumba 6

Zumba is fun and the Ice Bucket Challenge was hip but these do not translate into the sort of ideological moorings that that anchor say, Pembina (Isma Youth).

The DAP use of social media is very efficiently geared towards disseminating propaganda and brainwashing the sheeple. Their Dapster army then proceed to carry out the plan of action with unmatched hysteria and unhinged kiasuness.

Unfortunately we cannot say the same for the effectiveness of Umno Youth’s hashtag #lifestyle in canvassing the Malay ground.

KJ zumbah

Millions of new voters in GE14

There were only 638,000 new Malaysian voters in the 2008 general election (GE12) but the number had increased to 2.6 million by GE13 last year, largely thanks to the hyperactivity of the DAP.

In 2009, more than four in 10 Malaysians above age 21 had not yet registered as voters, according to an NST report that year quoting Election Commission deputy chairman Wan Ahmad Wan Omar.

Taking advantage of the BN tidak apa attitude, the DAP accelerated its voter registration drive, and as a result leaving MCA and the rest of the DAP’s direct political rivals to bite the dust.

voter registration hannahyeoh 2010

voter registration hannahyeoh 2012

Grabbing every chance they get

DAP supporters even took the opportunity of their 21st birthday parties to register their children’s friends and peers as new voters – see @hannahyeoh tweet below.

And then there were the voter registration exercises carried out in the churches, an institution that is a pillar of strength for the evangelical party. Hannah Yeoh’s Personal Assistant, evangelista Rajiv Rishyakaran, personally oversaw some such efforts in the City Harvest Church.

voter registration hannahyeoh birthday

It is no wonder then that the electorate numbers in Hannah’s constituency spiked to 61,688 voters for GE13, up from 44,569 during GE12.

In the span of one term (between 2008 and 2013), Subang Jaya saw an increase of 17,119 voters – thanks in large part to the aggressive promotion of and by the DAP incumbent. In comparison, when Subang Jaya was an MCA ward, the constituency only saw an increase of 5,963 voters between 2004 and 2008, and 5,918 voters between 1999 and 2004.

The difference in the tremendous effort put in by the DAP is a great contrast to the complacency of coma patient MCA.

Rajiv ialah kaunsilor MPSJ dilantik di bawah kuota DAP

Chinese support for BN will hit rock bottom by GE14

The Election Commission has said that 70 percent of the 4.2 million unregistered voters at end-2011 were aged between 21 to 40. The EC also projected that an average 450,000 Malaysians turn 21 each year.

The irony lies in the headline of the 21 Nov 2011 J-Star article – ‘Barisan eyes support of young voters for polls‘. As we can discern from the tsunami, the young voters had flocked to Pakatan.

It is well nigh impossible for BN to reach the Chinese community anymore. The means of communication is broken due to language barrier. Only one percent of Utusan Malaysia readers are Chinese and I’m willing to bet many of them are Cina mualaf or “Cina murtad”.

Only two percent of Nanyang Siang Pau readers are Malay, which come to think of it is actually a better ratio than the one percent Chinese Utusan readers as after all, BM is our national language.


Gunting dalam Lipatan backstabbed the BN

What the newspaper circulation data indicates is that Chinese do not touch casual Malay reading material (unless forced to for exam purposes) and Malays generally do not access Chinese media. There is very little cross-ethnic communication between the two communities through the Malay and Chinese languages.

We can extend this finding to other media conduits besides newspapers. Malays would not be commenting in the Chinese chat forums and nor would Chinese be reading the Malay blogosphere.

The only overlap between the races occurs in the English language media. The J-Star – pie chart below – has a quarter of its readership from the Malay community.

Analyse results, not MCA’s fairy claims

Half of The J-Star readers are Chinese. Yet 90 percent of Chinese voters rejected the BN.

Looking at the electoral outcome, i.e. how MCA controls the country’s most influential media empire but the EvangeliSTAR audience scoff at the BN, it becomes most obvious that the MCA-owned media must have been subversively promoting the opposition cause.

How else to explain why the BN message failed to be conveyed when the J-Star conglomerate has its tentacles reaching such a vast audience? There is the main print readership, J-Star online and J-Star magazine readers, J-Star Internet TV viewers and J-Star’s many radio channels listeners.

The StarOnline Rates Card 2013-06-19 09-15-04

J-Star tail wagging the MCA dog

Furthermore, the EvangeliSTAR conducts many and various corporate-social programmes and most recently, the paper is taking its anti-racism campaign into the colleges and universities. The MCA-owned media does all of this (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) but the Chinese and youth choose to vote the opposition? It does not compute.

MCA must think Umno is stupid. Could MCA be right?

If the BN had received 10 percent support from the Chinese electorate in GE13, the ruling party should consider itself lucky to get five percent in GE14. This is due to the demographic push.

Below are the typical Chinese BN supporters. They are getting rarer by the day as Malaysia is a young country with a fast-growing youth population.

MCA has irrevocably given up the ghost. Only Umno wants to flog the dead horse.



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26 thoughts on “Umno syok sendiri while DAP sneaks ahead on young votes

  1. I already have my exit in place. Come GE14 whatever happens I m not that concerned. Its those that stay back after GE14 who have to face the consequences whether they vote for the ruling party or the opposition. These people are the biggest losers.

    Sometime in the future, 10, 20 years after GE14, people who have exited the country and looking from afar, asking the question “what happened to Malaysia ? why is the country in such a sorry state ? what actually happened in the years after THAT reality changing election ?”

    It will be really interesting indeed.

        1. I agree. Why waste time voting? Politicians are more interested in having Facebook fans and Twitter hits. Nobody cares about Sampah collection, housing etc.

          They spend all their efforts politicking, zumbaing, tweeting, cooking imaginary rice in a pot, or tudung modeling. Voting is a waste of petrol and really spoils our manicure.

          It takes 7 weeks for my nails to rid it of the blue ink from Karpal’s sons voting.

          And going to church is a waste of time for me. I am sick of the Allah discussions. I will go if church has good news to report.
          Not the whining all Sunday.

  2. Dear helen,
    Geli la tgk kj berzumba mcm pekena daun ketum.kj n his boys syok sendiri with their #lifestyle.they
    have never
    statistics on their
    young voters reg yet targetting
    more pru14
    seats.kj is very
    popular indeed,
    savvy but only for
    enjoy2 activities
    but a failure on
    achievents.he has yet to outline his achievements as ketua pemuda n minister.too many bad luck in sports under kj.a
    serious need for
    Kk to prove his
    legitimacy as
    chief esp since he
    was proven guilty
    of money politics
    by umno
    disciplinary board
    itself! What kind of icon is that!that explains why kj seldom brings up issues on corruption.Maybe
    need to highlight
    other leaders
    alternative to kj.i
    personally think
    abd rahman
    dahlan is better.he
    is well
    brave in
    confronting the
    oppo n not at all
    publicity nor glam
    crazy.very unlike
    the arrogant
    zumba king.

  3. Betapa peliknyanya Melayu, Melayu-Islam yang “sudi bersahur” dengan Cina-Bukan Islam. Rupanya yang Melayu-islam yang pergi cari orang Cina untuk bersahur bersama. ( sila lihat facebook posting Adun Mengkibol Tan Hong Ping). Gambar lagi satu, bersahur dengan siap pakai sarung (tak tahu bontot dah cebok ke atau lap pakai tisu janban dan langsung guna jari makan).

  4. Evangislista are capturing the young from Chinese and these young dont have faith in Buddishm anymore. There are proud to used evangistive names such as Kelvin, Joseph, Dorine etc etc. They love to be call by that instead of Ah Chai, Ak Kow, Mei loong etc etc.

    That how Evangslista succesfully ‘Bought’ them. They love evanelista chruch that churn loud musiz that they can dance till drop dead!.

    Muslim preacher after 57 years of MERDEKA seems fails to lure these youngsters. Wonder why?

  5. Tak payah cakap banyak.

    Tengok itu KJ sudah la. Siapa di angkat to be his assistant. Bukan dari kalangan Pemuda and worse, not even an UMNO member!

    Dia dok didik pelapis jenis apa ni?

  6. These pas politicians are really the ulamaks of the end of time. They used religion to whatever to gain in politic. What is really the purpose of life to them if they really understand what the quran says. Surah al an’am 162, Truly my prayer my sacrifce my life my death is only for Allah the god of the universe.

    They should advice these avengelists no pictures no twitter no tell tales or what so ever if they really what to get closer to islam. Then you will know whether they will come to your house surau or mosque. May Allah bless Malaysia.

  7. Ms H. These are the very same type of people who is trying to use force to Occupy Central. They talk and behave the samel They will fail with grief and tears. Stability, peace and harmony will prevail.

  8. What can we expect from Umno, its just a lot of big talk and nothing else. Like this current PAU, cakap berapi api come monday its back to their same ways at every level.

    Like Khairi and his pemuda, what are they doing just sitting on their asses and jual nama here and there.

    Everybody can see the writting on the wall come ge14, so what else make the most of it in every way possible

  9. Khairy has do the Zumba, will sure will attract more Malay youth to do the same.
    Let them Zunba all the ways to next PAU.

  10. “What’s the use of helping them? We did all these things they stab our backs. All that effort… to hold dinners and such with almost RM30 a head,”

    Hahaha. Padan Muka. Sapa suruh? Bagi duit kat orang kampung pun baguih..

    1. Islam1st,

      Najib of course is still dreaming. He still unable to see what others on this planet are seeing. Chinese has already abandon BN.

      And there is no turning back. With PAS to lend legitimacy that DAP is not against Malays, DAP does realise it. The coast is clear for Chinese to take over the political supremacy.

      UMNO, minus several useless Majlis Tertinngi members, do understand this. Which is why Muhyiddin daringly said he opposed repealing Sedition Act. The utterance itself cornered Najib. And Najib being a politician who thinks hard for his political position retreat gracefully. If you cant fight them (UMNO), join them.

      Muhyiddin daringly opposes Najib as he realises even after abolishing Sedition Act, UMNO or BN will still not get Chinese votes. Worse still, it will make those UMNO members and supporters angry to the point that they will note UMNO in next election.

      The old world is crumbling away. The fact that the debate saw one UMNO member on stage publicly telling najib to forget Chinese votes is telling.

      Just up the momentum. Up to the point that Najib has no choice but to agree to wishes of UMNO members. Just up the ante. Just raise it several notch.

      Just repeatedly telling the world publicly that Malay majority areas must be contested by UMNO, not to save MCA. Imagine a Menteri Besar says that publicly.

      He is a head of government. Najib simply cant bulldoze over him.

      So we still have a choice. And if still Najib in “akademi fantasia”, well we still have achpice. Remove him the way we force him to cancel his ill intention on Sedition Act.

      If UMNO members refuse to do that, be prepared to lose out in PRU14.

      UMNO HAS CHOICES. Remember, in islam only Prophet Muhammad SAW can command complete loyalty.

  11. it is your continuous arrogance that will be your grave. you think we are not used to the Chinese bashing already?

    UMNO will lose. It’s either GE 14 or GE 15. There is no other outcome.

    Remember this word: Karma.

    It’s coming.

    1. At least Umno and the Malays are bashing the Chinese openly. Look at the DAP evangelista gang. They despise the Cina totok and the bashing is done in private.

      Umno will not lose in GE14 or 15. You can keep dreaming. I tell you why Umno will not lose. Umno will not lose not because Malays love Umno. Umno will not lose because the DAP evangelista gang and their conspirators Pas and PKR are even worse than Umno and BN.

      1. What Is This,

        I believe UMNO will survive PRU14. But for different reason.

        Malays still will support UMNO as they simply have no better alternatives. I too after looking at PAS believe it will be a disaster to vote for these munafiks.

        The fact that Muhyiddin daringly objected to Najib’s intention of repealing Sedition act is very assuring. it shows there are still hopes on UMNO.

      2. At least?
        What kind of fucking argument is that?
        Like “Even though I am a rapist but AT LEAST I din’t rape my daughter.”?

        Fucking retard.
        No wonder Najib is upset.

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