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“Don’t read Helen Ang or Isma”, says Rocky Bru’s Creepy Christian reader

Evangelistas taking advantage of Rocky are inadvertently causing his blog to breach blogging etiquette.

It just happened again! on the posting ‘1MDB and the devils that clout our judgement‘ of 12 June 2015. The Creepy Christian stalker is at it once more – for the umpteenth time – being totally off topic and shamelessly hijacking Rocky’s space to carry out his smear campaign.

They are taking Rocky’s reader space for their agenda, in the vein of their “Take Johor for Jesus”, “Take the City (KL) for Jesus” and “Take Subang for Jesus” (Jerusubang successfully taken already). That is what they’re good at – Take, Take, Take, GRAB, GRAB, GRAB most greedily in the name of the 3G.

It is quite clear that I’ve kept away from the current 1MDB cyberwar. I’m neither in the N nor M camp. And furthermore, Rocky doesn’t mention me at all in his posting. Yet the sneaky Anon had the gall to commandeer Rocky’s highly popular cyber real estate to tell his readers, “Don’t read Helen Ang or Isma (see screenshot below).

Not content with his exhortation, he piled on the traditional evangelical “love-love-love” (read: gratuitous insult) potion. If this kind of people are allowed to continually “spew” their vitriol at Bru’s place, then the congenial Rocky watering hole will eventually be poisoned. How sad.

the mouth speaks

This Creepy Christian is obviously a graduand from the School of DAP SuperCyber Bullies – “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks!”

Every time the forked-tongue evangelista opens his double-sided mouth, out spills his abundance of hypocrisy and toxicity.

DAP dikuasai pemimpin berbahaya Kristian Evangelis‘ (Ismaweb, 11 June 2015)

Ancaman Evangelis benar-benar berlaku :Isma (Ismaweb, 8 June 2015)


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26 thoughts on ““Don’t read Helen Ang or Isma”, says Rocky Bru’s Creepy Christian reader

  1. Out of the abundance their hearts they spew vitriol. That’s what they are, really, hate spewers. What they need is to gargle some clorox once in a while and perhaps go on a chlorestrol busting drug to cleanse the dirt that clog their systems.

    We know who they are Helen, the moment they open their mouths. All made from the same mould. Look at how Tony Pua, Ong Kian Ming, Lim Lip Eng and their high priestess HAnnah Yeoh, among others. They contribute nothing to the social dialogue except hate and provoke anger. Young or old, like Theresa Kok and Lim Kit Siang, they sing the same songs (hymns?).

    Dah ‘mangli’ Helen. I treat them as comic characters who may one day cross the danger lines.

  2. “Don’t read Helen Ang or Isma”, says Rocky Bru’s Creepy Christian reader

    So this is their last shot ? The slanders didn’t work anymore ? The name calling didn’t work anymore ? This is their last remaining card ?

    This really goes to show that these people are nincompoops.

  3. I don’t think anyone will heed that. Don’t read will backfire and become please read.

    The Pakatan is now in pieces. Whether the Malays or anyone read your blog or not, Pakatan has already fallen into the shredding machine. The Pakatoons have made enemies with almost all of the Malay race. Both Malay parties are targeted as whatever. The Malay NGOs too. I don;t think anyone in the Malay heartland will care a rat’s ass with what comes out from the A Samad Said. Nasi sudah menjadi bubur basi.

    Now for the other new from ComicCon.
    The Dong Zong drama is getting as spicy as TVB. Imagine the teachers and their supporters pushing and shoving like kids in a brawl. Kepimpinan melalui teladan? I wonder who would send their kids to such schools with such teachers and administrators.

  4. Taking about Bangsa Malaysia, my Indian friend has introduced me to a new word TRANSRACIAL.

    Here are tips how to change your race from an Transracial icon (cheat).

    Well here is the transracial scandal.
    Born white but says she is black.
    “Revelations: Larry and Ruthanne Dolezal, pictured speaking to CNN on Friday, have revealed their daughter, Spokane’s NAACP Chapter President Rachel Dolezal, is white – not African American”



    Well we have a few Transracial icons in Malaysia too. Can anyone name them?

  5. Follow up of Sarong-gate from Cucu Tok Selampit.

    “Dua hari lepas, Timbalan Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang, Profesor P Ramasamy telah membuat komen bodoh dan kebudak-budakan dalam isu seorang ‘ah so’ atau Makcik berbangsa Cina disuruh memakai batik bagi menghormati tatacara berpakaian (dress code) di Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan.

    Ramasamy telah menulis di Twitter bahawa ini adalah usaha terancang dan sistematik untuk memaksa non-muslim untuk berpakaian menutup aurat secara Islam. Tulisan beliau mendapat kritikan hebat netizen di media sosial Twitter sehingga memaksa beliau menutup (deaktivated) akaun Twitter beliau.”

    PS Even casino at Sentosa has a dress code.

    1. If they go to Singapore, they will comply. If they go to other countries, they will also comply. But in Malaysia forget it. Why ? Because Malaysia is under Malay government !

    2. Kalau tak silap, Sami2 kat temple pun pakai sarong juga?

      Kalau Ramasamy in dari keturunan pengmali atau mak ayah lahir dan makluk British Malaya mesti mai sini jadi buruh ladang. Sampai sekarang ramai Aci2 kat ladang masih pakai sarong.. biasanya kain batik. Aney2 pakai kain pelikat.

      Chetty saya tak pernah nampak isteri mereka. Tapi Chetty2 dulu suka pakai sarong putih dan sangkut payung hitam jalan sana sini cari clients?

      Kalau dia baru mai sini naik kapalterbang mungkin tak pakai sarong kot.

    3. “Even casino at Sentosa has a dress code.”
      Thus proving that some people place our government offices below casinos. Lol

    4. Are the Singapore casinos supported by Singapore taxpayers’ funds? Are they public facilities open to all and sundry without restrictions?

      If the IRs in Singapore impose dress codes, it is entirely within their right as private operators.

      If you want an apple-to-apple comparison, why not compare a JPJ office in Malaysia to the LTA office in Singapore.

      Does the Singapore LTA mandate a dress code for the public who have business at it’s office?

      Do some research first instead of shooting from the hip.

      1. Rules are rules brother. You can’t respect them you can go renew your road tax in Singapore. No need compare compare. Give up your malaysian citizenship and go live in Singapore where people can renew roadtax in the nude.

        Just a reminder. Not everyone look good without clothes.

      2. Since when did JPJ have these rules? I have been to their offices and have frequently seen people wearing attire that contravene’s the dress code; bermuda shorts, slippers, tshirt. None were denied service on the basis of their dressing.

        “Not everyone look good without clothes.”

        It is quite a tangent to compare wearing shorts, or a skirt, or a tshirt to be on the same level as going in the nude.

        1. I dont know when it started but the guideline on dress code posted there(jpj wangsa maju) when i have my license in 1994 and in 1997 when i bought my first car. Clear as a summer afternoon. What you saw maybe all these ulat touting their services. They usually have the proper attire stash away in the parking lot. Or might be jpj lack the enforcement im not sure but the dress code is there! No 2 ways about it. Im sure its written in malay and in english. Maybe all these confusion is cause by people that cannot read and communicate in bahasa rasmi negara. But still there is english translation. Lets just agree that you people love love love to flaunt the law and simply looking for issues to pin on muslim. You all remember the fifth rukun negara or not. Kesopanan dan kesusilaan. The dress code is probably devised with that in mind.

          Simple logic bro. No need all these tangent and cosign. No dress code, why need to dress at all. I wouldnt know what singaporean rule on decent attires are and dont care. Im not the one who wants to be singaporean or turn our nation into singapore. But if you all want to go against rules, do it there…i dare you!

        2. “maybe.. or.. im sure.. maybe..”

          So in other words, you are not sure.

          “Lets just agree that you people love love love to flaunt the law and simply looking for issues to pin on muslim.”

          There were a few Muslim customers who were wearing attire not adhering to the dress code; shorts and slippers.

          Come back when you are more sure, ok?

          1. Dalam banyak banyak point aku bagi and that is your rebuttal? Disappointing!

            Dalam satu tahun berapa kali kau pergi jpj ni? 1 kali renew road tax, 1 kali renew lesen. Sehari suntuk ke kau duduk sana 2 hari ni? Apa kata lu pegi pacak payung besar satu dkt jpj and do your own survey on how many muslim vs non muslim not properly attired. Then you got something legitimate to talk to me about.

            Kau ni dah bangkrap idea, grammar tak betul la, salah eja la, sure not sure maybe. Macam anjing menyalak bukit. Org macam kau ni buat berbual sambil mabuk minum beer boleh la. Intelligent conversation? Lebih baik aku berbual dengan guard jpj.
            Shiioh!! Shiiioh!! Pi jauh jauh!

            1. Sabar AE sabar. Sembang ngan puak-puak ni kena dumbdown sikit. Kalau tak boleh kena sakit jantung dibuatnya. Tu belum lagi kat tak faham bahasa! Sabar2…

  6. Meanness is the evidence of a defect of intellect as well as of heart. And the clever schemes of the greedy and avaricious are actually the cunning of imbeciles.

  7. Sebenarnya mereka ini dah bertemu ruas dengan buku ( Helen & ISMA) apabila segala tipu muslihat DAP/evangelist dapat di hidu oleh keduanya .

    Amaran ,this so call “inglourious sneaky basterds” ,is a ploy (test market) and cater to the “moderate” and apologetic kind of Malays(telur separuh masak) only .

    PAS dan DAP/evangelist sudah talak 3 .

    UMNO musuh hingga ke akhir zaman .

    PM Najib & friends maybe like this song ;

    Ps ; especially to the Helen’s of the world ;

  8. Utusan lagi depa pulun tak bagi sesiapa baca. Pemberita nak buat liputan pun depa tak bagi. Macam2 cara mereka menghasut supaya rakyat jangan beli dan baca.

    SAMAN beratus juta ringgit, biar Utusan bankrupt to stop their circulation. Kalau Musim pilihanraya, Utusan online nak surf pun payah. Ada usaha godam website sure wan. Utusan Racist, bodoh, penipu macam2 mereka cuba nak menyekat berita kepada kaum Melayu Bumiputra.

    Kat blog pun sedaya upaya terus begitu tak henti cuba memperendahkan dan memperbodohkan bangsa lain. Segala perkataan depa guna. Punya nak tunjuk cerdik dan very educated konon. Last2 critic pasai grammar bahasa England.

    Haiyaa.. Itu semua taktik cara komunis. Dah tak laku lagi sekarang.

    Betoi tak Rithmatis? Hang pi Singapore depa bantai Singlish aje tau tak?

  9. Why do I get the feeling that the anonymous commenter is Hanna Yeoh herself?

  10. Helen !, it’s does showed how influential you are ,with quality of not favoring them .

    So be it’s .

  11. Guess you are on a much needed break.

    In which case,I will now go follow this guy for a while

    He’s better than panadol to reduce the stress induced headache and definitely more insightful than HY.

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