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Dapster operative has been impersonating me on message board

Like I said, they’re the sneakiest bastards who crawled out from the bowels of hell.

First let me show you how they impersonated Twitter personality Tan Keng Liang who is the Gerakan Youth chief. And how sneakily they went about doing it.

Below is a tweet by the real McCoy whose Twitter handle is @tankengliang as per his name. (In his tweet, Keng Liang asked Hannah Yeoh to try and stop being her usual “batu api” self, even on Christmas eve.)

Identity theft

The impostor of Tan Keng Liang had used the Twitter handle @tankenglaing – see below.

Note that two alphabets in the Twitter reg. account are transposed, i.e. “l-a-i-n-g” (the impersonator) vs “l-i-a-n-g” (the real individual).

The impersonator also used a photograph of the ‘real’ Keng Liang as the avatar or profile picture in his faked account.

BELOW: The IGP ordered police action against the fake account


Sneaky bastards

A handle is the registered Twitter account which is fixed whereas the name can be anything you want to call yourself. For example, the name used by Twitter a/c ‘netrakl’ is Marina Mahathir.

GENUINE a/c: @netrakl
Name: Marina Mahathir

GENUINE a/c: @tankengliang
Name: Tan Keng Liang

IMPERSONATOR’S a/c: @tankenglaing
Name: Tan Keng Liang

While the impersonator is no longer able to obtain the account registration @tankengliang (because it’s already taken by the real Gerakan Youth chief), he could nonetheless still fraudulently call himself Tan Keng Liang.

This is because there are no restrictions on what name a Twitter user wants to go by. For example (see below), the Twitter a/c (Hannah Yeoh’s buddy) @bongkersz has been variously giving himself the names,

  • ‘Tuan Tanam Tebu Bong’, and
  • ‘Tuan Red Undies Bong’ (in April 2013)
  • ‘Tuanbro Pak Bae Mung’ (currently)

Twitter bongkersz We need #electionmemes #GE13memes

Twitter saroki19 @bongkersz i wish Helen Ang 2013-04-09 03-03-35

'Tuanbro Pak Bae Mung bongkersz

Dirty trick

The example above of @bongkerz easily shapeshifting his names explains how the impostor @tankenglaing (note wrong spelling) could still manage to display the name Tan Keng Liang (correct spelling).

Likewise, someone today could register a Twitter a/c under ‘@limkitsaing‘ – using the same transposition dirty trick as was done to the Gerakan Youth chief – but display the name in his fake a/c as Lim Kit Siang (correct spelling).

keng laing Account Suspended

What kind of people are they?

The loophole in Twitter identity format is explained above to illustrate how sneaky the impostor was in getting around the limitation imposed by account registration.

In any case, the a/c of Tan Keng Liang’s impostor has been suspended.

Other public figures have been victims of impersonation too, such as national diver Pandelela Rinong (below), Ungku Aziz and politicians/celebrities.

The impostor hijacked the name of our Olympic medalist, Pandelela, to make anti-government political comments.

Impersonating Helen Ang

Of course I’m aware that they’re very, very sneaky and real bastards.

But as much as I know their sneaky nature, I’m still aghast when I learn the next new thing that they’re willing and capable of doing.

Really, what kind of people are they?! They’re a menace.

Now do you understand why I’m so adamantly against the opposition taking federal power? BN and pro-BN people have never sunk to such gutter depths.

Some impostor registered the name with Disqus – an online forum – on 24 Nov 2015 and has been making comments in TMI – see screenshot below.

The impersonator is able to do the above – i.e. registering helenang.wordpress – just like you can fake an account in any one of the many the message boards by, let’s say, using ‘ (hypothetically speaking) or other famous personalities who just so happen to blog.

The comments screenshot below spanning 24 Nov 2015 to 6 Jan 2016 are clearly not by me.

As a first step, I shall be requesting TMI to block this fake commenter. And I shall also lodge a report with the relevant authorities.

walking cat


Please lah people. Jangan lah dok telan bulat-bulat jer. I’m appalled at how gullible Malaysian netizens can be.

Malay Malaysians are so lurus bendul that they lack an automatic filtering mechanism to sieve out the sneaky and the creepy.

Over this past week, I’ve been so disappointed by how the Protuns have simply swallowed hook, line and sinker dakyah spread by the Dapsters.

Filter the lies, can ya?! You don’t even have to do any investigative research.

Just engage your brain, read critically and already you can detect the inherent contradictions contained within the narrative at hand (such as who is nice and who is nasty).

DAP cybertroopers are insidious pros. Dollah Badawi conceded that BN lost the cyberwar in GE12 and Najib has similarly conceded that BN lost the battle of perception in GE13.

The lesson I learned the last few days is to never underestimate the gullibility of the Malaysian public. And never underestimate the enormous numbers of gullible people.


The impostor faked a Tan Keng Liang tweet to insult the IGP. An impersonator faked Helen Ang to hentam ministers Paul Low and Nur Jazlan.

That’s why they’re so bloody sneaky. Nak buat kerja jahat tapi baling batu sorok tangan.


helenang_wordpress_com fake imposter on disqus_com


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

14 thoughts on “Dapster operative has been impersonating me on message board

  1. Example of a gullible person, see below.

    A commenter going by the name of ‘looes74’ actually believed that the imposter ‘’ is me.

  2. “Like I said, they’re the sneakiest bastards who crawled out from the bowels of hell.”

    Sabar je lah Kak Helen, apa nak pelik, dah lumrah kejadian mereka mmg macam tu. Kalau paderi-paderi “Gereja Tuai Bandar” tu Singaporean Courts boleh declared sebagai penipu, inikan pulak para pengikut “church” tu kan? Bak kata pepatah moden lah, if the shepherd can kencing berdiri, then the sheeple will obviously kencing berlari. Mereka kuat menipu dan low class, lepas tu tuduh orang lain penipu dan low class.


  3. Re: Please lah people. Jangan lah dok telan bulat-bulat jer. I’m appalled at how gullible Malaysian netizens can be.
    Malay Malaysians are so lurus bendul that they lack an automatic filtering mechanism to sieve out the sneaky and the creepy.

    Cik Helen zaman maklumat kini amat penting jika awal-awal dah beri maklumat salah dan dah malas untuk media conference serta menyerah kalah so media mana akan mengesahkan kebenaran tersebut so what left with you sampai berbuih mulut pun Tun suruh tapi tak mau ikut

  4. “Malay Malaysians are so lurus bendul that they lack an automatic filtering mechanism to sieve out the sneaky and the creepy.”

    Blame umno for keeping the Malays, especially kampung and rural folks “lurus bendul”. If the Malays get smarter, majority will want a better govt. umno can’t have that, umno can’t cope with that.

  5. Take it as a compliment , they are now afraid of you to the extent of doing such underhanded things.

    This seems to be desperate acts, trying to gain back support and mindshare by the usual tactics of fomenting negative emotions through the portals they control.

    1. Yup. Circulating poison pen letters about me is not a method for fairly countering arguments.

  6. ‘Malay Malaysians are so lurus bendul that they lack an automatic filtering mechanism to sieve out the sneaky and the creepy’

    Sure or not Helen? It is not them who voted for the DAP. All 95% of them! Hoh??

    1. In the Tun vs Najib, Protun vs Projib and Annie vs Helen scenarios, I’ve seen so much gullibility.

  7. NST/ 7 Jan
    “”The Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia (DPMM) has been urged not to be swayed by the opposition’s claim that the sale of 1Malaysia Development Bhd’s (1MDB) asset in Bandar Malaysia to a consortium which includes a Chinese company as it will affect the country’s sovereignty.

    Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said DPMM should be rational on the matter because the transaction involving Bandar Malaysia was transparent.

    He said the recent announcement of the deal was done without any hidden agenda and will not bring a negative impact to the country.””



  8. Ms H. Your many years of condemnation of the blatant speeches and acts of those whom you call Dapsters or whom I call the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP were confirmed without any doubt by the non-delusional Bilahari Kausikan and his dysfunctiona crew from the tiny isle of Singapore. They published in the Straits Times on 5 October 2015 an opus with the delusional title ” Singapore is not an island.” condemning the 95% of the Chinese who are with the DAP as ” DELUSIONAL CHINESE” by kicking them in the butt. Even their peers in their spiritual homeland, Singapore, have lost their patience arising from the self-confession of the venerable leadership that he dreamt for 50 years which implied he will dream for another 50 years and did nothing in real political terms in the National Interest since 1966 but to tickle sensitive types to enter a ‘political trajectory of violence’ Vide. ‘ Lee Kuan Yew’s Legacy.’ 31 October 2015. Forum at Fitzwilliam College. Like Humpty-Dumpty, it is impossible to put the Opposition Front again because it never had any COMMON POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY but just a simple hatred for BN. 2008 was the year closest to victory for the Front. Hence, their spiritual Leader came traipsing into the hot and humid Ulus at the age of 85 !

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