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Time now for Najib to make Umno renegades toe the line

By Shamshul Anuar

DAP achieved great success in last election. It has Chinese votes behind it solidly.  And DAP tastes limited power in the form of Pulau Pinang.

Now it focus on Putrajaya. And to get Putrajaya, it has to dislodge the only party that is standing in its way: Umno. What better way to succeed than slandering. Continue reading “Time now for Najib to make Umno renegades toe the line”

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Tun’s take on Najib ‘case closed’

Tun Mahathir is not surprised as he had predicted previously that the Attorney-General would “tolak bulat-bulat” the MACC report.

“Saya tak akan rasa pelik kalau AG tak tolak. Saya ingat dia akan tolak juga,” was Tun’s forecast as early as three weeks ago. Continue reading “Tun’s take on Najib ‘case closed’”