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Annie nasty or nice?

In my posting earlier today, I made a mention of Rocky’s attempt at peace-keeping (screenshot below) between the Protun and the Projib.

Rocky was addressing the exchange of fire between two ‘Anons’ — Lim Sian See (Projib) and Jebat Must Die (Protun). Another Anon, Annie, also stepped into the fray and slammed LSS. Continue reading “Annie nasty or nice?”

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Bravo Dr Zuhdi for showing why Umno needs PAS

Among the reasons for Umno’s current unpopularity is that some of its leaders have become fat cats, and some of whom stick their paw (foot) in the mouth.

In the past, Umno-kucing-gebu left it to MCA-housecat to fight DAP-street-tomcat. Chinese party vs Chinese party, hiss and scratch. Continue reading “Bravo Dr Zuhdi for showing why Umno needs PAS”