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Tun leads uprising, urges Malays to put aside loyalty to Umno

Tun’s battle cry yesterday made the international news.

‘Mahathir Mohamad calls for Malaysians to rise up against Prime Minister Najib Razak’ is the headline in today’s Sydney Morning Herald — link below.

Tun can afford to bait the government because he is seemingly an immortal, and thus, untouchable. It appears as if Tun is free to say and do whatever he likes without any fear of repercussions or in reality TV lingo, he wears the ‘IMMUNITY’ amulet ref. popular castaway series Survivor.

He mocks the Attorney-General again and again. Most recently, Tun deadpanned, “If he [AG Apandi Ali] lies to the court, he goes to hell(view Tun’s press conference yesterday, video here).

Get out of jail free

Tun’s old age is his immunity pass

‘Mahathir is just mocking the legal system, says Salleh’ was the title of an FMT top news story. Communications Minister Salleh Said Keruak asks, “So do you really think Dr Mahathir is going to rot in jail as he says?”

The truth of the matter is that normal parameters do not apply to Tun. He is simply off the charts.

Born in 1925, Tun is 91 years old. The Department of Statistics does not even categorize his age cohort.

While all the other age groups are classed in bands of five, i.e. 70-74 years old, 75-79 and 80-84, everybody who’s above the advanced age of 85 is just lumped all together – see bar chart below.

As a 91-year-old Malay male, Tun belongs to the very small and select group that is only 0.1 percent of the general population, age-wise.

Malaysia population 2015

Umno and ex-Umno men inciting a rebellion

Tun and Zaid Ibrahim make an odd couple. While still remaining an Umno member, Tun has declared that parties don’t matter anymore.

He proclaimed yesterday, “whether you belong to opposition or government, it doesn’t matter”. All that matters is for everyone to join forces to oust Najib.

Tun’s call to arms demands that each person act “without party affiliation or loyalty” — view video of Tun’s press conference, here.

Meanwhile, ex-Umno, ex-PKR, ex-Kita leader Zaid has upped the ante with his hope that “many others, much younger than him, respond accordingly”.

The 95 percent Chinese oppositionists have found their willing Malay figureheads.

Malays providing the space for DAP to instigate

The Protuns have been in cahoots with the Dapsters and the Chinese ultras for quite some time already.

As many are aware, DAP cytros have had a field day in the Protun platforms masquerading online as Malays and/or Muslims ever since the acrimonious breach between Tun and Najib broke into the open.

One Protun blog in particular, Life of Annie, is infested with Komtar operatives.

Annie’s blog regular and first mover ‘mdzfrs’ pretends that he is a Protun (see screenshot below).

Yet this same ‘mdzfrs’ comments in Bujai’s blog that he wants Tun Mahathir to be jailed so that “the Malays will kill the hippo with their bare hands” (see screenshot below).

RBA charade as Protun

Blogs are not the problem, slanderous bloggers are

Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed was reported as saying that a recent proposal to register blogs will curb the rampant defamation being perpetuated in blogosphere.

One example of a slanderous blogger is Annie Anakin. Requiring socio-political blogs to be registered will weed out anon bloggers like Annie who are liars and frauds.

Earlier, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Joseph Kurup had complained that social media is abused to twist and distort facts.

Kurup said the MCMC was studying amendments to the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 in order for the government to tackle the widespread libel through social media, Bernama reported last week.

Now how does a Malay drift to the Dark Side, and coming eventually to work hand in glove with Dapsters in spreading lies as well as vile and vicious innuendo in cyberspace?

Well, when one’s basic fundamental is based on a lie, the blogger can only dig a deeper hole for himself in piling on more and more lies to prop up the initial deceptions.

Annie’s imaginary life and delusional Dapster future

In the posting screen captured above, Annie Anakin recounted how he (some years ago) once wrote an article on Anwar Ibrahim and was reprimanded by his senior for being too soft on the disgraced politician.

Those of us who know Annie’s identity say that he is a political reporter. But Annie claims to be a “little lady of the valley” who works in the “education industry” — see Annie’s Blogspot biodata below.

Annie is a liar. His postings do not relate to the job of a teacher/educator. Instead they’re recalling his work on the beat, such as covering the Sungai Limau 2013 by-election for the entire duration of the political campaign.

Annie profile faker

Why Dapsters, Protuns are coalescing into a joint force

The Dapsters are a bitter and disappointed group full of grudges, like Mama Dapster whose application for Australian permanent residence in Tasmania was unceremoniously binned.

Hannah Yeoh, who had to slink home to Subang Jaya in shame, soon found her miracle product peddling DAP’s holy water.

Annie is equally a discard — rejected by Umno Johor, ignored by PMO and “removed” by NST.

Annie Unwanted (1)

In the posting screencapped above, Annie boasted how he had previously run  an agitprop team working for outgoing Johor MB Ghani Othman during GE13.

Annie lamented (forgetting for a moment his charade as a lady “educator”):

“… once our works were done, we were cast out. We still love Umno but the people in control of the party had made it clear that they don’t want us anymore. The manner of our departures were actually rather sad.”

The disgruntled Annie has been ever since dissing the (incoming) Johor MB Khaled Nordin most vindictively due to his blogging service not wanted by Johor Umno. Furthermore, getting the boot (“cast out”) must have been salt rubbed into the wound.

Annie PMO advisor

Annie Unwanted (2)

Above is the Google archive of another one of Annie’s ego trips. The big-headed blogger boasted/complained,

“I have stopped giving free advice to these people. Kalau dia orang nak juga, dia orang kena bayar aku macam dia orang bayar Tun Faisal.”

No wonder Annie has so many personal issues with the way that the cyber war (perang saraf) is being conducted by the PMO. Those familiar with Life of Annie can easily recall the many times that Annie snorted and slammed Najib’s boys for losing the war of perception.

If only they had listened to Annie’s “free advice”, hah! – see screenshot above. Tapi bagi percuma pun orang tak nak.

Rejected by Umno, rejected by PMO, the DAP dedak soon begins to look attractive to the marginalized Malay man. Then Annie can be paid like Tun Faisal – currently an advisor to JASA, a unit in the PM’s Dept – whom Annie is jealous of.

Annie Unwanted (3)

Former DAP Johor deputy chairman Norman Fernandez reveals – see above – that Annie was kicked out of Media Prima (Umno-controlled media conglomerate).

Readers who lack critical thinking and discernment may still buy into Annie’s fiction that he is an innocent, sweet young thing. But as the adage goes, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

Annie’s cloak of anonymity did not shield him from scrutiny by Media Prima bigwigs who were aware that their employee Encik ******* ******* is operating Life of Annie.

Mahathir crosses the rubicon

Annie Anakin and Protuns crossing to Dark Side

When one cari makan with an Umno company, it is unwise for Annie to be slagging the Minister of Communications as “a vicious attack dog” or to label the foremost blogger defending 1MDB with the nickname “Lim Spin Spin”.

On top of that, Annie Egomaniac was continuously disparaging his NST bosses in the blog. No wonder Annie had to find another job.

But even his present co-workers who know of Annie’s alter ego are askance that their colleague – a short and dumpy middle-aged Malay man – is shamelessly passing himself off as a biracial girl with a bikini bod.

In short, Annie has lost all credibility in the journalism and blogging fraternity as well as in Malay political circles.

reject stamp

Ultra kiasu Malays are weak link exploited by DAP

Unwanted and discarded from various Malay institutions and organizations, Annie Anakin turned to the Dark Side allowing his blog to degenerate into a Dapster toxic dump.

This is the type of Malay that the evangelical party would be interested to recruit. After all, this wanton Protun has an affinity with the Dapsters in that both can fabricate lies 24/7 without batting an eyelid.

It is not blogs and social media per se that are destructive. It is Malaysians using these digital tools in their political Black Ops who are the phantom menace, i.e. shape shifters assuming one anon identity after another. (Note: Annie was Big Cat ‘Ai’ in his previous blog incarnation.)

Their hate is dangerous. It’s becoming clear that the Protuns and the Dapsters are moving towards working together. Life of Annie‘s gutter level is a perfect illustration of this trend.

BELOW: Zaid Ibrahim’s hardcore Chinese FB follower remarked, “he created the najis n now he can go to jail himself n v wil continue our fight to get rid of tat big piece of najis!

Zaid's FB here
Zaid’s FB link here


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38 thoughts on “Tun leads uprising, urges Malays to put aside loyalty to Umno

    1. The UMNO administration is corrupt. 42 billions not for malays. 84 billion for chinese gamuda and keling mmc.
      Malays can only win by getting rid of current umno batch.
      Khazanah enriching indians.
      Pemandu anti B. Melayu.
      Tun is just a tool to greater wealth equality.
      All top 10 billionaires must be investigated for corruption

  1. If Annie is a fraud, then I might as well trust what Outsyed The Box, The Scribe and JMD wrote about 1MDB, Jho Low and the RM2.6 Billion in Najib ‘s personal account. Next change; RM2 million in Rosmah’s. Donation for UMNO too?

    “Their hate is dangerous.”

    Yes & No.

    Yes, Evangelist DAPsters hates UMNO, Najib and, again PAS. (former sworn enemies in the 80s)

    No, Dr.M does not hate UMNO. Only Najib and his bunch of loyal but mediocre henchmen. His ‘Cash is King’ policies is bad for Malaysian, Dapsters included. His penchant for using dubious middlemen in government dealing are atrocious and disastrous to BN and Malaysian as a whole. Razak Baginda, not including the kickback that the Rakyat have to fork-out for him, was the best example. After more than a decade, Altantuya and now her murderer, Sirul, could still come to hound the government, running-up to every GE, as long as Najib is PM.
    Therefore, its of the best interest to UMNO and BN that Najib leaves.

    1. re: “If Annie is a fraud, then I might as well trust what Outsyed The Box, The Scribe and JMD wrote about 1MDB, Jho Low and the RM2.6 Billion in Najib’s personal account.”

      Annie Anakin is a fraud and a liar, and a slanderer.

      I don’t see what Datuk Kadir and JMD have got to do with Annie.

      But it’s true that SAA was the one who outed Annie. Any number of bloggers could have done the same but SAA is the maverick.

      Nonetheless, as I’ve pointed out previously, you can always check Annie’s imposture with any number of people in the know. Khaled Nordin’s boys are the best people to ask. They might even expose what Annie demanded from them (that he got from Ghani Othman) but which Datuk KN did not offer.

      You will have noticed that no Umno blogger (neither Protun nor Projib) has stepped forward to vouch for or to defend Annie. Life of Annie is now living on life support by the Dapsters (Mr Alphabet Soup and the same repetitive Anon).

      The last-time regular and smarter readers have already shunned Annie.

      re: “No, Dr.M does not hate UMNO. Only Najib and his bunch of loyal but mediocre henchmen.”

      Dr M hates the Umno president and disdains a number of the president’s key men and women (Azalina). Aiming his bazooka at the whole lot of them is already causing more than enough damage to the party.

      re: “After more than a decade, Altantuya and now her murderer, Sirul, could still come to hound the government”

      Tun was briefly championing Sirul’s cause through Mahfuz. And Sirul is going to name which public figure(s) tried to bribe him to implicate Najib.

      re: “Therefore, its of the best interest to UMNO and BN that Najib leaves.”

      It is to the best interest of Umno-BN that party machinery concentrate on defeating the DAP. I don’t hear Tun criticizing the DAP. Instead he is going to meet the evangelical party this coming Easter Sunday (March 27) and work together with them.

      1. It is ironic for the commenter to label Najib and his men as mediocre. The old man and his men during his time as PM were a lot worse than Najib and co. The Carrian scandal, Perwaja, Proton, the tin futures loses, the forex debacle costing tens of billions, the list goes on and on. Yet the old man is now eulogized as some saint. Someone should point out to the old man and his people about the death of the Bank Bumi officer sent to Hong Kong to investigate BMF’s Hong Kong subsidiary during the height of the Carrian scandal before they start implicating Rosmah with Altantuya’s murder case. One must also ask why so many Bumi/Malay businesses failed during the 1998 financial crisis and have had their assets stripped by banks linked to the government of that period. Renong and the likes of Tajuddin comes to mind, respectable Bumi/Malay businessmen having to sell their assets at the bottom of the floor while cronies were bailed out by the government, the example of Konsortium Perkapalan ‘saved’ by Petronas comes to mind when speaking of bailing out cronies. Najib and his men are no angels but having said that, it is better for the nation if Najib and his men were to win this war. If we are to come out of the old man’s shadow and free this nation from his sort of rule, Najib and his men must triumph at all cost.

        1. all so called scandals during Tun M’s tenure are accounted for and Tun M took the accountability. He admits his mistakes and all donations received by UMNO were credited into UMNO’s account not to his personal account unlike Najib. Charge Tun M if he did a crime but do not use this as excuses to free Najib. Where did the RM2 milions that credited into Rosmah’s personal account come from?What is the status of police report? And it goes on and on ….

          Do you believe that DS Najib did not know where the RM42 juta come from? For 6 years as PM, Najib could not afford to have that huge amount if derived from his legitimate income.

        2. But Dr.M didn’t appointed himself as Finance Minister at the same time. Did Najib brought the idea of setting-up1MDB to the cabinet? Did the cabinet ministers knew of Najib liaison with dubious middlemen such as Deepak and Jho Low in Government dealings?

          It was the fugitive RPK who first made the SD, implicating that Rosmah was at the scene where Altantuya was C4ed and subsequently, fled to UK. And now, Malaysian are suppose to believe a convicted murderer who had put on a religious skull-cap to cleanse Najib?

          Najib was spendthrift with Rakyat’s coffer too. In 5 years he spend RM7.2 Biilions on Consultant & Advisers. He even took advise from a Mat Salleh.

          How are we going to triumph with a bunch of politicians with no credibility and integrity? By way of ‘Cash is King’?

        3. “Najib and his men must triumph at all cost”? I’ve heard that said before. By dictators and demagogues.

          And yet the problem in this country now is not trying to be popular for the “common people” that the ancient Romans did and got the name demagogues. 1MDB and RM2.6 billion is never about the common people. The beneficiaries certainly have not been the common people. .

          But the cost appears to be borne by the common people. The 1MDB loans have been guaranteed by the government, 1MDB capital came out of the Federal Treasury, funds held in trust for the common people.

          And the tightening of freedom of expression etc also affects the common people. If the rakyat are not allowed to support Tun Dr Mahathir’s attempts to get Najib replaced to ensure UMNO/BN continue to rule, maintain stability and continued peace in this country, sure ultimately the common people would suffer.

          Must triumph at all cost? A dangerous statement.

    2. Helen – JMD’s latest blog aptly compare current UMNO with DAP.

      A few quotable quotes from the blog:

      “Jika DAP dipanggil “Daddy-Anak Party”, UMNO kini dipanggil parti “Untuk Mohd Najib Only”.

      “Apa beza UMNO sekarang dengan Lim Kit Siang? Dua kali lima sahaja. Tidak ada kebebasan untuk bersuara tanpa dikenakan tindakan.”

      “Jika dahulu apabila terdapat ahli DAP yang mengkritik ketua mereka diherdik sebagai ‘ahli biasa yang tidak penting’, sekarang Menteri UMNO sudahpun berkata bahawa kritikan dari ahli UMNO adalah tidak penting dan ibarat salakan seekor anjing sahaja.”

      “Sebenarnya, UMNO sedang melaksanakan ‘gag order’ terhadap semua ahli parti pelbagai peringkat. Sesiapa yang tidak mencintai Najib Razak akan dikenakan tindakan tatatertib dan dihina tanpa sebab.”

      1. “Sesiapa yang tidak mencintai Najib Razak akan dikenakan tindakan tatatertib dan dihina tanpa sebab.” –

        What has been baffling me all this while was


        2. why senior PDRM and SPRM Officers were SUDDENLY transferred out from their posts to the PM’s Dept, leading to the former Deputy Director of the Police Special Branch to link those to “hidden hands”.

        Has anybody read any justification that may have been given that may have missed my notice?

        Seemed to me that there were summary decisions done in autocratic fashion and certainly unknown in Malaysia except during Najib’s regime. Those were Government Officers, not politicians like those PKR ADUNs who ungrateful ingrate DAP Cina Bukit Lim removed from the Board of Penang Dev Corp subsidiaries just at the click of his nasty, dirty (corrupt, too, they say) and crooked fingers.

    3. I support RD’s views.

      Whether or not UMNO/BN will lingkup at PRU14 is a matter of conjecture. There is a lot of “incomplete information” on many matters pertaining to 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion “donation”. Voters may unleash their wrath at PRU14 when more and more information comes out, like from the Swiss Attorney General investigations on bank accounts said to be linked to 1MDB and from the Spore authorities who have frozen bank accounts said to belong to 1MDB subsidiaries. The Swiss don’t like corrupt people; they played a large part in exposing corruption in FIFA, the international football federation.

      But I say that the risk of UMNO/BN losing PRU14 is more with Najib at the helm than without. True, this is a matter of opinion but this kind of opinion is building up. Very many of those wanting Najib out have nothing to do with, even despise and resent DAP and their gang. And of course, the DAP and gang have been and will continue to exploit it to the maximum. But if Najib withdraws or is replaced, the anti-UMNO/BN momentum will lose strength.

      1. re: “True, this is a matter of opinion but this kind of opinion is building up.”

        (1) The Dapsters are pushing this opinion to their own benefit, i.e. with Najib out of the way and Umno thrown into chaos, all the better for DAP’s chances – okay, that’s tactics.

        (2) The Protuns are similarly fanning this opinion but from the opposite direction, i.e. with Najib not in the picture, Umno stands a better chance of recovering – okay, niat tulus (at least the Protuns sincerely believe this).

        (3) It is however self-defeating for Protuns to allow themselves to be manipulated and ridden (dikaldaikan oleh) DAP to achieve a mutual objective, i.e. getting rid of Najib but end up Umno-BN losing Putrajaya ultimately to the DAP-led opposition.

      2. … “incomplete information” on many matters pertaining to 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion “donation”…

        Ni semua not exciting for us. Dah jemu sejak zaman tok kaduk pun macam2 dok dengaq. Pasai prostitute, bini, anak, menantu pun cemuih dah.. nothing new to ordinary rakyat like me.

        Cuba la come up with something more interesting sikit bole tak? Macam ni;

        1. Ini lah jenis manusia yang membolehkan keadaan berkecai dalam sesuatu negara. Pendirian tak kisah, tak bertanggung jawab sebagai rakyat.

          Pada hal dia bukan jenis yg bertungkus lumus, takda masa nak ambil kisah. Dia membuang masa menulis begini. Macam budak kecik pulak tu. Mengeluarkan clip dalam bahasa asing, di lakunkan dek bangsa asing (Jepun?).

          Dah lah tak mengeluarkan pendapat yang berfaedah, coba mengeji komen yang mengeluarkan pendapat berkenaan pergolakan negara.

          Kan bagus kalau dia kata setuju ke tak setuju berkenaan apa yang di sebut dalam pos di atas ini. Dan beri 1-2 hujah mengapa begitu.

          1. ….Pada hal dia bukan jenis yg bertungkus lumus, takda masa nak ambil kisah. Dia membuang masa menulis begini. Macam budak kecik pulak tu….

            Setuju, sokong. Pereka doremon bertungkus lumus buat cerita pun dapat nenarik minat berjuta2 budak kecik. So kalau Akim nak buat cerita kena la pandai tarik minat oghang sikit.

            Laaa Psy tu dari Africa pun Akim tak tau padahal dah berbillion oghang sedunia kenai siapa dia ni.

            Yg penting kita guna akal fikiran. Ada yang kalut suruh rakyat UBAH, bini dia sendiri sampai bagi pakai baju sampai nampak kelolo.

            Tony buat video jadikan tokong prosperity sebagai peminta sedekah, padahal niat depa dok tala $$$$$ SARAWAK.

            Timbul pasai 1MDB dan 2.6b cuba Akim pikiaq, pasti ada sebab. TDM tiba2 naik ghairah, pasti ada sebab.

            Biasanya kalau kita demam macam2 penyakit dalam badan kita tau..kalau tak betoi berhati2 nanti bole jadi gila sawan.

            Kalau Akim dengaq cerita Najib ada ekoq, cepat2 beritau semua orang ya.. Mesti ramai yang tak sabar2 dok tunggu cerita2 macam ni pula.

  2. Sejak Tsunami Cina dah macam2 cerita gila. keluaq pasai;

    Najib √
    Rosmah √
    Anak mereka √
    Menantu mereka √
    Anak tiri Najib √
    Kucing Najib √

    Hmmm apa lagi belum ni? Owh dok tunggu dengan penuh debaran cerita yang Najib ada ekoq, Rosmah ada sayap.

    Kita dah tengok gambaq yang kalut nak Ubah sampai bini pun jadi kelolo berpakaian macam celebrity. Hmmm ini la otak sekok yang kalut dok seru mintak rakyat UBAH?

    Kita dah tengok video Tony, tokong prosperity $$$$$ dia jadikan peminta sedekah dan PakArab dia tunjuk dok taboq duit $$$$$$ macam nak gila. Last2 dah takleh sembunyi lagi gian dan tujuan sebenar dia “SARAWAK” $$$$$$$.

    TDM dan Zaid Ibrahim beria2 sampai nak masuk jail, hmmmm sebenarnya apa pula yang sedang menghantui diri mereka ni?

    1. PM terima 2.6bil dalam simpanan akaun peribadi beliau. Ini satu fakta.

      Apa cik Rina tidak runsing akan fakta tersebut?

      Apa cik Rina tidak rasa hairan kenapa blogger proJib mcm Helen tidak langsung menggeBlog hal ini?

      1. Tak runsing sikit pun. Because depositor wanted the funds to be safe tu pasai it was sent into Najib’s personal account la.

        Kalau illegal or corrupted funds lebih elok pemberi berkenaan hantaq toyol saja mai bagi duit tu kat Najib.. siapa pun tak akan nampak. Toyol boleh sembunyi duit2 tu dalam bank of Mars, lagi payah siapa nak kesan.

        Apa2 pun biaq la kasi masuk akal sikit.

    2. Setuju dengan apa yg Satem katakan.

      Tak ada faedah saya nak layan lagi orang yang mengata komen saya “incomplete information” on many matters pertaining to 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion “donation” itu “semua not exciting for us.” Nyata pemikiran dia pemikiran bebudak.

      Ha nya nak beri satu c&p “40 Jawapan Tersoal (Questionable Answers) berkenaan RM2.6 bilion itu yang keluar di blog blog –

      “Adakah betul Najib terima wang berbillion-billion ke dalam akaun peribadi?”

      Jawapan 1 : (Diam)
      Jawapan 2 : Akaun itu tidak wujud.
      Jawapan 3 : Ejaan nama Najib Razak oleh WSJ adalah silap.
      Jawapan 4 : SWIFT Code di dalam dokumen WSJ adalah tidak benar
      Jawapan 5 : Saya tak guna duit itu untuk kegunaan peribadi.
      Jawapan 6 : Penulisan Wall Street Journal adalah berunsur fitnah.
      Jawapan 7 : Saya akan saman WSJ pada hari Selasa.
      Jawapan 8 : Najib tidak jadi saman WSJ kerana dia tidak terkenal di Amerika Syarikat
      Jawapan 9 : Adalah bodoh jika Najib Razak guna akaun peribadi sendiri untuk terima wang
      Jawapan 10 : RM2.6 billion itu tidak wujud.
      Jawapan 11 : RM2.6 billion itu adalah derma
      Jawapan 12 : Akaun peribadi Najib sebenarnya adalah akaun amanah atas nama Umno
      Jawapan 13 : Lebih baik Najib pegang wang dalam akaun peribadi dari dipegang oleh proksi
      Jawapan 14 : Penderma RM2.6 billion itu adalah adalah dari Timur Tengah
      Jawapan 15 : Sedekah RM2.6 billion datang dari penyokong-penyokong Umno
      Jawapan 16 : Najib berhak untuk merahsiakan derma kerana ianya untuk akaun peribadi


    3. [Sambongan]

      Jawapan 17 : Duit derma lebih selamat di dalam akaun peribadi Perdana Menteri
      Jawapan 18 : Ahli-ahli Umno memang dah lama setuju wang sumbangan boleh masuk ke dalam akaun peribadi Presiden
      Jawapan 19 : Duit itu guna untuk pilihanraya dan kerja kebajikan
      Jawapan 20 : Duit itu guna untuk melawan ISIS
      Jawapan 21 : Duit itu guna untuk melawan DAP dan YAHUDI
      Jawapan 22 : Duit itu guna untuk melawan Muslim Brotherhood
      Jawapan 23 : Duit itu sebagai tanda terima kasih kerana Malaysia berfahaman Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah
      Jawapan 24 : Duit itu bukan duit rakyat, jangan dengki dengan rezeki seseorang
      Jawapan 25 : BERSIH dan pembangkang juga menerima duit derma dan perlu isytiharkan penderma mereka
      Jawapan 26 : Jangan ganggu pentadbiran Najib, zaman Tun Mahathir sudah berlalu
      Jawapan 27 : Dulu Tun Mahathir pun mesti dapat derma dalam akaun peribadi untuk pilihanraya
      Jawapan 28 : Bank Negara sudah lama tahu, dan saya tidak melakukan apa apa kesalahan
      Jawapan 29 : Ada ramai penderma, bukan seorang penderma
      Jawapan 30 : Zahid Hamidi jumpa wakil-wakil penderma
      Jawapan 31 : Saya telah membelanjakan kesemua RM 2.6 billion untuk kegunaan Umno
      Jawapan 32 : Henti kan fitnah. Saya tidak pernah menyoal Pak Lah bagaimana dia cari duit untuk pilihanraya
      Jawapan 33 : Menuduh Najib adalah sama seperti menyerang umat Islam Malaysia
      Jawapan 34 : Walaupun saya telah memecat ramai orang, saya berjiwa besar
      Jawapan 35 : Jangan persoal cara Najib Razak memerintah. Dia perintah mengikut sunnah Nabi
      Jawapan 36 : SPRM jumpa penderma tunggal, bukan lebih dari seorang
      Jawapan 37 : Raja Arab sebelum meninggal memberi sedekah RM2.6 billion kepada Najib
      Jawapan 38 : RM 2.03 billion telah di pulangkan kembali kepada Raja Arab sebab tak habis digunakan
      Jawapan 39 : Derma sedekah itu adalah hal peribadi antara Najib dan Raja Arab
      Jawapan 40 : Tiada kesalahan jenayah di lakukan oleh PM. Minta SPRM mengugurkan kertas siasatan dan kes di tutup kerana tiada fakta jelas dan tiada bukti.

  3. I only wish for the Melayus to be more level headed and not follow the pipers.

    Currently Tun M and Zaid I is a fad, and when things cooled down, it could be better or worse for the Melayus who are proTuns and Zaids but the rest of us Melayus will not be so affected unless UMNO fall down.

    We have seen what happened in Singapura and now, Pulau Pinang. Masih tak faham atau tak serik ke Melayu semua? Just for the lust of a few ageing has-been politicians, our future is a stake.

    Tun M had his time, 22 years, enough to create a generation of billionaires from scratch. Tak cukup kah YTL brought Pavarotti ke Pangkor dulu? Mau kuasa utunk menongkat langit?

    Only Melayus will destroy the Melayus. That is why DAP is courting some dead wood and morally challenged politician to be their flag bearer. DAP has already got some Melayu-dolls and now earnestly pursuing testosterone deficient Melayu males. They already got Mat Sabu and his gang of Amanah losers. And they whacked Islam. Masih tak sedar diri lagi kah kita semua?

    And Melayus still want to follow liberal Zaid, on Good Friday and Easter Sunday?

    1. “They already got Mat Sabu and his gang of Amanah losers. And they (DAP?) whacked Islam.”

      Saudara bermaksud si DAPster tu menghantam politik PAS kah?

  4. Actually it’s very simple ,if UMNO cannot get rid of Najib , Malay outside UMNO will do so , no such thing as the Malay rejecting UMNO ,they just rejecting it’s leadership .

    Unlike the Chinese ,they are rejecting Malay leadership ,which also mean UMNO .

    1. re: “no such thing as the Malay rejecting Umno, they just rejecting its leadership”

      In the present form – and for the purposes of GE14/2018 – the parti Melayu is firmly in Najib’s grip. So rejecting his leadership translates into rejecting Umno.

      There is no Malay party currently as strong as Umno.

      PAS will not be able to overcome DAP in a power struggle. Multiracial PKR is wishy-washy and has no real perjuangan Melayu. Amanah is a stooge of the DAP.

      If you refuse to back Umno, you’re indirectly helping DAP gain power. They’d thought in 2013 that DAP’s Ubah and tsunami already snagged them Putrajaya. They were that close.

      Their lofty ambition was only thwarted at the last minute when Malays got spooked by the DAP’s mega rallies in Johor and made a sharp swingback to Umno.

      This time, they’ve fanned so much hate against Najib that Malays might sit on the fence or abstain/boycott. Then the DAP wins by default.

      The Dapsters will drag Malays into the gutter. That’s their level. You can see what happens to standards when they get control — like what they’ve done deluging Annie’s blog with a torrent of hate.

      Orang geli pandang Annie yang masih mahu menegakkan benang basah, kononnya dia awek cun. And its jelik when that Protun blog is only propped up by mostly Dapsters. You tak perasan, ke?

      1. Most Malays especially the rural has realize the coming of Chinese tsunami in PRU 13 ,that why UMNO is gaining more seat from the rural area that time around .

        Malays are not stupid to see ,what coming in PRU 14 ,should the Malay continue to gave their vote to UMNO its not because of leadership ,but because of the party ,that what Malays had been doing all these years even the are not represent by UMNO but by BN component .

        What is worrying how many will do the same when the kepimpinan are not well received .

        Could UMNO retain the majority then ?.

        1. re: “when the kepimpinan are not well received”

          The Umno leadership are victims of black propaganda. Take the FB viral photo showing Najib and Rosmah kononnya being served 2kg Matsusaka Wagyu beef at a cost of RM19,284.80. The restaurant denied the story.

          Read More :

          According to the explanation by Me’nate Steak Hub:

          (1) The RM20k receipt is fake. It doesn’t match their bar code and inventory.
          (2) The chef in the photo is not their staff.
          (3) ““The dishes displayed in the picture make no sense. If they (Najib and Rosmah) were eating Matsusaka beef, why was there rice and other dishes?”

          So, kantoi! It is expose that the fitnah is just another one of the oppo’s endless dirty tricks.

          But you know with what putar-belit the Dapsters responded after they were called out?

          They said:

          (1) Any restaurant would be proud to serve a VVIP but this Me’nate Steak Hub is quick to deny that the PM ate their beef.

          The Dapsters claimed that Me’nate issued the denial because any respectable restaurant would prefer to distance itself from Najib and Rosmah due to the PM’s bad reputation.

          So instead of admitting that the restaurant had clarified because a lie had been told and spread, the Dapsters argued that Me’nate action was to disassociate their product from Najib and Rosmah’s taint.

          These Dapsters are sneaky bastards tahap despicable.

          (2) The restaurant reasoned that Me’nate steak would not be served with the side dishes seen in the photo because the combination doesn’t gel.

          The rejoinder by the Dapsters is that you can take Rosmah out from the kampung but you can’t take the kampung out of Rosmah.

          Hence rather than refuting the restaurant’s logic, the Dapsters spin that despite being served the most expensive meal, Rosmah still needed to have her sambal belacan because she just can’t shed her kampung eating habit.

          Can you see how the ultra kiasu will twist everything? They’re syaitan.

          If the Umno leadership is suffering from negative public perception, it’s only because the dajjals have deliberately and methodically created bad press by fabricating the most outrageously vile and false stories.

          With this kind of scum, the motto to be practised is ‘Take no prisoners’.

          not want to be

    2. re: “no such thing as the Malay rejecting Umno, they just rejecting its leadership”.

      I agree.

      But Helen chose to spin it “rejecting Najib’s leadership translates into rejecting UMNO”.

      I vehemently disagree. UMNO is so much bigger than Najib. UMNO would still be around if Najib were to disappear. UMNO had had different Presidents in the past. It’s laughable to imagine that UMNO would collapse if Najis is kicked out. Projib cartoons’ mantra, and a bad one.

      1. re: “But Helen chose to spin it ‘rejecting Najib’s leadership translates into rejecting Umno’.”

        Lemme copypaste Dr Abdollah Salleh’s four criteria @ 2016/02/25 at 5:18 pm.

        In a democratic country, to remove the Prime Minister there are a few options i.e.:
        a) The Prime minister resigns on his own volition

        [Helen Ang: It is suicidal for Najib and a death warrant for BN to do so.]

        b) His party no longer recognize him as their leader

        [HA: Umno is solidly behind Najib as witnessed in the most recent general assembly.]

        c) The members of parliament refuse to ratify any of his proposed policies or plans

        [HA: Tun gave his backing to the opposition to scupper Najib’s Budget 2016 but the motion was successfully carried in Parliament by the Barisan MPs. Conclusion: The PM enjoys the confidence of the component parties.]

        d) The party he leads lose the next general election.

        [HA: It might happen if Tun and the Protuns keep on hammering at Najib non-stop. Now the latest, Tun is proclaiming that party affiliation and loyalty do not matter – his words, quote unquote. In short, Tun is now signalling that it is kosher for his camp to bersekongkol dengan puak pembangkang. ]

        re: “I vehemently disagree. UMNO is so much bigger than Najib.”

        Umno is also so much bigger than Tun despite that he is its longest-serving president to date.

        re: “Umno would still be around if Najib were to disappear.”

        Umno still carried on business as usual even when Tun left the party in a huff during that time when he was mad at Sleepy Dollah.

        re: “Umno had had different Presidents in the past.”

        The past president (no.4) should allow the present president (no.6) to run the party in the way he sees fit and not interfere and try to be a backseat driver.

        re: “It’s laughable to imagine that Umno would collapse if Najis is kicked out.”

        I’m not convinced that Umno would be better off if Najib is kicked out.

        re: “Projib cartoons’ mantra, and a bad one.”

        Agree that it’s our mantra. It’s a simple message: Weakening Najib translates into indirectly and as an unintended consequence — empowering the DAP. It’s a see-saw or zero sum game.

        DAP is the anchor party of the opposition. The Chinese are the backbone of opposition support. Kalau Umno tersungkur, parti neo-Zionis itulah yang akan mengambil alih kuasa.

        1. Helen,

          Your overestimated DAP’s chances of getting to Putrajaya. DAP is as fragile as any other political parties. Just wait until the old Lim drops dead, you’ll see a great upheaval in DAP. It will self destruct.

          Your underestimated Malays pragmatism and resolute, much like the Brits did when they proposed Malayan Union and found great resistance from the seemingly docile Malays. When push comes to shove, they will unite to defeat DAP.

          1. re: “Your overestimated DAP’s chances of getting to Putrajaya.”

            Possibly. But you should never under-estimate how ruthless these neo-Zionists can be.

            Remember the Israel soldier who tipped over the wheelchair of a disabled 53-year-old Palestinian – here. Such senseless brutality wouldn’t cross our mind. Why would some people wanna do something like that? But it did happen.

            Likewise the way that they have kenakan orang is a reminder of how cruel these Dapsters are, and what they’re capable of doing.

            re: “DAP is as fragile as any other political parties.”

            They are iron fisted on dissent. Even the Penang PKR Aduns also Guan Eng wants to take down.

            And now the DAP’s Duyong Adun (former Malacca state opposition leader) and his colleague the Kota Melaka MP have both been suspended by the party.

            re: “Just wait until the old Lim drops dead, you’ll see a great upheaval in DAP. It will self destruct.”

            LKS is not a Christian. When he’s gone, the evangelistas will have a thorough control of the party. And don’t forget the Chinese mood of being united in hatred of Malays and Islam. Perang salib versus jihad has lasted over a thousand years.

            re: “Your underestimated Malays pragmatism and resolute”


            re: “When push comes to shove, they will unite to defeat DAP.”

            Like Fiji?

  5. Helen,
    “to rise up against Prime Minister Najib Razak”, i.e. remove Najib from power?
    We have discussed this to no end before. In a democratic country, to remove the Prime Minister there are a few options i.e.:
    a) The Prime minister resigns on his own volition
    b) His party no longer recognize him as their leader
    c) The members of parliament refuse to ratify any of his proposed policies or plans
    d) The party he leads lose the next general election.

    We just had an UMNO general assembly where Najib received overwhelming show of allegiance. The opposition failed to not ratify the budget and failed again to vote out the proposal to join TPPA. The government under Najib has another two years mandate. The opposition (Protuns included) just need to wait that much longer.
    Going to the streets to demonstrate or cause chaos so that the government can no longer govern and so the police or army can take over is not the way (even if it was done in immature democracies like Thailand or the Philippines). Even if there is chaos the precedent is for the current government to declare a state of emergency and appoint an interim government a la MAGERAN.

    It is inconceivable why TDM dan Zaid want to advocate this uprising? If only they can tell us clearly what their modus operandi going to be. Is it going to be by legal or illegal means?

    1. If done in a peaceful assembly in conformity with the PA Act, for the purpose of getting the rakyat express themselves on the call for UMNO to replace Najib, it should be ok.

      Najib must demonstrate to the outside world that Malaysia is not one of the “immature democracies like Thailand or the Philippines” (words used to the chagrin of our friendly Asean neighbours) and allow expression of opinions and wishes.

      The plan I think is to get public opinion expressed as much and as often as possible to get Najib resign or UMNO replace him. I don’t see anything wrong in that.

      The distinction must be made that while the Opposition wants UMNO/BN to fall, the Protuns only want Najib be replaced. That being parallel to DAP and gang’s wishes is coincidental.

  6. Helen,

    Many times I said that in islamic and Malay tradition, absolute allegiance is to Allah SWT and the Prophet only.

    Other mortals be they are Caliph, Sultans, Amirs, PM , former PM , President of PAS cant expect total submission.

    DR Mahathir during his tenure is a highly respected figure. He delivered and more importantly retires at height of popularity. Not many leaders are in that cateogary.

    But Tun is not the Prophet. He I hope appreciates the fact that though Malays do not like Najib, they too are cautious about the alternatives. Tun seems to want Najib to resign at all cost.

    At all cost meaning wanting Malays now to discard UMNO. Are Malays willing to do that? ARe malays willing to dethrone UMNO just to get Najib out?

    I hope Tun realised that he became the PM due to his position In UMNO. Surely Tun must have some nostalgia about the good old days. Surely Tun understands that it is foolish to destroy UMNO just to force Najib out.

    Malays took Tun’s idea of forcing Tun Abdullah. But now they are not so sure about forcing another PM our. It is dangerous political game. many times i warned my Malay friends that Arabs paid a very high price for stabbing the Ottoman Govt. I am sure all these Arab leaders who revolted against the Ottoman sultan 100 years ago HAD THEY BEEN ALIVE would not have made the blunder .

    I never stop reminding malays that the only thing that stands against the tyranny of DAP and Putrajaya is UMNO.

    Jadi pada Melayu melayu semua yg mengaku beriman, fikir beratus kali. Jangan sesekali percaya Yahudi DAP ni.

    1. If Dr M were to pass away tomorrow, the calls for Najib to step down as PM would not stop.

      It is a mistake to assume that some UMNO ppl want Najib to resign as PM because Dr M wants him to resign. They do not need Dr M to tell them to ask Najib to resign. Believe me, they can think for themselves. They are not that gullible.

      1. Setem.


        But Tun must know the limit. Non stop attacking UMNO will destroy UMNO and finally Tun too.

        What Tun expect any PM would do? Keep quiet when he(Tun) aggresively attacking the PM. Tun paint a very bleak future for UMNO.

        Is UMNO that bad?

        1. shamshul,
          Budaya adat Melayu dan Islam mengajar kita agar menghormati golongan warga2 tua terutama sekali ibubapa kita. Rasanya bukan Melayu Islam aje, kebanyakkn Agama dan adat pun sama juga cara mereka.

          Tapi ada yang tak paham bahasa, tu yang jadi masaalah. Kalau adakan majlis kenduri kat kampung selalu warga2 tua yang dah nyanyok ada yg tak faham bahasa, depa yang tak faham bahasa ni semua jolok2 suruh dia menari..ada yang bagi dia isap botol susu sambil ketawa berdekah2. Yang nyanyok itu apa lagi..makin ghairah lah..

          Anyway mai kita baca sikit gossip2 pasai ketua negara lain;

  7. RE: “Most recently, Tun deadpanned, “If he [AG Apandi Ali] lies to the court, he goes to hell”. ”

    “O you who believe! stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even if against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it be (against) rich or poor, because Allah can best protect both. Follow not the lusts (of your hearts), lest you deviate, and if you distort (justice) or decline to do justice, verily Allah is well aware about all that you do.” (Quran 4:135)

    “Allah commands you to render back your Trusts to whom they are due. And when you judge between man and man, judge with Justice: Verily how excellent is the teaching which He gives you! For Allah is He Who hears and sees all things.” (Quran 4:58)

    “O you believers! stand up firmly for Allah, as witnesses to fair dealing, and let not the hatred of others against you make you deviate to what is wrong and to abandon justice. Be just; it is next to devotion; and fear Allah. For Allah is well-acquainted with all that you do.” (Quran 5:8)

    The Prophet s.a.w. said that the Lord on High spoke thus to him:
    “O My servants, I have forbidden injustice for Myself and I forbid it also for you. Hence, never be unjust towards one another.”
    (Sahih Muslim)

    Abdullah bin Amr (r.a.) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, “Whoever has all the following characteristics is a consummate Hypocrite; and whoever has but one of these characteristics, he already bears the marks of Hypocrisy:
    1) Whenever he speaks, he tells a lie.
    2) Whenever he makes an agreement, he proves to be treacherous (ie. he betrays the trust placed in him)
    3) Whenever he makes a promise, he breaks it.
    4) Whenever he quarrels, he behaves in an evil and degrading manner.”

    (Hadith No. 34, Book of Faith, Sahih Bukhari, Vol. 1)

    “Verily, the hypocrites will be in the lowest depths of the Hell-Fire; no helper can you find for them.” (Quran 4:145)

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