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Porsche Cayenne number plate MM1

How many Protons have you owned? I briefly had a Wira some ten years ago. Yucks.

But, when the former PM arrived at the anti-GST rally last Saturday, journalists and participants snapped the pictures of him as his sedan slowly pulled in. Alas! The country’s Number One Patriot arrived in an elegant Porsche Cayenne,” wrote Tay Tian Yan who is Sin Chew deputy executive editor-in-chief yesterday.

2 April 2016 — ‘Dr M pulls up at anti-GST rally in a Porsche’ (Kini tv)




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20 thoughts on “Porsche Cayenne number plate MM1

    1. As a young med doctor in kedah then, dr m n wife had a MaHa klinik. He drove a Pontiac cabriolet at a time when most malays cant afford to own basikal. This is a well documented fact.

  1. And your point is…..?

    U are not jealous that Dr M rides around in Porsche Cayenne SUV, are u?

    Or are u motivated by ersatz nationalism in that it should be Proton or nothing?

  2. Helen

    have you read the statement from PAS deputy?

    im interested to know whats your take on it.

      1. Its on his official FB page. Basically he is calling for Najib’s resignation.

        1. I see. He’s called on Najib to resign as Finance Minister.

          Perhaps Tuan Ibrahim’s suggestion can be considered. Bring Tengku Li back into cabinet as the sole Finance Minister.

  3. Your idol Najib, is not a saint either, Helen.

    Nor are you.

    You’ve stopped that low to discredit DrM just to please the Najib’s PMO people?

    You’ve turned petty.

    What’s next?

    1. The number plate ~ MM1 ~ is very special.

      Why is not this plate registered to one of Tun’s Proton cars?

    2. “You’ve turned petty.”

      in many case, she is, for tis proton case, I agree fully. mahathir is a penipu la, he support his son biz more than the patriotic measure tool call proton.

  4. Mrs Helen, your well said written far better than other pro Kerajaan blog. Your sarcastic words really pinched them. See how weird ex Proton chairman characteristic. He had forced rakyat o support buy over priced Proton during his 22 years ruling. But how about himself? Porsche…. wow… Maha clinic time he had a Pontiac at Alor Setar? munafik man..!

    1. Really arr? You felt the pinch?

      Where got “He had forced rakyat o support buy over priced Proton during his 22 years ruling”? Can say more to make people believe you?

      You have any idea about pricing considerations? That it’s normally based on production cost, overheads, etc? Ask questions about those lah, then can ask about Porsche.

      Of course lah, Azalina or whoever said in future may reduce Proton car prices by 30% whatever. Najib is the kind who gives out cash – BRIM etc from government coffers, not to mention from the RM2.6 billion to UMNO warlords. Then he taxes the poor people also to pay for his government spending – GST. Very simple zaman tok kadok way of running a government.

      But the voters sudah bosan. Ramai yang diam saja, sibuk sangat nak cari makan, susah sebab kena bayar GST dsb nya. Khuatir nya UMNO akan kalah di PRU14 kalau dia tidak undur atau di gantikan.

      1. its fact we were forced to buy proton at higher price, the higher price is because we r not able to produce / manufacture car at a lower price compare to most automotive producer. the hypocrisy of the najib supporter is they use to criticize anyone that complain abt proton as not patriotic, but now they complain the same.

        1. Can you provide proof “forced to buy proton at higher price, the higher price is because we r not able to produce / manufacture car at a lower price”?

          Cannot compare with other manufacturers who have economies of scale, who have been in production much longer than Proton and whose Research and Development costs have long been written off.

          Proton had to put up an R&D anew, yet market size not that big and no protective tariff, having to compete with foreign manufacturers who have been at it donkey years earlier than Proton. Hope the current donkey won’t simply increase subsidies that were denied in the past in order to make Proton cars cheaper.

          Others only assemble, no need for R&D and such.

      2. Siapa pun tak paksa suruh bayaq GST kalo takmau.

        Senang aje, tanam sayoq, buah dan bela ikan ayam itik arnab kambing lembu sendiri. Letrik takde dok dalam gelap, air tadah air hujan.. Nak sana sini berjalan kaki atau naik kereta lembu. Free semua..

        Buat cara hidup macam zaman tok kadok dulu.

  5. Pengerusi/penasihat proton pakai posce. Camna proton x rugi…. Rebranding kepada projeep mungkin bawa tuah dan untung, mana tahu kan, kerana setelah 33 tahun nama proton rugi.

  6. I keep hearing pasal GST complaints from my fellow Malaysians but tiap kali aku pergi shopping complexes semacam jer penuh orang pergi shopping, kedai mamak semacam jer penuh. Aku ingat zaman 70an dulu lagi masa aku study, aku dan bayar UK VAT 12 ke 15%. Malaysians kalau tak complaint about everything under the sun, memang tak cukup syarat..complaint just for the sake of complaining. Unfortunately, it has become a way of life di Malaysia.

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