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Song of Freedom

Helen Ang is a cat lover
Helen Ang is a cat lover

A fortnight ago on Merdeka Day, I posted a clip of the song Mulanya di Sini by pop group Freedom.

It was dedicated to perpaduan ummah between PAS and Umno.


On Malaysia Day, I’m repeating the same message with another song from the same group. This one is called Persamaan — music video clip below.

Like the song title, saudara-saudara PAS dan saudara-saudara Umno semeangnya ada banyak ‘persamaan’ sesama umat Islam. Dan dua-dua pun Melayu, kan.

They should get together and combine forces.


Persamaan — click to listen

The group Freedom ‘s lead singer arwah Seha was among my favourite local performers. She was pretty, in a fresh-faced, girl-next-door way. Loved her broad smile and warm voice.

I once took my late mother to watch one of Freedom’s live performances in a club and Seha gave us a shoutout from stage when told that there was an elderly Chinese woman in the audience who’s her fan.

Seha died of lung cancer 10 years ago at age 44.


Persamaan between Seha and Hazell

It’s cute how much Seha and Hazell Dean, another popstar from that era, resembled each other.

Hazell is a British singer whose hit track Who’s Leaving Who was produced by Stock, Aitken & Waterman — a famous songwriter trio with names that sound like an accountancy firm.

Hazell Dean

So much in common … persamaan that Seha and Hazell both had. You can see their same short, spiky hair.

In their videos (Seha-Freedom’s at the top of this page) and Hazell’s – HERE –  the two singers also wore more or less the same fashion in their white baju. And they even had the same syrupy dancing style!

Last time, I used to have the same short, spiky hair (my picture at the top of page) as Seha and Hazell.

And it doesn’t look like I’m afraid of tiger — it’s a real animal in the photo.

Dapsters cannot cow me because I know they’re only scum and I’ve already weathered the worst that they can do (tabiat celaka dema yang selalu kenakan orang).

All decent people should make a resolution today to claw back and recover our country so that Malaysia is no longer darkened by the shadow of the dajjal.

Freedom! Save Malaysia from the enemy of Islam.


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14 thoughts on “Song of Freedom

  1. RBAs are celebrating the death of Haron Din in Free Malaysia Today’s facebook page. I believe most of the fb accounts are made by very few people with multiple computers, phones and laptops.

    1. I think FMT already closed down the comments section for the Haron Din articles… too many nasty comments.

      I guess it’s too much freedom of speech even for FMT!

  2. Helen,

    I am not sure if you should be using a band like Freedom to try and unite PAS and UMNO.

    UMNO might not mind the band and its music but virtually everything about the band would be haram to PAS.

    Cam ni habis lah, no chance for UMNO and PAS to unite using your suggested musical score.

  3. Saya lebih suka dengaq lagu nih, tak lekang dek masa tak lapuk dek zaman;

    BTW dlm video tu payah nak cari muka2 macam pejuang2 BERSIH??? Yellow shirts ??? Apahal mcam ni Lim Kit Siang? Bersih lima jadi ke? Mintak depa praktis berkawat at least nanti gi demo, nampak ada disiplin la sikit! Isssh buat malu aje, satni polis tembak sekadar air aje pun dah lintang pukang lari sembunyi!

          1. nampak sgt bengongnya kepala surhead ni. x penah plak dgr loghat orang malaysia. yg tau loghat kelantan, penang, n9 dan lg hardcore ikut daerah. ni masalahnya kawan pun ngan melayu bangsar je. pastu belagak bodoh kata paham hidup kat msia ni.

  4. dear helen
    for a chinese im flattered.that.u support the struggle of umno ..and pas to win over young malay voters. i hv an indian frens who shows ongoing support to bersih, and chinese ones who against dap but disagreed wth the gvnmnt. i wish ur work hard is sincere and honest and ur not backed up by any ones with importance.

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