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Cute kittens to give away

My kittens are 8 weeks old or thereabouts, already weaned from their mother and eating solid food.

They also know how to use the litter tray.

Zen kitten contemplating abstract representation of a flower
Zen kitten contemplating abstract representation of a flower

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MCA should tahaluf siyasi with Tun’s party

Why not?

After all the knives and scissors that MCA has been sticking in the BN’s back, what’s one more?

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DAP leaders brazenly baiting Najib

What’s the difference between dokong and duku langsat? It seems dokong is actually duku langsat.

What’s the difference between duku and langsat then?

  • Duku is more thick-skinned than langsat.

What’s the difference between pulasan and rambutan?

  • Pulasan is more thick-skinned than rambutan.


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Openly sniding Jakim now, eh, Chun Wai

“It smacks of racism,” writes J-Star CEO, Wong Chun Wai complaining about the brouhaha surrounding halal certification for a popular brand’s menu item.

In his newspaper column today, Chun Wai took to sniding the Islamic authorities whom he says are not going to let anyone be confused by a literal understanding of the word hot ‘dog’. Continue reading “Openly sniding Jakim now, eh, Chun Wai”

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Have Umno and PAS cut a deal over RUU 355?

No retreat, no surrender …

Najib Razak’s latest message to the nation – see video below – is pregnant with sublimal meanings and also hints at his coming course of action.

In the two-minute audio clip, the Umno president noted that 2008 opposition chief (Anwar Ibrahim) and Tun Mahathir (albeit not directly named) are the two men most responsible for diluting the Malay hegemony. Continue reading “Have Umno and PAS cut a deal over RUU 355?”