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Tracking the MCA results


Final reckoning (3.30am):

MCA was defending seven seats from its haul in the last parliament. They are:

  • Tanjung Malim
  • Bentong
  • Alor Gajah
  • Labis
  • Ayer Hitam
  • Tebrau
  • Tanjong Piai

Of the seven, MCA only managed to retain Ayer Hitam alone. Nor did MCA manage to wrest any other seats from Harapan Pakatan although it contested a big handful.

Here’s how I see the future for MCA: Continue reading “Tracking the MCA results”

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Dapsters want to lock up Dr Kua Kia Soong and throw away the key

The mother of all U-Turns is surely the apostolistic Acts of DAP evangelistas embracing Tun Mahathir as new political Lord and Messiah. All in the pursuit of their Holy Grail … for the power and the glory. Like Dr Kua Kia Soong said, DAP’s Down-with-Najib politics is “opportunism in its crudest form”.

Evangelistas are the born again Mahathiristas – opportunists in crudest form looking to Tun M as Saviour, and telling the public that together (DAP + Mahathir), they will ‘Save Malaysia’. Continue reading “Dapsters want to lock up Dr Kua Kia Soong and throw away the key”

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DAP leaders brazenly baiting Najib

What’s the difference between dokong and duku langsat? It seems dokong is actually duku langsat.

What’s the difference between duku and langsat then?

  • Duku is more thick-skinned than langsat.

What’s the difference between pulasan and rambutan?

  • Pulasan is more thick-skinned than rambutan.


What’s the difference between Hannah Yeoh and Jamal Sekinchan? Continue reading “DAP leaders brazenly baiting Najib”

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Malays sick and tired of Dapster hate and hypocrisy

There was an explosion of vitriol from the Cina DAP at Allahyarham Haron Din upon news of the Tuan Guru’s passing.

The amount of venom spewed at PAS’s late Mursyidul Am reached such proportions that the usually freewheeling Malaysiaini and FMT were compelled to disable (block) reader responses as well as delete their spiteful Facebook comments. Continue reading “Malays sick and tired of Dapster hate and hypocrisy”

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RM90m “widespread suspicion” against PAS a preemptive strike (attn: Dr Zuhdi)

Clare Rewcastle Brown used Sarawak Report to push her allegation of a “widespread suspicion” that top PAS leaders took RM90 million from Najib Razak.

If she chooses to go down this route, one can similarly talk about the equally widespread suspicion that she took x amount of money from individual y to carry out Operation Z.

(Or to sidetrack a bit, we can give another analogy wrt the widespread suspicion that Anon is Annie talking to himself.) Continue reading “RM90m “widespread suspicion” against PAS a preemptive strike (attn: Dr Zuhdi)”

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Time Rahman Dahlan called a spade a spade, and DAP a dajjal

BN strategic communications director Abdul Rahman Dahlan was reported by Malaysiakini on Saturday (Aug 6) as saying:

“Since [Najib] assumed office, he has been the most stressed prime minister in the world. Why, because we have opposition who refuse to use their brains. They use only emotions.”

Continue reading “Time Rahman Dahlan called a spade a spade, and DAP a dajjal”

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Dapsters don’t want Chong Wei to win Olympic gold

All Malaysians are rooting for Lee Chong Wei to bring home our country’s first ever Olympic gold medal, except for the Dapsters that is.

Below is a sampling of comments by Dapsters on Chong Wei’s previous Olympic outing and its run-up in London (screenshots at bottom of page):

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Islamists prevail in Turkey, evangelicals rising in the US, showdown shaping up in M’sia

Islamist president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan successfully quashed a coup d’etat yesterday by the Turkish army whose officers are traditionally secular.

In the aftermath of the violence, Erdogan has vowed to purge those responsible for the putsch attempt. So far, more than 1,500 Turkish military personnel have been arrested. Continue reading “Islamists prevail in Turkey, evangelicals rising in the US, showdown shaping up in M’sia”

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Are the Chinese really as clever as they think they are?

When Lim Guan Eng got into trouble – and Bungalow-gate is actually only his own personal problem – he tried to drag the whole Chinese community into the imbroglio.

Likewise, a little earlier when DAP backed some Christians on the use of ‘Allah’, and some Muslims retaliated, again the evangelical party tried to drag all the non-Muslims into their religious conflict.

The reality is that when decent Malaysians are revolted by the DAP, they’re merely anti-DAP. It does not mean that they’re anti-Chinese. (Or anti-Christian.) Continue reading “Are the Chinese really as clever as they think they are?”

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9 dash line: Cina DAP = Malaysian First

Hew Kuan Yau is a DAP veteran leader. Back in 1999, Hew had been put up as the DAP’s general election candidate in a Petaling Jaya state seat.

More than a dozen years ago, he already held the high-ranking post of pol-sec to Kerk Kim Hock, the then interim party sec-gen.

And Hew was made director of DAP’s campaign in the last general election. Continue reading “9 dash line: Cina DAP = Malaysian First”

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What the ‘Take Subang for Jesus’ crowd want next

Make no mistake. The movers and shakers in DAP are evangelical Christians, and its top leadership comprises evangelistas.

This little detail was realised by PAS after seven years of up close and personal in tahaluf siyasi. See, ‘Dewan Ulama PAS: Cina DAP rata-rata Kristian, lawan hukum AllahContinue reading “What the ‘Take Subang for Jesus’ crowd want next”

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Cornered, Guan Eng poised to counter strike

The idea of a snap poll had been discussed, admitted both Penang’s deputy chief ministers when contacted by the Malay Mail.

MMO Penang senior correspondent Opalyn Mok today reported the option of calling a state election was deliberated as a test vote of confidence on the Pakatan coalition. See ‘Penang mulls snap polls as referendum on Guan Eng charges

What’s more interesting in Mok’s story, however, is the view expressed by James Chin that “an early election would likely see DAP score a stunning victory”.

Continue reading “Cornered, Guan Eng poised to counter strike”

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Christian extremists a cause of worry to 31% Muslims in M’sia


One in every five Malaysian Muslims view Christians as being hostile toward Muslims. Three in every 10 Malaysian Muslims are troubled by extremism among Christians.

These results are from a 2013 survey conducted by Pew Research Center. The report was published under the title ‘The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society’ Continue reading “Christian extremists a cause of worry to 31% Muslims in M’sia”

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YB Taiping’s controversial Christian right Raya greeting

DAP’s member of Parliament for Taiping David Nga Kor Ming uploaded the greeting below for Hari Raya. He is an evangelista, needless to say.

YB Nga’s message reads, “Video Aidilfitri: We serve to bless others, we are from the people, by the people & for the people. Selamat Hari Raya!”

Although he mentions Aidil Fitri as the intention, everything about his post is really American Bible Belt. Continue reading “YB Taiping’s controversial Christian right Raya greeting”

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The haters funding DAP

Almost RM1 million was the amount that Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM) activist Haris Ibrahim managed to collect through public donations to fund his ABU campaign during the run-up to GE13 previously.

Yesterday DAP successfully raised a similar sum in less than 24 hours — see Hannah Yeoh’s retweet below.

The evangelical party nowadays has access to sources of easy funding on top of an ample war chest. No wonder they’re flush with cash enough to pay their Red Bean Army and the (Umno reject) Melayu. Continue reading “The haters funding DAP”

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Unbridgeable gulf between Cina DAP and sane Malaysians

The Chinese, especially those living on Penang island and in Jerusubang, exist in their own ethnic bubble.

To borrow a phrase popularized by MCA’s public enemy No.1 Ridhuan Tee, the Dapster-evangelistas are “ultra kiasu”, i.e. holding to the credo that heads we win, tails you lose‘. Continue reading “Unbridgeable gulf between Cina DAP and sane Malaysians”

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Guan Eng should temporarily step aside

Just like how his party had been calling for Najib to take a leave of absence due to 1MDB concerns.

But Najib has not even been implicated nor charged for any financial wrongdoing.

Here Guan Eng has been explicitly charged in court for corruption. DAP should now cakap serupa bikin.

Guan Eng must go on leave immediately as CM, following the same principle that the opposition preached to apply on the PM. Continue reading “Guan Eng should temporarily step aside”

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“Not impossible that I might get shot” — Ridhuan Tee on death threats

What is wrong with MCA?! The Chinese party’s hysteria over ‘kafir harbi’ is playing right into the hands of the evangelical party.

Orang DAP memang selalu buat onar — tipu, bohong, putar-belit, fitnah. But has MCA ever held them accountable for their destructive behaviour? Continue reading ““Not impossible that I might get shot” — Ridhuan Tee on death threats”

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Microphone switched off when DAP’s Penang MP disrespected temple dinner / the Armenian Park shrine issue

MCA Religious Harmony bureau chairman Ti Lian Ker is the foremost defender of Taoist shrines and Chinese religious rights.

He is raising a hue and cry at Jahara Hamid – who is Penang opposition leader representing Umno – over a tokong controversy in Lebuh Armenian where Guan Eng put words into her mouth that she did not say. And unsurprisingly, MCA sided with DAP … but what else. Continue reading “Microphone switched off when DAP’s Penang MP disrespected temple dinner / the Armenian Park shrine issue”

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Sg. Besar, K. Kangsar by-elections a better test of Chinese support

Look at the returns from the polling stations. Then you will know for real whether “BN can win back the Chinese like in Sarawak”. Unlike Annie Anakin, statistics don’t lie.

There is no Umno in Sarawak. So the Chinese across the South China Sea do not have their chief hate figure to vote against there.

Continue reading “Sg. Besar, K. Kangsar by-elections a better test of Chinese support”

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Results analysis: Super SUPP did what MCA would not

It was heartwarming to see SUPP president Dr Sim Kui Hian being hoisted by supporters after his victory in Batu Kawah yesterday. The uplifting moment felt as good as when Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong won the Teluk Intan by-election in 2014.

For too long, we Chinese BN supporters have been pummeled, trampled and spat upon due to the abject failure that is the MCA. Continue reading “Results analysis: Super SUPP did what MCA would not”

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S’wak the bellwether state — Make M’sia beautiful again

There has never been anything in Malaysia as ugly and vicious as the post-2008 evangelical DAP.

In fact, Sarawak considers DAP 2.0 so ugly and vicious that its peninsula leaders – most notably the party’s fervid evangelistas – have been banned from even setting foot on the state. Continue reading “S’wak the bellwether state — Make M’sia beautiful again”

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Raja Petra: “Who was Lim Guan Eng’s grandfather?”

Raja Petra Kamarudin asks in his No Holds Barred column headline today, ‘Who was Lim Guan Eng’s grandfather?’

“Was he a pork seller? Was he a vegetable farmer? Was he a labourer? Or was he a Kapitan China in Melaka?”

Answer: Guan Eng’s grandfather was an “agriculture technician” who worked on a pig farm Continue reading “Raja Petra: “Who was Lim Guan Eng’s grandfather?””

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MCA, DAP fight over Khir Johari name and whether Zairil is Malay

zairil melayu“Zairil Khir Johari aka Christopher Ross Lim (left) does not count as an ethnic Malay and is at best a muallaf or Muslim convert who converted to Islam when his mother married his stepfather Khir Johari, the former Minister of Education”, stated Pemuda MCA’s Young Professionals bureau.

Bureau chairman Eric Choo said this in a statement titled ‘The real DAP dilemma‘ on the evangelical party’s schizophrenia.

Continue reading “MCA, DAP fight over Khir Johari name and whether Zairil is Malay”