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DAP is terrified of Umno PAS Pribumi Perkasa Isma Malays

DAP is scared stiff – “don’t spook the Malays” – of trodding on even the majority race’s little toe.

Lim Kit Siang debating Najib could spark “racial tension” that might cause “ethnic conflict” to erupt, said PM-forever-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim yesterday, as quoted in Malay newspaper Berita Harian.

Meanwhile, Kit Siang himself claimed that he decided not to proceed with the debate for fear it “could be turned into a Malay vs Chinese conflict”.

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Events unfolded when, on Tuesday, the race card-calling DAP hero (err, supremo) baited Najib to debate a topic framed in Kit Siang’s typical overwrought vocabulary – see LKS May 21 tweet below.

Then two days ago on Thursday and making his about-turn faster than U-Tun Mahathir, Kit Siang not only chickened out but embarked on an epic rant at the Umno ‘retiree’ (ex-party president) who accepted his debate challenge.

Chinese community led by Apek Men Hen

Deny, deny, deny. The DAP hardcore are masters at burying their ostrich/chicken head in the sand and living in denial.

Their Dear Leader is denying that it is actually “cowardice” which prompted the pullout from his juvenile dare – see news story tweeted by Malaysiakini assistant editor Nigel Aw headlined ‘Kit Siang now refuses to debate Najib’.

There is a real reason, you know, why Kit Siang is dubbed “Men Hen” – a contraction of the informal ‘job’ title of Menteri Hal Ehwal Najib … squawk, squawk, squawk, squawk.

When cornered on Men Hen’s cowardice however, the DAP vox populi are quick to deflect, turning around to accuse The Other instead. Their WMD (Weapon of Mass Distraction) is to throw a charge they themselves are guilty of, i.e. allege that the other side is racist, bigoted and hateful.

This method is called projection. Here, Malay-Muslim NGO Isma is accused by Harapan supporters as being “hell-bent on stirring racial, religious discord” – see ‘Your Say’ linked below in Malaysiakini tweet.

But what, after all, is so frightening about Najib’s potential dazzling oratory wrt “how we can become a leading nation of integrity” which was Kit Siang’s suggested debate title?

As Anwar explained earlier when he provided that face-saving excuse for his political ally, DAP really opted out from debating Najib because it is afraid of “conflict with Malays”.

Urm, surely not because Kit Siang is simply not up to Najib’s level, say, in public speaking skill and language mastery! (Najib speaks impeccable English, Kit Siang’s bahasa Melayu is like tongkang pecah.)

Kit Siang no guts to even call out Isma by name

How is it that in the Dapster groupthink, some Malays (Isma is pinpointed) are conveniently reckoned to be stirring racial and religious discord?

Well, it’s just a case of leadership by example. In response to the blowback, Kit Siang released a press statement to try and justify his withdrawal from the proposed public debate with Najib. In the same statement, the DAP taikor also cited Isma although he stops short of spelling out his target.

Again, here is another display of Kit Siang’s craven chicken soul – baling batu kat Isma tapi masih nak sorok tangan.

A white feather is the symbol of cowardice

Like the white-feathered Men Hen that he is, Kit Siang used the Hope People for his fig leaf, saying in his media statement:

“I had been inundated with an avalanche of advice through email, WhatsApp and even by phone, including by Malaysians from overseas, 99% of whom urged me not to debate with Najib at all”.

Oh, so YB Kit Siang – we are now asked to believe – is not willing to debate Umno’s former boss because he had been dissuaded by “99 percent” of the feedback he purported to receive from fans on the matter.

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Lily-livered DAP worse than ‘running dogs’

Kit Siang the Chicken Hawk is only courageous when it comes to calling Najib a string of nasty names – “global kleptocrat”, “habitual liar”, “malignant”, “immoral”, “unconscionable [endorser of] “intolerance and extremism” plus the “greatest threat to the vision” of New Malaysia and to top it all, Najib is guilty of being divisive too see LKS May 23 tweet below.

To hear Kit Siang mouth off, the former Umno prez is an unprecedented threat to humanity. Yeah, we gettit.

Understandably then because Najib is so “toxic” and threatening, Guan Eng’s daddy fears stepping onstage to verbally ‘fight’ him.

DAP is afraid of Najib (a now powerless politician) but at the same time still expects Dapsters to bravely battle the Malay jihadis. Malaysia Baru Boleh!

A 42-MPs party that’s too scared to squawk

Better DAP hide behind the trees.

Below is a copypaste of advice sampling from well wishers that Kit Siang shared in his self-serving press statement (bold emphasis added):


 “By debating you he [Najib] would have most Malays behind him. […] There is also a potential of a racial debate.”

   “Maknanya Najib akan gunakan majlis debat dengan Kit Siang itu untuk membangkitkan sentimen perkauman habis-habisan.”

•   “He [Najib] could even turn it into chaos and you’ll blame yourself the rest of your life.”

•  “The debate may even be a fodder for the fermentation of racially divisive issues […] to rally the Malay votes to his advantage.”

   “YB Lim Kit Siang, there is no shame but instead honour in declining a debate challenge from a disgraced ex-premier when accepting such a challenge may bring more harm than good to our nation.”

   “Gullible Malaysians may be persuaded to believe him.”

•   “To all Malaysians, he is just a DEADMAN walking with nothing to lose but to stir up doubts and racial sentiments among the Malays.”


Kit Siang provided altogether ten illustrative arguments as to why he has been advised not to debate Najib. I’ve excerpted above seven fragments from the ten arguments quoted by Kit Siang.

The words underlined indicate Kit Siang’s preoccupation with race as well as obsession with the 75-percent Malay backing for Umno (“would have most Malays behind him”, “rally the Malay votes”, “stir up […] the Malays”).

DAP leading from behind

From the hints on Kit Siang’s train of thought, he is fearful of “chaos” and “harm” arising, konon, from a Najib vs Kit Siang debate (Malay vs Chinese proxy war game).

Again to quote his own words, Kit Siang wrote in his May 23 press statement, “In the past year, there had been a systematic and unconscionable attempt to intensify and escalate racial and religious polarisation in Malaysia”. Swell, blame your opponent.

“The most recent example is the statement by a Muslim NGO leader regarding Pos Malaysia issuing a stamp featuring St. George’s Church in Penang.” This is Kit Siang dog whistling; attempting to sic his rabid followers on Isma.

The reality is Kit Siang retracts his words; the reality is DAP retreats from issues time and again. In short, the DAP is quite quite useless to its Chinese voter base.

DAP and its leaders (sneaky bastards!) are truly chicken but they expect their foot soldiers to show courage. There are indeed Dapster suckers born every minute.


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  1. You should replace “Kit Siang” with yourself “Helen” in your post.

    The title should be rephrase as “Helen is terrified of Najib since she dare not write a single negative true piece of Najib”.

    You’re such a hypocrite Helen!

  2. More than 60 years of “brave” works by LKS goes into smoke with one act of cowardice.

    Shame on you Lim Kit Siang. History will remember you as “Ayam Lim”.

  3. Ha-ha Commander Thaya’s take on free speech and ISMA , conclusion – “I would argue that the problem is not the “hate speech” of people like the Isma president, but rather the toxic reasoning of his opponents, which is slowly diminishing the returns of May 9.”

    Apparatchiks no likey

  4. This statement sums it up – “To all Malaysians, he is just a DEADMAN walking with nothing to lose but to stir up doubts and racial sentiments among the Malays.”

    Najib have enough airtime with the current corruption case.

    And LKS should think before challenging.

    1. It’s fashionable to bash Najib, just like all the anti-Trump virtue signalers of the world who constantly express their sound and fury.

      TDS: Trump Derangement Syndrome

      Ditto those – esp. LKS – who get incessantly ants crawling in their pants over Najib.

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