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Why I believe DAP will side with Mahathir over Anwar

Thanks to DAP, Malaysia has now evolved into a two-party system.

The ruling party/coalition comprises:

  • one Malay party
  • one Chinese-dominated party
  • one multiracial party
  • one Islamic party

The opposition coalition comprises:

  • one Malay party
  • one Islamic party
  • two mosquito parties

The Sabah Sarawak parties will align with whichever coalition eventually wins GE15. We’ve already seen their modus operandi in GE14 when they deserted BN like rats leaving a sinking ship.

The latest political developments … I told you

I’ve been saying with admirable consistency – ever since the earliest days of this blog – that when Umno and PAS hook up (and my forecast has been perfectly accurate), it is Umno that would be moulded by PAS because the Islamist party is stronger morally and spiritually.

I’ve also saluted PAS many times for being upfront and adhering unwaveringly to their principles.

We’ve just been informed that the Umno and PAS cooperation will be based on the Medina Charter which is an Islamic treaty that spells out the roles of the Believers and the Unbelievers. This Islamic adherence shows PAS’s influence over Umno.

Now we’re being told further – see breaking news below – that Umno and PAS will contest an equal number of seats in GE15 with Umno ceding areas where it had traditionally stood. Between the two parties, we’re now looking at PAS unfolding as the alpha male.


Umno leaders have just denied the 50-50 seat split story by Malaysiakini below

I’m not really surprised but it feels surreal to see something I’ve always known – the inevitability of the logic of the situation – taking shape so concretely and ahead of schedule.

Regular and loyal readers of my blog should remember me mentioning many times before that PAS will makeover Umno to become more Islamic; new readers can check my archives for past articles to prove the truth of my prediction.

Nature of the DAP beast

What will DAP do now? They will act according to character, of course.

Below are some excerpts from S. THAYAPARAN, the Malaysiakini columnist, who wrote yesterday: 


— “non-Muslim colleagues [of PAS in Pakatan Rakyat] who did the work of advancing Islamism under the guise of Bangsa Malaysia”

— “we had Lim Kit Siang claim the DAP supported the ‘Islamization process’ if it was done through the constitution”

— “What Kit Siang describes as ‘Islamization’ is divorced from reality”

— “What they [DAP politicos] are doing is feeding into this narrative [of benevolent Islamization] because they think it is red meat to the base, and advances the propaganda that religion could be used as a means to nation building, if only it is used in the “correct’ way”

To sum up, Thayaparan is saying (1) the DAP Bangsa Malaysians have actually been advancing Islamism, (2) DAP is supporting Islamization but at the same time (3) bullshitting their voter base about what Harapan’s Islamization really truly entails, and (4) peddling PAS/PAN groupthink to non Muslims for reasons politically expedient to the DAP leadership.

DAP would deal with the devil for power … Oh, they already have

DAP’s newfound love for Islam

Yesterday I blogged a post titled ‘DAP’s support for full-blown Islamization’.

Needless to say, DAP are fork-tongued hypocrites and the sincerity of their embrace of Islam is suspect. Nonetheless these two-faced, feral, political animals are so power hungry and power crazy, they’d sell their grandmother (and yours too) as a means to achieve their greedy ends. In Malay, they have a saying for this — ‘matlamat halalkan cara’.

PAS and Umno combined are a formidable foe.

The die is cast. As PAS and Umno themselves have both publicly made known, for them any alliance with Anwar while DAP still remains in the picture is altogether out of the question.

This leaves DAP’s options very narrow: straight up either pick Mahathir or Anwar.

Game of Thrones and power of incumbency 

Status quo: Mahathir king emperor; Anwar pretender to the crown.

Between Mahathir and Anwar, the old fox is winning. Merely maintaining the status quo means DAP continues to sit in the Finance Ministry.

(Guan Eng is not sitting in the dock either — his bungalow corruption charges were withdrawn following the 2018 regime change.)

And as they’ve shown the world, not only are DAP the champions of 180-degree turns, they’re capable of back flips such as Kit Siang’s recent Orwellian pronouncement, “I have never said that Mahathir was corrupt”.

Way back in the jurassic period, DAP stridently accused Mahathir of destroying secularism through his ‘929’ and ‘617’ “Islamic state” declarations. Today the two camps are in agreement that Harapan’s GE14 manifesto is as good as toilet paper, including DAP’s rubbish claim to be secular.

So if DAP can turn around and tell you with a straight face that they’ve never ever once alleged Mahathir’s corruption, then they’re capable of doing anything.

Thus I haven’t the slightest hesitation regarding my suspicion of DAP’s willingness to stick with Mahathir while throwing Anwar under the bus. Yes, DAP is quite capable of this.


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3 thoughts on “Why I believe DAP will side with Mahathir over Anwar

  1. re: I’ve been saying with admirable consistency – ever since the earliest days of this blog – that when Umno and PAS hook up (and my forecast has been perfectly accurate), it is Umno that would be moulded by PAS because the Islamist party is stronger morally and spiritually.

    Congrats that your prediction came true.

    But have you done a simulation? To see if Umno + Pas is able to win parliament? Consider the simple assumptions below:

    1) PH secured 25% of Malay votes in GE14, 95% of Chinese votes and say 80% of Indian votes.
    2) Come GE15, assume the PH share of Malay votes drop to 20% (urban) and Umno + Pas secures 80% of Malay votes (sub-urban and rural).
    3) As Umno + Pas is becoming Malay/Islam centric, let us assume they won’t secure any Chinese and Indian votes.
    4) For Sabah/Sawarak parties, we assume they will contest as a 3rd block and will side with the winner of GE15.

    Question: By relying on 80% of Malay votes from sub-urban and rural constituencies only, can Umno + Pas win enough Parliament seats?

    BTW, if Umno + Pas really formalise their union, there will be some dissatisfied members from both parties that will leave due to unable to accept the union. Hence, the net addition in support is not as big as you may wish.

    1. There’s the new added factor of Undi-18 and automatically registered voters — the bulk of whom are Malay.

      I believe the young generation will go for oppo b’cos youth are rebellious.

      Also they’re dissatisfied. Harapan has not waived their PTPTN debt as promised and not provided entry level jobs either. Salaries have not gone up but cost of living has skyrocketed. Also for a generation raised on fast food, they’re now slapped with soda tax.

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