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Saint Hannah stones the BN sex sinners

UPDATE: This discussion is continued in ‘Bandingan Kristian-M’sian First dan Cina Indonesia.

DAP politician Hannah Yeoh is someone who, by her own admission, “follows the Bible very strictly”.

‘Hannah’ btw is a name of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is “God has favoured me”.

As the Pakatan multitude well knows, she constantly tweets (7,700 messages so far) and composes little homilies and inspirational sermons for her flock — the 40,000 Twitter followers.

And mind you, she’s not merely a new media evangelist through her extensive social networking but preaches ‘professionally’ in church too. As does her “very supportive and secure husband”.

She is proud of the fact that “representing a different breed of [young] politicians”, she has “no scandalous past” unlike her older, tainted political opponents.

And Hannah does indeed have very strong words to say about them — the YouTube below is her speech at the recent DAP national confab.

0:51: “Politicians who value families, marriages, their spouse, will legislate with that in mind and govern like a caring government. We must never be like politicians from BN. Some of them, you know, have belittled the institution of marriage and even caused public humility [sic] to their spouse because of adultery.”

One of my regular readers appears to have a reasonable-sounding theory as to the DAP’s non-objection to hudud.

What ‘salhas’ says about hudud-like punishment for adultery being recorded in the bible is correct, and as Hannah has said many times herself, she follows the holy book very strictly. Hence her confident tongue-lashing of the Barisan adulterers.

The comment is screenshot below.

This religious orthodoxy of Hannah Yeoh is of interest to pundits trying to figure out the demography backing the rise of the opposition.

For example, a commentator calling him/herself ‘kingkong‘ – who claims to be from Hannah’s secondary school Sek. Men. Subang Jaya – remarked in my blog a few days ago: “I will vote her again because she understand us, the young voters from Subang Jaya.”

One of the most ardent DAP supporters is Thomas Lee Seng Hock who uses the same, strongly Christian language as Hannah.

In his article that appeared both in Sin Chew and Lim Kit Siang’s blog, Thomas Lee said, “The ground zero perception of them [“Chua Soi Lek and company”] is generally negative”.

He contrasted their dismal standing in the morality stakes with,

“a taxonomic group of very educated, progressive, professional and youthful politicians in the DAP, led by the relatively young but veteran political maverick Lim Guan Eng. The highly intellectual and articulate young elected representatives of the DAP are making waves in Parliament and at the various state assemblies, as well as in the public arena, where the battle for the hearts and minds of the people is taking place.”

“The DAP can boast of an army of very bright, well-educated, well-trained, and morally upright young politicians to spearhead the thrust for the transformation of the nation into a new and better Malaysia. Among the young leaders are the likes of Teresa Kok, Chow Koon Yeow [sic], Anthony Loke, Fong Po Kuan, Lim Lip Eng, Teo Nie Ching, Tony Pua, Jenice Lee, Gobind Singh, Boo Cheng Hua [sic], Hannah Yeoh, Violent Yong, Liew Chin Tong, Jeff Ooi, Thomas Su, and many more.”

— ‘An impossible dream for the MCA?‘, Sin Chew (2 March 2011)

Rev. Thomas Lee

Wow! Such superlative praise coming from Reverend Lee for the “very educated”, “highly intellectual”, “very bright” and “morally upright” DAP leaders, and such contempt for their rivals – the MCA old guard – who necessarily come across in the lopsided comparison as “immoral” or “morally not upright”.

Thomas Lee, as a matter of interest, has been an “evangelical bible teacher and preacher for the last 40 years”. Biodata and article ‘A clarion call to the Christians in Malaysia: Racism on the rise in the international publication Christian News Today.

What we can make of this trend is that DAP’s Christian right is on the uptick and between them and PAS’s robed and turbaned moral police, Malaysian quarries will have to go on double shift to increase production. Lots of stones need to be rolled out for Pakatan’s twin Torquemadas to cast at the BN sinners.

Hannah Yeoh – had in her snide against BN adulterers at the recent DAP national convention – deliberately closed one eye to any possibility of the same lapses occurring in the top echelons of the Pakatan leadership. Or unless she believes them all to be saints like her good self or like Anugerah Tuhan.

If not, then it seems that in addition to their Taliban-esque bent, the PAS-DAP morality squads are wearing blinkers as well — that is, a strong inability to see their own side as being capable of sin.

The BN, needless to say, are not held by opposition critics to be the types who “live for God” or who endeavour “to serve the Lord”.

What Hannah’s highly intellectual Tweeters talk about:


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30 thoughts on “Saint Hannah stones the BN sex sinners

  1. Nampak mcm bangga gila sebab dia kahwin dgn seorang Indian. Orang lain pun ramai jugak kahwin campur tapi they don’t really keep boosting the same how 1 Malaysia they are. It’s like a big joke. Kalau dalam kalangan orang Melayu Islam ni, she’s acting like an ustazah la. Well, good for her. Tapi, kalau Ustazah, for sure aurat semua tutup mengikut ajaran Islam. I thought kalau in Kristian, they will be like a nun? Sorry if I’m wrong.

    CSL happened to be found out about his sex scandal. At least, he admit it like a gentlemen (well, maybe). And our society quite easy to forgive. Even dalam Islam pun ada taubat nasuha. Compared to certain people sampai mati2 tak mengaku, berpuluh2 kali tangguh perbicaraan, get speacial treatment to change judges, tak berani angkat sumpah laknat, etc. etc. etc. But, whatever. I’m nobody to judge. But to lable someone as sinners. who are you/them to judge? Just because you serve the lord or nampak alim, it’s not a ticket for us to simply give punishment or mengutuk/menghina.

    1. Hah Darlyn, kan kau tau kau ni nobody to judge…. hakim mahkamah besar pun dah bebaskan someone tu, siapa kau nak ckp lagi kan Darlyn? Nak tanya satu lagi la Darlyn…….. toksah ckp pasai agama ler…… ckp setakat u jawab yg ni jer… kau ni sokong ke klu pemimpin negara kau tu terang2 buat maksiat pas tu siap mengaku buat maksiat?

      Hah, ambik tuh……

      1. Hi Jonathan. Sejujurnya saya tidak dapat patuh kepada pemimpin yg telah melakukan maksiat sehingga melibatkan orang yg dipimpin. Tetapi kalau dia mengaku dan menyesal di atas perbuatannya, saya akan memaafkan dia. Sebab pemimpin pun manusia. Walau bagaimanapun, saya hanya terima sebagai orang biasa dan bukan sebagai pemimpin semula. Untuk menerima dia sebagai pemimpin kembali, mungkin memerlukan undi majoriti la sebab orang lain mungkin berbeza pendapat dengan saya.Kalau majoriti setuju, siapa saya untuk menghukum?

        Hanya nak ingatkan you Jonathan, semua orang buat dosa, atau mungkin ada buat maksiat. Tetapi melabel seseorang orang yg berdosa secara berterusan adalah salah sekiranya orang itu telah menyesal dan memohon ampun kepada tuhan. Kan Jonathan? tapi saya tak tahu la kalau Jonathan panas telinga sebab saya cakap macm tu. Sebab saya tahu orang yg telah dibebaskan itu telah dibebaskan sebab tak cukup bukti dan bukan sebab dia tidak bersalah. Itu hakim yg ckp bukan saya cakap. Dia menangguh2kan perbicaraan, menghina dan mencaci orang lain,dan tidak buat sumpah laknat. Bukan saya, dia yang buat semua itu. Saya hanya menyatakan sahaja.

        If it is not too late, Gong Xi Fa Chai Helen. =)

        15 days until Chap Goh Meh. — Helen

    2. Mengapakah kamu semua tukang-tukang komen dan tukang caci…., bedul dan banggang sangat?
      Semua polemik dan caci mencaci ini semua adalah sandiwara dan lakunan untuk memancing undi dari penggundi yang berdaftar…..
      Apa yang saya, awak dan dia rasa, fikir atau berpendapat tidak berguna….yang paling penting ialah bagaimana majoriti penggundi akan menggundi pada pilihan raya kelak….
      Janganlah buang masa mendebat tentang masalah siapa yang lebih hebat atau lebih suci.
      Lakukanlah sesuatu untuk menggubah masa depan kewangan anda. Jika kamu miskin, siapa yang boleh bantu anda?
      Apa yang kamu usahakankan sekarang akan membentuk masa depan anda…..

  2. Helen,

    If Hannah really believes she’s a god fearing, bible following pious Christian maybe she should start following what the bible says;

    1 Timothy 2:11-12

    “A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent.”

    Looks like Hannah is just another hypocrite.

    1. Adam, what a typical bulb you are (without any disrespect for the mamaks as a figure of a cultured slangs,ask a mamak what it means). In life if one needs to be sarcistic to undermine so be it, but don’t underestimate the commentors or the readers here. It takes more than a verse and your insinuation to deride the message unless of course you are a total fool which of course is a possibility.

      1. Then please enlighten me, for a Christian what does it take to deride the message?

        Are you saying, that verse is wrong and as a Christian she shouldn’t follow it?

        It’s very simple when you think of it actually. It’s either you believe in it or you don’t. If you believe in it, you follow it and if you don’t then don’t follow it. Saying you believe in it but not following it sounds like hypocrisy to me.

    2. Adam, “Judge for yourselves: Is it proper for a woman to pray to God with her head uncovered? Does not even nature itself teach you that if a man has long hair it is a disgrace to him, but that if a woman has long hair, it is her glory? For her hair is given to her as a covering.” (1 Corinthians 11:13-15) . So how Adam, islam says so, so can we go on a crusade for all anglicized Christians Chinese in Malaysia to wear dakwah.

      “Slaves, submit yourselves to your masters with all respect, not only to the good and gentle but also to the cruel. ” (1 Peter 2:18) So how let all anglicized Malaysian Chinese Christians to be slaves for the Malays. Pleaselah friend, if you believe means that you accept it as truth, judge or look upon it yet would not practice it, but if you belief it is in a cognitive sense.

      As for as your response in this comment, let’s be very clear on the position of helen’s blog ( if i may), it is not about religion,race or color but exposing the true nature of various elements that is protruded beyond the actual or the truth to the matter beyond society’s will in the name of religion that we are used to with the ruling goverment and beginning to get used to with the opposition as well. It is good to have a check and balance without blind faith.

      Adam, we can go arguing on religion until the cows comes how, but intentions are pretty explicit when one comments either with malice or not for most of us these days. Give us that much of a credit as the new wave of Malaysians emerges beyond pseudo religion agenda.

      1. malaysianinNewYork, why la you posting irrelevant verses and all. Your whole argument is invalid and you know it.

        If Hannah is trying to portray herself as a morally upright person. She shouldn’t use the bible or the Christian religion to get her message across.

        Using the Bible as a moral compass to me is just a bad idea.

        Try looking up Exodus 21:1-11, Judges 11:29-40, Hosea 13:16, Leviticus 20:13 NAB, Leviticus 20:10 NLT, Numbers 31:1-54, Deuteronomy 22:13-30.These are a few that I can think off right now.

        She fancies herself as a good Christian and all. So did Hitler. Cognitive belief is bullshit. That’s selective biasness if you ask me.

  3. “have belittled the institution of marriage”…

    Sapa la MP mana la yg kantoi gambar kuar kat internet sebab pakwe dier ambil masa dia tido?

    1. Saya rasa apa yang cuba diketengahkan oleh saudara adam itu ada betulnya. Jika Hannah benar-benar jujur dalam memperjuangkan semangat evangelist nya, dia perlu melihat kepada keberkesanan medium yang digunakan. Jika tidak bak kata orang, kokok berderai-derai tetapi ekor penuh tahi.

      Bukan setakat medium yang digunakan salah malah isu yang cuba dibawakan memakan diri dan DAP. Hannah cuba memarakkan isu moral dikalangan ahli-ahli BN tetapi dia lupa yang PR dipenuhi dengan skandal tidak bermoral bermula dari Anwar Ibrahim sehinggalah ke Elizabeth Wong.

  4. Just to say KONG SEE FATT CHOY., to Helen, Hua yong and to all who celerbrate the Chinese new year…..:) :0:)

    TQ. — Helen

  5. Helen,

    Help me out here,for I am confused. Pray enlighten me on how Hannah reconciles her Christian fundamentalist / right wing views with her Malaysian First / Bangsa Malaysia belief ? Isn’t being Malaysian First / Bangsa Malaysia means discarding of racial and religious identification in favour of an universal, Malaysian identity ?

    I think you are absolutely right in pointing out the Rise of the Christian Right within DAP with the likes of Hannah, Tony, Teresa and the rest. I have noted that this is no accident but a deliberate strategy.In Penang and in Klang Valley, the churches are being used to propagate DAP’s agenda. Many DAP leaders speak in churches and there are a group of Christian leaders who are rabidly pro-DAP and never fail to influence their flocks to vote for the “Christian heroes” .If you recall, the tactics was used during the Sarawak State elections.

    While it is understandable that Sister Hannah looks down on such sinners as CSL, the thing that puzzles me to no end is how this DAP’s Christian Right able to reconcile their moral superiority with their less morally upright partners in Pakatan. For example, I would love to hear what Sista Hannah got to say about the party-loving, sexually liberated Selangor state exco members like Eli Wong. And what about TBH, who actually had a child out of wedlock? I would love to hear is she approves Anwar as the PM if ever Pakatan wins the election.

    Lastly, I would strongly urge Hannah to talk to Hasan Ali, the expelled PAS leader to entice him into DAP. This would serve two purposes. One, he would fit the current DAP’s template of recruiting Ali Babas, ie, “respected Malay leaders”. Secondly, Hasan’s moral principles would fit the DAP’s Christian Right’s righteous worldview.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai to all !

  6. It is so fashion now to use religion mantra and family puppetry for political expediency (brainwash and fish for support).

    Macam macam gimmick to get to the top…..

  7. Hannah should preach the newly acquired sakmongkol as he is an adulterer and failed as a husband and a father just check out his ex wife blog.

  8. What a shame to put this religion name as a mean to exploit for their political greed
    DAP use the chinese chauvinist / christian angle, Umno the Malay chauvnist /bumiputra angle. Pas the islamicvia hudu to wealfare state, MCA angle is the Benovelent Big brother/ Sifu , PKR Angle is, we can promise everthing under the sun as long as itus get to putra jaya

    I said it once i’ll say again ALL political partied are exploiter and Lairs ( How much can they sue for such statement Ha??)

    Waka waka wakakaka , go ahead Make my day.

    Like everonye knows All politicians exploite YOU
    Vote for non of the above, all exploite our goodwill and hopes

    NOTA movement ,( non of the above movement.) coming soon ,Remember you first heard of this from Helen Ang website.

    (NON OF THE ABOVE), one of THREE voting choice when voting in PRU 13.
    Coming soon in any voting station near you.

  9. High time DAP and PAS merge as a properly registered political party. As it is, you can’t tell one from the other. They shoud have a proper nuptial and stop pretending they’ve not cohabitated. The imam Mahdick can be the jurunikah.

  10. politicians depend on idealistic people to survive while they are the most cynical and corrupted among men…

    1. When talking about politics and politicians, I often like to quote Jonathan Swift who said,” Politics, as the word is commonly understood, are nothing but corruptions.”

  11. Is it wrong for Hannah Yeoh to be a Christian ? Why dont you also condemn or make snide remarks against najib and his merry men who also ”speak” Islam. I see no wrong for Hannah to have religion as her moral compass. Just how has she failed as a politician ? She is honest, upright and hardworking and a politician guided by her Christian have a problem ?

    See my next posting: Bandingan Kristian-M’sian First dan Cina Indonesia — Helen

  12. Many I talk to – friends and strangers – who are Malays (obviously Muslims), Chinese who are Buddhists, Indians who are Hindus and some without any religion who ‘stone’ Soi Lek.

    Oh why, Soi Lek even has his own haters club in MCA.

    Soi Lek was caught with his pants down and even admitted to his crime yet he was not charged by the Attorney General.

    So, yes. The ‘higher ups’ in BN are untouchable. They are riding their moral high horse and can do no wrong!

    Anwar in his recent BBC interview said “archaic laws” governing private sex acts should be reviewed/repealed. Karpal has said prostitution is not an offence. Do you really want CSL to be charged by the AG? For what purpose? Political persecution? — Helen

      1. Still, kalau tiada saman atau laporan daripada orang lain, tak boleh buat prosecution.Bakan sebab BN is untouchable.

  13. Reply to Norman Fernandez:

    Yes, of course it is ‘wrong’ for Hannah to be Christian. It isn’t just ‘wrong’, it is a curse on Malaysia.

    There are hundreds of things wrong with (a) Christianity, (b) Hannah being Christian, and (c) Hannah using Christianity.

    Following are the answers: (1) Christianity is undemocratic and a tyranny – there is only one Jehovah god, says the bible; you shall pray to no other. (2) Christianity tolerates no freedom of choice; it’s blackmail, accept its terms, accept Jesus or go to hell. (3) Christian tyranny is an alien force against Malaysian native cultures and way of life, anti-Malay, anti-Indian, anti-Chinese. (4) Christianity is a sham orang putih morality, contradictory, hypocritical, and a lie. (5) Hannah as Christian is all of points 1-to-4 and worse. She says she ‘serves’ god, therefore the tyranny, blackmail, alien force, and then calls all that service ‘righteousness’. (6) Hannah is either a lie or equal to Jesus. Jesus says don’t throw stones unless you have no sin, she throw stones. (7) Hannah was being Christian when she lied to say Shay Adora is neither Chinese nor Indian. (8) Hannah was being Christian when she lied to say Shay Adora is ‘keturunan’ Anak Malaysia. (9) Hannah was being Christian, DAP and hypocritical to suggests adultery is sin morality, which is morality by orang putih standards, not native Asia. (10) Hannah slanders CSL but hides the slander. She was acting orang putih to invoke orang putih standards. She failed the Malaysian test.

    Shall we go on Norman Fernandez….?

    Where then and what then is so ‘honest, upright, and hardworking’ about Hannah that you, Norman Fernandez, gloats about?

    1. I see no relevance on your posting unless everything is politics as usual or you are intending to indicate to Helen that he had passed away. Giving you the benefit of doubt. I hope his soul rest in peace.

      May Thomas Rest in Peace and condolences to his family. — Helen

  14. The epitome of purity, untouched by iniquities or mortal corruption, Hannah Yeoh casts the first stone of condemnation at the adulterer as Jesus instructed.

    Then again, she seems to think she’s all that & more lah. No telling if the biggie up above, no not in Komtar but way higher up, in the clouds in fact, share the same view.

    Romans 12: 19 “Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.”

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