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“Tindakan Umno seratus peratus rasis” kata Guan Eng

Video di bawah dimuat turun oleh Buletin Mutiara (media rasmi negeri Pulau Pinang) semalam.


Minit 4:05, Guan Eng berkata: “Dan saya memang pakar tentang Akta Hasutan kerana saya pernah menjadi mangsa Akta Hasutan”.

Boleh rujuk butir-butir latar:

[Hannah Yeoh nampak mengikut jejak langkah Guan Eng, yakni dituduh memfitnah]

Minit 5:48, Guan Eng berkata, “Ini betul-betul tak ada standard lah kerana pengerusi PBSB adalah dari Umno”.

Hannah Yeoh berkecenderongan untuk mencerca lawan sebagai “low class” (screenshot tweet) mengikut gaya Guan Eng yang mengata orang lain “tak ada standard”.

Minit 9:23, Guan Eng berkata, “Apa ini? Ini tak ada standard kah? Sungguhpun saya tahu ketua pembangkang nak bersara, tetapi bersara secara bermaruah lah. Bukan macam ini. Ini bersara tak bermaruah.

Macam isterinya, suami Hannah Yeoh pun menggambarkan perkara yang tidak disukainya sebagai “low class” (screenshot tweet).

Pasangan ini terikut-ikut gelagat Guan Eng menggelar lawannya “tak ada standard” dan juga “tak bermaruah”. (Hanya politikus dan penyokong DAP yang tinggi maruah kot).

Minit 11:08, Guan Eng berkata, “Saya rasa ini menunjukkan bahawa memang Umno, dia cakap dia tak rasis, tapi yang tindakannya memang seratus peratus rasis.”

Guan Eng dan Hannah Yeoh ibarat kembar seiras yang perangai dan cara percakapan mereka serupa. (Bawah) Screenshot tweet Hannah di mana dia pun menggelar parti lawan “rasis”.

Bersambung: Isu “kuil Hindu terancam” dan pakar ilmu menghasut


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23 thoughts on ““Tindakan Umno seratus peratus rasis” kata Guan Eng

  1. ha ha ha
    Minit 4:05, Guan Eng berkata: “Dan saya memang pakar tentang Akta Hasutan kerana saya pernah menjadi mangsa Akta Hasutan”.

    seorang yg pakar bukan kerana jadi mangsa. seorang yg pakar kerana dia mempelajari dan menghalusi sesuatu ilmu.

    1. that’s the funny part. How can you be a Pakar when you become the victim ? If you are pakar, you will not be the victim.

      contoh: Seorang pakar berlian tidak akan menjadi mangsa (penipuan) berlian.

  2. if rasis DAP is not rasist why only fight for chinese school? why not SEKOLAH AGAMA RAKYAT or SEKOLAH PONDOK?

    if you are not rasist kenapa tak bertutur dalam bahasa malaysia.. malaysia for malaysian so you all must speak in bahasa malaysia aka bahasa melayu…

  3. Rasisnya Umno bila orang-orang kaya dan hidup mewah menjerit-jerit mengatakan mereka ditindas oleh pemerintahan yang zalim, tapi masih hidup bebas dan aman. Adilnya KGE sampai media yang kutuk dia disepak ke tepi, tanah mesjid digadai,

  4. M Ramachandran, what a laugh. Your child is Anak Malaysia ? Now, now Rama, I want to ask you a question. Its about your racial heritage. Are you Indian, Malaysian, or Anglo-Saxon ? Now, now Rama, be honest with us and yourself, before you answer my question, better for you to find a mirror, look into the mirror, and think carefully, before answering my question.

    But Rama, if you can’t answer my question, fine. Better yet, if you think it is embarrassing for you to personally answer my question, fear not ! woohoo ! You can always send your cybertroopers to this blog to answer my question.

    Tak ada standard ? Tak ada maruah ? siapa yang tak ada standard ? siapa yang tak ada maruah ?

    Yang tuduh orang lain rasis tanpa bukti yang kukuh atau mereka yang menolak budaya diri sendiri sehinggakan apabila berada di khalayak ramai, tidak pernah “acknowledge” bahawa diri sendiri adalah rakyat Malaysia yang berketurunan Cina, India ?

    Sound familiar Hannah ? Ramachandran ?

    Shay Adora Ram is too young to answer that, but no hurry, in time, people will ask her the same question. Want me to repeat the question ? What is your cultural heritage ? Malay ? Chinese ? Indian ? Anglo-Saxon ?

  5. I guess Ramachandran must obey his political wife Hannay Yeoh otherwise, she will revoked his councillor status from MPSJ. I pity him being a husband who has to kowtow his wife at all times. Low class, takde standard and definitely tak bermaruah.

    The councillor is her “special assistant” Rajiv Rishyakaran. — Helen

  6. KUALA LUMPUR: A DAP state assemblyman has written a stinging letter to his party leaders to describe the four years of Pakatan Rakyat rule in Selangor as a comedy of errors.

    Damansara Utama assemblyman Dr Cheah Wing Yin said party-appointed local councillors could not take their oath of office because they could not read or speak Bahasa Malay-sia.

    “Party whips even called for a walkout to boycott council meetings when they are in the ruling coalition.

    “Also, a 23-year-old fresh graduate has been appointed a councillor,” Dr Cheah said in his 12-page letter addressed to DAP advisers Dr Chen Man Hin and Lim Kit Siang, national chairman Karpal Singh and secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.

    The letter, made available to The Star, said a party that preached competency, accountability and transparency should not merely use it as an election slogan to fish for votes but should put it in practice all the time.

    Dr Cheah also had a string of complaints against the Petaling Jaya City Council and a certain “powerful MP” who apparently had “the final say”.

    He claimed that city councillors from the DAP had failed to respond to complaints and had also not attended council meetings to address problems of his or her constituents.

    He also cited incidents of favouritism, such as in the allocation of Chinese New Year hawker stalls and the handling of the city council’s debt collection.

    Dr Cheah alleged that the city council had approved the debt collection to a legal firm recommended by a PKR representative for a RM15,000 fee but a DAP councillor diverted it to her associate’s firm for RM55,000.

    He said there was a need to stay united but warned that there was no place for “little warlords” who could subvert and undermine the DAP’s ideals.

    Selangor DAP chairman Teresa Kok, contacted by SMS, declined to comment.

    The Star, 9/5/12

    Postscript: Heard that Dr Cheah Wing Yin may not be re-contesting his seat. — Helen

    1. Thanks. I also hope there is investigation into the CRONYISM inherent in the appointment Subang Jaya municipal councillors.

      If in PJ, DAP’s “powerful MP” apparently had “the final say” (according to Star report), then in SJ there are powerful demi-warlordesses too.

      What Bersih?!! Tarak the election process even in their own backyard.

    2. This is exactly the double standard game they are playing.

      They probably chant the “corruption” mantra during any available free time to raise their imaginary pedestal (and to capture any idealistic potential voter’s heart) but see what is happening?

      Also please lookup tailorgate, sandgate, landgate, solargate, among others

      Remember how the woman in the Bersih 3.0 viral video was screaming “You’re corrupted, corrupted” at the stunned foreign journalist? ‘Corruption’ is just a convenient catchword for them. — Helen

      1. Reminds me of the type of people who likes openly call others stupid(whether directly in the face or behind) with pride.

        This “catchword”, using your apt term, seems to function more of to raise their ego than anything else..

        Probably this the opposition genre(or potential)

  7. DAP is the first and the only racist party in Malaysia. LGE proved that when he wanted his debate with CSL be held in Mandarin, sidelining the official language Bahasa Malaysia.

  8. It seems that the colour of our next Parliament will see banana skin colour on one side, and the chocolate colour on the other side. Any suggestion for a middle path? Yes, there’s one, I think. Anak Bangsa Malaysia, hee hee.

  9. Tunku Abdul Aziz’s senatorship not renewed. Well, what more can you say of Communist-style DAP zealotry. Like I said before, you go one inch against them, they’ll bring you before the Inquisition, and before you can say a word, they let go the guillotine on your head.Then they blame all these on BN, UMNOputra, MCA chicken lah, for making this happen. They have to act bcoz of BN, if not for BN, Tunku Abdul Aziz won’t make the statement. But he was instigated by BN and made the statement, and we have to chop him off, bcoz he will breed BN’s species.

  10. A while ago, on TV3, Tunku Abdul Aziz said that two months ago, DAP told him his senatorship will be renewed, but bcoz of his statement on Bersih 3, they told him that he was an embarassment to the party and it would be difficult to renew his senatorship. Communists and Zealots. This is DAP.

  11. glen lee,

    DAP loves to think that Guan Eng is the saviour( or messiah) to chinese community.And DAP style is creating imaginary enemy , and no think for guessing it right, UMNO.

    The truth is that DAP is the real enemy of the Chinese. DAP simply refuse to accept reality that Malaysia is not China.

    Anyone who dares to question DAP will be termed as being paid by UMNO or cybertrooper this and that.

    Why on earth Chinese community tolerates this racist party that eventually will bring them to collision course with Malays is beyond my comprehension. Maybe they forgot it is DAP that started May 13

    1. Guess they are employing a simple but old proven strategy.

      Uniting and strengthening themselves by directing their attention/blaming on outside enemies. All shortfalls within will be forgotten and overlooked when they do this.

      This is why sikit sikit BN/UMNO.
      Stapler hilang also must be BN/UMNO’s fault


  12. Turns out the person who tore down the hindu temple is a General Manager in charge of operation, who happens to be a Pas member. This was revealed in the state assembly. If the Speaker had found that those BN Aduns were lying, he would have referred them to rights committee, but he didn’t. Why? Because indeed that guy is a Pas member. Guan Eng was taken aback by this. As usual, their side of the media will not highlight this.

    In fact, the whole so-called UMNO was really a non-issue. Because the port had reached an agreement with the temple committee to relocate the already aging hindu temple to a better place. To be honest, this is a last minute attempt by DAP to capture back seriously declining Indian support towards them.

  13. What else these so called CM LGE good at? lying…spinning…accuse..just like what the malay proverb says. ‘lempar batu sembunyi tangan’…he always thinks he’s the best, cleanest, smartest..etc..etc.. this kind of leader does not fit to lead a state what else a country!

    Four years running the state,nothing to shout about except creating more fractions among the people!


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