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The secret thoughts of Our Beloved Chief Minister (2)

Am updating with reader critical input. Two heads are better than one.

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Goody. Chan Lilian yesterday uploaded the latest issue of Buletin Mutiara so we have new pictures to play with. However this month’s edition is only 16 pages compared to last month’s 28, hence there are fewer photos to pick from.

Can you believe that the front page has the cheek to carry a banner headline chirping ‘The hills are alive!’ … after Penang’s hills have been raped by developers to build condos? See here.

I’ve completed the hanging sentence by adding alive ‘with the sound of music’.

And more lyrics from the classic Julie Andrews musical: “So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen” … goodbye. “Adieu, adieu to you and you and you”. Bye-bye Penang hills and my green, green grass of home.

Before we go into the June copy of Buletin Mutiara, I found in May’s pictures of some people you know by name.

Ong Kian Ming
This guy is the Malaysiakini Citizen Journalist trainer. He must have taught Chan Lilian.
Chan Lilian’s column on page 16 titled ‘Of Cyberwar and Psywar’. She sees herself as an “INTELLECTUAL” who’s not easily confused by the half-truths and lies spread by BN.

What’s in the speech bubble?

So, okay. Like Part One on ‘The secret thoughts of Our Beloved Chief Minister‘, I’ve pasted speech and thought bubbles.

(1) Golly! The Dear Leader’s political-secretary looks like a cat who’s just finished a full bowl of cream and licking his whiskers. And Our Beloved Kim is wearing such a bug-eyed expression. Wonder what he’s saying to the guy in blue …

The photos are numbered for your identification if you have any ideas to contribute in the captioning. Below: (2) and (8)  from the May issue while the rest are June’s.


Sharp thinking by reader Rahmat Daud who has a valid point. Why does the label say ‘Made in Penang’? See picture (4) below.

Normally labels state the country name: ‘Made in Japan’, ‘Made in Korea’, ‘Made in China’, ‘Made in Indonesia’.

We don’t see labels like ‘Made in Shikoku” or ‘Made in Gangwon’, ‘Made in Liaoning’ or ‘Made in Acheh’.

Why is Kim pointing to ‘Made in Penang’? It should be ‘Made in Malaysia’!

Is Penang a country?

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14 thoughts on “The secret thoughts of Our Beloved Chief Minister (2)

  1. Made in Penang ? Is he trying to tell us that come GE13, after his party failed in taking over the Federal Government with their partners but having retained Penang, that he intends to declare independence for his Hermit Kingdom ?

  2. Helen, allow me to take a crack, some other pix I am not sure what’s happening:

    Must tell your husbands to quit smoking ah! And throw away all the ashtrays…
    You sure or not this one approved by previous government -ah? Do something, we need to take credit mah.
    Can someone put Under DAP Government Not The Previous Corrupt BeeEn Government under that sign?
    Ngan Yin, please move to Penang
    Blah, blah, blah
    LGE: I don’t care what the f*** that is mah, if its good ah then you credit the current DAP government. If it’s awful, debit BN government.
    The rest: Wah, a true accountant, all hail Dear leader.
    “Can still see the scar-a? I saw a new ashtray lying around at home…bigger”.
    Get plastic surgerylah, you kan kaya.

    Hahaha. — Helen

  3. HELEN,

    I beg to differ. are you saying that Guan Eng can think, if he thinks at all.

    What I see is a politician who believes he is the centre of universe. To him, the world revolves around him.


    Interesting theory Shamshul. Too busy having his photos taken to stop, sit down and ‘think’. Hmm, so that’s why busy politicians (yang dok gila publisiti, hok selalu kejar populariti tu) aren’t too intelligent. — Helen

    1. maybe she too got hit in the head by ashtray — the DAPsters’ shortcut to jadi “intellectual”!

  4. Picture No 8

    Lim Guan Eng : Wah.. manyak syiok oo lu punya senyum. Ini malam boleh ka? Tarak boleh maa? Apa sat?

    The red lady : (thinking) My God, his sexual libido is one hellova speed!

    1. macam mana you tau dia punya sexual libido is one hellova speed ? you ada snoop squad ke ?

  5. Picture No 3.

    LGE : Ini gambat apa aar? Ini Jelutung punya nasik kandar mana itu tempat meh? Aiyaa.. kasik loboh laaa…

  6. Pic.1: By the position of the microphones, everyone ought to know that we are talking cock.

  7. Ha….. DAP, Lim Guan Eng, they are good in covering up everything under the sun.

    LGE also chose people who are well trained to cover up issues pertaining to his administration weaknesses! But, it seems these same people are not good in covering up their own body and show off the meat online.

    Does anybody know about this, Lim Guan Eng’s staff who posed half naked (or naked in a sense) to an online portal? Helen, you have any info on that? It is understood that, there was a Police Report on the matter and the Chief Minister wants to play it down as how he downplayed the Rainbow issue!

    Apparently, LGE also enjoyed the sight of his staff being half naked online, and “keep” her in the office, for future “usage”. Does this DAP goons even know how to spell the word “morality”?

    Helen Ang, waiting for you to expose the particular Sex, Power & Fame story too!

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