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Minority Christians in other countries

‘Charlie Hebdo protesters in Pakistan storm Christian school’ (Straits Times, 27 Jan 2015)


Updated: 28 Jan 2015


‘Pakistan church bomb: Christians mourn 85 killed in Peshawar suicide attack’ (The Guardian, 24 Sept 2013)

Witness: Kenya mall attackers target non-Muslims‘ (AP-Yahoo! News, 21 Sept 2013) — What the militants did to the hostages: “They removed (testicles), eyes, ears, nose. They get your hand and sharpen it like a pencil then they tell you to write your name with the blood.” (, 27 Sept 2013)

Decade of Violence Threatens to Uproot Iraq’s Christians‘ (Al-Monitor, 21 Aug 2013)

Egypt gunmen open fire on Coptic Christian wedding in Cairo‘ (BBC, 21 Oct 2013)

Horrible’: Christian churches across Egypt stormed, torched‘ (CNN, 16 Aug 2013) — “52 churches were attacked in a 24-hour span”

“For weeks, everyone could see these attacks coming … and Christians throughout the country [Egypt] are hiding in their homes, afraid for their very lives.” — Human Rights Watch (22 Aug 2013)

There is an intriguingly titled article ‘Will the Arab world become “a Christian-free Zone”?’ in the website. This domain is however blocked (banned) in Malaysia.

Reported Beheading of Syrian Priest Boosts Fear for Christians’ Safety‘ (CNS News, 1 July 2013). The identity of the decapitated priest seen below is unable to be ascertained. The Vatican has nonetheless confirmed the deaths of its priests in Syria. - -GRAPHIC- Two Christians, One a Priest, Beheaded

The man kneeling with his hand tied behind his back is wearing priest robes. He was beheaded by the Syrian jihadist group Jabhat al-Nusra. Another man beheaded with him is also described in news reports as a Christian.

Footage of the beheadings was posted by the Catholic Online via popular webhost Live Leak. The viral video clip has been viewed more than one million times. You can watch the video HERE.

Some disturbing stills captured from the live footage can be viewed here, here, here, here, here, here.


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27 thoughts on “Minority Christians in other countries

  1. So what’s the context and point you want to make?

    As a muslim such news only makes me sad and shameful, even if Malaysia Muslims as a whole don’t act like that.

    Though being humans any side can be capable of atrocities. Malays or muslims being majority doesn’t mean we would be safe or have the upper hand if anything horrible like coups or civil wars happen.

    Even now malays are divided.

    1. Do you think a civil war will happen?

      Malaysia has not had military coups before (Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines on the other hand have had).

      We have enjoyed relative peace and stability even though some people make light of this peace and stability.

      1. Do you think that all the conflicts and crisis just happen overnight, such as the Muslims in those country just woke up one morning and decide to attack the Christians?

          1. First thing first, it many conflicts in various countries throughout recent history was backed up by the US and her proxies e.g. The War in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, etc. Many of the race and religious conflicts that ensued after were instigated by the group that the west has labelled as terrorist. For instant. the Syrian jihadist group Jabhat al-Nusra is a branch of Taliban.

            Most of the news that you quoted are biased towards the western views that favor the Christian over the Muslims as they have always been been. This however, does not mean to justify that the Muslims are not equally at fault. Day in day out, people across the world have been inundated with the western press version of the story.

            Just traced back of all the biggest tragedy in History, who is the biggest aggressor? The Muslim or the Christian? Look at the list:

            1. The Spanish Inquisition
            2.The Holocaust
            3. Hiroshima
            4. 9-11 (please watched the conspiracy theory and there are many of them produced by the American themselves)
            5. The War in Iraq on the pre-text of Weapon of Mass destruction that was never to be found
            6. All the conflicts in the Middle east were all backed and funded by the US. If you think that this claim is absurd, please retrace all the news of how it started; most of them started with student movement or revolt against the government of the day. A note to point, Indonesian riots started the same way too.

            In Asia we had seen the saffron conflicts in Myanmar, the Bersijh demo in Kuala Lumpur and this is one of the biggest culprit that has been supporting PAKATAN RAKYAT i.e National Democracy Endowment.

            Now here in Malaysia, they i.e,. the Christian has started to ignite the fire with the “debate” over the use of “Allah” term in Bible. As you can see the heat and tone are getting harsher and harsher by the day. The Sultan of Selangor has made the right decision with the decree. If this is not stop, the possibility of majority moderate Muslim Malays to revolt and launch the Jihad attack on the Christian is MINIMAL, unless greatly provoked, but the possibility of the attack by smaller of terrorist link group is higher through their opportunist behavior, blind allegiance to the cult leader and group and narrow view of the term JIHAD.

            Most Malaysian are aware that there are Malaysian who involved in terrorist group and few are under custody in the US. And we have read about the terrorist attack in Indonesia and the Philippines that involved few of them not long ago.

            When we reach that limit, do you think that this group will differentiate between the Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu etc.? But you can guest who is their main target.

            1. re: “Day in day out, people across the world have been inundated with the western press version of the story.”

              Same in Malaysia, day in day out, inundated with the evangelista version of the story due to their total control of the media (except in BM language), the social media and even the KBS Twitter.

              Even though I’m not Muslim, but still my voice is shut out from any media platform due to the Scissorati aggression and smear campaign.

            2. re: “When we reach that limit, do you think that this group will differentiate between the Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu etc.? But you can guess who is their main target.”

              You’re right. The Muslim radicals will not differentiate between evangelistas, Chinese Christians, Chinese Buddhists, Taoists, Dapsters and non-DAP Chinese.

              Yup, we can all guess who will be their main target. That’s why I’ve warned that the Evangelista Bintang Tiga will bring catastrophe to the Chinese community in Malaysia.

              1. Re. the Evangelista Bintang Tiga will bring catastrophe to the Chinese community in Malaysia.

                When that happens, the World and the west in particular won’t see them as the root cause of the problem, but as the victim of the conflict/crisis. Not knowing that they are the culprit in reality, and bad enough the MUSLIM has been labelled as terrorist since the last half century or so, so it is an easy conclusion.

              2. When all those things you mentioned really happened, these same Chinese will tell the western dominated press that there’s a genocide happening in Malaysia and they will call on the west to interfere to save them.

                Save them ? Yeah ha ha ha !!!

              3. “The Muslim radicals will not differentiate between evangelistas, Chinese Christians, Chinese Buddhists, Taoists, Dapsters and non-DAP Chinese.”

                Not just the Chinese. They will target the Indians too. They regard “idol worshippers” as an abomination. Not to forget other Malay Muslims who they consider as apostate, ‘syirik’, or whatever their mad mullah tells them.

                The Syrian War has seen more Muslims killed at the hands of Muslims, than the Israel Palestine conflict. [YouTube]

                Killing truck drivers because they kneel differently when they pray.

                1. The evangelistas are similarly fanatics who are the other side of the same extremist coin, and dragging religion into politics and matters of state.

                  They’re now inciting the Christian natives of Sarawak to hate Umno and Malays.

                  1. Christian Native leaders such as Bernard Dompok, Idris Jala, and James Masing have voiced their opinions and concerns on the ‘Allah’ issue. Mind you, they are aligned with the Barisan Nasional.

                    UMNO only has itself to blame if it continues to alienate Sabahans and Sarawakians with its supremacist attitude.

                    1. The difference is that the mother tongue of the Sarawak and Sabah natives is Malay (or so it is claimed).

                      The peninsular Christians neither speak among themselves nor worship in Malay. The Herald Court action is undertaken by the Indian Catholic Archbishop of KL.

                    2. “The Herald Court action is undertaken by the Indian Catholic Archbishop of KL.”

                      The Malay-language Herald is read by Christian Natives from the Catholic denomination in Sabah and Sarawak.

                    3. The 10-point solution brokered by Idris Jala would have allowed the Christians in Borneo to be undisturbed.

                      However, DAP made noise saying that you cannot have two different sets of enforcement of the law for one country.

        1. re: “People take things for granted”

          The evangelistas leading DAP 3.0 take the whole country for granted.

  2. What you quoted shows that Muslim in those countries are violent. The Malaysian UMNO Muslim are fast becoming like those people in the mist of gaining political support by becoming more radical. The Christian as usual will become their bogeyman and being blamed for everything.

    1. re: “What you quoted shows that Muslim in those countries are violent.”

      I thought the Christians, e.g. Chan Lilian (Lim Guan Eng’s Special Officer who was questioned by police), are quite certain that they are being persecuted by the Muslim authorities in Malaysia (?)

      If over here, the Christians had tried to appropriate ‘Allah’, I wonder what Muslims in those countries did?

      1. It’s the “radical islamists” and the “liberal neo-con evengelists” who are tearing at the fabric of our nation, as they struggle to influence the majority to abandon “the middle-way” of rational intelligence, personal virtue, and spiritual discernment.

  3. I really hope Malaysia wont collapse down to this low. Even though, yes there is sign. remember the attack on the church & the pig head at surau. This is wrong and sad.

    O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise each other)…

    we all (Malaysian) have to be blame for our pity condition now. We suppose to live together in peace, harmony, respect each other and try to resolve out difference in subtle way. Instead we choose politicize each one of them and turn it into fiasco.

  4. The point is. Other religion, being minority are getting big headed and no longer respect majority islam in malaysia. Free world kononnya. As long as can speak out and free to carut what ever. Free country ma. But never think of our peacefull leaving in multi racial harmony will lost if all dont care about sensitivity. Gen kj kot. Pung pang pung pang no respect to elder..

  5. The self-styled high-class evangelists here are trying their hardest to cross the Rubicon. They may discover too late that it is Sungai Golok.

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