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Haramkan Isma – Behind call by Papa Dapster’s sidekick to ban the NGO

The J-Star strikes again!

After Perkasa got it the last time, it is now Isma’s turn to be targetted.

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Ibrahim Ali: The Star is DAP’s tool

A fortnight ago (Dec 14), Ibrahim Ali accused The J-Star of encouraging articles that challenge the sanctity of Islam, saying “MCA’s newspaper is being used as a tool by DAP”.

He added that whereas liberal writers are provided ample opportunities by The J-Star to belittle Islam, statements by Perkasa, on the other hand, are not given any airing by the EvangeliSTAR editors.

Addressing his organization’s annual general assembly, the Perkasa president also complained that J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai (pix below) was bent on making personal attacks against him.

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Wanita Isma: DAP making Muslims angry

Previously Wong Chun Wai had written in his May 18 column about how “instant NGOs, with a membership of five persons, including the wives and children of the presidents claim that they represent a particular race or religion”.

A week before that in his May 11 column, Chun Wai had written “Ignorant fools and bigots like him should not be allowed to get away with their remarks”, referring to Isma president Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman.

Yesterday the J-Star carried a report headlined ‘DAP man calls for banning of Isma‘. Tanjong MP Ng Wei Aik, who is Lim Guan Eng’s former pol-sec, alleged that the politicizing of religion by Isma is a form of extremism.norsaleha isma

Calling for a ban on the Muslim NGO, Malaysian Firster Ng said Isma should not be allowed to exist and must be de-registered immediately.

In response, Ustazah Norsaleha Mohd Salleh (pix right) who heads the Isma women’s wing retorted that the statement by Ng was hate speech which only reflected the hostility of DAP against Islam.

She said it is DAP that’s continuously harping on sensitive issues and invoking the anger of Muslims in Malaysia.

According to the ustazah, this tactic to demonize Isma adopted by the DAP is to curtail the voices of Islam.

Ng Wei Aik (in batik shirt) has a samseng reputation


“Racist! Racist! Racist!”

It is not only the J-Star alone which is running a moderation campaign to paint a segment of Malaysians as “racists”, “extremists” and “bigots”.

Top-selling Chinese newspaper Sin Chew recently launched its ‘I am Malaysian, I am Moderate’ campaign to say ‘No’ to extremism too. The Sin Chew ‘Moderation campaign was conceived in the wake of popular public reception to the open letter by 25 “eminent” Malays, which among other things, had slammed both Perkasa and Isma.

Prompted by recent developments in PAS’s push for hudud, the top editors of Sin Chew are now promoting “moderation” with great vigour while at the same time condemning religious “extremism”.

Hua Zong (Federation of Chinese Associations) has pledged its support for the “moderation” initiative.

Muslims must start treating DAP’s mouthpiece The J-Star with the same contempt that Yahudi Yeohs treat Umno’s mouthpiece Utusan

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What the Sin Chew senior editors say

Lim Sue Goan in a Dec 24 op-ed headlined ‘Farewell, 2014‘ wrote:

  • “Politically, groups and individuals … are now busy in supporting the moderation movement, showing that everyone is in anxiety, hoping to unite forces and prevent the country from falling into the abyss of extremism.”
  • “If religious moderation, communication and tolerance are not promoted, we will embark on a road of no return.”

A Sin Chew Dec 23 editorial headlined ‘Show support for moderation‘ said:

  • “due to the recent extremism atmosphere in the country … it is believed that the mood of [Christmas] celebration has been affected.”
  • “Somewhat reassuring, the moderation movement initiated by 25 prominent Malays (G25) has caused a great resonance in the Chinese community. […] the Chinese community is making great efforts in promoting the moderation movement”

Lim Mun Fah in a Dec 22 op-ed headlined ‘More need to come forward‘ wrote:

  • “We are calling so hard for moderation today as regardless of inside or outside the country, we are facing unprecedented threat of extremism.”
  • “… Perkasa is still making threatening gestures, extreme politicians are still clamouring, the 1Malaysia concept is drifting away, while racial polarisation has grown obvious. A kind of fear is covering the whole society.”
  • “As long as the country is split into two, as long as such confrontations are intensified, the more irreconcilable it is, the more those racial and religious extremists will be benefited, and the more arrogant they become.”
  • “To be honest, whether the “anti-extremism and support moderation” movement currently in full swing can succeed in the end and evolve into an influential social movement, to a great extent, depends on how Umno and PAS respond to it. It depends on whether moderate members of the two parties can take the courage and come forward to join the moderation group, saying no to racial and religious extremism, and halt the parties’ internal and external strengthening racial and religious extremism, stopping the growing racial and religious extreme words and deeds, and preventing the polarisation phenomenon in the society from deteriorating.”

Another Sin Chew Dec 22 editorial headlined ‘Abandon retrograding thinking‘ said:

  • “The remarks [by Tun Mahathir] carried heavy taste of racism. It is not in line with Mahathir’s status, while going the opposition direction of the ‘anti-extremism and support moderation’ atmosphere being actively promoted by various races in recent days.”
  • “Meanwhile, Mahathir, who had led the country for 22 years, did not read the letter but instead made Malay domination racists remarks when criticising Najib.”
  • “Moderation is the only path that Malaysia should take. Mahathir’s racist remarks are a retrograding advocacy that should be abandoned.”

Lim Sue Goan in a Dec 20 op-ed headlined ‘A tough fight‘ wrote:

  • “There is no way to contain extremism unless the ruling coalition takes a tough stance and instructs the enforcers to tackle elements of extremism.”
  • “Dr Mahathir amended the Constitution in 1988 to elevate the status of syariah courts in a bid to diffuse the religious competition between Umno and PAS. Such maneuvers have intensified religious sentiments to an extent that many have failed to see what is right or wrong.”
  • “… the rise of extremism will only expedite the withdrawal of foreign investors. Extremism will also hamper the country’s advances towards the developed country status.”

Tay Tian Yan in a Dec 19 op-ed headlined ‘We are moderate Malaysians, we are not alone‘ wrote:

  • “Regardless of race and religion, there is only one common identity for us – moderate Malaysian.”
  • “Prior to this, we had neither Perkasa nor Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma). There was no religious and racial extremist organisation, and there was no extreme remark and idea tearing the country apart.”
  • “Firstly, they differentiated Malays and non-Malays, Muslims and non-Muslims. Then, they created split in the Malay Muslim community, stressing on racial and religious purification, excluding moderate and enlightened Malay Muslims and suppressed them with racial doctrine and conservative religious teachings.”
  • Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali, Isma president Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman, and controversial figure Ridhuan Tee Abdullah have risen and become protagonists of racial and religious struggle, grabbing headlines and triggering public concern.”
  • “Watching Perkasa, Isma and extreme politicians distort their race and religion and harm the society and country, they [G25] eventually came forward and made a voice for moderation.”

It’s more than obvious the adherents of which religion the J-Star and Sin Chew have in mind when they exalt the “moderates”, and the adherents of which religion the two influential media are thinking of when they bash the “extremists”.


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41 thoughts on “Haramkan Isma – Behind call by Papa Dapster’s sidekick to ban the NGO

  1. Who provoked the Malays.
    Who said Malai Si.
    Who chased the Malays inti the jungle.
    Who stepped onto the pictures of the ?Malays.
    There are too many other provocations towards the Malays.
    Yet the Malays can still take it and try to be patient.
    But things are getting worse, and the trend seems to continue.
    This definitely is dangerous and not good for the nation.
    Only right thinking Malaysians will love this peaceful country.
    Some are just born sadistic since 1969.
    They need thorough mental check up.

    1. As Salam Jum’ah Zain,

      I ‘like’ your last 2-statements.
      I fear mental check-up won’t suffice, lobotomy is required.

      Concur with you entirely.
      We had ALL managed to Co-Exist peacefully until some years back.
      It is NOT in the Malay-DNA to antagonize..(well, at least NOT in mine though..)
      (Aside from ‘biaq pi’, ‘takpe la’ etc..) We are rich in budi bahasa, toleransi etc.
      More so being a Muslim..NOT of the terrorist-blend of course.

      Heck! We don’t want / need this.. But IF, push-comes-to-shove, I’m quite certain ALL Malays (of both-divides, fence-sitters, peace-lovers of all race or religion) will rise to stem these unwarranted challenges.

      Except those who are against the Monarchy, ultimately.

  2. Biar biaDAP evegelistas terus melalak menghentam Perkasa dan Isma kerana kedua dua Ngo itu bersuara lantang membela alif,ba,ta, tugas yang sepatutnya diperjuangkan oleh UMNO! Kerana ada hikmat di sebaliknya!

    Apa boleh buat UMNO di bawah Najib terlalu bisu, lesu dan layu! Untuk meningkatkan ‘tenaga’nya itu sebab Najib main golf dengan Obama di Hawaii ketika rakyat dalam kesusahan ditimpa banjir!

    TDM menunggang kuda untuk meningkatkan tenaganya. Itu sebab TDM sepantas dan secergas kuda. Tidak seperti Najib terkedek kedek mengejar bola sebesar pingping dari satu lubung ke satu lubung ( tolong jangan jadikan bahan carut marut! )

    Berbalik kepada kegemaran biaDAP dan Evenglistas menyerang Perkasa dan Isma, saya yakin usaha mereka akan membawa kesan sebaliknya.

    Mungkin sokongan daripada masyarakat Cina akan bertambah daripada 90% kepada 95% tetapi jangan harap pertambahan sokongan Melayu Islam!

    Saya sediri pada awalnya tidak memberi perhatian kepada kedua dua NGO ini. Tetapi sejak kebelakangan ini bukan saja perhatian yang saya berikan malah sokongan yang tidak berbelah bagi kepada perjuangan mereka!

    Semoga kedua dua Ngo ini boleh berkerjasama dan mula memikir ke arah perjuangan berlandaskan politik! PAU akan diadakan pada tahun 2018. Masih ada masa lagi!

    Terutama sekali sekarang bila UMNO bertambah tambah lesu dan sikap Najib yang amat memalukan!

    Jadi biaDAP dan Eveglistas berpada padalah menghentam Perkasa dan Isma. Air dicencang tidak akan putus! Ingat tanpa pertambahan undi Melayu Islam jangan harap menguasai Putrajaya!

  3. Prior to this leadership was strong, no extremists from the other side made extreme demand. Now leadership is weak, the two NGOs need to be defender of rights which was priorly identify as moderate.

  4. Say what you want. Think what you want.

    But Wong Chung Wai and those DAPs truly believe that the sleeping malays, they usually are, are awakening to punish them. Not too far in time.

    Otherwise, there is no need for such all-out, concerted campaigns.

    The 25 fools are just tools. Fools like them will make the angry malays become more agitated. General malays will be more radicalized.

    And now they want to shut the angry malays up by using these ungrateful fools.

    How much provocation an angry mob can tahan??

  5. •“Prior to this, we had neither Perkasa nor Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma).. but we have the DAP communist and then came the evangelista of Hannah Yeah so what you expect ?

    1. PERKASA AND ISMA were born in response to the chauvinistic provocations of DAP and the EVANGELISTAS.

      Better not force them to be united……..

      You ask for it, and you will get it.

      Prove that we are all peace loving Malaysians.
      Just because of a few moronic provocoteurs the nation will fall apart.

  6. Papa Dapsters backers should , in the first place, realized that it is DAP that should be frozen as it has not complied with many things with the authorities, among which is its election issue.

    Should set their house in order before throwing stones… At any rate these people and the J-Star commune should never be entrusted with and in whatever form. Najib was blind, is still blind and will forever will be blinded by the bright lights of the JStar logo…

  7. The Chinese community appears to be in a catch-22 situation. They of course fear the emergence of religious radicalism in our society yet their DAPster realpolitik has wedded them to the Islamist party which has proven itself to be the bedrock of radicalism in this country. To chastise or not to chastise?

    The strangest thing is that Islamism ideology is antithetical to Malay traditionalism – the symbolic office of the Sultan as the defender of the true Faith. Both the islamist and the evangelist are averse to this august institution it seems.

  8. Both the J Star and Sin Chew are propaganda bullhorns of the evangelists, one of them is targeting the English speaking urban crowd while the other is aiming at the Chinese educated. Both are insidious.

  9. Tay Tian Yan’s “prior to this this, we had neither Perkasa nor Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA)”. Prior to what may I ask? Prior to the demands to transform Allah into something anathema to Islam? Prior to the provocative tweets of Hannah Yeoh and the rest of the DAP Firsters? Prior to the the J-Star’s skewed interpretation of “moderation” and its insidious campaign against Malay Muslims?

    Please, please be specific Mr Tay. Don’t be another Wong Chun Wai. Do you think we cannot see through you and the rest of you in Sin Chew?

  10. Whats the trick ? Where are they heading to ? The attack still at large ! Even “Kalimah Allah” was still manipulated by Guan Eng ! The Law means nothing to dapsters except their own copy of Bush’s law (USA Bush)

    Then its better “haramkan” Dong Zhong and those similar racist org, The Star, Sin Chew Daily, Evangelist church and a lot more !

    Perkasa and Isma have nothing to do with the choas. Who initiated and ignited the fire ? Only jokers know their character…

    I do hope real Malaysian Chinese understand the title “warganegara” Enough of the racial blues and provocations towards Islam, Malay, Umno, Raja / Sultan and Perlembagaan Persekutuan (refer to helenang previous article) because May13 started with similar actions ! Finally ISA and Akta Hasutan were created.

    1. Re I do hope real Malaysian Chinese understand the title…….

      Fat chance of this happening. Malaysia is just a place for them to make money.

    1. Kawasan pembalakan yang teroq sekali dilanda banjir. Tu pasai senyap sepi kot?

      Macam burung nazak, circle2 waiting fir their feast.

  11. “Prior to this, we had neither Perkasa nor Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma). There was no religious and racial extremist organisation, and there was no extreme remark and idea tearing the country apart.”

    When I read that my reaction was –

    Since they have hijacked the word moderation and gave it their own spin, beware everyone else including the PM, who doesn’t agree to their meaning of the word moderation.

    C72 commented on the earlier thread on the dapsters/evangelistas’ m o on getting support and I agree with him. And it is easy to fool people just like this. This is their one hand –
    “If there is one thing I dislike when work…ground work needs to be done, it’s having divas and vvips around. And although I guess it’s part of their ‘job scope’ to be seem at ground zero when disaster strikes, really… what do we expect them to really do there except to take photos and highlight the situation.

    So yeah, some may seem pissed off with the PM not being there and instead is in Hawaii playing golf with Obama. But before you go over the rails in anger, do consider the following.

    This job of taking care of the situation is better served by those people who have the skills to do it. Having him around just distracts. And having followed his tweets and other communications, he is keeping track of the situation and providing the necessary support. I personally think that’s much better than wearing Wellington boots to help clean the drains surrounded by bodyguards and taking photos showing how much he cares.”

    And this is the other hand –

    I don’t know how LKS can post that when the PR themselves have failed in flooded Kajang. The cheek of some people.

    1. re: “The cheek of some people.”

      Their cheek is stupendous and bigger than Hannah Yeoh’s waistline. It’s the same kind of cheek which challenges you to PROVE (onus shifted to the offended Muslims) that the Alivi Bak Kut Teh is not really halal chicken.

      And when you can’t prove either way whether it is pork or chicken, they will call you an extremist who is spewing hatred and being divisive because you’re not supportive of Malaysians belonging to various races getting together to share each other’s food.

  12. Malaysia’s chinese media ah? I remember most aren’t fluent in Bahasa or English.

    Always after every press conference in English or Bahasa, there’s another mini press conference given by local journos to chinese pressmen who will gather round asking “eh what he say ah?”

    So how to get their facts right? That also goes for quite a number of non-Malay journos who really have limited understanding of Bahasa. That’s why they mistranslate comments.

        1. In that case, the DAP – and most particularly their evangelista leaders who wear tudung to Occupy Masjid – must support PAS in its move to enforce hudud Islamic law.

  13. Cuba kita buat survey — apakah PM kita patut terus bercuti dimusim banjir ini atau kembali berkerja dengan segera. kabornay semua cuti pegawai kerajaan dibekukan…bos boleh bercuti pulok.

  14. Yesterday the J-Star carried a report headlined ‘DAP man calls for banning of Isma‘. Tanjong MP Ng Wei Aik, who is Lim Guan Eng’s former pol-sec, alleged that the politicizing of religion by Isma is a form of extremism.

    How about banning the Ng family from sitting on a plane, any plane?

  15. I am so confuse lar… they campaign very had for “moderation”..but why are they very hard on focusing on the extreme news.. if they think semua tu tak guna, why give extreme coverage for ISMA and Ibrahim Ali.. shouldnt they publish more moderate views and stop giving free publicity for those they hate?

    I hope the Star Editor drops by and baca2 the comments here.. i used to buy the newspaper but stop doing so of late.. depa lagi teruk dari harian metro..tin kosong!

    And Helen why didnt you comment on the recent article by one of the columnist yg kutuk sekolah kebangsaan? That fat guy from Sabah!! Obviously the newspaper didnt pay him enuf for him to enrol his child into private school.

      1. Thats the very one Helen. The things he wrote about sekolah kebangsaan was very hurtful.. as if nothing good has ever happen in our national school…

        1. ‘The things he wrote about sekolah kebangsaan was very hurtful’

          These racists can’t tahan seeing sekolah kebangsaan being ‘run’ by the stupid Malays. Put a Cina at helm, all problems will surely be gone. Kan Lim Lip Eng?

  16. ‘Ng Wei Aik (in batik shirt) has a samseng reputation’

    Muka and mannerism dia masa bully peniaga Mamak tempoh hari masih segar diingatan. Gobind, Ramasamy and the rest of the kelings in DAP tak marah pulak bila dia ni suruh Mamak balik India?!

    1. Same lah.

      Ng Wei Aik wanted to register his daughter as ‘Anak Malaysia’. Hannah Yeoh wanted to register her daughter as ‘Anak Malaysia’.

      One is samseng. The other is “DAP SuperCyber Bully”.

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