The difference between a Malay and a Chinese

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“I really love and miss Malaysia, especially family and friends. If the situation in Malaysia is well and safe, surely I will return,” said Ali Abdul Jalil who is seeking political asylum in Sweden to escape the slew of sedition charges against him.

Ali also said that although he is physically in Sweden, his heart is still in Malaysia. – ‘Still an activist at heart, Ali yearns forhome‘ (read more @ The Edge, 2 March 2015).   Alvin tunjuk bontot

Middle finger to Malaysia

Meanwhile, Bak Kut Teh blogger Alvin Tan (pix above) said, “I am not returning, even until my death” … “I’m having a blast in America”.


“The moment they prosecuted us [his girlfriend Vivian], it was already too late. They lost me already.

“Now we can all live in harmony; me chasing my dreams in Los Angeles and them [the Malaysian authorities] doing whatever they do best: arresting dissidents, being corrupt and insulting citizens.”

Read more @ ‘I’ll never return to Malaysia, even if they roll out a red carpet‘ (Astro Awani, 20 Feb 2015) Alvin-Tan

Chinese immigrants are birds of passage

Many of them are merely flying through. They will stop to feed and then move on to seek greener pastures after they’ve reaped the bounty of the land like a plague of locusts.

The ‘boat people’ who sailed to Australia were Vietnamese Chinese and economic refugees. HannahRejected

Hannah Yeoh – Rejected by Australia and returning to Malaysia to posture as Anak Bangsa Malaysia – Malaysian First

Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri , baik juga di negeri sendiri‘ is not something understood by the penjelma Cina (you must not call them “pendatang” or they’ll go berserk).

After all, they’re not even able to speak the national language, so how can they know anything of perpatah Melayu?

And although the Chinese carpetbaggers are unable to speak the language native to the land where they’ve been residing for a couple of generations, they’re nonetheless able and well equipped to engage in Doublespeak and to wear Two Faces.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- change country

Hannah Yeoh: “Change your government!”

Hannah Yeoh has urged the youths who desire to emigrate to instead change the government (read: topple Umno) rather than changing their passport.

Although Hannah herself had badly wanted to reside in White Tasmania, she was considered by the Aussies as undeserving of permanent residence there. So she had to knuckle down and accept that Jerusubang will have to do … for the time being at least.


Pakatan controls the Petaling district Subang is the evangelical hub where there is a colony of charismatic churches.

Click to enlarge

Petaling District 2013 election

They want to UBAH the landscape

If the country remains sebuah bumi Melayu dan negara Islam, the likelihood is that more self-proclaimed Firsters will be emigrating to the white countries where their Christian brethren are the majority.

If they succeed in UBAH-ing Malaysia to suit their taste, then they will stay. But for this to happen, they need to be the ones holding the reins of government. That’s why the DAP is going all out on ABU. june-wong-with-irene-fernandes

The In-Denial World of June Wong

Now let’s delve into what June Wong – a convent school alumnus and former J-Star acting group editor – had to say in her column yesterday.

In her article ‘The enemy is not in the blanket‘ (11 March 2015), Aunty June (pix above) wrote that it is the Islamic state Syrian jihadis who are “the real enemy” to Malaysian Muslims.

“… for a very long time, those who profess to want to protect Islam in Malaysia were targeting the wrong people, namely non-Muslims, and particularly the Christians,” she remonstrated.

Wrong to target Christians

Yes, Aunty June  is correct to say that it is not the Christians in general who are troubling Islam in Malaysia. (It is the DAP evangelistas.)

June Wong (JW): “Let’s be frank here. There has been increasing suspicion about Christians wanting to convert the nation and take over power.”

Helen Ang (HA): DAP have openly stated that they intend to win GE14 and kick Umno out of Putrajaya. Doesn’t their intention mean “take over power”?

JW: “That was the underlying subtext in the emotional controversy over the right of Christians to use Allah in their Bibles.”

June is complaining that the Malays are being emotional over the “right” (or we can also say, aggression) of Christians to use ‘Allah’ in their Bibles only because the Malays are suspicious about Christians wanting to convert Malaysia and take over Putrajaya.

HA: Not true, meh?

JW: “Yet, no action was taken to stop the Sikhs from using the word when it was revealed that it was used in reference to God in their holy scriptures.”

HA: Because the Sikhs, unlike the evangelistas, are not insisting that Allah has a son, born of a human mother Mary, who died on the cross and was resurrected after three days entombed in a sepulchre.

And why is June being such a batu api to drag the Sikhs into the Christian quarrel when the Muslims are not suspicious of the Sikhs to begin with?

JW: “The irony of it is the Christians had a great opportunity to win converts and they had a whole century (at least) to do it. I am referring to the colonial times under the British when very many Catholic priests and nuns and Protestant missionaries set up schools all over the country and enrolled thousands of young Malayan and then Malaysian children.”

HA: And they did indeed utilize that “great opportunity” to convert the Chinese to Christianity. They would have tried to convert the Malays too but fortunately the arrangement between the Malay rulers and the British colonialists impeded such a proselytization process. From the book Christianities in Asiaedited by Peter C. Phan:

“With the influx of immigrant Chinese and Indian workers to the Malay world more missionaries were imported. … [the missionaries] came in great numbers … Some of these missionaries ministered to the ethnic Chinese in the New Villages set up after the Emergency and others established churches in East Malaysia ,where many Chinese had already settled, not as immigrant workers but as colonizers.”

JW: “… at Assunta Secondary Girls School, Petaling Jaya, in the 1970s … No one was fazed, upset, offended or felt threatened that they were being subtly influenced to convert, or their faith undermined by listening to the prayers.”

HA: Aaah, those were the more innocent days of the orang putih sisters and before the advent of the DAP Chinese evangelistas – the Hannah Yeoh’s and the Ong Kian Ming’s. 

JW: “Many of the teachers were Catholic priests and nuns who were undoubtedly motivated by their religion to come so far from home to bring enlightenment and education to the natives. Surely if they wanted to, they could have converted many to their faith.”

HA: Today’s evangelistas are not Catholics. They’re a new pop cult like the City Harvest Church.

JW: “Yet, that didn’t happen. Which is why Malaysia is still a Muslim majority nation. Instead, countless citizens benefited from being educated in mission schools.”

HA: June is throwing a red herring. Many of the mission schools have already been converted to sekolah kebangsaan while others have lost or had their Christian character diluted. The bone of contention is not the mission school inherited culture but the highway robbery of kalimah Allah.

JW: “So it’s strange in the 21st century, when churches and missionaries no longer control our school system and after almost 60 years of Malay-led rule, there is still this fervent need to defend Islam against internal threats.”

HA: The omputih missionaries are no longer around but the DAP are currently in control of Penang and Jerusubang (which is a large and populous urban and suburban area) as well as the Sarawak cities and towns. Furthermore, after almost 60 years of Malay-led rule, there is finally the possibility that the Umno-led BN will fall.

JW: “The truth is that the harm to Muslims and Islam in this country is coming from outside, not inside and it has been happening for years now, going back to the days of Jemaah Islamiyah and al-Qaeda.”

HA: Methinks the J-Star lady doth protest too much.

JW: “So we need to put a stop to all this unnecessary defending of Islam among ourselves and focus on the real enemy.”

HA: Pokok sudah bergoyang kerana angin tetapi Aunty June pula cakap takde terasa bayu pun.

The difference between a Chinese and a Malay is that the Chinese in the Nest of Evangelistas like June Wong will deny-deny-deny whereas the Malay will be afraid, very afraid. And quite rightly so. They have been warned already about the munafiqs.


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  • 1. AYAH  |  March 12, 2015 at 10:05 pm

    Bismillhi rahmani rhim. Qul ya ayyuha alkafiroon…

  • 2. orangkampung  |  March 12, 2015 at 10:08 pm

    Someone should tell JW that Syria is so far away. There may be some Malays who “romanticized” the caliphate (Abbassiyah, Uthmaniyah) era, but in general the Malay Muslims are not the type to strap bombs around their bodies.

    Having said that, we can’t deny that every race have their share of geniuses and psychopaths (usually a combination that gives rise to murderous tendencies, an insight gained from watching too much CSI and Criminal Minds).

    The fight for kalimah Allah brought the Malay Muslim majority together even if for that one day in court. The slight against Jakim brought the Malays from the peninsula to stand together. These are real threats, not IS in far away Syria.

    The people in my area are talking about Rosmah, Najib, 1MDB, GST, Anwar (thank god he’s in jail, maybe we’ll have some peace for the next 5 years) and why the hell are the DAP messing with Islam/Jakim. IS comes up only when someone brings up the subject of America and war.

    • 3. shamshul anuar  |  March 12, 2015 at 11:21 pm


      No thanks to Anwar and ever obliging PAS, DAP i s dead set wanting to use “Allah”.

  • 4. rizal abdullah  |  March 12, 2015 at 10:43 pm

    Jesus never once called himself as christian in the bible.

    • 5. Alan  |  March 15, 2015 at 7:12 am

      Yep, that certainly proves Christianity wrong. Somehow you have been able to show what countless theologians and scholars who support Christianity couldn’t. Trinity, Eucharist and Catholicism are also not mentioned. Wonder why 2 billion people follow this religion of delusion since all these terms are not mentioned. Here’s a tip for you, the original Church relied on tradition for the first 400 years, as the Bible wasn’t yet put together by the Catholic Church at the time. So, until present day, the Bible is not the only book that Christians (especially traditional Christians) refer to. There’s a lot more to Christian belief than just the Bible.

  • 6. g  |  March 12, 2015 at 11:14 pm

    JW: “… at Assunta Secondary Girls School, Petaling Jaya, in the 1970s … No one was fazed, upset, offended or felt threatened that they were being subtly influenced to convert, or their faith undermined by listening to the prayers.”

    Well you can’t compare then and now, If I had a time machine and traveled to that era I could probably start a small following of people worshipping Zeus or Thor.

    The thing is people are getting smarter and more intellectually independent. People are starting to ask questions like what is the point of proselytizing? To each their own I say, unless there is something else they’re not telling.

  • 7. Keris  |  March 13, 2015 at 1:14 am

    Such poorly informed journalistic writing do not clarify the issues at hand in regards to the substance of the various religious creeds.

    For example, it may come as a shock to many people to learn that the muslim Wahhabi jihadists hold strongly to the anthropomorphic teachings of their preceptor Sheikh Ahmad ibn Taymiyya (14th century C.E.) who proclaimed that Allah is physically seated on the Heavenly Throne together with Prophet Muhammad by His side. But Trinitarian Christians similarly believe that God the Father is seated on His Throne together with God the Son, Jesus Christ on His right.

    Thus, while it is correct to say that the Hanbali-Wahhabi anthropomorphic conceptions regarding the Lord Creator’s divine attributes has been troubling Islam from within for many centuries, it is ignorance to disregard Pauline Christianity’s tripartite conception of the Lord Creator, an innovated dogma of the Roman Imperium during the 4th century which resulted in the anathematization of all the other groups of followers of the Jerusalem Church such as the Ebionites and the Nestorians.

    “Say (oh Muhammad) Allah is One, Allah is Unique and Absolute; Allah the Lord does not beget (offspring) nor was the Lord begotten (of parents). And there is no partner to nor association with Allah whatsoever.” (Quran: The Chapter of Sincerity)

    > Imam Abdullah ibn Alawi al-Haddad, a revivalist of the religion in the 17th century CE discussed the authentic Ahl Sunnah wal Jamaah creed in Islam:

    “If you examine with a sound understanding into those passages relating to the sciences of faith in the Book (Qur’an), the Sunnah, and the saying of the virtuous predecessors (salafus saleh), whether they be Companions or followers, you will know for certain that the truth is with the party called the “Ash’ari” (together with the “Maturidi”), named after the Shaykh Abu’l Hasan al-Ash’ari, may Allah have mercy on him, who systematized the foundations of the creed of the people of the Truth, and recorded its earliest versions, these being the beliefs which the Companions and the best among the followers agreed upon.”

    > Imam al-Ghazali (10th century CE):
    The Belief of the Sunni is the Way of the Prophet and its comprehension is embodied in the two-fold Testification of Faith: “There is no deity deserving of worship other than Allah; and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.”

    • 8. Abdullah  |  March 13, 2015 at 8:43 am

      Maulana Imran Hossein:
      How the Wahhabi (“Protestant Islam”) movement is being used to facilitate the Zionist project to overtake the U.S.A. in this age of the Anti-Christ or Dajjal.


  • 9. wayau75  |  March 13, 2015 at 2:20 am

    “Saya percaya orang Melayu paling bagus sebagai hakim. Kita sabar dan tidak mudah hilang sabar. Bukan kita hendak jadi rasis tetapi peguam bangsa lain pun kata Melayu lebih bagus sebab kita sabar.” – Lawyer Shafee Abdullah

    Evangelis lagi tak boleh jadi hakim; jadi peguam aje pun dah banyak merapu.

  • 10. Mustapha Ong  |  March 13, 2015 at 4:13 am

    Any Malaysians are free to migrate, but once you condemned your own country, then you are forced to migrate, it is treason and also you have abused your rights of your citizentry status. You embarrassed yourself as well as damaged the bilateral relationship of the country that you have migrated.

  • 11. katasayang  |  March 13, 2015 at 6:22 am

    Helen, if it were concern about specific evangelist group who preaches to Muslim whom you are concern about, just say that so lar. Find out that specific group, and just talk about that group. Let’s not generalized, and put up a confusing title like Malay and Chinese. This blog entry doesn’t seem to have to do anything between Malay and Chinese. If it is actions of Hannah Yeoh that is irritating you, just say Hannah Yeoh in the title, and not put Christians in general. In any case, this Christian from afar, would stand on the side of Hannah, and claim she is doing good work by sharing the positive end of Christian faith.

    Helen, as people of the book, we should have no issue with the notion of pendatang. As people of faith, we are all mere pendatang when we return to meet our Lord. I happen to be a Khek Chinese also, the notion of pendatang is even more familiar to me than ever. It is the concern of those who thinks they are the owner of the world that my sweet Jesus the teacher who constantly warn us to not being one ourselves. Isn’t that true within Muslim faith also?

    • 12. Helen Ang  |  March 13, 2015 at 11:37 am

      re: “Helen, if it were concern about specific evangelist group who preaches to Muslim whom you are concern about, just say that so lar.”

      I’ve already said so in the article above. My little sub headline (called ‘crosshead’ in journalism jargon) said “Wrong to target Christians” and my paragraph said, “Yes, Aunty June is correct to say that it is not the Christians in general who are troubling Islam in Malaysia”. I also added, “It is the DAP evangelistas”.

      re: “Find out that specific group, and just talk about that group.”

      One example is the Damansara Utama Methodist Church. They’ve already clashed with JAIS, and even our Sultan is aware. And if if want to read more, see

      re: “Let’s not generalized, and put up a confusing title like Malay and Chinese.”

      I’ve not been generalizing. To generalize is to say “Christians”. I’ve always been specific by saying “evangelistas” and tagging on either Dapster evangelistas or DAP evangelistas.

      re: “This blog entry doesn’t seem to have to do anything between Malay and Chinese.”

      Why not? Ali Abdul Jalil is an activist charged under the Sedition Act who absconded to Sweden to seek political asylum. He is “a Malay” like my headline says.

      Alvin Tan is a provocative user of social media charged under the Sedition Act who absconded to the USA to seek political asylum. He is “a Chinese” and my headline compares him to Ali.

      We can also compare the attitude of the Malays who are abroad with the attitude of the Chinese living overseas, and what both these groups publicly say about our country viz. the “hujan emas, hujan batu” proverb.

      re: “If it is actions of Hannah Yeoh that is irritating you, just say Hannah Yeoh in the title, and not put Christians in general.”

      Why should Hannah Yeoh be in the title? She’s mentioned a bit in my article but most of the content is wrt June Wong’s J-Star article. You’re not a very discerning reader, are you?

      re: “In any case, this Christian from afar, would stand on the side of Hannah, and claim she is doing good work by sharing the positive end of Christian faith.”

      I’m not surprised that you stand on the side of Hannah. After all, 90 percent of the Chinese support her party, the DAP.

      re: “Helen, as people of the book, we should have no issue with the notion of pendatang.”

      The Malays have welcomed other pendatang. Those of Arab and Indian and Portuguese descent can become members of Umno.

      re: “As people of faith, we are all mere pendatang when we return to meet our Lord.”

      Germans and French and other nationalities are people of faith too but still they would not like to be termed “pendatang” to Germany, France and their respective countries.

      re: “I happen to be a Khek Chinese also, the notion of pendatang is even more familiar to me than ever.”


      re: “It is the concern of those who thinks they are the owner of the world that my sweet Jesus the teacher who constantly warn us to not being one ourselves.”

      Whoever controls the government make the law. BN controlled Selangor and Penang before 2008, and BN enacted some laws in the 1980s restricting Christians from preaching to the Malays. As long as this is the law, then it has to be obeyed.

      Pakatan is now ruling both these states and into their second term of office. Pakatan has an overwhelming majority in the state assembly. It is within the capacity of the DAP and its PKR ally to change the state laws which displease the Christians (who think the Malays are acting as if they’re the owner of the land).

      Why not do that? Aduns are legislators. Take the issue to the Dewan where your Hannah is the Speaker rather than the Christians incessantly whinging, whinging, whinging and playing the “meek and mild”, we’re-a-small-persecuted-minority victim card.

      re: “Isn’t that true within Muslim faith also?”

      If you think that Islam and your faith share the same teachings, then can you please enlighten your fellow Christians to start treating the Malays as your “brothers and sisters” rather than as potential terrorists and beheaders bound for Syria?

      • 13. katasayang  |  March 14, 2015 at 4:58 am

        Helen: Read your title: “The difference between a Malay and a Chinese”.
        We are clearly not talking about difference between a Malay and a Chinese in this blog entry.

        re: “Isn’t that true within Muslim faith also?”
        >If you think that Islam and your faith share the same teachings, then can you please enlighten your fellow Christians to start treating the Malays as your “brothers and sisters”
        Fellow Christians do treat Malays as “brothers and sisters” to the point of sharing what their most cherished identity. Shouldn’t Muslims do the same also?
        >rather than as potential terrorists and beheaders bound for Syria?
        You have generalized again, Helen. Some beheaders considered themselves Muslims. This is what I, as one Christian, would agree with. I don’t agree that all Muslims are beheaders. I don’t even think Christians need to judge if those self proclaimed Muslims are beheaders or not. It is wrong to claim that Christians claim Malays are terrorists and beheaders because some Chinese are Christians and most Malays are Muslims.

        • 14. katasayang  |  March 14, 2015 at 5:07 am

          errata: I don’t even think Christians need to judge if those self proclaimed beheaders are Muslim or not.

          Some fellow Christians do treat Malays as “brothers and sisters” to the point that they are willing to blamed to share their most cherished identity. Christians in Malaysia had never disregard Malays as not being their own, even when there were no effort to share our thoughts. In any case, most Christians would regard their most cherished identity is not for them to give.

          The final individual acceptance of this sharing is the same as what most Muslims would say … if God is willing.

          No Christians earned their identity as a Christian.

        • 15. Alan  |  March 14, 2015 at 6:04 pm

          This notion that the evangelicals are converting, or trying to convert Muslims as you have noticed from Helen’s writings, is without concrete proof whatsoever. She views a tweet from Hannah Yeoh or another DAP member stating that they love the Lord, or are at a Church service, to be clear evidence that these guys are using underhanded tactics to proselytize Muslims. Baseless and laughable to people like you and I, but it has gained a lot of traction amongst a lot of the Malays who follow this blog.

          I am not a fan of Evangelical Christians in general, and believe that Catholicism is the truest version of Christianity. I generally don’t like the judgmental nature of many evangelicals, but to say that the Dapsters are out there to convert the poor little Muslims is actually a blatant lie.

          • 16. katasayang  |  March 25, 2015 at 6:28 am

            We can definitely have favorites, sharing our favorites is what we do. Not doing so is phony, not sincere. I do apologize, though I could definitely has no authority to apologize on Evangelical’s behalf. This Christian would definitely be keen to share good news. The good news is just as simple as there is still hope, despite how screw up we think we are. It is unsettling to take that position, but that is essentially the scary good news.

          • 17. katasayang  |  July 16, 2015 at 2:14 am

            @Alan, unfortunately, I don’t think it is wrong for anyone to share what one holds dear. In that, I don’t think what Hannah did is laughable nor baseless. With that in mind, I do understand it is of grave concern for any Muslims to receive the message that Christians and Catholics treasure most. But, between proselytize and ignoring your cousin countrymen, I think Hannah, as a MP, did a right thing in sharing the thought that Christians are not enemies of the Islamic Ummah in Malaysia.

  • 18. wawe  |  March 13, 2015 at 8:16 am

    Melayu bagus disebabkan Islam. Melayu dan Islam berpisah tiada.

  • 19. jentayu  |  March 13, 2015 at 8:44 am

    june wong is totally delusional. yes IS do recruit Malaysian mainly muslims to its cause. but it had NOTHING TO DO with Malaysia. they fight the war in the middle east, not in south east asia let alone Malaysia.

    even at least until now, not a single head from Malaysian be it muslim or non muslim are beheaded by the IS.

    can i also say that terrorist organization in sri lanka the tamil eelam is our enemy too since p.ramasamy, a dep chief minister of penang was found as a supporter to their cause? mind you this is someone who hold a big political post, not some ali, ahmad or halimah who forsake this country for a blind cause.

    the evangelist on the other hand had made it clear intentionally or unintentionally that they want to lock horns with the muslim. the kalimah Allah issue and the Selangor bible confiscation are part of it.

    dragging the Sikh community into this polemic does not answer the scepticism and perspective of muslims towards the Christian nowadays.

    in summary june wong is a disgrace to journalism. she should consider doing entertainment news as she’s just not up to the task when it comes to social or political matters. there she can red herring the world of cantopop, k-pop, j-pop, hollypop and god knows what pop there is

  • 20. orangkampung  |  March 13, 2015 at 9:12 am

    I wonder if people like JW consider this Toowen Long person a regular trouble maker causing mischief or what he wrote a satire. This is the type of shit-stirrers that we have in this country. They do not seem to hold on to the principles stated in Rukun Negara. They totally disrespect their fellow Muslim Malaysians and ignore the “Kesopanan and Kesusilaan” (probably do not even understand what that means) that has held the nation together since 1969.

    This is one of the little irritants that may escalate to something bigger, not IS. Bringing up IS and linking it to Muslims in this country is just another excuse to belittle the Malay Muslims.

    The way the article was written, I read as –
    IS is Islam
    IS is Bad
    A few Malays seemed to have joined IS
    So, Islam is Bad
    Malays are Bad

    Now, that’s taking mischief to whole other level.

  • 21. 513witness  |  March 13, 2015 at 9:53 am

    Another great piece. Well done

  • 22. alwieabdullah  |  March 13, 2015 at 11:20 am

    JW: “… at Assunta Secondary Girls School, Petaling Jaya, in the 1970s … No one was fazed, upset, offended or felt threatened that they were being subtly influenced to convert, or their faith undermined by listening to the prayers.”

    Hahahaha….nampak sangat JW ini menggunakan ASGS pulak kununnya sama dengan perjuangan politik evangelis + DAP chauvinis padahal ASGS dulu walaupun sekolah misionari, pengurusan sekolah takkan sentuh akidah anak-anak melayu…

    kawan-kawan yang pernah belajar kat ASGS, MGS, La Salle PJ semua boleh confirm hal ni.

    kawan-kawan yang belajar kat sekolah2 ni tentu boleh confirm bahawa tidak pernah dengar pun kalimah Allah digunakan oleh pihak misionari….

    JW ni kalut jer lebih!

    • 23. orangkampung  |  March 13, 2015 at 1:23 pm

      Ex-Convent here. I remember in Std 1 (late 60’s), came home singing Holy Infant Jesus. It went on for a while, since it’s still somewhere in my memory. Kind of like a Beatles song, when you hear it you’ll remember the lyrics.

      Then my dad realised what I was singing. Convened PIBG meeting and collected signatures from the Malay parents to request only the Negaraku and official school song be sung at assembly and not hymns. The school board agreed and that was the end of my singing Jesus praises. Don’t remember any hymns with Allah in it, though.

      So, people were upset. Just that there were no MKini, MInsider, FB or twitter to make a big issue out of it.

  • 24. mulanmalaysia  |  March 14, 2015 at 12:16 pm

    Read this

    “The most widely accepted pronunciation of the tetragrammaton (YHWH) among non-Jews is Yahweh.[needs IPA] Genebrardus suggested the pronunciation Jahve based on Theodoret’s assertion that the Samaritans used the pronunciation Iabe. For most Jews, however, it was forbidden to pronounce or even write in full, the tetragrammaton.[8]”

    The name god is never spoken allowed by the Jews but to the Chinese super genius kiasus, they can scream the name of god aloud .

    “Most scholars believe “Jehovah” to be a late (c. 1100 CE) hybrid form derived by combining the Latin letters JHVH with the vowels of Adonai, but there is some evidence that it may already have been in use in Late Antiquity (5th century).[22][23][24] The consensus among scholars is that the historical vocalization of the tetragrammaton at the time of the redaction of the Torah (6th century BCE) is most likely Yahweh, however there is disagreement. The historical vocalization was lost because in Second Temple Judaism, during the 3rd to 2nd centuries BCE, the pronunciation of the tetragrammaton came to be avoided, being substituted with Adonai (“my Lord”).

    Why want to use Allah where the real convention is Adonai?

    That is the difference between a Jew and a Chinese (especially Malaysian Hockien Chinese). They choose themselves to become chosen.

  • 25. mulanmalaysia  |  March 14, 2015 at 12:25 pm

    Read this

    “You really called us out on this one. We Jews have an absolute obsession with avoiding uttering G‑d’s name. (Notice that we don’t even spell it out fully when writing the English word for G‑d. See: Why Don’t You Spell G‑d’s Name?) Actually, we are careful not to pronounce G‑d’s names except when reading the Torah or prayers.

    Our caution is founded on an understanding of the third of the Ten Commandments, “You shall not take His name in vain.” Although this verse is classically interpreted as referring to a senseless oath using G‑d’s name, the avoidance of saying G‑d’s name extends to all expressions, except prayer and Torah study. In the words of Maimonides, the great Jewish codifier:

    It is not only a false oath that is forbidden. Instead, it is forbidden to mention even one of the names designated for G‑d in vain, although one does not take an oath. For the verse commands us, saying: “To fear the glorious and awesome name.”1 Included in fearing it is not to mention it in vain.”

    You should not take His name in vain.
    Tell that to the Raiders of Kalimat Allah!

    • 26. Kung  |  March 14, 2015 at 4:24 pm

      Lao Tzu speaks about the mysterious Tao or The Origin of all created phenomena, I suppose you may call Yahweh or Allah. Most certainly, Lao Tzu would find the conception of Eternal Tao as Father-Son-Holy Spirit, a distortion of the truth about all things:

      Tao Te Ching (Chapter 1)

      The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao
      The name that can be named is not the eternal name
      The nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth
      The named is the mother of myriad things.

      Thus, constantly free of desire
      One observes its wonders
      Constantly filled with desire
      One observes its manifestations

      These two merge together but differ in name
      Their unity is said to be the mystery.
      Mystery of mysteries,
      The door to all wonders.

      • 27. C72  |  March 14, 2015 at 10:15 pm

        Alas, the subtle and sublime philosophy of our heritage has never gained much traction here, only the practices of folk Tao without much understanding of the source. And most are not aware where their worship falls in the bigger scheme:

        Man follows Heaven
        Heaven follows Nature
        Nature follows the Tao

        • 28. mulanmalaysia  |  March 15, 2015 at 6:57 am

          Actually more like man scared of ghost.
          Unclean actions that create an anxious mind.

          Do any of the Cina’s actually pray for peace or anything good?

          Go to the temples and all they pray is for more $$$$$ or more AAAAAs or whatever. They pray to ghost kebab taut pada ghosts kern bila dis mati dia mungkin bleh jade ghost.

          The same logic when these people become Christians.

          Dear Jesus, I pray for a BMW etc. That is what one UK pastor told me about Penang Hockien Christians. He was so disgusted. He had to help the woman pray for a BMW.

          Actually whatever religion the Chinese hop on to, rosak agama itu.

          • 29. Helen Ang  |  March 15, 2015 at 10:15 am

            Do you recall how PAS prayed for Umno to “pecah perut”?

            Similarly the evangelistas pray for ABU, only they’d couch it in more ‘politically correct’ terms like praying for the delivery of a “righteous nation” and for a “god-fearing leadership” to helm Putrajaya so that the Lord’s will can be done for the sheeple here.

            re: “Actually whatever religion the Chinese hop on to, rosak agama itu.”

            You’ve probably hit the nail on the head as to why, even after seven long years, Hannah Yeoh masih tidak dikurniakan hidayah.

          • 30. orangkampung  |  March 15, 2015 at 12:18 pm

            Tak payah pray for BMW. Just do what this person did –

            • 31. Helen Ang  |  March 15, 2015 at 12:21 pm

              Thanks for the link.

              According to the article, the atheist said selling the Bible is like selling the Harry Potter books.

        • 32. Chris  |  March 15, 2015 at 8:24 am

          Can we blame it on the massive cultural amnesia that Mao’s dastardly cultural revolution created? Nowadays crass materialism pervades Chinese consciousness. Is there 1 in 100 Chinese who studies the Tao Te Ching or the Buddhist Sutras?


  • 33. mulanmalaysia  |  March 14, 2015 at 2:06 pm


    Orang Yahudi tidak berani menyebut nama God walaupun mereka adalah the chosen people.

    Orang Cina Kristian Malaysia pula berani memberikan nama baru kepada God walapupun mereka bukannya the chosen people. Mereka lebih kuat daripada the chosen people kerana mereka berani memberi God nama baru dan menjerit (bukan menyebut) nama baru dengan kuatnya.

  • 34. mulanmalaysia  |  March 14, 2015 at 3:02 pm

    Mungkin Kristian amalan Cina di Malaysia bukanlah Kristian amalan saya. Ini mungkin agama yang baru yang dimulakan di Malaysia, Singapura dan bahagian2 di Indonesia dan penganut agama baru ini adalah Cina atau bangsa2 yang nak jadi Cina.

    Ciri-ciri agama baru ini.
    a. Nama tuhan mereka adalah “Allah” (walaupun menyebut nama Tuhan dengan kuat2 ditegah dalam amalan Yahudi)
    b. Mereka boleh makan babi dan katak (walaupun ini amalan yang tidak digalakkan dalam Book of Exodus)
    c. Mereka suka bertudung dan pergi ke mesjid
    d. Amalan sembahyang mereka adalah menari.
    e. Potongan cukai tuhan adalah kewajipan.
    f. Mereka adalah chosen people terbaru.
    g. Adalah menjadi kewajipan sebanhyang untuk kereta, iPhone dll.

    In fact let me share one observation from one pastor from UK. He said why are Chinese sermons in Hockien 3 hours long (45 minutes in UK). Why do people pray for a car, finding a loss cell phone, pray for parking space in Penang?
    (In UK, people pray for peace)

    Apo nak dikato?


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