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Chedet blog suspended !

Updated (9.45pm): I’ve just done an English translation of Tun’s 1MDB commentary – you can read @

You can read the Tun’s original write-up in BM @


Go to

and you get this

chedet suspended



I have no Faceook or Twitter.

8 thoughts on “Chedet blog suspended !

  1. Apalah buat kerja bodoh. Lagi sokongan kepada PM akan meleset. Labu punya otak, macam Si Luncai.

    1. Not at my end. It could be we’re using different service providers.

      Or the blocking could be intermittent. I managed to copypaste during a small window of opportunity.

      1. Ms H, With all due respect, please let us have your unexpurgated version in English for those born in the Colonial era !

  2. Apalah punya bodoh lah orang yang melakukan sekatan kepada tulisan blog TDM. Skarang makin meriah tulisan TDM bila disiarkan oleh blog blog popular seperti Helen Ang, Apanama ,Outsyed the Box dan mungkin blog blog yang lain!

    Bangang memang bangang, sebangang orang yang mempopularkan perkataan ini!

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