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Teramat jahat spin dan pembohongan Malaysiakini tentang Zeti

Tajuk berita Malaysiakini yang baru keluar sekejap tadi berbunyi, ‘Zeti: I may be arrested for speaking about an individual‘.

Zeti malaysiakini

Malaysiakini telah memetik Gabenor Bank Negara Zeti Akhtar Aziz sebagai berkata (lihat tangkapan skrin di bawah):

“Otherwise, the moment I step out of this door, I will face arrest for talking about an individual right now.”

Yang sebenarnya yang dicakap Zeti ialah, “Otherwise, the moment that I step out of this door, I will face arrest for talking about an individual ACCOUNT.”

Cuba anda dengar sendiri rakaman audio-visual dalam klip video di bawah.

Banyak beza sebenarnya di antara isi percakapan Zeti dengan laporan palsu Malaysiakini.

Memang mengikut undang-undang pembankan (Bafia), butir-butir peribadi akaun adalah rahsia.

Yang dibuat spin Malaysiakini ialah gambaran bahawa Zeti akan ditangkap dengan serta-merta sekiranya beliau menyebut apa-apa tentang ‘seseorang individu tertentu’ pada masa kini.

Itulah. Portal-portal pemfitnah tak habis-habis dengan putar-belit criminal defamation mereka.


Malaysiakini sudah ‘ubah’ sedikit tajuk mereka.


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25 thoughts on “Teramat jahat spin dan pembohongan Malaysiakini tentang Zeti

  1. Malaysiakini popular stories at 1.12am on Aug 14. ‘Zeti’ is No.1 “Most Read”.

    See how extensively the malicious fitnah is taken up and spread further afield. The story has had 1,808 Facebook shares already.


    1. The bahasa Melayu version of this article is similarly the most read (‘Terhangat’) story in Malaysiakini BM.

      Headlined ‘Mungkin ditangkap jika sentuh akaun seseorang‘, it is a criminal misrepresentation because what Zeti actually said was “I will face arrest for talking about an individual ACCOUNT” and not “I will face arrest for talking about an individual RIGHT NOW” as misquited by the portal.

      ‘Mungkin ditangkap jika sentuh akaun seseorang’ has been Facebooked shared 3,700 times while in the Malaysiakini BM Facebook, the same entry has been ‘LIKED’ by 3,455 Facebookers thus far.

      In fact, the phrasing and translation to BM makes the misinformation give a much worse perception than in the original English copy of the article.

      So much damage has already been done to that “seseorang individu” public image already from this.

      Facebook link HERE.

      1. CLARIFY:

        In my opinion, the headline ‘Mungkin ditangkap jika sentuh akaun seseorang’ comes across negatively because of the way that the word ‘sentuh’ can be misunderstood to mean that the account holder is an “untouchable” (i.e. word taken in the mafia “immunity” sense).

    2. The Malaysiakini website and Facebook have two different BM headlines.

      In the website version it is the very damaging impression – ‘Mungkin ditangkap jika sentuh akaun seseorang’ (see screenshot below).

      In the Facebook version, the headline is ‘Zeti: Saya perlu berhati-hati apa yang saya cakap’.

      1. The original Malaysiakini title appears to have been ‘Zeti: Saya mungkin ditangkap jika cakap tentang seseorang’ which is a direct translation of the English version.

        The digital trail in cyberspace shows this.

        Malaysiakini has also already amended its BM headline.

  2. Malaysiakini? Who cares? Of course Utusan won’t buy 2.6 billion story because there are no proof or evidence for that, only rumors.

    1. bla bla bla 2.6 billion, yada yada yada 2.6 billion, waka waka wak personal account.

      I see this is the only thing chanted by the pro opposition again and again. It seems like nothing else. Every sentence has to have something like 2.6 billion and then personal account word.

  3. Akbar yang masih bebas ‘spin’ dan fitnah melawan apa sahaja dari kerajaan.

    Kebebasan media berhemah, beintegriti ATAU mendapat lesen sebagai akbar pembangkang !

    Mirip nya suara lidah pembangkang, jika begitu kenapa lesen mereka tidak dalam kategori roket, harakah dan suara keadilan ?

    Tolong lah KDN , bertegas lah ! Sudah muak dengan fitnah dan kabar angin saban detik masa yang tiada faedah pun kepada Malaysia !

    Bila lagi rakyat Malaysia boleh di didik jadi bertanggung jawab, progresif, inklusif dan matang ?

  4. Hai Cik Helen tak perasan ke? Maybe their target now is Civil servants.

    ….Timbalan Menteri Kewangan Datuk Ahmad Maslan antara menjadi mangsa ‘troll’ (persenda) di Internet.

    ….Tak sampai satu minggu dilantik, video Namawee dah attack siapa?

    … LKS dok kalut dengan “our new Education Minister, Dato’ Seri Mahdzir Khalid”

    …Teresa kalut dengan Rural and Regional Development Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s

    ….Bishop Paul Tan Chee Ing ikut serta kalut

    Pandai betoi depa kelentong sampai dapat tarik ‘SEX AHKOW’ Alan dan seorang BISHOP turut serta ikut rentak mereka. Ayuh kita monitor siapa lagi akan jadi mangsa mereka?

    1. Wow, Rina. Are you now “targeting” the Roman Catholic Church in Malaysia? Another entry on your “hate list”?

      Is Bishop Paul Tan to be flamed by trolls because he had the temerity (or audacity) to voice his opinions?

      And what’s with the “sex angle”? Is that something that preoccupies every moment of your waking thoughts?….lol.

      Get a job. Start up a SME. Get into the competitive trenches. Maybe even help get Low Yat 2 off the ground!

      1. Leonidasthespartan
        Low Yat 2 tak sedap nama.
        MARA Mall should be attractive, senang nak ingat.

        Yap am very excited and am all for it.
        Imagine the business potentials and size of market.
        Tak sabar tunggu..
        They should have started this years ago.

        Kalau dapat tempat Insyallah will open one outlet plus another for after sales services. Later online sales can start from there. Anak2 family and friends semua minat.

        1. ‘Get a job. Start up a SME. Get into the competitive trenches.’

          Mamat anti Melayu kat atas tu ingat Melayu macam RINA goyang kaki all day. Makan duit cukai mak bapak dia!

          Kat Malaysia ni, Cina saja kerja kuat. Bisness bagai. Melayu makan bersuap!

          Betul tak, Leonidasthespartan?

    1. If you were ever wondering why BN is perceived so negatively and lost the popular vote in GE13 …

      The thing with the Dapsters is that there is really no hope and no cure for them.You can see for yourself how they just charged like China is a bull shop and dissed Zeti “bitch!” and threw all kinds of unwarranted condemnation at her.

      I, on the other hand, had cross checked with the audio recording because what was attributed to Zeti sounded to me as being out of character for her. But with the Dapsters, there is no internal mechanism that triggers an alert telling them “Uh, wait a minute, this doesn’t sound right and it may not be true or accurate”.

      I mean, we can blame DAP politicians for the politics of hate. But ultimately HY is just one person. It’s her tens of thousands of brain-addled followers that is the issue.

      The bigger problem than hate-mongering politicians is their party supporters who do not possess the faculty of critical thinking, on top of their penchant for simply saying, simply accusing and their by now second nature to fitnah without batting an eyelid.

      The authorities can ISA the pollie (in the past before the Act was abolished) and today the trouble-making pollie can still be locked up for sedition but what in God’s disputed name are we to do with the tens of thousands of those unhinged J-Juice addicts?

      1. Helen,
        You just hit the nail on the head.👍👍👍
        Please tell us the ordinary peace loving citizen what to do…
        I for one,simply cannot stomach the spin doctors’ antics…..
        They have done damage beyond repair with their young followers n trying very hard to pull along the young impressionable youths of other races….. Simply put in, they will not stop at anything and from using any means to achieve their ambition…. So sad.

        Nenek Kampung

      2. For dapster, all they need is the point of sensationalize. They just need an official medium to say something even though it is a blatant lie or spin. What comes after is not important. They will repeat and repeat the wrong info to demonize their political enemy. When we say it is a spin, they say, its from MK. Then they will jump to blame Utusan, BH and NST for spinning.

  5. The Singapore Business Times ( in it’s front page report (“Malaysia beats forecasts with 4.9% growth in Q2”) put it as follows:

    “Asked if BNM had been informed by Ambank of the monies deposited into Mr Najib’s accounts, Ms Zeti replied: “I have to be very careful what I say. It has to be within the confines of the law, otherwise the moment I step out (of here), I will face arrest….and I am sure you wouldn’t want that.

    Bank Negara has shared all the information that it has relating to any account with the relevant enforcement agency, because it is not the enforcement agency for those wrongdoings.”….

    “Did BNM look into Mr Najib’s account, she was asked. She replied: “That is not under our purview. But we have assisted other enforcement agencies.”

    “Did Ambank inform BNM of the deposits? Here, she prevaricated, saying: “Banks are supposed to inform us. If everything is in order, they won’t inform us unless they think something is suspicious.”

    “BNM’s deputy governor Nor Shamsiah Yunus said that under the law, banks are supposed to do due diligence and tip off the central bank if they have reason to be suspicious of specific transactions; the responsibility is thus on banks to lodge suspicious transaction reports or STRs””

    As the press conference was conducted in English, it is unlikely that the Singapore Business Times reporter misunderstood or misrepresented what was said by Ms Zeti.

    It can easily be cross-checked against the reports filed by the other media organisations who were at the press conference.

    In this instance, therefore, I think that Malaysiakini got it wrong if they reported as they did. They can always make their reporter’s notes and recordings of the press conference available for verification.

    1. re: “I have to be very careful what I say. It has to be within the confines of the law”

      A reasonable statement by Zeti.

      re: “otherwise the moment I step out (of here), I will face arrest….and I am sure you wouldn’t want that.”

      Why did the S’pore paper insert the ellipsis? Zeti’s words were perfectly audible and should have been included to provide context instead of being truncated.

    2. ‘The Singapore Business Times ( in it’s front page report (“Malaysia beats forecasts with 4.9% growth in Q2”)’

      Still mourning for LKY, Rithmatist?

  6. What diffrence does it make.!! does not stray frm what it originally matter how they try to whiten still linger in ones mind..* the Crises of Confidence!*..

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