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“Christians must stand up to Islam” — France’s youngest MP

Young patriotic Christians should join the military and stand up to Islam, said a 26-year-old Member of Parliament in France.

Blonde bombshell Marion Maréchal-Le Pen (pix) is herself joining the French army reserves after the slaying of a Christian priest on Tuesday by two Muslim youths.

Marion is also the influential niece of Marine Le Pen who is a leading presidential hopeful in France’s election to be held next year.

Marion Le Pen 1

The ballsy beauty

Rising star Marion announced her intention to take up arms in a direct response to the attack on Father Jacques Hamel’s church in Normandy.

The teenage terrorist duo, who had slit Hamel’s throat after taking three nuns and two parishioners of the church hostage, claimed to be soldiers of Isis/Isil.

Islam shouldn’t have the same place as Christianity

“We have traditions, cultural influences that are Christian. France is not an Islamic country, and Islam should not have the same place in public life,” Marion earlier told The Telegraph in an exclusive interview last week.

She is even more radical than the populist Marine Le Pen who heads the National Front (FN) party and her grandfather Jean-Marie Le Pen who is founder of the far-right party.

While both Marion and her popular aunt Marine support Frexit (exit of France from the EU), the younger Le Pen goes a step further by rubbing shoulders with fringe groups during right wing rallies.

If you’re against us, then you’re for Islamism

As it is, France had barely recovered from the Bastille Day attack in Nice that left 84 people dead.

In the aftermath of the Nice massacre, Marion declared:

“Either we kill Islamism or it will kill us again and again. You are with us and against Islamism, or you are against us and for Islamism… Those who choose the status quo become complicit with our enemies.”

Pressure is mounting on President François Hollande to resign as he has been unable to put a lid on the escalating violence that has left his countrymen all jittery.

Each day France is edging closer and closer to open sectarian strife.


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103 thoughts on ““Christians must stand up to Islam” — France’s youngest MP

  1. You have to understand Helen that the Muslims in France are not exactly peace loving and timid like the Melayus that we have in this country. Granted the Melayus are racist imo but they are not violent by nature. These guys on the other hand are provocative and are becoming increasingly demanding as their numbers increase.

    1. Aaah, yes. Unlike how we’re constantly reminded how the Christians in Malaysia are only nine percent, always peace loving, and meek and mild.

      Although they’re not physically violent, the Jerusubangites are nonetheless provocative and are becoming increasingly demanding as their numbers increase.

      1. “Unlike how we’re constantly reminded how the Christians in Malaysia are only nine percent”

        I thought you only targeted the evangelicals? Looks like you are going for the entire Christian population in Malaysia now. I doubt the evangelicals would even make up 2 percent of the entire country’s population. Hardly a threat.

        1. re: “Hardly a threat.”

          And how many percent of the world’s 1,600,000,000 Muslim population are terrorists? Hardy point zero zero zero something … but still the Christian countries launched their War on Terror.

          The militant evangelistas of Jerusubang are cleverly hiding behind the mainstream Christians (their human shield) like how guerrillas stock/hide their weapons cache in schools. It’s called camouflage tactic.

          So these really very AGGRESSIVE evangelistas are taking cover under the Christian cloak of “meek and mild” posturing. Sneaky bastards, eh?

          Paying down the numbers to nine percent – of which the MAJORITY(!) denomination is evangelical) is merely a ploy to lull non-Christians into complacency.

          The British ruled their Indian empire (hundreds of million Indian masses) with only thousands of British colonial officers and soldiers.

          1. “And how many percent of the world’s 1,600,000,000 Muslim population are terrorists? ”

            “but still the Christian countries launched their War on Terror. ”

            I am not aware of any evangelicals blowing people up and murdering priests on altars though. How can you even compare the two groups. You truly have lost all credibility by comparing the two. The war on terror is justified, even Najib and Zahid are genuinely concerned about the threat posed by these radical Islamists.

            1. re: “I am not aware of any evangelicals blowing people up and murdering priests on altars though.”

              No? How about Dubya bombing Iraq and Afghanistan back to the 19th century? And Potus bombing Libya and more recently Syria?

              The difference is that Christian soldiers have the option of piloting drones and firing from the safety of operations bases in American cities.

              Jihadis, on the other hand, are themselves the human bombs while Muslim mass shooters inevitably and invariably die on their suicide mission.

              Don’t dare say that Christians today don’t kill. In fact, they do it more effectively and efficiently – and with the most modern, sophisticated weapons – on a genocidal scale.

              re: “How can you even compare the two groups.”

              Just did.

              re: “You truly have lost all credibility by comparing the two.”

              It is you people who are extremely biased against Muslims. How can you all continue living in Maoaysia feeling the way you do?

              re: “The war on terror is justified, even Najib and Zahid are genuinely concerned about the threat posed by these radical Islamists.”

              Likewise China’s war on evangelism is equally justified, even Beijing is genuinely concerned about the threat posed by these radical Christian cultists.”

              1. “The difference is that Christian soldiers ”

                Are they really Christians though? The west is pretty much secular these days, and these soldiers and governments do not attack in the name of religion. They certainly are not influenced by religion in the way the Islamist terrorist are, and I think you very well know this. I think you are being very disingenuous by attaching a Christian label to the secular west. Compare like for like – the evangelicals are a bunch of morons no doubt and are extremely annoying, but they are not murderess and a relatively harmless compared to the fundamental Muslims.

                1. re: “Are they really Christians though?”

                  If you look at the US army demographics, yes.

                  Currently, Hispanics are in the military to fast track their citizenship.

                  Meanwhile southern blacks are motivated for veterans benefits – education, housing, medical, etc – which is helpful for poorer youths, or even just for the less academically qualified to get a job.

                  The above segments are religious in their outlook. (Side note: Black superstars like Aretha, the late Whitney come from a gospel singing background.)

                  Privileged secular whites from the coast (Atlantic, Pacific) are not the bulk of the army. New Yorker Trump was a draft dodger.

                  re: “The west is pretty much secular these days, and these soldiers and governments do not attack in the name of religion.”

                  George Bush: ‘God told me to end the tyranny in Iraq’ @

                  re: “They certainly are not influenced by religion in the way the Islamist terrorist are”

                  There are chaplains in the army to minister to Christian soldiers. They hold military rank too.

                  re: “and I think you very well know this.”

                  Your anti-Islam prejudice makes you partisan and blinkered to how the campaigns undertaken by Christians for their God is linked to Gold and Glory and use of violence and force. Read your history.

                  Both the world wars started in Christian Europe, not in the Arab lands.

                  re: “I think you are being very disingenuous by attaching a Christian label to the secular west.”

                  You’ve never travelled to the States and used American currency before, meh? Look at the back of the dollar bills. Its motto is “In God We Trust”.

                  re: “Compare like for like – the evangelicals are a bunch of morons no doubt and are extremely annoying, but they are not murderess and a relatively harmless compared to the fundamental Muslims.”

                  Neither are orthodox/conservative Muslims (Isma, say) akin to Boko Haram. Khairy is guilty of slander.

                  America’s adventures and wars abroad have the support of the nation’s Christian right.

          2. re, The militants evangelist of jurusubang are cleverly hiding behind the mainstream Christians .

            I agreed to that and the mainstreams christian will support them in the name of religion .

    2. Formerly known as FHAAHD

      ….. Muslims in France are not exactly peace loving and timid like the Melayus…..

      Muslims saja ke not oeace loving and timid? You must be a real joker! Wonder whether the French toknek moyang were so peace loving and timid like the Melayus when they colonised all those countries? Cih!

      1. Why be so idiotic and bring up the past when we are living in 2016? If I was living 200 years ago, then I would be attacking the Christian groups, but right now the biggest threat to peace are the Islamic fundamentalists. So stop being so defensive.

        1. re: “but right now the biggest threat to peace are the Islamic fundamentalists”

          Islamic fundamentalists did not engage in war in Korea or Vietnam.

          Islamic fundamentalists did not invade Panama or interfere in Cuba and Nicaragua.

          It is the Americans who are meddling in the Middle East, with devastating results.

          1. Yes Helen, I agree.

            Anywhere in the world where the US had a hand, death and destruction ensued. Latest was Ukraine. China must have realized this fact since Tiananmen Square. Recently in Hong Kong too. And that ‘DAP-Superman’ participation must have annoyed Chinese government.

            Therefore I agreed with Malaysian approach with regards to the conflict in South China Seas. No thank to Najib, though.

            The reason is simply.
            Where China had disputes or hostilities over anything with its neighbours, it must be with a staunch-ally of the US. Most of them, hosting Uncle Sam’s military/naval bases.

        2. bapak penswastaan pernah istihar yg m’sia is a fundamentalist islamic state.

        3. Even Hillary uses Historical facts in her presidential campaign speech. Who says History is redundant. It is for us to learn and reflect upon. Unlike some people who wish that History never exists. Possibly, they’d rather wipe out their own History and historical facts. If not for History, the melayus would have been living peacefully in this Land of the Malays enjoying the abundant resources endowed upon them instead of being robbed by those from east and west besides being subjected to harassing remarks by those who like to curse and project rude words such as, idiot and what-not such as in the above comment..

          1. And eschewing trade, investments, globalisation, science, technology etc.

            Remind me again – how many Nobel Prizes have been won by whom?

            And abundant resources have an unfortunate tendency to run out.

            Like water, for instance. Or oil.

            Which commodities-driven economy has made it to the big time? Saudi Arabia? Indonesia? Brazil? India? Russia? Iran?

              1. Thanks for the info. We should be proud that a MALAY MUSLIM has won a Nobel prize. Has any Chinese won a Nobel prize so far?

  2. Hypocrisy a natural trait for Christians. Bombs non-Christians and call it as an act of mercy. In the past they conquered non-Christian lands, take their natural resources, forced the populace to convert to Christianity and they too called it as an act or mercy. “Religion of mercy” indeed.

    1. unmerciful isis is forcing non-muslims to convert to their islam . . . while killing more muslims than the others … no?

    2. “Hypocrisy a natural trait for Christians. ”

      You mean like Muslims fasting and abstaining for a month and then doing everything under the sun for the next 11 months? Yeah, real straight up people…Not hypocritical at all.

      1. You need to know about Islam(or Ramadan to be precise) to call Muslims as “hypocrite” like the reasons you stated.

        1. So sleeping around, drinking alcohol, smoking and gambling during the other 11 months is ok then? Enlighten me. While you are at it, I thought Muslims were not allowed to earn interest and yet in this country they are given a much higher rate of interest than the nons.

          1. Formerly known as FHAAHD

            So sleeping around, drinking alcohol, smoking and gambling during the other 11 months is ok then? Enlighten me.

            Not OK. JAIS, MAIS and all states ada enforcement bodies, you kena tolong report them la.

            You talak lepot means you “bersubahat” Is this why non Muslims are so scared of HUDUD? Other than this (bersubahat) I cannot imagine why non Muslims are so against Hudud.

  3. Undoubtedly many Christians including those in this country share the sentiment by this French evangelist. Unlike Marion, the local evangelists are keeping a low profile because they still don’t have the number. But this would certainly change as more and more Chinese and Tamils are joining their congregation.

    1. I am not a Christian but a free thinker, and I for one believe that Islam has been a curse on humanity and has no place in today’s society.

      1. Formerly known as FHAAHD

        Population of Malaysia majority are Muslims. Campoq Indonesia and Brunei (neighbours) lagi banyak Muslims. Habistu hang dok buat apa menempek among this cursed society?

        This definitely is not the place for you. Cepat2 migrate!

  4. This 26-year-old Member of Parliament Blonde bombshell Marion Maréchal-Le Pen satu contoh sekok makluk yang betut2 lupa sejarah;

    ……The French colonial empire was the second largest empire in the 17th century and the second largest empire in 1929 after Spain and Britain respectively…

    Toknek moyang depa dulu2 entah apa depa dok buat menceroboh dan menjajah tanah air oghang lain. Oghang putih kata reap what you sow. Ada Agama juga kata KARMA.

    1. That condones suicide attacks, killing of non-Muslims etc?

      Funny your definition of KARMA….

      Or maybe it’s a “denial syndrome” – when put on the spot, find someone or something else to blame.

      I could perhaps mention how the swords and banners swept across much of Europe up to Spain. With all the killings, enslavements, forced conversions etc that resulted therefrom.

      That’s not KARMA also?

      1. Kineas 1067
        Tak payah tengok killings jauh2 la. Hang tengok yang dekat udah le. Sesama keluarga pun bole jadi..hang tak baca ke anak tembak makayah dan adik beradik in cold blood, bukan pasai agama sikit pun tau… Pasai dadah.

        Baru2 ni pompuan kena tembak dalam kereta pun ada. Pasai duit..

        Apa la kamu ni…

        1. AFP, New York Times, Washington Post: “Minds of the killers” (Singapore Straits Times, July 29, 2016).

          1. Adel Kermiche – “French priest killer was ‘Syria-obsessed time-bomb'”

          2. Abdel Malik Petitjean – “Petit Jean: ‘gentle’ child turned priest killer”

          3. Mohammad Daleel – “suicide bomber in Ansbach, Germany, pledged loyalty to ISIS, officials say”

          All the above were “cold blooded”, right? Premeditated too?

          Murders in Malaysia. Which the police have dealt with/are dealing with.

          So, what’s your point? That some are “justified” while others are “cold blooded” killers?

          Please be more specific, Kak.

          If that is possible…..

    2. Brahministic Hindus use “karma” to justify the soul’s birth in caste-ridden society. Buddhists believe to escape “karma” you must abandon caste and discriminate against your personal ego.

      It’s wiser to leave alone what you don’t know much about. Only divinely attuned sages may speak about the events of “collective karma”.

      1. There is much sense in what you posted.

        Will Kak Rina agree or will there be whining about “om putih”, “prostitutes” or any other favourite buzzwords?

        The waves of expansionist Islam or the peregrinations of ultra orthodox Wahhabi clerics are matters not to be discussed….

        But the activities of Christian evangelistas are…

        Go figure…..

  5. Helen, I agree with you when you stated that the “militant evangelistas ” are hiding behind the mainstream christians and using them as a shield”.

    To me, these evangelistas are like a bunch of aggressive and vicious boys going around throwing stones at hornet’s nests, and when stung, their parents will gathered together going around to burn down more hornet’s nest. Off course some of the parents will be stung too, and this will lead them to a crusade of condemning all hornets as terrible vicious insect which should be eliminated.

    The question is – Who created “terrorist”?
    The fact is- When terrorist attack, they don’t choose what type of christian you are. Same as the hornet’s attack.

    Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t condone or agree to what these terrorists are doing. What they are doing is completely very wrong. Go tell it to the hornets.

    Moral of the story is ;-
    Don’t play with fire, once it is out of control…….it cannot be banned.

    1. wrong, this terrorist choose only victim that is innocent n harmless, n somemore kill in the name of religion, a bunch of useless coward.

      1. HY
        Betoi tu HY!

        US/ Israelis killed tens of thousands of innocent and helpless civilians, the sick, elderlies, women, children in Iraq, Afghan, Palestin .. isssh tak laghat nak sebut nama2 negara lain. Omputih ni semua pun golongan a bunch of useless coward kan?

        Tapi ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ ramai stary-eyed hegeh2 bila mention them. Esp Kineas 1067. Saya faham la kalo tak omputih insisted Malaysia sell cheap raw water to Singapore, no living thing can exist in Singapore…kot pasai tu Kineas 1067 rasa terhutang budi dan teruja teramat kat omputih cowards ni semua?

        1. And, yet, the US and Israel are still around.

          Even Erdogan has “normalised” Turkey’s relations with Israel and Russia.

          I guess he needs all the friends he can find after being cold-shouldered by the EU.

          In case you haven’t been keeping up with current events…..

          If you are still banging on the Water Supply Agreement, Malaysia had a chance to abrogate it or renegotiate terms back in the day. Both of which it chose not to do.

          So, why are you whining about the unfairness of it now?

          1. Kineas 1067

            …So, why are you whining about the unfairness of it now?…

            Bilamasa saya kata jual air to Singapore is unfair?. Kalau tak supply macam mana Singaporeans nak hidup? Kesian la, its humanitarian basic needs..kan 90% of our body weight is WATER?

            And raw they sell back treated water to Johor pun you kalut semacam. Biasala. Business must make huge profit wan.

            Baca sejarah China, merchants then were classified under the lowest of ranks among the commoners tau, lower than fishermen and farmers. Kerja diorang sekadar buat untung aje tau. Macam tu la pun Singapore dok buat untung.

        2. rina, can agree with u, usa / israil warmonger n so call muslim terrorist is equally coward that committed war crime, langsung tak guna punya evil bastard. so bila u mahu call a spade a spade?

          1. HY,
            Tu la pelik. US, Israel and their allies killing civilians kamu semua tak nampak nu tetapi lagi gahirah memuja mereka macam oghang gila bayang?

            ISIS attack tiba2 heboh satu dunia memburukn “ISLAM” like someone earlier in this blog commented “a cursed religion” and try whatever means to plant the seeds of hatred towards Islam esp the Arabs;


            Pi mai pi mai boils down to this;


            HY, have you never wondered why Allah gifted oil n natural gases to many of the tiny2 Muslim countries including Malaysia and Brunei?

            Muslims are God abiding and not greedy people so banyak yg jealous (but hide2 wan) betul tak? They invade the peace and tranquility lives of Muslims coming up with all kinds of excuses to enter countries like Iraq, Afghan, Palistine.. nak sebut panjang sini, including Malaysia actually to steal what is not given to them. (Bagi pun masih nak oghang punya).

            Alaaa itu LGE mula dlantik jadi CM menyalak tak henti pasai Petronas..kekekeke

            1. re: “have you never wondered why Allah gifted oil n natural gases to many of the tiny2 Muslim countries including Malaysia and Brunei?”

              What you say above appears to have a lot of truth to it, Rina.

              But why has Allah gifted a vast reservoir of shale gas reserves to Uncle Sam?

              Oil imports by the USA have been cut by half and in future, America will not need to buy oil from Opec anymore.

              In fact, it has been forecast that USA will in future become a net energy exporter. Then our global geopolitics will surely ubah.

                1. As they say, God moves in mysterious ways.

                  And didn’t the Bible mention something along the lines of “my ways are not your ways and my thoughts are not your thoughts”?

                  What are the words of the US national anthem again?

            2. “HY, have you never wondered why Allah gifted oil n natural gases to many of the tiny2 Muslim countries including Malaysia and Brunei? ”

              Oh God, do you actually believe this? The world existed with all its natural resources, and people migrated from most likely one place of origin. How they decided where they will gravitate to is purely by chance in all likelihood. The strong survived and the weak faltered. Allah blessing certain people with gifts, resources etc paints him as a God who has favourites, which I don’t agree with. If he does favour certain people as you are suggesting, then it looks like the white man is his favoured people, simply by observing the relative levels of material success that they enjoy compared to the rest. The Muslims tbh look to be very low on the list if you are really being objective about the whole thing.

                1. The ancient Indians in India are generally credited with discovering many mathematical concepts. I think you should start thanking them when you count your money that you receive from the government.

            3. aduh u r no diff with that dap fanboy, bila orang tanya what his justification for lge/dap to call a snap election, he criticize and bombard pkr. can we revert back to the question is the so call muslim terrorist a useless coward and evil bastard kah? bolih jawab ke tak bolih?

              wrt oil, I dun know if that is a gift or a curse.

  6. Formely Known As FHAAD…. and now you’re known as FAAAART !! Since you smell as bad as faaaart !!! Prrrooot…. an idiot with a clown mask !

  7. Yg marah2 dgn FHAAD sah2 tak pernah duduk Paris :)

    please lah….you may not agree with him or her on politics tapi mmg betul pun observation dia

    ramai yg duk buat jahat kat paris tu budak2 rempit North Africans… …esp St Denis area

    so toksahlah defensive sgt…

    hangpa tanya lah famili2 Petronas yg duk sana masa time project RAPID…which areas they avoid & why

    notice i said budak2 rempit ok? so bukan semua immigrants mcm tu :P

    Marion Maréchal-Le Pen ni quite a stunner eh?

    sayang hati keras :D

    1. Orang Perlis
      ……ramai yg duk buat jahat kat paris tu budak2 rempit North Africans… …esp St Denis area….

      Nak lahirkan minda seperti Namewee dan Alvin Tan bukan sekadar sebulan dua. Alaaa Malaya/Malaysia dulu apa kurangnya, gangsters, kongsi gelap dn macam Kineas 1067 sebut, prostitutes berduyun2 naik tongkang mai sini bikin kacau.

      North Africa tanah bekas jajahan mereka kan?
      French North Africa
      French Morocco (1912–1956) (protectorate) (89% of the current territory) (now Morocco)
      French Algeria (1832–1962) (Algeria) …
      Egypt (1798–1801) (financial Condominium of France and the United Kingdom) (1876–1882)
      French Tunisia (1881–1956) (protectorate) (Tunisia)

      Pi kacau menjajah negara oghang bole pula?

      1. Reaping what they sow, the French. Pay-back time for the colonials. Who says History is redundant. Those movers of wealth and people are now being handsomely paid back.

  8. “We have traditions, cultural influences that are Christian. France is not an Islamic country, and Islam should not have the same place in public life,” Marion earlier told The Telegraph in an exclusive interview last week”

    Helen, I wonder why you bothered to highlight this, when your beloved UMNO has been doing the same to the other religions and races for decades. In fact, you are often the first one here to highlight the fact that Islam is the religion of the federation etc,and is entitled to special privileges . Still don’t see your own hypocrisies, Islam protector?

    1. Exactly why I highlighted. I believe Marion here made a fair comment. We can easily mirror her statement and concur that the content of what she said applies identically to what we’ve been saying about Malaysia.

      “We have traditions, cultural influences that are Christian Muslim. France Malaysia is not an Islamic Christian country, and Islam Christianity should not have the same place in public life,” Marion earlier told …”

        1. Dunno which Malay Muslim you mean but specific to the liar and fraud Annie, I can confidently say that he is delusional — living in his own fantasy world and perpetually fabricating false stories.

          It’s clear that when Annie resorts to calling Marion – who is an MP – an “airhead” and a “bimbo”, he is actually channelling his own ditzy dumb blonde online persona that he deceitfully crafted.

          And even though Annie is Melayu, his vile name-calling and endless whacking (whack Marina Mahathir’s armpit lah, whack Marion Le Pen’s blonde looks lah) is gutter standard just like a typical nasty RBA.

          Like I and others have described Annie before, he is a squat, middle-aged Malay man with a hidung senduk trying desperately to pass himself off as an awek cun in cyberspace.

          His colleagues and present subordinates in the office feel geli and jijik at his gender subterfuge, especially when he fakes that girly-cutesy merajuk. Ramai orang dah pandang serong at si ‘Annie’ nih. That’s why he keeps dissing his ex-bosses at the NST.

        2. HY
          Muslims here 100% Malays, toknek moyang kami pernah dijajah dn diceroboh berkurun2 lamanya oleh Bangsa2 segalanya dalam dunia.

          Toknek makayah kamu tak pernah cerita ke zaman Jepun2 dulu depa syiok pancung kepala oghang? Zaman komunis? Or your toknek makayah zaman Jepun/komunis masih dok sibuk tanam kubis dan jaga kandang babi kat Negala ibunda mereka, so takde pengalaman?

          Pi menceroboh negara oghang bole pula buat sesuka hati? Sikalang konon baru dok terasa pening kepala?

          Nape doubke std plak? Marion tu buta sejarah.

          Kineas 1067,
          Pembunuh2 Arw Dato Sosilawati dan baru2 ni gambar senarai suspect bunuh Aso dalam kereta tu, klo tengok gaya dan rupa, bukan penganut Islam. You tak takut ke tengok depa ni asal dari golongan mana?

          1. HY
            Sori sentence terbalik. …Malays here 100% Muslims..

            Satni Zairil marah kat saya pla. Tapi takpa kut. Pakmak Toknek dia bukan asalnya Malays dan bukan asalnya Malaysians. (Mak dia mungkin jadi “Malay”sian masa dah jadi Aso kut)

      1. That justifies discrimination?

        Or that all religions are not equal?

        Or that the religious rights of the “minorities” are subservient to the religious rights of the “majority”?

        If that is the case, Muslims in the West (e.g. Europe, the UK, Australia, the US etc) shouldn’t be agitating for ‘”special” treatment (like syariah law, separate school systems, different cultural practices, halal foods etc), should they?

        Your oh-so-clever riposte cuts both ways. And plays into the agendas of the Hansons, Le Pens and Trumps…..

        1. Le Pen is right that the majority of Frenchmen will not allow Islam to be placed above Christianity.

          Trump is anti-Islam.

          In Malaysia, the majority of the Malays will never allow Christianity to be placed above Islam.

          Buddhists in Rakhine do not like the Muslim Rohingya to even be sharing living space in their state.

          But you’re insisting that all religions are equal in any given country?

          1. So, are you saying that discrimination on the basis of religion is ok? In perpetuity?

            Then why post about Le Pen and Trump?

            You should be commending them on putting forward views akin to your own.

            As for the Rohingya and the Uighurs, nothing has changed, has it?

            Not for the want of trying?

  9. In the Singapore Straits Times (, July 28, 2016: “Religious leaders stand in solidarity against extremism”.

    The report quoted remarks by the Mufti of Singapore, Dr Fatris Balham, at an interfaith tea reception on July 27 to celebrate Hari Raya Puasa. It was held at the Harmony Centre in An-Nahdhah Mosque in Bishan and was attended by representatives of Singapore’s 10 major faiths.

    Dr Fatris: “We must be vigilant, because those who abuse religion for their own violent and supremacist conduct can tear the social fabric of our multi-religious and multicultural society….

    “It is a collective responsibility. It is our shared humanity and common universal values of peace and justice that require us to speak up and stand together – as a united front in rejecting violence in all its manifestation….

    “Our diversity is a source of wealth and richness that can push us forward to build that trust and confidence to face such atrocities”.

    According to the report, Dr Fatris “also said “we are truly aggrieved” by the murder of 86-year-old Father Jacques Hamel”.

    1. What’s the matter, Kak Rina? Aren’t you going to dispute or rebut the views expressed by Dr Fatris? I thought he was being clear and specific.

      Now consider another report in the Singapore Straits Times on July 29, 2016 (“‘Reject views at odds with S’pore society'”).

      The report said:

      “Singapore’s top Muslim religious leader yesterday stated categorically that Muslims must reject values that are at odds with the country’s multireligious society.

      “In a speech to about 200 Islamic religious leaders, or asatizah, at a Hari Raya Puasa gathering, Mufti Fatris Bakaram said his office and the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) adopt “an open and inclusive approach to diversity within the Singaporean Muslim community”.

      “He also laid down out-of-bounds (OB) markers for Muslims here, stressing three clear forms of absolutist, exclusivist thinking that must be rejected.

      “One, Muslims should not denounce other Muslims who hold competing or different worldviews, or consider them non-believers.

      “Two, Muslims must reject views that say they cannot interact and have good relations with fellow Singaporeans of different faiths.

      “Three, Muslims must reject the view that they cannot live as a Muslim in a multiracial, multi-faith state such as Singapore. They must also unequivocally reject any view that promotes violence against others and threatens safety here.

      “”Such notions are extremely problematic and go against the essence of Islam, which can be practised in any environment and time,” Dr Fatris said in Malay. A summary of his remarks was given to the media.

      “He called on religious teachers to be firm against those who went against these “OB markers”, as such views were “destructive”.

      “Dr Fatris cited the example of parties with tendencies towards the ideologies of extremist terror groups such as ISIS, that breed the mindset that anything “not Islamic” must be removed from all aspects of life, and “call for a return to a romanticised notion of the caliphate”.

      “”These groups are poisoning the minds of the younger generation, who are in a quest for identity and an anchor in today’s troubled times,” he said…..

      “…., religious teachers here must impart Islamic values in a manner that is suited to Singapore’s local context and environment.

      “He also warned against factionalism among religious leaders as such friction could be passed on to followers who see them as role models. He called on the leaders to build confidence within the community to excel in a multireligious society and contribute to the wider society…

      “… One of the gathering’s participants, Ms Siti Nur Alaniah Abdul Wahid, a resource developer at Madrasah Irsyad Zuhri, agreed with Dr Fatris’ message and said religious teachers should reflect on it.

      “”The values reiterated by the Mufti, such as maturity in dealing with current issues, must be propagated. We also need to be wary of negative influences and promote values that are progressive and well suited to Singapore,” she said.”

      1. re: “Two, Muslims must reject views that say they cannot interact and have good relations with fellow Singaporeans of different faiths.”

        According to the results of Pew’s survey,

        “Even in countries where a substantial proportion of the population is non-Muslim, most Muslims report that all or most of their friends also are Muslim.”

        The chart below does not have a breakdown on Singapore though.

        1. And your point is….?

          Exclusivity? Superiority? Inferiority? Or an unwillingness to have “heathens” and “infidels” as friends?

          Why don’t you you rebut the views expressed by Dr Fatris?

          1. The Pew survey is empirical evidence.

            Singapore’s mufti is expressing his wishful thinking. Reality, however, is altogether something quite the opposite.

            1. The sad truth Kak, is that Muslims are killing each other above everything else.
              The Quran in 5:53 says, “… whosoever kills any soul, unless it be for murder or for wreaking corruption in the land, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind; and he who saves a life, it shall be as if he had given life to all mankind.”

              The different Wahhabi Salafist groups have cruelly interpreted this to justify their slaughter against other people. And they have been instilling religious chauvinism in people around the world for their political purposes. Many people are now deluded by the imaginary idea of a heavenly Islamic State based on authoritarian laws and iron-fisted political rule – that they mistake for Islamic governance. But my teacher used to remind us:
              “Don’t worry about having an Islamic State. You should worry about the state of your Islam in your breast. Because the blessed Prophet has warned us that the greatest battle is to fight against your lower self and evil characteristics.”

              Our character defects are indeed the worse corrupters of the land. But the faithful are enjoined to call to goodness and to stand up against evil (amar makruf wa nahi munkar).
              And Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. has emphasized that the man who does not wish for his fellow human being what he desires for himself has not really believed in Allah the All-Compassionate, Lord Creator of everybody. And this purification of the heart is the science of Sufism, which the Wahhabi Salafist deviants have been waging war against.
              “Truly when the heart is rotten, then the rest of the person turns bad,” Prophet Muhammad warns humanity in the famous hadith narration.

              1. “And Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. has emphasized that the man who does not wish for his fellow human being what he desires for himself has not really believed in Allah the All-Compassionate, Lord Creator of everybody”

                So I take it Malays should wish for concessions for the non bumis as well?

                1. If a Muslim true to his faith – a Mukmin – desires that his life be safe-guarded from harm then he wishes that for his muslim and non-muslim brother too. If the Mukmin wishes that his rightful possessions be safe-guarded from usurpation then he wants that for his muslim and non-muslim brother too. If the Mukmin desires that his elders and progeny be safe-guarded from harm’s way then he wants that for the family of his muslim and non-muslim brother too. If the Mukmin desires the preservation of his intellect through schooling and opportunities then he wishes that for his muslim and non-muslim brother too. And if the Mukmin desires the freedom to believe and practice his understanding of religion then he wishes that for his muslim and non-muslim brother too.

                  Indeed, the maqasid al-shariah (aims of sacred law) are “the attainment of good, welfare, advantage, beneficence and the warding off of evil, injury, loss – to all creatures (humans and otherwise).”

                  In the Name of Allah All Compassionate and Merciful

                  By the passage of Time,
                  Humankind is in a state of loss,
                  Other than those of true faith and good works,
                  And those who mutually enjoin one another towards truth and patient equanimity.

                  This is the counsel of Prophet Muhammad’s religion – peace and blessings be upon him. The rest is up to every man to be true to himself and to be sincere and responsible towards others in society.

            2. Are you now saying that the Mufti of Singapore is “expressing his wishful thinking”? Careful, now, how you answer that question.

              And what is the “reality”? And why is it “the opposite”?

              1. Can you support what the Mufti of Singapore said vis-a-vis Malays (meaning Muslims) in Singapore having close friends from other faith beliefs — based on empirical evidence, i.e. Singapore social index/surveys etc?

                The delusional RBA can say anything, the perpetually lying Annie can say anything or you too can say anything. Who’s to believe that what the RBA and Annie claim are remotely close to reality?

                1. So, how do you define “reality”? In the context of Malaysia and Singapore? Secular democracy based on meritocracy?

                  And in the context of the South China Sea, seeing as how you have expressed an abhorrence towards “realpolitik”?

                  Oops, gotcha…..

                  1. re: “seeing as how you have expressed an abhorrence towards ‘realpolitik’?”

                    Where have I ever said I abhor realpolitik? Show me.

                    Don’t put words in my mouth.

                    1. I thought you do, seeing as how you resolutely refuse to comment on 1MDB, the South China Sea issue etc.

                      Is that “abhorrence” or “denial”?

                      Wait for it…..hahaha.

      2. Kineas 1067

        Baguih nasihat dia tu.

        Sementara tu you tolong teman Dr Fatris spend some time melepak kat pintu2 casinos, gambling dens kat Singapore bole tak? Minta dia dakwah banyak2 kat Muslims sana judi, arak, prostitutions HARAM?

        Ni satu gejala social Muslims in Singapore he should seriously look into. Pihak Singapore tak marah dia dahwah bab ini kut, after all chewing gum haram takleh kunyah Muslims in Singapore pun semua takut nak makan?

        1. Why don’t you communicate your concerns, as a “concerned Malaysian Muslim” to Dr Fatris and to Muis?

          Are you rebutting all the views that he has expressed and all his public statements?

          And what concern is it of yours that Singapore has casinos etc? It’s not as if Malaysia doesn’t have any.

          Btw, it didn’t take you long to revert to one of your favourite subjects – “prostitutions”(sic). I suppose that you will be inveighing against “om putih” next?

          As for Singaporean Muslims (Malays and others), aren’t you being a tad presumptuous in lecturing them on “social evils”? Perhaps you are afraid to acknowledge the fact that Singaporean Muslims are well able to stand up and compete in a secular meritocratic society where all religions are treated equally?

          That just shows up all your insecurities, doesn’t it?

          Or, maybe, you realise that the “om putih” etc are still calling the shots……

          1. JohorMali
            Haiyo kan saya puji kata baguih?

            Prostitution? Ya la, terlupa pulak nak sebut tadi. Kamu minta Dr tolong dakwah hari2 Muslims only tau.

  10. Malays are the product of systematic incestual breeding in the kampungs. This explains their low IQ and tendency to mutate into mak nyahs

    1. Bombs away
      You sindir TDM ke ni? Dia pun asal oghang kampung tau!

      Yang mutate tu you mean DNA Zairil ke?

      1. Your tongue was cross-bred from the DNA of a cobra and a komodo dragon. Reptile!

    2. Bombs away, you are a typical DAP dogs doing your racial provocation and barking here.Go home, your master had called for you.

      1. Rina, equalizer,(11.25)
        Haha, spot on. I wish I’d been endowed with the same talent of lashing back with the minimum effort with massive effect. Btw, low I.Q. should refer to those asos who tapau the food and goodies at the raya open houses. Ohoh! It also refers to those who rummage the rubbish in front of people’s houses to look for some treasures. They could just ask from the house owners for the rubbish bags.

    3. and minority people like you had to bow to these low IQ people since the day your orang bukit ancestors moved to this Tanah Melayu.

      1. Seems to me that there is a lot of bowing & scraping going on in the South China Sea….

        Why is that, I wonder?

        Because you can’t bully a big gorilla? Especially an ultra-nationalistic big gorilla?

        It’s a pity that geopolitical realities have to crash the party….

        But, as Helen seems to imply (insinuate?), realpolitik isn’t a big deal…..

  11. lol Europe and her Christian cultural tradition lol someone tell her that Europe is nothing but a pagan society.

    1. but chinese n muslim would not hesitate to move to tis pagan society if given choice, I dun see many of them go to the one party state china n that islamic saudi arabia, isn’t it ironic?

      1. lol not ironic if you look at the type of people moving to this pagan society. now I have a question for you if you don’t mind answering. if you are racially aware, would you move to this pagan society which is the west ? you do know what racially aware is don’t you ? after you answer my question you won’t find all this ironic at all.

  12. Short and sweet..(41-45),
    But HY, many malay muslims have ben residing in saudi arabia , qatar, kuwait and the likes.May be its not highlighted since they readily blend there, in the same way the Arabs used to blend here in the form of Syed and Syarifahs.. Even chinese workers who eventually convert were brought in to S.A. But, may be due to the ruling there and the malay nature, they would go back to where they belong. Unlike some type, who have the cheek to even suggest a native to go somewhere, in the hope that he’d be able to take over from there? Some people are beyond shameless.

    1. But the Saudis still rely on a “kafir” power like the US to keep the peace in the Gulf, do they not?

      While keeping a nervous eye on Iran who wants to be Numero Uno in the Gulf

      Meanwhile, China, Japan and South Korea are among the biggest markets for Saudi oil and petrochemicals. Not very comfortable from a strategic viewpoint, is it?

      So, I’d think twice about the supposed Saudi “juggernaut”.

      How far they can project their “influence” is determined and circumscribed by the US.

      Realpolitik is a *****, isn’t it?

      1. Kineas 1067
        Alaa aa..US nak cakap besaq macam mana pun mereka dahagakan minyak, Saudi bagi la.

        Macam Singapore juga kan, cakap besaq macam mana pun kalau Malaysia tak supply ayaq to them, nak hidup pun tak bole tau!

        1. Haven’t been keeping up to speed with the development of the shale oil and gas industry in the US, have you?

          Pity that you don’t keep up with current affairs. Is that a natural state of mind for you, seeing as how you seem to be fixated with “om putih”, “prostitutes” and such like?

          US shale oil and gas has broken the Saudi stranglehold on the US in that the Saudis can no longer exact an “oil ransom” from the US by threatening to cut off supplies (like water, eh?).

          And that is why the Saudis have opened the taps and driven the price of oil down to below US$50 per barrel, regardless of the moaning and groaning in Opec.

          And which is why the Saudis are desperately trying to restructure their economy…

          Haven’t you read about the impact on Petronas and the O&G sector in Malaysia?

          Go brush up on current affairs, Kak….

          1. I posit the theory that when Kak Rina is confronted with hard economic and political facts, she or he retreats in a state of curmudgeonly dudgeon.

            Or goes “discreetly silent.

            Quite pathetic, if you think about it….

            1. She only reacts when people shout ‘ISLAM SUCKS ASS’. Then she throws a hissy fit

  13. woiii Bombs Away !!! Ko kira beruntung sbb Atok Moyang ko ikut British mai sini kerja lombong. Dan Melayu yg ko hina dan benci sgt nie bg ko hidup hgga ko kaya raya kat sini ! Kat China, Atok Moyang ko ‘traitor’ pd KING KONG nya… Pelajari sejarah diri kamu sendiri !! Berlagak bangsa hebat konon,,,Biritsh kasi hancur sama itu China dgn hanya ‘Candu’ jer….

  14. Front page report in today’s Singapore Straits Times ( “S’porean detained for glorifying ISIS, inciting violence”.

    “He (Zulfikar Mohamad Sheriff, 44) has further exhorted Muslims to take up arms and wage militant jihad in places like the Middle East, Palestinian territories, Myanmar and the Philippines….

    “Zulfikar has admitted that he had an ulterior motive for setting up a Facebook page called Al-Makhazin Singapore which he used as a platform to agitate on Muslim issues in Singapore and attack some Muslims who did not share his views.

    “His real agenda was in fact to provoke Muslims in Singapore into pushing for the replacement of the democratic system with an Islamic state in Singapore”
    (MHA Singapore statement, as reported in the Singapore Straits Times)

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