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‘Exploding’ in Guan Eng’s face

 BELOW: It is the Harapan supporters whose HOPE has turned into ash

Beloved Tun says Malaysia will look to spreading out the Lynas waste in the spirit of ‘shared prosperity’ – see Malaysiakini report above. First destination for the waste dispersal ought to be the Penang areas of Bagan @ P.43 and Air Putih @ N.23.

But please beware so that the “radioactive” Lynas waste does not turn Guan Eng’s pristine Air Putih into Air Toksik co-prosperity biosphere.

Our current Dear Leader has decided – unilaterally as per usual – that Lynas will remain in Malaysia and continue operating with impunity (see Bernama article above). 

Reacting to this piece of news, the country‘s shadow ‘Boss’ @NajibRazak trolled “Apa khabar?” to Guan Eng, and tagging his tweeted photo of Guan Eng below with hashtag #XMen.

Guan Eng previously said Lynas is a “loji nuklear” that might “meletup” (err, possibly anytime) – listen yourself from the full video clip below.

Many green-clad Himpunan Hijau demonstrators believe “No Lynas, No Mutant” and hence Najib’s X-Men allusion is apt.

The ‘Stop Lynas’ Chinese group below had also called on Lynas to “balik kampung, tanam jagung”. Urm, it now looks like they’re the ones to balik kampung while Lynas stays put because the prime minister has decreed.


At minute 7:12 (click time stamp) in the video below, you can hear Guan Eng say, “…when Lynas explodes…”

Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow stood steadfastly beside Guan Eng at the ‘Save Malaysia’ anti-Lynas demo, as did other DAP rabble rousers.

After dumping at Bagan and Air Putih, the Lynas “radioactive” waste can be further spread out to Tanjong @ P.49 and Padang Kota @ N.26 which are Chow’s parliament and Penang state seats.

The DAP-controlled northern state is truly blessed to be so early sharing the prosperity.


Stop Lynas, Stop Lynas, Stop Lynas, Stop Lynas … “1 million Malaysians petitioned to shut down Lynas” it seems – see claim above.

In the not-too-distant past, DAP and its followers vehemently wanted Lynas stopped. But that was BCE, the time Before Harapan’s Common Era.

New Malaysia is a different climate. In Malaysia Baru, DAP immediately cries “How high” when Mahathir commands the party to jump.

The Harapan dictator makes the all decisions on his own, including on extending Lynas’ permit and trusts DAP to obey like a little castrated chihuahua.

Betrayal by DAP

ABOVE: DAP’s Environment Minister Yeo Bee Yin is soon to learn that there’s no stopping Mahathir

The Church had been praying since years and years ago for God to “Save Malaysia”. Its rallying cry was soon picked up by DAP evangelical leaders and independently by anti-Lynas protesters too, it appears.

“Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia” became a popular slogan. We can see today, however, that Lynas has not been stopped. Sad. Therefore it means Malaysia remains unsaved. Sadder still.

DAP eco warrior Wong Tack – seen below pumping his fist in the air – had solemnly promised that he will evict Lynas from Malaysian soil.

“No Lynas on Malaysian Soil !”

Wong Tack built his candidacy for a parliament seat on campaigning against Lynas. He has been elected Bentong MP, successfully defeating the incumbent, then MCA president Liow Tiong Lai.

The 25,716 worried residents who voted Wong Tack in GE14 must now demand he keep his promise: “No Lynas on Malaysian soil!”

Btw, the Himpunan Hijau chieftain had decked out a cool trailer (pix below) – painted with a mural of his trademark ‘clenched fist’ – to accompany his environmental roadshow.

BELOW: With their fists in the air, Wong Tack and his gang proclaimed that the rakyat had spoken – asking Lynas to “berambus”; evidently DAP are not speaking loud enough

It was not only Wong Tack who campaigned the general elections on a platform of opposing Lynas.

Lynas was key for his party the DAP as a whole to whip up insane levels of hysteria and political fervour, especially among Chinese voters young and old.

Protests nation-wide held around the Lynas issue saw the display of placards and banners saying, for example (below) “Undi kami hentikan Lynas!” Clearly the politicians were busy reaping votes on the Lynas controversy.

Other clarion calls included “Kuburkan BN, Kuburkan Lynas”, “Pilihan Di Tangan Anda”, “Malaysia Deserves Real Democracy” and “Vote Out Government Who Brings In Lynas” – see pictures above and below.

There is little worry though that Dapsters are willing to ‘Ubah’ and vote out the Harapan government that allows Lynas to keep on churning out “radioactive” waste (radioactive according to the DAP’s insistent propaganda).

Activism on the ground – be it Justice for Teoh Beng Hock, for Altantuya or for Lynas ‘victims’ – was used to galvanize the masses and channel the fanaticism that ultimately benefitted DAP. Ostensible social justice was drafted as DAP’s potent political weapon.

Lynas was one of the reasons and avenues enabling the DAP to lock in 95 percent of the Chinese vote.

Are these Chinese people pictured below quite sure that the onus for lying should be placed solely and squarely on Lynas?

“DAP you are a LIAR!”, “DAP stop lying” … there, done! Fixed their Lynas placards for them.

The sheeple were promised that once DAP is installed in Putrajaya, changes would come a-rolling and ancient wrongs would be corrected. All would be good. But the truth is there’s really no change.

Lynas had operated under the BN’s watch. It is now operating under Harapan’s watch. Ada apa ubah?

Nevertheless no BN leader ever labeled Lynas a “nuclear plant” as Guan Eng did. No BN leader ever claimed Lynas could “explode” as Guan Eng did.

And BN never fanned the kind of hysteria and hatred that the opportunistic DAP did just in order to gain power.

There’s a difference between both sides of the political divide. BN is still the lesser of two evils.

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6 thoughts on “‘Exploding’ in Guan Eng’s face

  1. U give me lemon, I make lemonade.
    Take the radioactive waste and turn it to radioactive weapon. Think Outside The Box lah.

  2. I guess it needed Trump to start a war with Huawei, then for China to threaten stopping rare earth shipments to the US for Mahathir to decide to better keep Lynas so Malaysia can take advantage of the opportunity.

    Anyway, nothing has changed despite all the election promises to get Lynas out and all those green anti-Lynas protests.

    It looks like there’s more opposition to or criticism of Mahathir’s unilateral appointment of Lateefah Koya as MACC head than to Mahathir’s OK of Lynas continuing here.

    Meanwhile, you may want to read Arveent Kathirtchelvan’s articles in support of Lynas. (Not that I endorse him)

    “Our Environmentalists Should Not be Broken Mouthpieces”

    He is a Chemical Engineering graduate with with honours from the University of Manchester, UK and has a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from the same university, so qualifications wise matches Yeo Bee Yin.

    He also is a committee member of the KL/PJ Environmental Bureau of the Parti Sosialis Malaysia who takes public positions on Lynas and on nuclear power which are contrary to the official positions of the PSM on both issues.

    “The Sole Left Fist Clenched for Lynas”

    “My Reply to Yeo Bee Yin’s Reply To Lynas”

    “My Reply to YB Wong Tack”

    He also advocates for Malaysia to adopt nuclear power and recently presented a memorandum to that effect to Yeo Bee Yin, as well as to his own party.

    “#Liberasi: Memorandum Supporting Nuclear Power”

    You can download a softcopy of the memorandum from here.

    What next – Mahathir agrees that Malaysia adopt nuclear power and the PSM switch its official policies to support Lynas and nuclear power?

    Anything is possible in Malaysian politics, so let’s wait and see.

  3. Sometimes you have to realized that you are wrong and that you are fighting on the wrong side. What you once thought that Lynas was a nuclear plant that will turn people into mutants and contaminate Malaysia is wrong. The waste has very low radiation and does not possess any form of ill health. In fact it is better than the imported fertilizers that Malaysia imports from China.

    It takes courage to realise this and I praise Mahathir and Guam Eng for this. As for Wong Tack, Fuziah Salleh and Bee Yin, I consider them to be worse that the previous corrupt PM. Spreading lies seem to be what they are best as. The will only ended up harming Malaysia just to benefit themselves.

    1. Can you direct me to where (any speech/statement or news report) Guan Eng everwalked back his earlier claims that the waste is “radioactive” or that Lynas is a “nuclear plant”?

  4. This is what happened when you opposed things that you don’t even know about. Can’t even process the whole thinking of these political figures using petty things to gather votes for the sake of creating “better Malaysia”, and better, they succeed. This shows how low Malaysian’s mentality is, to be blinded by words uttered rather than researching for themselves.

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